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Las Cruces Dog Park

Las Cruces Dog Park in Las Cruces, NM invites your pooch to play off-leash in a fenced area. You'll discover ample space for a game of fetch and more. Dog owners can relax at the seating provided under a small, shaded area on hotter days. There are also water stations at the park for pups to rehydrate. Visit Website

Or call (575) 541-2000 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Las Cruces Dog Park has received a rating of 3.2 out of 5 bones by 29 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Ulfr
    Mar 2, 2024
    Rocks / Sand slice my dogs feet wide open.

    If you have high drive dogs this place will slice their feet wide open. Every dog park in Las Cruces is made of rock and sand. All of the dog parks in Cruces tear my dog's pads open. The park is great if your dogs dont have the zoomies. Las Cruces doesnt understand dogs. They want to pretend like the city is prodog but end up just cutting corners where it counts as well as cutting dog feet.

  • Me
    Jun 9, 2023
    Great dog park.

    The dog park has a big location. Lots of shade trees and plenty of seating. Everyone complaining about the lack of grass. It's the desert, these people put fake grass carpets in their back yards, do you really think they are going to waste water watering the grass so your dog can pee on it and kill it? The place is clean, well-maintained and for the most part the owners are responsible enough with their dogs to stop any issues before they arise. If your expecting a perfect paradice where your puggle named page can act in and like a ding bat and get away scot free. Well maybe the issueis your animal.

  • Shelly
    Jul 10, 2022
    Shade and water

    this was a great stop on our road trip from TX to PX. no grass but lots of shade and water. dogs had a great time running around and playing in the kiddo pool of water. some grass would have been nice, but overall a great place to stop.

  • Jodie
    Apr 25, 2022
    Great dog park!

    We are driving from AZ to TX today & stopped by the dog park on our way through. It was very clean, was large, had several shady areas with chairs, and lots of water buckets. there's a smaller section for "special needs" dogs (that's what the sign said). Our dog had a good time and it also allowed us to walk around and stretch our legs. A previous post mentioned holes in the fence but I did not see any. My dog is very skittish and would run off given the chance so I made sure she couldn't get out. They only have porta-potties for us humans.

  • Allison
    Jul 18, 2021
    Great pit stop for the pup

    Nice break for dogs while traveling. Even though we had to stop during a hot afternoon, there are lots of shaded areas and fresh water to keep the dogs comfortable.

  • Sally
    Jul 18, 2021
    Wide Open Spaces

    This was a perfect stop that wasn't too far off the highway to allow our big girls to stretch their legs. I was happy to see that there was a lot of water stations and big buckets to keep the pups hydrated.

  • Andrea
    Oct 31, 2020
    Easy Stop

    easy stop, huge space, tons of water stations and sitting for adults

  • Sharon
    More than a year ago
    Dangerous, Dusty, Hot & Smelly Dog Park Caters To Large Dogs

    Dirt fenced area with a reputation for dog fights according to the professional dog community. People bring their aggressive dogs here. I don't see any posted signs about warnings to aggressive dogs owners. There is only one large area and no fencing to split small from large dogs. There is a small area for 'Special Needs' Dogs that is really used to pull out aggressive dogs out of the main area. Come at your own risk to your dogs. As a caretaker, I have already had my Penbroke mauled and how do you break up a dog fight in a dog area? If the owner does not watch their dog then your up a creek! If you come at five be prepared for mixed Labs, Lab mixes and mixed pit bulls. The regulars will try to tell you there is nothing wrong here but then they are the ones with the large, pushy dogs. Small dogs do not mix with large, aggressive dogs. A small dog area is highly needed at this dog park!!! And somethibg less stinky and dusty than decomposed granite!!

  • Vanessa
    More than a year ago
    10 mins from 10

    Don't use the address provided. Use the directions provides in FindFido. Only took us about ten minutes to get there, from the freeway. Worth the drive. Clean, flat, plain area of grass, dog bags provided, small park for children, some benches and shade... Only con was that there were several openings in the fence. That would not be good for a dog that's likely to "escape".

  • Kate
    More than a year ago
    Great break for pups on a road trip

    My pups and I spent a month living out of our car camping and climbing. This dog park was a wonderful break for my pups on a long drive from Marfa, TX to Gila National Forest. Plenty of water, poop bags, and no gross mud for dogs to get dirty in before hopping back in the car. Glad I stopped to check it out!

