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"My dogs loved it!"

Edmonds Marina Beach Off-Leash Dog Park

My dogs loved this place. First you drive up and enter in through 2 fence gate system. Then your in the dog park where if you don't want to go down to the beach area, you don't have to. I read some poor reviews below, and was a little skeptical at first. However, don't read other people's bad reviews and be put off by them. Go and experience the place for yourself and form your own opinion. Again, if you don't want your dog walking on barnacles... don't walk down to beach!

in my experience, the tide was out and coming in. There were rocks and barcnales to walk over, but my dogs and I did just fine. There were a lot a people and dogs out and about. All friendly and well-mannered. Once we hit the sandy part of the beach, my dogs let loose. They love the ocean, running in the surf, chasing sticks and rocks, smelling and rolling in gross slimy stuff, and just being dogs. While walking, i found lots of sealife, crabs, shells, and starfish. This was a great experience. My dogs can't wait to go back.

Aug. 01, 2019

"What a great dog park!"

Warren G. Magnuson Park Off-Leash Dog Area

i read a lot of these reviews... it's a great dog park. There is a small beach area that had a lot of dogs and people wading when I was there. Everyone (dogs and people) were very friendly. I parked by the people area and walked my dogs on leash a little while before finding the park. While it was not easy to locate the first time, after walking through whole park, I saw the big parking area on the other side, not near the water. So maybe its just my GPS that was the issue.

All in all, this was a great park. PLace to swim and then a good walk down some fenced in paths to the larger dog and even the small dog park areas. The large dog park area was HUGE. Even the small dog park area was large compared to others I've seen. Don't listen to the bad reviews. Go here. You won't regret it.

Aug. 01, 2019

"Decent quick dogpark"

Denny Park Off-Leash Area

This park is in middle of Seattle. Denny park itself is not all that big, but it's got nice paths, trees, and shade to walk the pups around. The dogpark itself is not that big and it's all gravel, but sometimes a fenced in area is an oasis for dog owners. It's got just enough room to throw a ball and let off some steam.

Aug. 01, 2019

"Large fenced in area"

Walla Walla Dog Park

It’s grassy and well maintained. Water is also provided. Lots of chairs for people, pavilion, and even tennis balls for dogs. Just watch out for woman who walks her dog in circles, she and her dog, not so friendly. She’s confronted me about my dogs
bells on their collars
asked me to remove them as they scare her dog and her dog has charged my dogs many times

May. 29, 2018

"Fully fenced"

Shoreview Off Leash Dog Park

This is fully fenced and easy to get to. Dogs can also be walked on leash to park and to beach area. We took advantage of the park to throw balls and wear them down before walking to off-leash beach area. Like other reviews state, it’s gravel. No grass.

May. 29, 2018

"Love the walk and trails"

Woodland Dog Park

Shaded areas and water for dogs at this park. The paths are great to do loops on. People and dogs seemed friendly. I liked this park and my pups did too.

May. 29, 2018

"Nice park"

Quarry Run Dog Park

Fenced in. Woods to explore. They even had water bowls with water along way on trails. Not terribly populated, but enough dogs to let my pups be social. Only complaint was my 2 pups became mud hounds as they got into a poorly fenced marshy area. My yellow lab was brown. My shepherd was also able to hop fence to get in. They love water and are determined to be dirty. Lol. Otherwise, it was a great walk. My beagle mix loved exploring the woods.

May. 29, 2018

"Great Walk"

Hinckley Park

Lots of trails. 2 ponds to let dogs swim. Not fenced, but dogs can run off leash. People and dogs friendly here.

May. 29, 2018

"Nice easy walk"

Black Creek Forest Trail

Nice easy walk with dogs. Just keep your eyes out for snakes. They frequent this area due to being so close to the water. But, the dogs love to explore the woods and the creek!

May. 19, 2018

"Great large dog park"

Beaver Lake Dog Park

I agree, it may be hard to find... but when you do, it's worth it. Plenty of room to let dogs run. There is also a wooded area with some small trails that are great for those owners who like to walk while the dogs explore.

May. 19, 2018

"Fav dog "park" in Seattle area"

Marymoor Park

while it's not completely fenced, it does have some fencing running along the trails. I have taken my 3 dogs here many times while traveling and love tis place. It's got trails, soft wood chips to walk on, woods, and the water. It's a great place to walk the dogs off-leash. All the dogs here have always been friendly.

May. 19, 2018

"Nice Park"

Issaquah Highland Bark Park

This is not a big dog park compared to the others in the area. Marymore is my fav. However, this one gets the job done. I have never run into another dog or person at this park... Like other people note, there is a large hill, which is great to run your pups out. The fence is secure, even my one pup who always looks for an escape route never got out of this park. However, he's 45 lbs and not a small dog. 4/5 stars. Only cause I love Marymore.

May. 19, 2018

"Love this place"

Cherry Creek State Park Dog Off-Leash Area (DOLA)

One of my fav dog parks in my travels. Although it's not fully fenced, my dogs do well here. There are so many pups and the trails to walk are great. Love stopping here when passing thru in Denver.

May. 19, 2018

"Perfect location"

Kingston Point Dog Park

This is a great place to bring the pups. Back in the day before they put a park in, we used to run our dogs around the grass here. Now with the large fenced in area, it's even better. Like the last review, there is no shade. You also have to bring your own water. However, people and dogs are friendly here. Great park!

May. 19, 2018

"Nice Dog Park"

Central Bark Dog Park at Copp Family Park

Nice local park. Large fenced in area. Lots of balls and frisbees in park for dogs. There are a lot of trails to walk the dogs surrounding the park. Will come back!

May. 19, 2018

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