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There are many dogs in my life, and I am always looking for things to do, and places to go, with them.

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great location , but there are too many dogs off-leash

Gum Grove Nature Park

The rules state that leashed pets are welcome, but beware:
no one is there to check whether or not the dogs are leashed, and so, unfortunately, more leashes than not seem to come off at this place, than not. Quite a disappointment to dog owners who obey leash laws, OR to the dog owners who were wanting to get their leash-reactive or fearful dogs out for a nice sensory walk in nature, only to turn any corner and have their pups greeted by one or more off-leash dogs, with the old familiar and tone-deaf call from their owners " it's okay, they're friendly !".
True, that your unleashed dog may be friendly.
Also true, someone else's leashed dog may not be friendly, and they may actually be terrified that your 'friendly' dog is charging at them in the name of 'goodwill'.
How about we level the playing field and keep them all on leash, like the park rules and regulations state ?

Feb. 20, 2024

Nice walk, stunning scenery

Wilacre Park

This place is just gorgeous. The walk uphill is a bit difficult for those , such as myself, who are unused to walking up hills. The paved path does meander, though, so it'll give you time to catch your breath before angling up again. The path is also wide enough for dogs going uphill to avoid dogs going downhill, and vice versa.

Jan. 01, 2022

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walking downhill at Wilacre Park
Wilacre Park
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