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Issaquah Highland Bark Park

Issaquah Highland Bark Park is a great spot for Fido to run, play, and socialize with other pups in Issaquah, WA. The large park is grass covered and fully fenced with two ponds, large boulders, and flowers. There are separate spaces for large and small dogs and amenities include a gazebo, picnic tables, benches, a water fountain, and waste stations. This park is managed by the Issaquah Highlands Community Association. Visit Website

Or call (425) 837-3300 or email asktheihca@ihcommunity.org for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Issaquah Highland Bark Park has received a rating of 2.2 out of 5 bones by 13 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Traci
    Aug 29, 2021
    Won’t be back

    Only one water fountain, in the corner with the single gate. Coming in/out of that spot is crowded and some dog always sneaks out. Recipe for disaster. The slope is so steep you can loose site of your dog. That doesn’t bother most, but I always keep an eye on my boy.

  • Adrienne
    Aug 27, 2021
    Updated dog park with lots of space for running

    I notice the reviews for this dog park are super old and precovid. The park is situated atop a hill overlooking a small pond. There is a big dog section and a small dog section. The big dog section has a flat running area with wood chips and some benches and a shaded area for sunny days. It also extends to a lower section that is a huge hill that gives the dogs lots of space to run around and tire themselves out going up the hill. At the bottom of the hill is a separate entrance with a water spout for giving your dog water. There are always random balls at this park and lots of dogs come here so it’s great to have your dog socialize! Please don’t read the old reviews as this park is much more updated than the photos.

  • Betty
    Nov 6, 2018
    What a Joke

    There was not a thing for my small dogs to do. small fenced area no agility play toys. just a fenced area with dead grass. and nothing for the humans to sit on. no bathroom for the humans.

  • Jamie
    Jul 16, 2018
    Love this park!

    We bring our Amstaff here all the time. It’s a great spot for her to play with other dogs and there is a great walking trail to really tire her out.

    I did read in older reviews that there was a sign saying no “pit bulls.” That sign no longer exists. And the last time we took our dog there she played with the sweetest rescue Pit. Our Amstaff gets mistaken for a Pit all the time since they are cousin breeds. Any breed can become an aggressive dog if not properly socialized.

    So don’t be afraid and make new friends of all breeds!

  • Michelle
    May 19, 2018
    Nice Park

    This is not a big dog park compared to the others in the area. Marymore is my fav. However, this one gets the job done. I have never run into another dog or person at this park... Like other people note, there is a large hill, which is great to run your pups out. The fence is secure, even my one pup who always looks for an escape route never got out of this park. However, he's 45 lbs and not a small dog. 4/5 stars. Only cause I love Marymore.

  • Rose
    More than a year ago
    Decent park; no longer any breed restriction signs

    This is actually a pretty nice park for the area. I have a big dog who is a notorious jumper, and he's never jumped the fences here. They are tall enough to keep even jumping dogs in. They redid the entrance, added a ton of bark chips at the main area which used to get muddy, and added a covered area with a bench. There's a double entry at the upper entrance, and a single-gate down at the lower entrance where the water source is. There's a smaller dog area adjacent to the bigger park, and yes there's a huge slope in the middle of the big dog area which makes them get tired faster when they run up and down.

    The scenic view of the mountains above the water reservoir is stunning. I haven't seen kids - nor very many dogs - at this park; there is a human park with a playtoy just up the hill from the Bark Park which is where the kids tend to be.

    When I first found this park there WAS a 'no pits' sign up; it's been gone for years now. Not sure about the origins of it nor how it got removed. All I can say is that as of 2016 there has not been a sign excluding pibbles or anything else.

    So maybe give this park a try? My two dogs would love to meet new friends to play with!

  • Shari
    More than a year ago
    So appreciate dog parks

    I agree that the No Pit Bulls sign is a bit offensive. I was surprised to see it. Then, that same week, I read in the Issaquah paper that a pit bull killed a small poodle in that park. My heart went out to the poodle owner. .
    Speaking for myself, I am scarred to death of Pit Bulls. Many years ago I watched helplessly as a Pit Bull killed a small dog.
    However, what as become appalling to me, concerning this park, is the irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs. The side hill of this park is covered with dog poop! I guess "out of sight, out of mind."
    Dog parks are real gems for our furry friends that live in cities.
    My favorite park is MaryMoore in Redmond.
    Lots of room for dogs to run and responsible owners.

  • Kyle
    More than a year ago
    I can't support breed discrimination

    A little small but the dogs don't care. Being right in the Highlands it a convenient place to take your dog. What I found alarming was the sign that says "No Pit Bulls Aloud". Now I don't own a pit bull myself but I find it odd that they would discriminate against pit bulls as opposed to "Aggressive DOGS". I have two dogs myself but choose to only bring one because my other dog which is a shepard/lab mix does not do well with other dogs. I see plenty of great pit bulls at Marymoor getting along just fine with any dog. I just really can't support a rule that discriminates on breed and not individual behavior. If your dog is aggressive please make the smart decision to not bring them to dog parks. For this reason I don't plan on bringing my Boxer back again.

  • DogLover
    More than a year ago
    Don't bother

    This dog park isn't even worth a visit. As the other reviewers have noted, it's on a steep hill, and has a low (4') fence that many dogs can easily jump over. Even worse, there are numerous gaps at the bottom of the fencing small dogs can easily squeeze through. Perhaps the most annoying aspect of this park is the typical visitor. I've been to this park on three occasions. Each time it was being used by parents with toddlers, as a seemingly apparent kiddie pen. I'm not sure about your dog, but the last thing my dog wants is to have a 2 year old chasing around after it, arms flailing and brandishing a stick. The parents seem blissfully clueless. Go to Beaver Lake Dog Park instead. It's a much better park, with responsible pet owners, secure fencing, and separate areas for large and small breeds.

  • Chris
    More than a year ago
    Why are we discriminating?

    Your anti-Ptubull sign is an insult to animal lovers and dogs alike. What you are saying is all pitbulls are bad, to me that is like saying all blacks or mexicans are bad. No difference in what you are saying. It is places like this that create false misconceptions on animals breeds.

  • Jack
    More than a year ago
    All around lame park

    Looks like everyone else has covered the appalling breed discrimination at this park so I won't bother going into that.
    The park is located in the middle of a housing development and is hard to find. When I did actually find the park I found that half of the dog park was on a steep slope that my dog didn't want to play on. It is also a "grass park" so it's pretty much mud 8 months out of the year.
    Take your dogs to the park at Beaver Lake. Vastly superior and not that much further.

  • Dog supporter
    More than a year ago

    I find your sign content to be highly offensive. It conveys and promotes stereotypical discrimination by lumping all dogs of a particular breed into one negative category. For those of us who truly love animals and give our time and energy to support/advocate for shelter animals of ALL breeds this is a blatant and hurtful slap in the face. Your signage is a window into the mindset of those individuals involved in the creation of such a park. The fact that you did not give any thought to just how hurtful your sign might be to the owner of a beloved mixed breed dog who is shut out at your gate is inexcusable. Certainly, at a minimum, insensitivity at its height. I am so thankful that there are many other wonderful and welcoming dog parks. Parks where you can admire, appreciate, and be grateful to the individuals who volunteered in their creation. Like minded people tend to congregate. Enjoy your dog park.

  • Max
    More than a year ago
    Breed Discrimination

    My sweet Pittie visits off leash parks in the South Sound regularly and gets along well with both the other dogs and their owners. She was attacked once by a husky. In response she rolled on her back and cried. I don't understand people who engage in breed discrimination.

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