  • Brian
    More than a year ago
    Outstanding facility

    150k well spent! I've been living here 2 years, and never knew about the dog park until my vet mentioned it. I took all 3 of my boys (100# Old English Sheepdog, 60# Setter mix, 25# Heinz 57), for the fist time yesterday. There were already about a dozen dogs there when we arrived; all ages and sizes, and a good time was had by all. I can't help but chuckle at the bellyaching in some of the previous reviews about the sand & gravel, and the trees that aren't growing fast enough for another whiner. In case you missed it folks, this is the DESERT. You know, an arid clime with cactus and stuff... It's a generous space with plenty of seating and shade for the bipeds, and lots of water and room to run for our best friends. This will be a regular visit for me and my mutts.

  • Vivian
    More than a year ago
    We go several times a week

    Our dogs look forward to their visit to the park, we go several times a week. Yes there are some aggressive dogs there and some really shy ones too, dogs are like people everyone is different. During the summer there are two pools for the pups and a water shower. Come join the fun puppies.

  • India
    More than a year ago
    Great Pitstop for Pups

    I was driving from Virginia to California and my dog hadn't gotten a lot of play time during the trip, so I looked up a local dog park after stopping for lunch. I was happy to see such a large area, great for running. The park has no grass, but it's a desert area, so I was expecting any. My dog can be a lot for other dogs to handle, but he had a great time running and playing with new friends. Lots of water bowls and baggies. Both owners I met were super nice.

  • Bonnie
    More than a year ago

    I am very disappointed in this long awaited dog park. I will be dead before any of it's dinky trees will produce any shade. The park is bland, boring, and ugly, without a single blade of grass. The only area with a tiny bit of shade and benches for humans to sit is in the large , main dog area, therefore. zero shade in the small dog/special needs area. This creates a big problem, as all the dogs (big and small) are forced to be in one area. Small dogs can get hurt when around big dogs. This dog park leaves no choice but to have all dogs and all humans in one area, BAD IDEA!

  • Ashlee
    More than a year ago
    Ideal for traveling dogs

    My husband and I stopped by here on our way from Dallas to Phoenix for our puppy boxer to get some exercise. It is a pretty large park with water bowls and some benches. My only problem is I wish they had more obstacles or things for dogs to play on. All they had was a large pile of dirt in the middle that dogs could run up on. It took us a while to find it because the pin on the map is off. The park is actually located just south of Hadley off hermosa on the east side of hermosa.

  • Karen
    More than a year ago
    Park visit Today

    We just moved here and have been to the park twice and loved it however we witnessed a dog attack today that was quite serious. I am not sure if we will go back. We have two dogs, one very social and loves the park and the other one is kind of shy. After what I saw today I think people bring dangerous dogs into the park.

  • Ann
    More than a year ago
    Rude owners and rough dogs

    I recently moved to Las Cruces and decided to take my dogs to the dog park even though there were several bad reviews. As soon as I entered the park a great Dane began being very rough with my small dogs to the point one of my dogs was crying and cowering. I could not get to my dog to rescue him as the great Dane kept getting between me and my dog. I was finally able to pick up my dog and then I was jumped on by a muddy springer spaniel named Rowdy who's owner called to him but never controlled him from jumping on me. I finally got to the other end of the park and let my dog down only to have Rowdy follow me and begin jumping on me again. I decided to leave and leashed my dogs. As I was leaving the great Dane and another dog began fighting and the owners just sat there. As I was getting in my car I heard someone say it didn't take us long to run her off and the rest of the owners laughed. What a great way to ruin what was supposed to be a fun outing for my dogs and me.

    Update: I decided to try the park one more time at an earlier time in the day to see if the dogs were any better. Nope, as soon as I unleashed my dogs a scottish terrier began playing very rough with my dogs. I walked to the other side of the park with my dogs following and the terrier kept following us and playing rough. I finally leashed my dogs to leave since they were becoming agitated and snapping at the other dog. This dog just would not leave mine alone and I finally yelled out who owns this dog and a girl came over and said he's just a puppy that's the way he plays. As i was walking away she says if your dogs cant handle rough play you shouldn't bring them to the park and walked off. Again what a way to ruin what was suppose to be a fun outing for my dogs.

  • Tammy
    More than a year ago

    THIS is a dog park....SERIOUSLY!! It looked more like a trash heap to me. We drove through the parking lot and kept going. I have more love for my dog than to ever let her step foot in this joke of a dog park.

