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I'm not a god person at all. But my wife got us a "Coton de Tulear" and he's SO adorable!

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Gorgeous spot, super nice for dogs, great food and service

The Mill at Glen Ellen

Our first visit, half an hour from our Santa Rosa home. The patio is lovely, the food fantastic, and they brew their own beer! Had the IPA and the Blonde, both very nice. Dog friendly for sure: they immediately brought a water bowl and a dog cookie treat, and no problem when McBeast jumped onto my lap right away. We shall return!

May. 17, 2024

Fantastic spot!

San Francisco Brewing Co.

Right in Ghirardelli Square! The Brewery has awesome beers, but also wine, cocktails etc for the non-beer drinkers, as well as excellent food options, even several good vegetarian ones. Their patio is large, part is covered, and they even have heaters for those cooler days. The three of us had great service too, and MacBeast was happy under the table: they have Astroturf on the section near the building. Spoiled dog :-)

Nov. 29, 2023

Lovely French food and cosy downtown patio

Augie’s French

Augie's is a new restaurant right on 4th, offering a small dog-friendly patio with just a few tables. In true French style, those tables are fairly close together, but MacBeast is small, so he was fine under the table. While welcoming dogs here, there was no water bowl or anything, hence just a 4 bone rating, which is still quite good. Patio seating cannot be reserved at this stage (they're only a few months open) so maybe this will change as they find their groove. And, no heaters in view, so they'll likely close the patio when the weather turns (plus I don't think there's space for heaters anyway). To get a table, we went early, for their very nice Happy Hour: great bites, nice drinks, and surprisingly reasonable in this downtown setting especially since the portions and quality both were up there! We shall return - but may crate MacBeast at home so we can try their dinner menu inside.

Nov. 09, 2023

Great year-round patio! And good food too

Franchettis' Gasthaus

We've been coming here for years, having known owner Gesine since our and her Anchorage Alaska days where she had a great restaurant. Franchettis has a sizable patio, like 8-10 tables or so, two-tops as well as 4 and even larger picnic style for 6 or more. The German/Italian food is hearty and enjoyable, and they do love dogs! They'll bring a water bowl, and some waitresses even bring a dog treat. Moreover, the patio is wind- and rain-protected, and has heaters for the cooler season. It's not always easy to find a dog-friendly patio in what passes for winter here - oh so different from Alaska, which we did love with all its challenges: no dog in those days though! - so thank you Franchettis for providing this warm haven!

Nov. 09, 2023

Lovely patio, great service, so dog-friendly

Lucy Restaurant & Bar at Bardessono

First time here, for a late breakfast/early lunch. Excellent food served on their large umbrella’d patio around a pretty landscaped water feature. MacBeast was very impressed with a water bowl and a tasty looking dog biscuit too. This place loves dogs!

Nov. 08, 2023

Great more upscale Asian, small patio

Mandarin Kitchen

A new restaurant here, and since they have a few outside tables we were able to go try it with MacBeast. And glad we did! Nice more upscale menu, mostly Asian fusion, as well as a few other items. We loved the food! And the sidewalk tables, while nothing special, are in a large parking lot a good distance from the road, so no traffic as such, just the occasional car looking for a spot. We also took some friends here for a dog-less dinner inside, highly enjoyable. We shall return!

Sep. 29, 2023

Nice patio, great service (dog too!), large portions

Goji Kitchen

We had a most enjoyable outdoor meal last week. They have some 4-5 tables on their patio, in a large parking lot away from the road, so no nearby traffic to scare our pup (Motorbikes! Woof!). The server brought a water bowl for him before we could even ask, nice :-) Our food was excellent, and plentiful: in fact, we had another dinner and a lunch out of it at home!

Sep. 25, 2023

Fantastic breakfast, lovely spot & owners

Shasta Starr Ranch Bed & Breakfast

We stayed overnight in September ‘22 and are repeating in June ‘23. Gorgeous ranch, spectacular setting and views, beautiful rooms, excellent breakfast, and Fido-friendly! While Sgt Pupper is not allowed in the bfst room, he is allowed on the veranda where you can have bfst too. SO much nicer than an I-5 side motel!

Jun. 24, 2023

Great beer, lovely patio - and Pliny Pup!

Russian River Brewing Company

Famous for its annual Pliny the Younger release, this is a great spot to hang out with dogs. You can eat there too, inside in their overflow bar area, or just have drinks (poured in metal cups) on the large and sail-shaded patio: no food allowed there. They have a neat garden walk right off the patio, and it’s a ways from traffic noise, great for anxious dogs like ours. It’s near our home, and my go-to for brews & beasts. If you’re lucky you might even see their actual dog Pliny welcoming guests!

May. 13, 2023


Third Street AleWorks

Third Street Aleworks teamed up with Bayou on the Bay to run the food. Result? Excellent local brews paired with awesome Cajun food! We just went again for yet another food/beer pairing (Boudin balls, yum!) on their dog-friendly patio, equipped with heaters, and the lovely server lady immediately asked if MacBeast would like a treat, and then gave him some. Support your local dog-friendly breweries and restaurants: Bayou & 3SAW are a fantastic combo!
UPDATE 2023: The restaurant closed; they moved away and are only brewing now :(

May. 10, 2023

Lovely true Italian meal on heated patio


True Italian fare along a busy major street. The service was enjoyable, and the meals excellent: my wife’s lasagne and my wild boar. The fresh bread was simple yet heavenly, and the appetizers carpaccio and fritto misto delish. Lovely drinks too. Last but not least: we were on the patio with our dog on a kinda chilly December evening, but they have heaters and we could take our coats off and feel pleasantly toasty!

