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I've always wanted to be on this platform because I use it a lot when I want to take my dog with me. We'll now's the time... I look forward to visiting and adding new pet friendly places!

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After walking around 90210 bring Fido here

Nate 'n Al's

Nate n Al’s is a New York style deli located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Don’t worry about street parking there is a parking structure near the restaurant that offers 2 free hours. I would suggest coming early and not on the weekends. They offer indoor and outdoor seating which means they are dog friendly, yay! The inside furniture reminds me of an actual deli in N.Y except they have very little or no items in their real deli section which was super disappointing. Nonetheless, I came for the corned beef sando and Knish. A bit stingy with pickles, first deli I’ve been to that doesn’t offer sour or half sour pickles. I have never had Knish served with gravy, but I have to say I really liked it. The coleslaw was so bland, go ahead and throw some salt and peppa in it to give it life. Yessss, its ok to add coleslaw it to your sando, its delish. Also, ordered a side of fries which came hot and crispy.
P.s Don’t expect it to be piled high like the real N.Y delis, can’t say I didnt warned ya!

Sep. 19, 2022

Great rooms if you don't bring Fido

Courtyard Palm Desert

I honestly despise places that over charge a dog fee. This particular location charges $150 for dogs under 50 lbs. I’ve stayed at this location 2 other times and I have to say how pleased I am with this hotel. It’s sad to read about the horror stories about this place (well I should be thankful that I never had to deal with stuff others have). The pool is small but sufficient, the weight room which is shared with the residences have what one needs for a good workout. They have a restaurant and a nice lounge area, the customer service superb and room was kept cool in 115 degree weather! They also offer snacks and alcohol for purchase which is nice so one doesn’t have to go for a beer run. I should also mention they offer complimentary coffee and water in the a.m.

Sep. 19, 2022

Dog friendly Patio

Buffalo Wild Wings

Most Buffalo Wild Wings have an outdoor patio, which yessss that means they are dog friendly. Fido would enjoy cool nights in the patio area!

As for the food and real service;
Make sure you see a server prior to seating yourself at the bar. This location does not allow you to just walk in and sit anywhere by the bar its probably because they are understaffed. We got menus that were absolutely dirty covered in wing sauce. I can see how service was lacking a bit, we watched a server clean the table in front of us and used the sanitized towel to just wipe the table, didn't move the menu or anything with all the crumbs landing on the tops of the chairs, did she clean it, NOPE. The size of the burger has gotten smaller and the price has gotten higher.. how did that happen? I want to say this is the second time they have not had carrots or celery in stock, what a coincidence....

Sep. 11, 2022

Bring your Friends and your Fido's!!


Dog Friendly, bring Fido!!!

Here's a review of the restaurant and fooood!

I was pleasantly surprised upon arriving at Barsha, located in an obscure parking lot this hidden gem offers amazingly delicious Tunisian delights. We were greeted by the owner who was so funny and kind. We decided to sit at their outdoor makeshift patio (made during covid, thankfully stuck around to seat more customers and of course makes them dog friendly). The décor and restaurant itself are absolutely beautiful. The location is only a few blocks from the beach and guess what… you don’t have to look or pay for parking! I would suggest coming with a big group of friends and ordering a few items from each of the categories.


Tunisian Bruschetta – Tuna Conserva, chick pea mash, tomatoes, cucumbers, hardboiled egg.

Roasted Eggplant – Heirloom tomato, caramelized onion, balsamic, almond

Stewed Chickpeas-Meshouia, feta, crusty bread

Braised beef cheeks- Slow braised beef cheeks on creamy polenta served with arugula and crispy shallots

Hot fudge (probably wrong name) – Gluten free chocolate cake and Tunisian date, scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with out fudge.

We wanted to thank the Chef so the owner brought his wife out. Chef/Co-owner was so fun to chat with.

Can’t wait to come back

Sep. 11, 2022

Bring Fido to this amazing pizza house

Mr. Moto Pizza

Mr. Moto’s pizza makes exceptionally good pizza. His authentic New York style pizza has definitely lived up to his name on the west coast. I absolutely love that he sales pizza by the slice. Also, it should be noted that they offer daily specials. The décor and outdoor seating are very upscale, well compared to Landini’s who also serve pizza by the slice. Arrived a bit early super hungover and was happily greeted by the employees. It was so early that not all the pies had come out yet. I opt for something healthy, Mission Blvd.- Fresh spinach, roasted tomato, garlic, artichoke, and caramelized onions on homemade marinara base. This definitely cured the hangover and I was ready to take on my day!
Outdoor Patio, Dog Friendly!

