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Cute! but small

Howe Community Park Dog Park

I used to bring my aussie here all the time when we lived close to this location! and we absolutely loved the park to the point we were the designated regulars. (we'd stay for hours because apartment living doesn't give you a yard so it gave a lot of people the opportunity to meet us and socialize) I only detract one bone from this review because of the size of the dog park. I think there is a huge possibility and benefit to making the location larger for the dogs but that would also mean cutting in to spaces for ad hoc soccer games on weekends and parties.

Sep. 09, 2019

Great Space; Questionable People

Phoenix Dog Park

I have been coming to Phoenix dog park for about a year and it receives a 3 bone review - why? I think it is great that they have three separate areas for different types of dogs and that the space for ALMOST each section is adequate (lets be real, the timid/shy dog side should be larger and potentially on the other side of the sidewalk path with a mesh interwoven through the chain link so people can work with their dogs than having them obsessively hover/stalk the fence lines/be scared than attached to the main park and that the 'small dog' area should be decreased to give larger dogs a larger space.) It is well maintained with every Thursday grass cutting and them monitoring the water stations/giving them new balls and etc. Phoenix as a park its self is rather iffy but the dog park area is really decent. But detraction to house dog park for these reasons ! people who come to this park DO NOT follow rules or regulations at all. There are many times owners are on the wrong side of the fence line with their dogs (large dogs in the small dog area, vice versa) and wonder why their dogs may be failing at socializing, fail to pick up after their dogs, monitor/watch their dogs for aggressive behavior and end up being judgmental-comment making themselves when you step in to police your dogs. I have seen a lot of people just wail/hit their dogs when they get in to aggressive spats with other dogs or exhibiting behaviors they don't like. A lot of the people who come here are regulars and just brush off their dogs aggressive behavior as - oh its normal. but that shouldn't be ok especially since My dog has been attacked a couple of times in this dog park which has cost some $$$ at the vet and resulted in a aggressive edge to his behavior when we decide to go to one. It leaves a rather sour experience in my mouth and reinforces the negative view of a dog park by trainers and vets.

Sep. 09, 2019

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