Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a major American airline based out of Atlanta. They welcome pets to travel in the cabin and as cargo. Visit Website

Or call 800 221-1212 or 800 352-2746 for more information. You can use BringFido to find a pet friendly place to stay at your destination.

Pet Reservations

Pets are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Delta limits the number of total pets per flight, allowing 2 pets to travel in first class, 2 in business class, and 4 in the main cabin of most of their flights. You can call Delta at 800-221-1212 to guarantee Fido a spot on board.

Pets in the Cabin

Delta Airlines welcomes passengers with small pets (dogs, cats, and household birds) in the cabin on most flights within the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Pets are not permitted on flights to Hawaii. Your pet must be small enough to fit comfortably in a carrier under the seat in front of you, at least 16 weeks old if traveling to the USA from elsewhere, and at least 15 weeks old for European Union travel. Passengers can bring 1 pet in each carrier, except on domestic flights in the USA where a female cat or dog may travel with her litter if they are 10 weeks-6 months old. There is no limit on the number of animals in the litter. Fees for taking your pet in the cabin vary depending on your travel plans. For flights to/from the U.S.A, Canada, and Puerto Rico, there is a pet fee of $125; Virgin Islands and outside the U.S. there is a pet fee of $200; and Brazil there is a pet fee of $75.

Pets in Cargo

Animals who are too large to be taken in the cabin, or being transported without their owner, can be shipped as cargo through Delta Cargo. A pet shipped domestically via Delta Cargo cannot be booked until 14 days prior to departure, pets are not guaranteed to be shipped on a customer’s same flight or flight schedule, and shipping a pet requires dropping it off at a Delta Cargo location at least three hours before departure. You can find out any additional information by calling Delta Airlines Customer Service Team at 1-800-352-2746.

Carrier Guidelines

For pets traveling in the cabin, maximum carry-on kennel dimensions are determined by your flight. You must contact Delta Reservations to determine the appropriate kennel size. They can be either hard or soft-sided and must be escape-proof. Your pet must remain inside the carrier while in the airport boarding area, during boarding, as well as throughout the duration of each flight. For pets traveling with Delta Cargo, carriers can have any of the following dimensions (as long as pets fit comfortably inside): 27" x 20" x 19" (68 cm x 50 cm x 48 cm); 32" x 22" x 23" (81 cm x 55 cm x 58 cm); 36" x 24" x 26" (91 cm x 61 cm x 66 cm); 40" x 27" x 30" (101 cm x 68 cm x 76 cm); and 48" x 32" x 35" (122 cm x 81 cm x 89 cm). Kennels must be rigid with a solid top, have proper ventilation on at least 3 sides domestically or 4 on international flights, have a solid door, and nuts and bolts securing loose parts. The kennel should be large enough for animals to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. You also need to include food and water dishes clipped securely inside and absorbent material on the bottom.

Other Restrictions

Effective January 11, Delta will no longer accept emotional support animal bookings on any flight. Additionally, Delta no longer accepts snub-nosed dogs, including American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Brussels Griffin, Bulldog, Chinese Pug, Chow Chow, Dutch Pug, English Bulldog, English Toy Spaniel, French Bulldog, Lhasa Apso, Japanese Boxer, Japanese Pug, Japanese Spaniel (Chin), Mastiff (all breeds), Pekinese, Pit Bull, Pug, Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tibetan Spaniel; and cats, such as Burmese, Exotic, Himalayan, and Persian.


BringFido Guest Rating

Delta Airlines has received a rating of 2.3 out of 5 bones by 111 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Natalia
    Mar. 12, 2019
    Unprofessional job

    I booked my fly with DElta cargo and I was late for 10 minutes. The fly was at 1:10, They want me to came at 10:40, I came at 10:50. The person who work with me take a cat to the warehouse and start doing paperwork, then he say he can't book us, we are late. He give me cat back and we residual fly for the next day. but it's ok.