Sep. 01, 2022

Cute patio, Dog Friendly but food ok

Davanti Enoteca

I called Davanti the morning of and asked If I can make reservations the young lady on the phone was nice and took the reservation. The restaurant called me a few hours prior to confirm. Let me just say this place gets super packed so I would suggest making a reservation, the wait wasn’t long at all, the customer service was great!
They are missing a couple stars because I was not fond of the meatballs due to the fact that they lacked any sauce actually, they were not even cooked in sauce. The Gamberetti was lacking shrimp and flavor. I know the pasta dishes were made a la minute but it’s just not what I’m used to. Plus, a Paccheri Alla Vodka (Penne w Vodka Sauce) with 2 meat balls set you back $26 sadly, the pasta isn’t made in house. Please refer to the pics!
The only thing worth an order here would be the Calamari.

Aug. 30, 2022

Outdoor patio, Dog Friendly

Mona Lisa Italian Foods

Took a mini walking tour of Little Italy and I didn’t expect to find Mona Lisa Italian foods. Actually, I thought it was just a market which initially set the bar fairly low. To my surprise when I walked in, it was quite opposite. I absolutely fell in love with the shop; the variety of wines, produce, olives, pasta and the deli! Mona Lisa is also attached to a restaurant that we didn’t get to try but the deli counter made absolutely delicious sandos.
Got the spicy special – spicy sopressata, pepperoni and capicollo. Of course, all the deluxe deli sandwiches came with all the fixin’s; lettuce, tomato, onions, Italian dressing, mustard, mayo, salt and pepper. * Extras: 1.25 each roasted red peppers, cheese, artichoke hearts, avocado, giardinara
I’m already looking forward to my next visit!!
YAY also bring FIDO!

Aug. 30, 2022

Outdoor Patio, bring Fido!!

Ristorante Illando

Dog Friendly

Ristorante Illando is an intimate hidden gem located in little Italy, San Diego. This charming Tuscan trattoria is one of my favorite restaurants in town. A major plus is that they are super dog friendly. The restaurant itself is located upstairs above Landini’s. We sat in the front; I didn’t get to go in the dining room area or the backyard patio, it was hot out but the ocean breeze was nice so we opt to sit outside. I over heard from another table say that it can get a bit warm in the main dining room, just fyi.
*Feta e Olive
mixed greens, feta cheese & Kalamata olives
*Calamari Fritti
deep fried calamari, shrimp & jalapeño
*Pappardelle Bolognese
housemade meat sauce
Every dish we ordered was superb! I would absolutely recommend this place. Come early and anticipate a 30-40 min wait.

Aug. 28, 2022

Dog Friendly!

One Paseo

Super Dog Friendly, alot of restaurants have outdoor seating so I'm sure your fido would love it here!

One Paseo is an urban Village with new luxury apartment homes, curated shops and stellar dinning. This unique place features coastal meet country vibes. There is an abundant of parking spaces and even a kids place for children to play!

Some shopping options include;
Lululemon- Athletic Gear
Faherty - Men and Women Clothing
Vibeflow - Yoga Studio
Sephora- Personal Care and Beauty Products
Fjällräven- Outdoor Clothing and Equipment for Men and Women.

Dining Options include;
Parakeet Juicing, Nicks Del Mar, CAVA, Tendergreens, Mizukiyama Sushi, Harland Brewing, Bluebottle coffee and many more.

Family and I got to visit Urbn Pizza and Harland brewing both were delightful places for happy hour.

Aug. 26, 2022

Drinks good, burnt wings

URBN Pizza

Urbn Pizza is considered a New Haven-Style Pizza, for those of you who do not what that is heres a quick explanation;

At the turn of the twentieth century; New Haven became a popular settlement for Italian Families during the country’s diaspora. The southern Italian families missed their Neapolitan style pizza of their homeland. The New Haven-style pizza is hotter, crispier and a dirtier descendant of Neapolitan style pie. These thin-crusted oblong pies are cooked in a coal oven and charred just right

With that being said, I came with family. We decided to bar hop but needed something to start with. We were a 5 top and arrived around 5pm. My little cousin was a bit hungry and we needed something fast. She opted for the wings..

First off, let me just say I would never let the wings leave the kitchen burnt as it was. Did my family care? Nope, they were hungry. But I was so disappointed; I didn’t want to make it a big deal and send it back, we only ordered drinks and 1 entree but, really… check out the pics, what do you think?
I will have to come back, give them a try and change this review. The drinks were delicious and the customer service was great but something about serving burnt wings.

Aug. 24, 2022

Dog Friendly, don't mind the rude hostesses.

