Air Canada

Air Canada is the flag carrier and largest Canadian airline. They allow pets to travel in the cabin and hold on most of their flights. Visit Website

Or call (888) 247-2262 for more information. You can use BringFido to find a pet friendly place to stay at your destination.

Pet Reservations

Air Canada allows 2-4 pets in the cabin per flight, so they advise making your pet's reservation as soon as possible after you confirm your travel plans by calling the Customer Service Team at 888-247-2262. Let them know the dimensions of your pet carrier, and weight and breed of your pet. Additionally, make sure you check-in for your flight at least 30 minutes earlier than normal.

Pets in the Cabin

Air Canada and Jazz flights welcomes small cats and dogs in the cabin if the combined weight of the pet and carrier is under 22 lbs (10 kg). Your pet counts as 1 of your carry-on items and must be stowed under the seat in front of you for the duration of the flight. On domestic flights, pet fees for 1-way travel range between $50-59. On international flights, pet fees for 1-way travel range between $100-118.

Pets in Checked Baggage

Air Canada allows cats and dogs over 12 weeks old to travel in the hold on some flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada Express, Jazz, Sky Regional, Air Georgian or Exploits Valley Air. Pets traveling in the hold should not exceed 100 lbs (45 kg). Each passenger is permitted to travel with up to 2 pets, charged separately. If you're planning on bringing Fido and a friend, they must be used to cohabitation and weigh less than 31 lbs (14 kg) combined. Pet fees for 1-way travel within Canada range between $105-120.75; and 1-way international flights range between $270-318.60. When temperatures in the hold are too low, Air Canada may refuse animals travel in the hold.

Pets in Cargo

If you need to send your pet somewhere alone, or they do not meet the size restrictions for traveling in the hold, you can email Air Canada Cargo at to arrange safe transport of your pet as cargo.

Carrier Guidelines

For pets traveling in the cabin on Boeing 777-300ER and 777-200LR aircraft, the pet carrier cannot exceed 8.25" x 15" x 17" (21cm x 38cm x 43 cm). In their cabins equipped with lie-flat beds, only small or miniature dogs and cats are allowed. Soft-sided carriers are recommended, and they must not exceed the dimensions of 11" x 8" x 16" (28 cm x 21 cm x 41 cm). They must be soft-sided, leak-proof, and well ventilated. During the flight, your pet must remain inside the carrier and be able to turn around and lie down comfortably within it. For pets traveling in the hold, carriers must not exceed 115" (292 cm). They must be hard-sided, leak-proof, and big enough to allow your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

Other Restrictions

One emotional support dog is accepted on board per passenger, as long as they are requested via the Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk at least 48 hours before travel.


BringFido Guest Rating

Air Canada has received a rating of 2.8 out of 5 bones by 12 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Ashlyn
    Dec. 13, 2021
    Cargo + Carryon - great service+ amazing staff!!

    I've used both their cargo services and in-cabin for my cat between Toronto and Vancouver.

    Due to a medical emergency after I moved to BC I wasn't able to fly home to get my cat so I decided to use the cargo service. I was very nervous but Air Canada was so nice and all the staff I interacted with were absolutely the sweetest. I watched them handle her with care from the unload the truck, to when I picked her up. I thought it was a one-off, but travelling back to Toronto with her as cargo, everyone was just as sweet, very amazed by the service.

    The initial cargo service was delayed because it was a very hot day. I was warned about this beforehand, and was very happy they do not risk your pet's health in extreme heat or cold.

  • Douglas
    Nov. 5, 2021
    Never Again

    A few years ago we used Air Canada to move our two dogs from Toronto to Edinburgh and we could not be more complimentary about that service . However , our recent experience with AC Vancouver was horrendous . Now that AC insist on using IPATA agents instead of simply self booking and that is where our saga began . We found 4 IPATA members listed for Vancouver and we started our organising in June for our flights in November . Two never replied , one in the US gave us a ridiculous price so we chose Worldwide Pet transport . We had an initial quote which we thought expensive but thought it was the going rate . We lived very remotely in BC and had several questions about how it would all work. Tried emailing , phoning and even left a message on their "Emergency" hotline ( which is an answerphone!!! ). We emailed several times and finally asked for proof that they actually existed ...we haven't been answered since August !!! We finally gave up and found a UK firm Paws who were very helpful and they put us onto a professional transport company Seaair who were easy to deal with and very reassuring . The price was reasonable and they organised the document procedures . Air Canada have a strange policy of not confirming the Pet flight until 10 days prior to flying !! At day 8 Seaair had to call AC to get that confirmation . On the flight date we met a Fedex driver who had all the stickers etc for the pet crate and to present to the Cargo desk. With our little dog locked in and sitting on the counter the Air Canada rep simply pushed the papers back and said they were not the correct documents even although the Air Canada Air waiver Bill was purchased from Air Canada , Dorval!!!! He said we just had to move as there was a queue forming . Uncaring , unsympathetic doesn't quite cut it. Fortunately for us Philip Beck ( the Fedex driver) was also a travel agent and we could never lavish him with enough praise as he negotiated the system for the 45minutes it took for the AC staff to eventually concede that they were wrong and we had to rush to board ourselves. We have never been so stressed and will never use Air Canada in Vancouver again as the staff were uninformed but more importantly showed zero empathy for our pet or our predicament that was caused solely by them.
    WE also lodged a complaint to IPATA in the summer and never had a response !!

  • Mike
    Jun. 21, 2021
    The fee is a ripoff

    Air Canada charges a minimum of $50 to bring your small dog into the cabin AND this uses your normally free carry on baggage allowance... forcing you to pay for a checked bag (or higher fare to include a bag). Really this is a $81.50+ fee.