    The next day when we came on time, same guy was on lunch, and another person told me this cage is not good for flying with Delta, I was shocked, because yesterday it was good and today its not good. I ask him if he can book ut for the fly, and I can go buy another cage, I just not want to be late again, he say no. I was cry and I called to customer service but nothing they can do. I have to wait when the manager ( same guy from Yesterday) will came back from his lunch to talk to him. When he came, he take the cage , he say we gonna put screw on it, but we was late for this direct fly. and the cat instead on 5 hours have to fly 11. I feel so bed for this pure kitten, but I can't came back another day again.

    I using the same cages all the time, its work perfect for Lufthansa, Turkish airlines, KLM, American Airlines, but it's not good for DELTA, how its possible????

    Very disappointed, its so stressful day for me and I'll never work with them again and newer recommend them to anybody.

  • Daniel
    Sep. 10, 2018
    Delta Airlines Customer Service

    I prefer the Delta Airlines to anyone who wants to fly in the air. I travel last week when I planned to travel from New York to Los Angeles. I used the Delta Airlines Customer Service Phone Number +1-855-396-2377 to book the Delta Airlines Tickets and I got the professionals and satisfied services from the customer service team. I suggest to all if anyone planned to travel in the air check in the Delta Airlines Flights and make your journey memorable. To get the more information about Delta Airlines to visit the website.

  • Caroline
    Jun. 11, 2018

    After reading lots of negative reviews, I thought i might share the great experience I had this weekend travelling with my bojack terrier 18lbs. I purchased the Sherpa Delta medium bag and had all the medical records ready when checking in. The agent had a quick look at the paperwork and did not even check on my dog.

    The aircraft from Memphis to ATL was an MD88 and from ATL to BRU 767-300 (eco comfort seat) we were even allowed to pre-board as i had my dog. Again, nobody on the plane even paid attention to my dog. The bag fitted perfectly under the seats ( window seat) and we had a great trip. My dog slept through even during the landing. I hope this will motivate some of you to travel with your pet on Delta, you always need to call them before and they will check the aircraft to see if yes or no the carrier fits.

    I will report my next experience to you once i fly back from BRU to MEM.

  • Mike
    More than a year ago
    Ridiculously expensive

    Wanted to take my large dog (80 lbs) across the country BOS LAX. Our airfare round trip was going to be 600 for us both. Fee for dog to go in kennel in cargo $859 one way! Have flown AF from east coast US to Paris twice with same dog, $200 each way! Seriously, you people at Delta just don't care!

  • Sonja
    More than a year ago
    Papillon in Cabin

    I flew my papillon in cabin from RDU to BOS and back last summer, and in RDU they were great with her, but BOS was kind of weird. She's a fairly big papillon, 11 lbs and 11 inches at the shoulder, but she's got a SleepyPod Air that can shorten as needed or be extended for more comfort in the terminal. At RDU she got checked in at the counter and they loved her, and also the special services line is super quick compared to the endless bag drop lines. We went past the bomb sniffing dogs and through security no problem. The plane was half empty so other than stowing her under the seat for takeoff she was in the empty seat next to me for the whole flight. And she's a very very relaxed sort of dog, so she didn't make a peep for her entire flight. Now flying home from BOS, the check in lady was concerned she was too big for the carrier (because she's a very fluffy papillon and her fluff was everywhere) but when I told her that she was fine and the vet had approved the carrier she was okay with it. I feel like there should be some sort of way to get a vet-approved-to-fly-in-this-kennel certificate so I don't have to explain that my dog is 60% fur by volume to the lady again. Then we were in line for security and we were halfway through the line when a TSA guy looked at the bag (it looks more like a duffel bag than a dog carrier) and asked "Is that a dog?". Then he proceeded to drag us out of line, because apparently she couldn't go past their bomb sniffing dog, and scolded the ladies supervising the beginning of the line and told them that it was a dog and they put us in a special line that went right to the ticket scanners. So skipping the line was nice, but maybe if you're flying make sure to let everyone official know that you're carrying a dog. We've already booked our tickets for Christmas with Delta!