Cove House

Arrived on a Saturday afternoon, looking forward to this spot because my cousin absolutely hyped it up. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cute, near the cove, walking distance to Scripps Park but I am just so disappointed in the hostesses. We (Three of us) were told it would be about a 20min wait. We noticed 2 seats at the bar to the far right, closer to the inside tables. There was another single bar stool in between 2 couples, we knew before we got an answer from the hostess, we would ask for it but instead she turns around and says; Yes, the bar is open seating (Eye rolling) but you can’t stand at the bar. We just said OK, thanks, please add us on the waitlist then walked over to the bar. Our server Kaitlyn was superb, she was great and took our order without writing it down =) The drinks were delicious and the food came fast, hot and delicious.
The reason they are missing 2 stars and I say they are a solid 3.5 is because we finally get a text that our table is ready after 35 mins, as we were getting ready to leave.. (Looking around there were plenty of seats)
After walking around checking out the vendors at the park, I needed to use the restroom and thought, oh well I was just here and I should go but again, I was stopped by the Hostess and I just said I needed to use the restroom she seemed annoyed about it (another eyerolling session). The restrooms were not clean, it was hot, humid, stinky because of the temp and lacked décor. A nice place like this should have nice, cool and clean restrooms.

Aug. 23, 2022

Delicious Cookies, Outdor seating for you and your pup!

Batch & Box

After a great time at Sky Deck and a few bruskies at the Brewers deck, I found myself here because my cousin insisted, we try this place out! I was a bit tipsy and didn’t get a say to anything but I didn’t care, I was buzzed happy and in need of something sweet!
The Classic – /5
Chilled Churro – 4/5
The Sugar – 4/5
The S’mo –5/5 My Fave
The gentleman – 4/5
The Doodle – 5/5
Overall, I really loved all of them. I would suggest grabbing a table (outside, Dog Friendly) and eating them there while its hot. We had some there and we took the rest to the beach to watch the sunset! Worth the try even at $3.33 a cookie

Aug. 22, 2022

Great Dog Friendly spot, limited outdoor seating, come early

Quality Seafood

I've been coming to quality seafood since the 90s. My uncle worked in Redondo beach so we always made it a point to come and eat here. 25 years later and the tradition still stands.
Honestly, I've been looking for other places just like this to compare and have yet to find one. Bill has been taking care of us since as long as I can remember.

The missing star is for the inconsistent customer service and food.

My usual order
-Grilled catch of the day
-Fried calamari
-Saito Oysters
-Baja oysters
-Kumamoto oysters
-Blue Point
-Fried Sardines
-fish and chips (usually on a Friday cause it's a good price)

There have been a few times I've visited when one of the workers are having a bad day and just kinda gives you attitude, which totally changes the experience. But wait there are other times I've had excellent customer service.

As for the inconsistencies with the food, I've noticed my fried calamari are extraordinary oily or dark which means the oil hasn't been changed.

Recently, they have moved the tables outside the dinning area, Dog Friendly yay!!!

Aug. 19, 2022

Dog Friendly Outdoor seating

E.A.T Marketplace

I love what Eat Marketplace has to offer; they strongly believe in the farm to table concept. They serve quality meats such as; grass-fed beef from Eel River from northern California, Smart Chicken which is 100% GMO free, Pork from Beeler’s in Iowa and many more.

I can sit here and go on and on about how amazing they are and how thankful I was to be able to speak to Carissa during my visit but I really want to share who they are, (found this on their website)

“The roots of the EAT story are entrenched in childhood memories of gathering around the table, connecting & sharing good food. Scratch cooking with ingredients that are not doused in chemicals, utilizing animal proteins that are clean, hormone & antibiotic free- as well as being raised in a CARING and ETHICAL environment.
Food is not cheap- nor do we believe it should be valued as such. From those that grow, pick, deliver, prep, cook to the valuable humans who wash up after all of us. A fair & livable wage is worth the price of what we assess on a plate of food. We value you – our guests, our team, vendors, regenerative farmers and the right to VOTE with our fork. Having the opportunity to make powerful buying decisions- by supporting the families we do, is at the heart of our mission.”

*MUCHAS GRACIAS gf - local ‘pastured bird’ roasted chicken, organic brown rice, cuban blk beans, crispy yams, cucumber, seasonal tomato, fontina cheese, salad mix up, cilantro lime sauce
Monday special which was not on the menu but on a black board.
*Tomato Bisque with toasted sourdough – We were told this is dairy free and that they use coconut milk

Aug. 12, 2022

Outdoor seating, pet friendly!