Dec. 03, 2022

No PF Chang here

P.F. Chang's

No PF Chang here

Dec. 03, 2022

Fantastic patio, gorgeously unique setting

McMenamins Old St. Francis School

This old school house has the most amazingly cool patio. Really nice menu options, excellent beers, and a water bowl for MacBeast before he could say “woof”. Totally recommended!

Sep. 13, 2022

Second visit, now 5 bones!

Seasons of Coeur d'Alene

We were here just 2 days ago and rated it 4 bones, due to no dog recognition but came back today with friends: we barely sat down and a dog waterbowl arrived! Bravo! Woof!

Sep. 11, 2022

Lovely spacious setting, very dog-friendly

River Grill

An enroute lunch stop, a few minutes off the freeway at this lodging and restaurant spot. Large patio welcomes dogs, but presently no outdoor table service: order “to go” inside, then pick it up there or, if not ready in the indicated time, they’ll bring it out. The food menu was fairly standard but tasty, and they have some great local beers! They also provided a nice water bowl for MacBeast, which he appreciated very much. Relaxing and pretty riverside setting, quiet and enjoyable. Definitely beats a fast-food type roadside stop.

Sep. 10, 2022

Magnificent for MacBeast!

Trails End Brewery & Brick-Oven Pizza

Found this on BringFido, tried and loved it! We’d barely sat down before a server brought MacBeast a water bowl - and informed us that while we picked a sunny spot in the front, they had a nicely shaded area in the back. We moved there, and had a delicious Cubano and pizza, while MacBeast drank his water and snuffled around. I had a beer flight trying 5 of their German Purity Law brews, got another pint, while my wife enjoyed a WA state cider. Planning to get a T shirt on my way out, it was that memorable :)

Sep. 10, 2022

Great patio, no unpleasant concrete!

Grossman's Noshery & Bar

We’ve been here several times with duggo. The shaded patio has a nice ground cover, so dogs don’t have to be on nasty concrete. The excellent food comes in generous portions, and they have a nice drinks selection. A great addition to Railroad Square!

Jul. 02, 2022

Perfect after a Ragle Ranch Dogpark visit

HopMonk Tavern

We go here for lunch with our small dog after enjoying the 11am-noon Small Dogs Hour at Ragle Ranch Regional Park (tip: get a membership, it pays off quickly). The patio is spacious and shaded, they bring a water bowl, and they even have a Dog Menu with like 4 options to order something for your furry friend! Human food is good too :) and of course the drinks are great!

Jul. 02, 2022

Perfect patio spot in the heart of town

Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen

We live in Santa Rosa and have been here several times with our lil’ dog. He feels very welcome here, as do we! Nice big patio right on Old Courthouse Square, excellent beers and whisky, plus good food for a lunch or dinner. The friendly server brought a water bowl for our pup along with our more adult beverages :)

Jun. 30, 2022

Barkin’ brewtiful!

Fogbelt Brewery

Been going here for their excellent Beer & Food pairings and today for just lunch with my buddy MacBeast. They brought water for both of us and looking around I spotted several other Dads with Dogs as well as families. The go-to brewpub in Santa Rosa with a furry friend!

May. 20, 2022

Total dog haven with great food for their humans

Park Chalet

Spacious patio, grass, tables, lots of dogs. Loved the food: fantastic clam chowder and lobster roll!

Mar. 05, 2022

Friendly, fantastic, French!

La Gare Restaurant

The recently added and improved patio in the alley along La Gare’s side is covered, has space heaters and is dog-friendly. The menu is substantial, our anniversary dinner excellent, great wine and beer options, and while of course not low-budget, the cost is reasonable for such quality and lovely experience.

Jan. 17, 2022

Excellent food, great people, dog-friendly tented patio

Riviera Ristorante

We used to go here before we had our dog and were thrilled to see them add a large tented patio setup where we can safely and happily continue dining out at Riviera!

Jan. 10, 2022

Nice patio, good food & drinks!

Park Station Hashery

We had a nice big picnic bench for the five of us, with plenty of space for the dogster. Order inside and they’ll bring the food out, makes it easy.

Sep. 08, 2021

Tons of outdoor space

Boudin Bakery

Love their food, order inside and they’ll bring it out. Our dog liked the huge patio :)

Sep. 08, 2021

Lots of patio space and staff love!

Frankie's Pizza and Ice Cream

Enjoyed their falafels! They have a few patio areas with a few tables each, nothing fancy but just fine. Order at the counter and staff brings your food out. Several of them greeted our small dog, leaning down, with care, very sweet. We got talking with a local lady, also eating there, who tried and succeeded in getting a hand sniff: all in all a very pleasant experience without a single bark!

Jul. 26, 2021

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MacBeast hogs the scene above the table
Augie's French restaurant
The Patio
MacBeast at water bowl
Hamish MacBeast enjoying his crystal bowl
Enjoying the view
Mt Shasta Ranch B&B
Pliny the Younger
Pliny the Younger release
Hamish MacBeast on the patio
Theresianer Italian pilsner
MacBeast at peace
Carpaccio and Fritto Misto
MacBeast at Third Street
Cajun food & brews pairing
MacBeast torn between water bowl and me
Beauty and MacBeast
Dog friendly!
Great food!
Happy dog
Large riverside patio
Bacon & Cheese Croquettes
Dog & Dad at Fogbelt
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