  • Al
    More than a year ago
    Pet Cargo Staff

    We flew ourselves and our pet labrador on Delta Cargo roundtrip LAX-DTW for may years but the staff was so bad we've changed to other airlines. They're always trying to find a way to reject you for container, certificate, weather, etc. even though you are within the guidelines (and have shipped with them before.) Apparently their rule is to let the desk have wide latitude despite the written rules. They even tried to reject us on the return trip for improper water container or something when it was the thing Delta Cargo in LA had insisted on. They also used the suspicion of us being breeders as a way to delay and almost miss the plane. In Detroit, the staff went into their glass office to "inspect the paperwork". My kids were crying because Delta initially said they wouldn't take the dog. They were literally filing their nails, looking and laughing at us from in there. So not just slow and incompetent, as they are here in LA, but actually mean.

  • Brenna
    More than a year ago
    Great Experience with Delta

    After reading a lot of these reviews I was nervous about flying from Raleigh/Durham to Seattle with my cat on Delta, but I had a great experience from start to finish. It was easy to make my reservation for my cat by calling Delta, and they told me the exact specifications of the underseat area on the plane I was flying on. This allowed me to buy a cat carrier that I was sure would fit. I arrived at the airport an hour and a half before my flight, but happened to arrive at an extremely busy time with gigantic lines. I went straight to the special services line and they were able to check me and my cat in quickly and easily. I was dreading going through security with my skittish cat, but it all went very smoothly. The cat carrier I bought was a small Original Delux model from Sherpa, and it fit perfectly under the seat in front of me on the airplane. This was my first experience flying with a pet, but Delta made it all very easy.

  • Amy
    More than a year ago
    Great for shipping dogs!

    I work with rescues in Atlanta and Seattle to ship puppies and their moms from rescues in Atlanta to Seattle where they are adopted into loving homes. I have literally shipped hundreds of dogs through Delta's pet shipping program and they have all arrived safely with no problem! I even had a pilot text me once to say that he had seen my pups loaded and they were doing great! I was super impressed that he took the time to do that. They also called me once when the pups needed to be put on a later flight and explained that they were being cared for and were doing fine. Delta always treats my pups with great care and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to ship their pets.

  • Rowena
    More than a year ago
    Great with Emotional Support Pets!

    We recently traveled to Miami with our ESA on Delta Airlines. The staff was friendly and did not give us any problems. Real easy process and they had us sit in the front of the plane so that our dog had enough room to sit with us. The documentation that Delta needs is pretty simple too. We had to get an ESA letter from a therapist and mine wasn't interested in writing a letter for us since she wasn't really sure what an ESA was. We did a ton of research and used ESA Doctors to get our emotional support animal documents. The airline was easy to deal with since we were able to send them a digital letter via email. I would recommend flying with your ESA on Delta. Thanks!

  • Donna
    More than a year ago
    Won't do this again

    We recently moved across the country and didn't want to subject our cat to 8 days on the road, especially as he could be boarded in a familiar place and they were happy to put him on a plane for us.

    The people on the phone at Delta Cargo were really great...accommodating and helpful. The problems came when I went to pick him up. First, his flights were delayed by two hours, then four hours. Okay, not great, but I was following his progress via Flighttracker and at least I knew about it.

    The real problem came when I went to pick him up at Seatte Tacoma airport. There I was told that he had "been taken off that flight for some reason" but they couldn't say why, and he was going to be another flight two hours later. Basically their attitude was a big shrug, snottiness, and no information. I then called the national cargo people, who couldn't tell me anything either. I was really upset because he's an older cat and was terrified that he had had a health episode or some other reason.

    I wasn't the only pet owner whose pets experienced the exact same thing...there were six of us in that cargo facility waiting for our pets and getting zero help or reassurance. When he did finally arrive, he was wet with with urine and very hungry and thirsty.

    I thought it was the best of the bad choices but if I had to do it again, I woudn't.