Cute Cakes

My sister in-law ordered from here for my niece’s birthday and I had the privilege to pick it up. We ordered the unicorn cake and cupcakes. Arrived on a Saturday before closing around 3pm, thankfully there was street parking. The store front itself is really cute, I loved the décor. I wish I had more time to look around and maybe order something to try but I had to be back to get the desserts in the fridge before she came home. I enjoyed watching ladies playing mah jong at a table! I also had someone help me with my order to the car. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t sure how to transport the 5 tier cake back again, I was thankful the employee was able to help me well, not entirely. When I got back to my destination the cake had leaned over at least it was on the side rather the front. The other reason for a missing star would be the very blue icing left stained lips on everyone, I know these maybe for the kids but its was a very intimate celebration with mostly adults. The flavor was good, although very very sweet. Thank you for the cute dessert my niece enjoyed.
They have outdoor seating for you and your pup!

Aug. 16, 2022

Dog Friendly Monta shop in Glendale, Ca

Monta Factory

This is Monta’s second location; their original is located in Pasadena. I am so glad they are able to expand towards Glendale because If you are familiar with the location then you know this city is culturally and ethnically diverse with those of Armenian, Iranian and Lebanese decent! With that said their motto is “Better than your grandmas- She’ll agree!” Manti or pronounced as Monta is a Middle Eastern, European dish which consists of seasoned beef in small squares of dough, pinched at the ends, lined in a tray, baked till crisp finally topped off in a tomato and garlic yogurt sauce. I should’ve also ordered the their other special the Su Beoreg, a cheese dish or casserole depends on who you’re asking. But I think this would have paired well with the Monta.
I just had lunch but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try something new. I called in advance and the order was ready in 10 mins, I asked for the sauces to be on the side because I wanted to try each ingredient separately prior to adding the sauces to the dish. The Monta was absolutely delightful, crispy on the outside and very flavorful inside. The garlic yogurt sauce was good unfortunately, the tomato sauce was lacked flavor. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to taste like that but it needed some seasoning salt. I personally enjoyed the dish with the sauces on the side, when I added to the Monta it made the dish soggy (But I’m sure that’s the way its originally eaten) nonetheless, I would love to come back and try the Beoreg and the Salmon Sando!

Aug. 09, 2022

Dog Friendly, N. Y Style Pizza in the I.E

San Biagio's Pizza

Solid 4.5 Stars!

San Biagio’s is the closest thing to N.Y style pizza, its authentic thin crust and by far the best in the Inland Empire. Unlike most restaurants in the area, they actually sell single slices. They offer a variety of pasta dishes and very good daily specials such as; Stromboli and Salad, Calzone and Salad and of course my favorite the #6, 2 Slices New York Style Pizza, Salad and a Med Drink all for just $13. Honestly, this combo gets me full and I usually take the other slice home! The only down side is, eating on paper plates. Long ago, at the original San Biagio (the one located on Mountain) they serve on plates. Its been a while since I’ve been to that location but I prefer plates. The customer service was good, our cashier was friendly and offered a free sample of the local beer special.

Jul. 28, 2022

Dog Friendly, great location, amazing coffee!

Philz Coffee

First off, I have to say Philz coffee is a unique experience, my first visit was nearly five years ago at there DTLA location. I’m not a coffee snob or enthusiast, I don’t go to Starbucks or coffee bean every day. I remember walking in feeling a bit confused. Where do I stand, how do I order, is there 3 lines? Well, there isn’t and I’m glad I told them it was my first time. The server was very patient and asked what kind of coffee do I like to drink, cold or hot, sweet? We went with the Mocha Tesora!
I spotted their shop in Glendale on the way to my hotel, I was hoping to grab some the next morning. It was a Sunday around 730 am, I called and asked if I can place an order over the phone, the young lady politely said they don’t because they don’t have a form of payment. Then I said, I got a golf tournament can I be in and out in less than five mins. When I arrived, I was the only person to order along with another customer waiting for his coffee. They made it happen! Of course, I had to get the mocha tesora but, I did see other specialty drinks on the menu I would like to try.

Jul. 29, 2022

Delicious Desserts

Alta Dena Express Bakery


Alta Dena Express Bakery is an Armenian Bakery and Café that serves cakes, desserts, sandwiches, salads and pizzas. I came here with my niece because she was in the mood for some desserts and wanted to bring some home for her brother and sister. I wished we hadn’t eaten breakfast prior because I would’ve loved to try their sandwiches and pizzas. I’m not entirely sure if they still sell sandos because the prices are crossed off the menu list. I will come back not just for the delicious sweets and spinach Borek but, for the pizza, salads and sandwiches.


They seem to use Postmates for orders and according to them they still sell sandos!