  • Candi
    More than a year ago
    My dog attacked twice

    Out of the three times we brought our standard poodle to the park, she was attacked twice. Unfortunate, because there are a lot of nice, responsible pet owners and friendly dogs at the park. It's the irresponsible pet owners who should not be bringing vicious dogs there. First time a pit bull mix kept going for her throat, second time a woman pulled into the park with two dogs that immediately went for our dog. They had her up against the fence. Never will subject our sweet temperament girl to that again! I'm really sorry I didn't call the humane society that time to report that owner.

  • Rae
    More than a year ago
    Fun for Tank!

    I have a small dog that is nervous around bigger dogs and he loves this park despite how rambunctious it can be when there are lots of dogs around. We walk in circles (squares?) and he sniffs to his heart's content. This is the desert and I'm really surprised at how many people complain about the lack of grass. They're dogs! They're perfectly happy to run around in the dirt! At least it's not like the school's playgrounds, which are full of stickers. I'll keep bringing my dog here as long as the park is open.

  • Mr Skeruche
    More than a year ago
    Not what I expected

    I hoped for a dog park with a decent amount of shade, trees, and at least small areas of GRASS. No grass at all, no trees. very little shade. All our public parks have grass, we could of at least had a small area of grass at this park. Its a very lame dog park. I had high hopes for a decent dog park in las cruces.

  • Kevin
    More than a year ago

    Anna, you knew my name and coalition position before coming into the park. You were loudly berating me and my dog for his barking near the gate. I immediately got my dog, leashed him, and led him off to be isolated, as directed by both the posted rules and common sense. I ignored you and your judgemental remarks and you allowed your dog to run up to mine, from behind, while he was being disciplined. My dog turned and snapped at your dog. You went hysterical, claiming your dog was bleeding. I gave your companion my name and phone number, and you promised to have me banned from the park and have my dog put down.

    You never called or presented me a bill. You claim you applied "liquid stitches" (super glue ?).

    The sum of your efforts to help make the park a safer place, or to create a better park elsewhere, amounts to two or three "posts" like on this board that are totally negative if not outright slander.

    I hope you'll get over your anger and get into some positive work to improve opportunities for dogs in Las Cruces to socialize.

  • Laura
    More than a year ago

    It can get dusty with gravel, but it is watered monthly by the city. There are 2 overhangs for shade, water fountains. A nice area for special need dogs. Plenty of space for everyone.

  • Lil
    More than a year ago
    pet advocate

    They get 1 bone for effort. I've gone with 4 different well-socialized dogs, 1 or 2 at a time. There is always at least one big bully out of voice control there. There is food, which isn't even needed in training areas. Of course there is no grass. Who would bother to refill dangerous divots? Now there are several dangerous chairs, all facing each other in groups, so of course there is no supervision because people are only observing each other. It is normal everywhere but Las Cruces for peope to stand, observe, be ready to recall , and conscientiously police all misbehavior. It's really a shame so much money has been wasted on this risky "park".

  • Anna
    More than a year ago
    Dog Owners Beware!!!

    Vicious dogs attend this dog park. My dog was just bitten in the face and liquid stitches were necessary. The dogs name was scout and his owner is the president of the dog park coalition. So apparently their rules are not followed even by the people who made them up. To me that is very unsafe. This isn't the first time Ive witnessed a dog fight or biting incident. If you love your dog stay far far away...

  • Annette
    More than a year ago
    Dog owner

    Our 18 month Golden Retriever loved playing with the other dogs. The dogs were all busy playing with each other, checking out new commers or playing ball with their masters. The dog owners were all friendly. Everyone seemed pleased watching their dogs interact with the other dogs at the park. There was not much shade, but the chairs for the owners were appreciated. We visited for the first time and the weather was great for the third week in January, 2011. However, with the gravel and rambunctious playing dogs, it got pretty dusty. Will probably not take our dog there when the weather really warms up.

  • Nancy Antilla
    More than a year ago
    Big dogs and grass

    We have a dog park in ruidoso, mountains. I was noticing the other day that the grass on the big dog side is sketchy, due to weight and activity of dogs. Dry arid climates and grass don't mix that well.

  • Theresa
    More than a year ago
    Of course it is gravel.....this is the Southwest!!

    I love taking my dog to this park. He runs around and sniffs and plays with other dogs. Of course it is gravel....he is use to it.!! I also like to chat w/ the other dog owners and sit and read the information about dog care that is on the tables. A very relaxing and pleasant experience for both me and my dog. Thanks Las Cruces for this park

  • Bill
    More than a year ago
    a good place to bring your dog

    Nice place for dogs to meet dogs. My dog loves to come here. there is a separate area for smaller dogs too in case they are intimidated by larger ones. Good set up and friendly people. very glad it is here

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