  • Missy
    More than a year ago
    No Problems

    The breeder I bought my puppy from shipped her from Minneapolis to Tampa. I was nervous about having her shipped especially after reading all the reviews on here. My puppy arrived safe and sound and with no issues. Her flight was delayed but that was due to the weather and not the airlines fault. I had a good experience and would use this service again.

  • DOUG
    More than a year ago

    Even though there are many people who do try and take care of the animals and they do have some good services, their corporate department and terminal inefficiencies make it an absolute gamble whether your flight will be successful. If it isn’t they just write “missed cut off time” on the paperwork so you have no recourse. Summary of below is that we drove 600 total miles over a period of 2 weeks and spent almost 12 hours at various airports trying to get one hunting dog flown from Texas to Michigan.

    Our hunting dog was scheduled to ship Delta Pet Cargo out of Houston Bush at 8:30am. We were instructed by Delta corporate to arrive by 6:00 for departure. We arrived at 5:45am and by the time the lady at the desk got around to doing our paperwork it was 6:20 am. She then informed us that we had missed a 6:15am cutoff because WE were late and there was nothing she could do about it. I explained that it was a 500 mile round trip drive and she said next flight we should be on time.

    We had to wait another week and schedule at a different airport due to flight and weather restrictions. That flight had a scheduled departure of 12:35pm and we arrived at the airport at 8:45am, 3 ½ hours before flight. Delta corporate told us to check in at the counter. When we arrived the airport explained that they couldn’t do that and we had to go to different airport. Then they called a supervisor who said it was fine but we had to wait an hour. At 10:00 we went back to the counter and they said we had to go to baggage claim and they walked us down to the other end of the airport. We sat for 1 ½ hours waiting. Finally we tracked down a baggage handler who called someone. They forgot we were even there. When they arrived they didn’t know how to do the paperwork. Even though the airlines was totally to blame for the late paperwork and processing they got approval for the dog to fly, but when we tried to pay Delta corporate department would not accept payment because of liability for us being late.

    2 hours later they got the dog booked on the next flight which was supposed to leave at 3:30pm and arrive at Atlanta around 5:30 where a kenneling service was waiting to take him overnight before his connecting flight. This service costs an additional $100 which we were billed for in advance.

    We were informed 7 hours later that the flight had not left the ground due to mechanical issues. We called corporate who informed us that he would be placed on an earlier flight to arrive sooner. This was never done. They maintained the original flight which was further delayed and did not arrive in Atlanta until 3:30 am the following morning. We were then informed that kennel services could not be used because it was too late. When we asked for a refund we were informed that it was not their fault we were LATE for our original flight and they don’t refund for mechanical delays.

    In summary, we drove over 600 miles making multiple trips. Both times Delta made errors with their check in process and documented us, the customer, for being late. Based on their policy no refund is available.

  • Agnes
    More than a year ago
    Flying with my Emotional Support Dog

    I was quite worried that I would not be able to travel with my emotional support animal since it was my first time flying with Milo on Delta Airlines. I called the customer service line and let the attendant know that I would be traveling with my companion dog. The young lady on the line asked me to send my esa letter and sent me a link to the Delta airlines emotional support animal verification document. got a doctor for me to sign the documents for me, but I had to pay an additonal $50 for the Delta paperwork. I wish they didn't have this extra step and have an esa policy like Southwest airlines. The stewardesses were very accomodating and quite lovely to Milo and myself. I will give Delta airlines 5 Bones, but I wish it were easier. Overall a positive experience with this airline. *Changed my review from 4 to 5 stars based on our experience.

  • Agnes
    More than a year ago
    Great with our Emotional Support Dog

    I was quite worried that I would not be able to travel with my emotional support animal since it was my first time flying with Milo on Delta Airlines. I called the customer service line and let the attendant know that I would be traveling with my companion dog. The young lady on the line asked me to send my esa letter and sent me a link to the Delta airlines emotional support animal verification document. got a doctor for me to sign the documents for me, but I had to pay an additonal $50 for the Delta paperwork. I wish they didn't have this extra step and have an esa policy like Southwest airlines. The stewardesses were very accomodating and quite lovely to Milo and myself. I would have given Delta airlines 5 Bones if they were easier, but overall a positive experience with this airline.