Jul. 22, 2022

5 Bones because they are dog friendly!

Fire Rock Burgers & Brews

It was our last night in Big Bear and we were craving burgers and fries. With all the positive reviews about this place we were looking forward to placing a to go order. After many failed attempts because no one was picking up the phone, we decided to just drive on over. They have outdoor seating which means they are very dog friendly (a plus) They were busy; I noticed a table top of 7+ and another of 5+ being cleared away upon walking towards the entry. I really enjoyed the rock and roll atmosphere but was still a bit irritated they didn’t answer the phone. I asked about it and the server said they are short staffed so they just don’t answer, I wish they would leave that on their VM on days they are short staffed. It took about 15 mins to get my order. They had lot of orders coming out of that small kitchen, kudos to the chefs who are working hard back there!!

The order

Bat Country – Smoked gouda, garlic sauteed mushrooms, grilled red onions, applewood smoked bacon, crisp arugula, garlic herbed aioli on a brioche bun. Comes with fries! 5/5 (An extremely flavorful burger)

Aztec Salad – Fresh Romaine and Iceberg mix toped with mangos, avocado, tomatoes, red onion, fried jalapenos, wonton strips and drizzled with a creamy champagne vinaigrette. Add CHICKEN 4/5 (I’m sure if it wasn’t to go the portion would’ve been ample on the plate. Missing a star for to go portion size but overall the salad was delish)

A bit about the small business...
“We grew up in our small town of Big Bear and wanted to bring an exciting and fun new experience to locals and visitors alike! We opened Fire Rock in 2016 after having our daughter and wanting to start a family business! Offering one-of-a-kind burgers and a rotating list of craft beers, guests can relax and enjoy a musical atmosphere while listening to a variety of rock music! We also have activities and games for the whole family! Ping Pong, Giant Jenja and a “Design Your Own Guitar Pick” kids menus to name a few, you might even catch our daughter Ella drawing on the chalk walls when you stop by! We hope that you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.”

Jul. 17, 2022

Wish my fur babies were here!

Big Bear Lake Brewery

Saw some dogs on the patio. After walking around The Village we stumbled upon the brewery, I’m lying I’ve been here before…. I want to say for Octoberfest many years ago. At the time I was pretty toasted, during my visit I was sober. Lol

It was a nice day out so we decided on the patio, the waitress was fast and friendly. Nice enough to give us small samples.

What we got
The flight
Honey Blonde – 3/5 light honey taste
Blueberry Raspberry Blonde – 5/5 Best one
Mosaic Wheat – 4/5 second favorite
Pineapple Wheat – 1/5 Did someone spill sanitizer in here? It was terrible.
Porter- 3/5 it wasn’t as bold as other places
Citrus Wheat – 3/5 didn’t leave an impression
Overall – 3/5

Weekly Special- 3 way pretzel – Regular, Pepperoni and cheese, Dessert style with cinnamon and sugar. I have to give kudos to the chef in finding a way to use day old pretzels. I thought we would’ve gotten fresh pretzels when it came to the regular but it didn’t taste that way. The pepperoni and cheese could’ve been better, no flavor add Italian seasoning to the tomato sauce, the “Churro” style was the saver here.. 2/5

Santa Fe chicken Salad - Spicy chicken, spring mix, tomatoes, roasted corn, olives, bell peppers, black beans, avocado, cilantro, tortilla chips with lime cilantro dressing. This was delicious I would have it again. 4/5

Prosciutto Apple Pesto Pizza - Pesto, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, apple, basil, caramelized onion, balsamic drizzle. This was also very good but such a small portion. I get it the cost of prosciutto, pesto and basil is high. 5/5

I really enjoy supporting small business after skimming through their website and reading the brewing process, I just had to share ..

At Big Bear Lake Brewing Company, our brewing process combines old world traditional methods with state-of-the-art modern equipment, and utilizes only the finest raw materials obtainable. Mix all of that with our brewers’ history in the craft and conscientious attention to detail and you get beer that is not only delicious, but consistently delicious.

The deep aquifers surrounding the Big Bear Valley, supplied by natural snow fall and rain, provide natural spring water to the town and Big Bear Lake Brewing Company with excellent naturally sourced brewing water.

Jul. 16, 2022

Dog Friendly Healthy Mexican food!

Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill

DOG FRIENDLY -Ample outdoor seating! =)
I’ve been coming to Sharky’s for 15+ years. I use to come weekly because my job was just down the street. It’s been a min since I’ve been back. The smells, the vibe and the memories of good food all came back as soon as I stepped in. I was reminded of my “Fit” days hahhaa. I was in the area and thought I needed a Sharky’s fix. I was so glad to have made that decision. Ordered..

