Dogs in the News: July 2021

Posted by Billy Francis

Similar to celebrities and political figures, pups often find themselves in the news. However, unlike their two-legged counterparts, canines usually grab headlines for all the right reasons. From doggy-paddling Golden Retrievers to heroic hounds, here’s a roundup of dogs in the news this month.

Therapy Dogs Comfort Victims at Florida Building Collapse

Surfside, FL
Jewel offers a shoulder to cry on. Photo by

On June 24, a condo building suddenly collapsed in Miami’s Surfside area, and emergency responders began working around the clock to try and rescue survivors from the rubble. The collapse and subsequent search efforts have been stressful and traumatizing for everyone affected by the disaster, and a special team of canines were recruited to assist in the effort. Jewel and eight other comfort dogs from Lutheran Church Charities traveled to Surfside to help victims, families and first responders cope with the tragedy. Jewel and her pack aren’t the only dogs lending a paw. Canines like Phorce from Tampa Fire Rescue are also being used in the search and rescue effort.

Dalmatian Gives Birth to 16 Puppies

Fredericksburg, TX
“For now, you’re all called Spot.” Photo by

Don’t mention this Dalmatian’s incredible delivery to Cruella de Vil. After giving birth to five puppies at home, Luna the Dalmatian’s labor stopped and she was taken to Fredericksburg Veterinary Center in Texas to complete the delivery of a further 11 pups. With so many dogs being brought into the world, receptionists and even Luna’s owners were needed to lend a hand to help them keep up. The adorable haul is three short of the world record for largest Dalmatian litter set by an Australian pooch in 2019.

Missing Golden Found Swimming in New Jersey

Brick, NJ
“They call me Michael Yelps.” Photo by

When a pair of joggers came across a lost dog on their morning run, the pup bolted and dove into the waters of Barnegat Bay. The New Jersey State Police were called, and Troopers Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi promptly set off on a rescue mission. The officers hopped in a boat and headed 75 yards from shore to retrieve a water-obsessed Golden Retriever named Chunk. The daring dog had managed to swim 2 miles before his eventual rescue. Chunk’s dunk was the final act in a two-week adventure that began with a sprint into the woods near his owner’s house and ended in a police boat on the Jersey Shore.

Puppy and Owner Reunited After Bear Attack

Kenai, AK
“The bear didn’t stand a chance against me!” Photo by Jason Umbriaco

Bear encounters are a scary prospect for outdoor adventurers, especially if you’re a 14-week-old old furball. While hiking the Kenai River Trail in Alaska, Jason Umbriaco and his border collie pup, Buckley, crossed paths with a brown bear and her cubs. Perhaps confusing the cubs for his pals at the dog park, Buckley chased after them, causing their mother to charge. The bear bit Umbriaco twice and sent him into the water before retreating with her cubs. By the time the shaken Montana man scrambled back onto dry land, Buckley was gone. A good samaritan named Bonnie Nichols heard about the disappearing dog from Umbriaco as he recovered in hospital, posted the news on Facebook, and located Buckley safe and sound nearby in Anchorage.

Ozzy Pups Get Flight Upgrade

"When do they bring treats?"

It’s not quite first class, but it’ll do. Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority recently announced a plan to relax laws that govern dogs in the cabin of airplanes. Current rules prevent any non-service animals from traveling in the cabin, which means Fido has a less comfortable ride in a separate cargo hold. When the new rules come into place in December, airlines will be allowed to decide for themselves whether pets are allowed to fly. What do you think about dogs flying in the cabin?

Lucky Number Seven for Florida Dog

Charlotte, MI
“You took your time, Mom!” Photo by

Sgt. Pepper, a six-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix, went missing from his Florida home seven years ago. Unfortunately when he was found, he was claimed by somebody who wasn’t his actual owner. After filing a police report, his real Mom was left in the lonely hearts club. Sgt. Pepper then found his way to a family in Michigan who had no idea about his past. When his microchip flagged that he was still missing from a home more than 1,000 miles away, he was finally able to make the long journey home with his owner, who never gave up hope of finding her best friend.

"Ding-dong! I’m Home"

Greenville, SC
“Reunited and it feels so good!” Photo by Mary Lynn

You don’t have to travel far from BringFido’s headquarters in Greenville, SC, to find a “pawsome” dog story. When her neighbor started setting off fireworks, Greenvillian Mary Lynn knew that her dog, Rajah, would be scared. She went to check on her pup in the backyard, but Rajah had already bolted. After a Facebook post and a search of the area drew no leads, Mary Lynn and her husband slumped into bed, exhausted. The couple's slumber was cut short by the doorbell ringing at 3 a.m. Not expecting anybody at that time, they checked the video feed to see none other than Rajah staring back, a little shaken up but home safe.

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