  • Natasha
    Apr. 13, 2019
    Travel embargo dates and temperatures?

    I called Air Canada and Air Canada cargo several times as soon as we found out we were moving to Florida in June. I just found out- as I was about to book the flight for our dog and 2 cats, that there is a travel embargo from May 15 - Sept 30, and that there is a general embargo if temperatures are above 29 degrees celsius. First I heard of it. Does anyone know if there are other airlines that don't follow this embargo (flying from Toronto)? We are in a real bind now...

  • Luciole
    Mar. 26, 2019
    Guaranteed on Board® with Air Canada

    I know that Sherpa offers a (free) guaranteed if your pet travels on Air-Canada, in one of their small or medium bags. If you are denied boarding due to their Sherpa carrier, the company will reimburse you for the cost of your flight. Has any one have any experience with this option? See:

  • Jackie
    Feb. 17, 2019
    Not pet friendly

    I tried to take my small dog on an international flight to London but was told to contact Fedex to ship my dog. Ridiculous!

  • Natalie
    Dec. 20, 2018
    Pets in the hold: hardly ever

    They do not take pets from May to September because it is "too hot." They have an embargo during the winter months because it is "too cold." Basically, they will find any reason they can to NOT let you book your dog.

  • Joanna
    Nov. 18, 2018
    Dog In Cabin YVR via YUL to PTP & Return

    Brought my 10lb Min Pin on Air Canada flights from Vancouver to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. Cost was $100 each way. I used a soft carrier.

    Staff at Air Canada check-in YVR just asked to see vaccination papers. Staff at PTP didn't ask for anything on arrival or departure.

    Customs/Agriculture charged $35 for inspection of vaccination papers upon re-entry to Canada at YUL.

    Aircraft staff all stated that you must keep dog in carrier at all times, but I managed to hold my dog discretely at some point during each of the 4 flights. Made sure passenger beside me didn't mind.

    My dog is great with all aspects of travel in car and at airports, but inside the plane, the moment the cabin is pressurized and engines on, she becomes tense and curls up. She wouldn't take food or water at all during each 5 hour flight and just slept for the most part, or so it seemed. The moment engines turned off and cabin depressurized, she was immediately happy.

    I was worried about her soiling the carrier, but no pee or poop during the whole journey of 12-14 hours each way.

    THANK YOU AIR CANADA for allowing pets on board! And for making the whole process easy and affordable!

  • Leslie
    Oct. 27, 2018
    Horrible experience

    My 7lb toy poodle was refused on an Air Canada flight as the check-in agent said she was far too large for her Sherpa bag (size Large!!) and it was inhumane treatment. She said that the animal must be able to stand completely upright without her head touching the top of the bag and be able to turn around to be accepted by Air Canada. She explained that their pet policy is meant for puppies and miniature breeds. I told her that she is a TOY breed, which is smaller than a miniature. I explained that I have flown with my dog over 200 times on numerous airlines, included affiliated airlines and I have never once had an issue. She noted that other airlines don’t care about animals like they do and how I was trying to fly with my dog was detrimental to her health and safety. I was told that could she could fly with the luggage. When I questioned her small size and the fact that it’s a soft sided case, which are not allowed and completely inhumane, she had to look up the rules to find out I was correct. I asked to speak with a manager who stood there and said nothing. Needless to say, they blocked me from being about to fly, refused to help me find alternative travel arrangements, refused a refund and I missed a dear friends wedding. Never again! Do NOT take your chances with Air Canada - it is not worth the loss of expenses and stress.

  • Mary
    More than a year ago
    Excellent Service - Air Canada is very pet-friendly

    I had to travel from BC to Ontario (two flights) and Air Canada was absolutely wonderful taking care of my kittens on-board and in transit. The cats travelled in the same kennel and were handled with great care at YVR. While waiting at the gate, I approached the pilots and told them my two kittens would be travelling in the cargo section and that I, as an owner, was a little nervous. The co-pilot assured me they would adjust the temperature in the cargo hold to make sure the cats would travel comfortably and not to worry. During the flight, I asked for confirmation from the flight attendants that the cats had been loaded and they told me that they had, and they were fine. One of the flight attendants even came to me during the flight to assure me that the cats were doing ok down there (i.e. cargo).
    Not only that, when we landed in Toronto, the co-pilot personally went downstairs in the cargo section, made sure the kittens had been unloaded, were safe and well, and then came and found me at the gate where I was waiting for my next flight, just to assure me that the cats were ok! She had even left a note on the kennel, in case she wasn’t able to locate me in Pearson). I was very impressed and thankful!
    If I have to fly with my cats again, Air Canada is my one and only choice. Thank you Air Canada!

  • Constanza
    More than a year ago
    Air Canada doesn't apply own rules

    I traveled to South America via Air Canada last February 2017. Woman in seat in front was carrying a dog on her lap loose. Very dangerous both to the dog and rest of passengers. Neither Crew nor the passenger complied with rules. I was attacked by a dog in the past leaving a scar on my leg for ever and even-though I respect dogs I fear them. I believe owners and crew should comply with these rules in order not to interfere with other passengers. I am disappointed at the Airline and the crew. I did not complain during the flight to preserve the friendly atmosphere yet many passengers were annoyed at this risky action as the dog had its kennel and was not for mental aide. Air Canada should ask passengers traveling in front, behind and next to the dog if they are fine with this or otherwise they should be granted another similar seat.

  • Terrific
    More than a year ago
    Great airline

    Fantastic service.

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