Full Numex Ceasar Salad - Organic greens, roasted peppers, pepitas, chile croutons, tortilla strips, tomatoes, cotija cheese, Caesar dressing. – Absolutely delish, would order again in a heart beat 5/5

Sharky’s burrito - Non-GMO rice, organic beans, salsa verde add chicken. – I ordered this because the other burritos had cheese and sour cream, I was trying to avoid extra cals. Sadly, the flavors lacked in this burrito…..That’s when you utilize their amazing salsa bar!! 5/5 (because of the salsa bar)

Jul. 13, 2022

So So...

Glendale Express Hotel

Glendale Express is a super cute hotel owned by the OSO Collection which creates unique Los Angeles-area destinations that merge artful new ways to work, play, stay, and live. First impression, I dig the 60's retro vibe in the lobby. Here are my pros and cons (more cons) of the place.

Pros: Checking in at 3pm, Nicole was very informative, from complementary coffee and pop tarts in the a.m to the tv situation. Initially, walking to the room we were greeted by Charleston and asked him for extra towels. I didn't realize he wasn't housekeeping but rather maintenance nonetheless, he went above and beyond to help us out. The pool was nice and refreshing, away from the sun also, they offer towels by the pool which was a plus. Again, Charleston greeted my family and was kind enough to turn on the bubbles in the Jacuzzi.

Cons: We tried checking in a bit early because we were beat from a golf tournament. Unfortunately, they charge $30 for early check in. We decided not to go with it instead grab lunch from King taco and do a bit of shopping. I've stayed at many hotels that do not charge for early check-in. I should also mention when you are signing the final wavier in red is a stamp of times and prices for late check out. I've never seen that anywhere else.

The room itself as mentioned are outdated but the amenities are definitely retro. I get technology has progressed tremendously in room the tv was connected to Chromecast so you have to use a Chromecast app from your phone to the tv by basically mirroring it. I couldn't find a free app and the instructions on the sheet didn't offer a good app to download. They were kind enough to send someone up but then again, I think about my parents or grandparents traveling and how difficult it would be for them to have to go through this. OSO collection should at least invest in local cable. (Channel 2-13)
Also, Pop tarts are great for kids! Maybe consider having fresh fruit for the adults as they are probably cheaper than the tarts. $75 for a pet fee is just too much

Jul. 06, 2022

Out Door seating, Dog Friendly

Mediterranean Delight

I've been coming to Glendale for many years and this place has always been here. For some odd reason, they never caught my attention15 years later now that my palate is a bit more refined... I was craving really good Mediterranean, Persian, Arminian food and where else can one find these types of dishes other than Glendale, Ca.

Upon arriving I noticed the lunch board or daily specials which gave a choice of chicken or beef kabobs, gyros and many other delish options for $7.99.
Just fyi, Their will be prices on the board but those are the normal prices outside of the lunch special. Don't mind those, The lunch deals are $7.99 including a drink. (read the fine print in the pic)

Ordered the dinner combo plate which included Beef/Chicken & Luleh, rice, hummus, salad and pita bread it also, came w a drink total was $16 and change. This is enough to feed 2 people but if your starving and probably came from the gym it'll be enough for 1 lol

The plate took a cool min to come out because everything is prepared to order but it came out hot and it was absolutely delicious! Can't wait to come back and order gyros!

P.s the sauces are legit, just get them sooooo good.

Jun. 18, 2022

Dog Friendly, delish food.

The Hat

The outdoor tables do not have umbrellas or anything to keep one shaded in the hot sun.
I would suggest bringing your pup in the evening time when the sun has gone down and a nice breeze hits the town.

As for the FOOOD...
I only get 2 things from here, the famous pastrami and chili cheese fries. You get so much pastrami that you can add to your fries. You don't have to order pastrami fries. I've been coming here for the past 7 years and well, its not an every day type of place to visit. Its more of a couple times a year place. Or when we have family in town looking for something new! Every time I come, I always tell myself to step out of the box and get something else but it never happens. Pastrami's always juicy and delish, remember to pair it with the yellow chilies, you get these when you pick up your order.

Jun. 18, 2022

Dog friendly! =) ok Italian Food

Nicoletta's Pizzeria and Restaurant


They have 2 patios one is covered and the other half covered with patio umbrellas. If you want to get a table where the patio was covered then you need a reservation. I wish someone would have said this so I'd make one in advance.

Came with family; partner, mother in-law and fur baby. The weather in Florida is always weird, one min its fine the next clouds come over, its windy and maybe there will be rain. Anyways, I was a bit disappointed to hear that we couldn't sit under the covered patio. I told the maître d, I needed outdoor seating because I had my dog, mind you she wasn't doing anything except looking at a piece of paper. Moments later, she acknowledges me and says, "You need the table right now?" ?? (WHAT) in response, I say Yes. She grabs menus and takes us to the uncovered patio area.

