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spare room in your car on UK - Denmark ferry?

With dogs having to fly cargo in and out of UK, most ferry lines to scandinavia closed down and dog friendly low cost airlines going bankrupt its proven to be a bit of a hassle to move with our dog a relatively short distance from UK to Sweden.

The ferry line from from Harwich to Esbjerg width DFDS does allow pets and would mean shorter overland or sky transit than from e.g. Holland, but the pet needs to travel in a car, and we don't drive...
So I was wondering if there's any friendly souls out there that were planning to make the overseas passage sometime in May/June this year?
Our dog is so well behaved and just loves riding in cars, though he'd only have to snuggle up in your car while on the boat. We would all be so grateful.

Thanks heaps and good luck with your travelling with dog adventures folks!

Originally posted by skade from Bristol, GB
March 9, 2010 7:29 a.m.



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