We arrived an hour before happy hour is done and decide on drinks, which I have to say is a good price. Our server Sydnie was fast and courteous. Well... only in the beginning and end after the food arrived, we couldn't find her. I think she had way too many tables to take care of. Which, was why we lacked some of the customer service.

What we ordered....

House Red wine - 4/5

Tommy's Long Island- 4/5

Knots (garlic oil on the side) - 3/5 I noticed some tables got it but its something you have to ask for. Which should just be a given.

Caesar Salad - 4/5

Calamari - 5/5 Best think I ate here, next time I would just get this with a side of sauce and spaghetti and call it a night!!

Chicken Parm - 2/5 I know when you hold these for service which you shouldn't it becomes hard and dry. The chicken was pounded so thin it was mostly breading. Sauce was ok nothing to scream about.

Shrimp Parm - 1/5 Terrible, the breading was way too overwhelming, one can't even tell if it was shrimp or chicken. Definitely, over cooked, the breading was dark and I guess the chef hoped no one would notice by adding too much sauce.

Our Mother in-Law had the shrimp parm and barley touched it. We shared our two cents and the manager made the right call by asking her if she wanted something else and took it off the bill. I asked for a to go box and ended up leaving the chicken parm because it wasn't worth taking home.

I would love to come back and give them a try.

Jun. 13, 2022

Delicious Pizza! Outdoor seating

Downtown Pizza

Nestled in cute downtown Lake Worth this small pizza shop offers big and robust flavors. The owners come in early and ensure the dough is made fresh daily. There are about 8-10 tables outside which was perfect because we brought along our fur baby! (Dog Friendly!!) They do offer table service which one wouldn't think they do because the place is so casual and small. Our server was very friendly and kind.
Daily specials with great prices!


Cheese Pizza 5/5 - Definitely N.Y style, my favorite when I'm on the East Coast.
Meat Ball sub- 5/5 Fresh bread and Flavorful meat balls

My GO TO in Lake Worth!!

Jun. 07, 2022

Dog friendly, food ok.

Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen

I really want to like this restaurant but I came for the food and yes, I get the ambiance as well which in fact was cute.

From the start the customer service was good. The server was nice and offered us water. It was quite warm out and I appreciate how they were dog friendly.

The food is considered to be on the healthier side but everything really lacked flavor. I wished they would put salt and pepper on the tables.

What we ordered

Chicken tacos - 3/5 Although the flavor was ok it lacked something... most places offer fries or side salad if paying $17 but nope you get 3 tacos straight up. I probably should of asked for the chimichurri sauce on the side. I didn't taste it at all

Avocado Caesar - 2/5 Nice way to present a crispy avocado with covering it in toasted sesame seeds. Again, the Chef needs to work on flavor as the dressing was super bland.

Chicken lettuce wrap - 4/5 I was quite impressed with this dish. All signs show a Hispanic dish but not even close. This was ground chicken with lentils and sweet potatoes with Indian spices. Flavor full but still need that umami - salt, soy sauce, fish sauce. Choose... I gave you 3.

Another thing I had to point out was the price adjustment on the bill for ingredient costs. The server mentioned that if price fluctuates then it covers the costs but what happens if the price is lower? is it given back to the customers? I get it we are post Covid or maybe getting back to it whatever. Let me just say, I just took a trip across country and you were the only restaurant that charged for this. Customers don't want to see that... add it to the food, drink price or consider other options.

Jun. 04, 2022

Outdoor Seating and dog friendly

Nana Noodles & Sushi Bar

I was happy to hear this place had outdoor seating which most likely meant it was dog friendly. We brought our pup and the server was fine with him. I didn't get to see the inside but from what I've heard its quite a small place.
I have to say, I am very open minded about trying new places... This restaurant in particular can be considered a local cuisine. That is because they cater to the locals, not only the taste, flavor, and presentation as well. I didn't want to order sushi from here but we did and of course we had to get the Thai Food.

Pad Thai (Chicken and Shrimp) - 4/5 Flavor was good, typical

Thai Chicken and Basil (Pad Krapow Gai) - 3/5 Definitely not authentic, the taste was catered to the locals. Basically Chicken with a ton of veggies stir fried w hint of basil.

Sashimi Plater - 5/5 Very fresh, except we were missing 1. The menu specifies 16 we only got 15. Hey I believe people should get what they pay for.

Jun. 04, 2022

Near Atlanta, great place to stay

La Quinta Inn & Suites Atlanta Ballpark Galleria

The customer service was ok but I have to say prior to coming I had called the hotel because I knew I would be traveling and needed to ask what time breakfast was being served - to my surprise the hotel called me back and was happy to answer that odd question. Brownie points. The room was not only huge but this place is also pet friendly, the breakfast was good, eggs, sausage, coffee, waffles and grits! I would definitely recommend this hotel and its location.

Jun. 03, 2022

Great stay

Ruskin Inn Tampa Sun City Center

This was our second resort after having been at the Roadway Inn and seeing so many roaches. I have to say how pleased I am of not just the customer service but the cleanliness of the room as well. I don't ever walk around barefoot no matter what hotel I stay in; it can be the Bellagio for all I care, just remember to bring slippers every time you travel. It was late, I was tired and I just wanted to get some shuteye. They are missing a bone due to the loud A/C but as tired as we were, we slept through most of the night.

Jun. 03, 2022

Great staff, Amazing Doctor

Eastvale Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Park is absolutely amazing! Very professional and he loves loves loves animals. He has been my Vet for both my pups (well 1 now) for more than 5 years. He listens to what you have to say, he preps you for what you need to know and he is overall so sweet and down to earth. I remember when I first brought both my dogs to him he hugged and kissed them calling them baby like they were his own. I would recommend him 100x over.

Jun. 04, 2022

The park itself is beautiful

Friendship Dog Park

I have a Chihuahua that swears by his mighty bark, with that being said I don't ever bring him inside a dog park per se. But the park itself was absolutely beautiful. Just be mindful of the weather and the hot pavement for the pups. The grass was green and their were sufficient tress around to allow you pup to rest. Its definitely a good park to take you dog on walk, leashed of course!

May. 31, 2022

Bring your pup!

Cafe Du Monde

Arrived here at around 615am, at the time the staffed seemed half asleep and pretty much ignored me when I asked where the restroom was.. my partner decided to use the restroom while I browsed the menu. It was my first time here and I didn't even know how to order. When it was my turn to use the restroom I can hear my partner laughing, always the one to start a conversation w strangers. Nonetheless, when I came out I was greeted by Clarice and Beau and they were happy enough to share the history of Chicory coffee a second time. They were very friendly, I just think we needed a sec. The place was clean and were given samples of their frozen iced coffee.

The beignets were delicious!! Paired well with the Chicory coffee!! I wished I lived near by because I would be here every day.

They told us the history and we told them about our road trip with our fur baby. They immediately said you can sit outside and we will put these on plates for you, what a plus that its super dog friendly.

Thanks again CLARICE AND BEAU!

May. 31, 2022

Ok for a night

Highland Inn Denham Springs

Although our expectations were not super high because of the price we paid. We were pleasantly surprised upon our arrival on the outside aesthetics. The outdated furniture while checking in gave me an idea of what to expect of our rooms. Sarah checked me in w a smile and although there was a problem, she made it work and yes they do have dog friendly rooms but I would suggest you calling them in advance and letting them know you will be bringing your fur baby!

We got a non-smoking room that smelled like smoke, again the room decor was truly out dated other than the upgraded TV set. the drawers didn't open and if they did it was not clean, the shower need a remodel. There was a hole in the bathroom door. As far as I know they have new management and are trying to upgrade the place. Hopeful they do and people start giving them better ratings.

May. 19, 2022

Great location, dog friendly!

La Quinta Inn & Suites San Antonio Riverwalk

This is probably the most reasonably price hotel near the Riverwalk. It's not necessarily on the river but it's in short walking distance. Check-in was a breeze thank you Jensen!

Pros- location
Friendly staff
Comfortable bed
Decent gym and pool
Snacks if you want to buy
Good ac definitely appreciated in the 95 degree weather

We always had trouble w the door in our room. 908
The light outside the room kept blinking
Shower head leaked
Fridge didn't stay cool

May. 19, 2022

Dog friendly but remember to keep you pup cool in the summer!

San Antonio River Walk

I came in May of 2022 and the weather didn't cooperate, there was a heatwave. I would suggest getting up early to take a nice stroll around the Riverwalk. The first day we were there we walked around in the afternoon. Big mistake it was extremely hot and sticky, so hot I didn't want to even eat outside. Our second day was so much better because we got up early. I travel with my 7lb Chihuahua in a bag pack so I want to say its dog friendly, their were times I took him out and put him on his leash. Next time I come, I would love to take the boat tour. I heard someone say its a good solid 2 hours. I just love learning about history

May. 19, 2022

Great location

Motel 6 Crescent City

This is the second time we've stayed at this location and we've never had a problem! The customer service was great and rooms clean.

May. 07, 2022

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