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Over and Above

    Delta Cargo have our hearts! They took such amazing care of us and our two boxers as we were moving to Ecuador. Our dogs arrived safe and happy. The trip was not without glitches... They switched the aircraft 2 hours befor we left for the airport, which meant out giant crates could not be accommodated. Delta Cargoe rerouted our dogs and we have now been living life together as a family in Ecuador for six months. Thank you Delta Cargo for your care and concern. And thank you for not only learning our dogs names but also their nickname,Es so our dogs felt loved.

  • Ryley
    More than a year ago
    Shocked at negative reviews

    I had no problems with Delta shipping my 5lbs chihuahua. She flew from WA to MS to CT the flight was about 8 hours total she arrived in perfect condition very terrified yes, but in good health. I personally wouldn't ship any baby animals until they are at least 5-6 months old. I also wouldn't recommend shipping cats either as they are much more timid than dogs and tend to get more stressed out. I also made sure that every city was in the mid 60 low 70 degrees to ensure a comfortable temperature which is crucial in the cargo hold. Calling the airlines to make sure your pet is in route and on the plane is also very important and prevents any mistakes.

  • Kelly
    More than a year ago
    Deceptive dishonest and unkind

    They treat your pet like a sack of potatoes. I had to fly our labradoodle puppy from Nashville to Las vegas and booked a nearly 400 ticket for the special Dash service--yeah real special. The cargo handlers are rude, unkind and unwilling to offer any help info or guidance about the entire process to someone who has never flown a pet before. The tell you they are going to put food in the dish but food remained taped to top of crate for the entire 8 hour journey. They say they will refill water but it was BONE DRY on arrival. They actually drill holes in the crate door that allow them to use heavy duty plastic zip ties to force the door into permanent closure until removed. The puppy had a 2 hour layover in Atlanta and the persons on phone when I called to check if he made the connection ok were dismissive callous and argumentative. But nothing prepared me for the freak show on the receiving end in Vegas. The "supervisor: at the cargo desk had her hood pulled up over her face and could barely manage to say one word when I go there--she said the plane just anded and the dog would be there in 20 minutes. And proceeded to sit at desk eating

    and texting until the second employee waltzed in with her to go cup--this person was even more surly overweight and rude (Imagine John Candy doing a skit as a overweight lesbian delta cargo worker) and proceeded to enquire of the other brain trust--"Is today the 7th?" keep in mind it is 330 in the afternoon!!!!!! Finally I see a luggage cart pull up at the back the warehouse (had a glass window so I could see everything going on in there) and I can see a little head through the curtain so I know he's there--the driver managed to get him off ten minutes later, swinging the crate as he walked like a sack of potatoes-dumps him down on ground and removed the damn ziptie restraints (guess they don't want you to know about that little feature) and comes into the office with the other 2 ladies mentioned. He grunts a few words and the hooded genius says "sign this" then she says "root to left" so I have to go outside to door 2 feet to left to get dog. Then the charming driver stands next to his cage wordless. Finally I say CAN I TAKE HIM NOW?????

    Helps like yeah. Never Never ever would I fly a human or animal on this heartless rude insensitive airline. The pet is restrained in the crate, not fed or watered, treated like a sack of potatoes and the false promise of a "specially trained pet handler' and that they will be first on and off the plane transported in comfy air conditioned van is just an outright falsehood. Delta you are a disgrace!!!!!

  • Robin
    More than a year ago

    After numerous phone calls and conversations with various airlines, my daughter booked her dog, a blue heeler (Australian cattle dog), on Delta. She was assured that the dog would be treated well - just like a family member. This was the most direct flight from Palm Beach International airport to Honolulu, Hawaii. The flight on Delta the entire way was Palm Beach,FL, Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA and Honolulu. The entire flight was to take approximately 12 hours. We were tracking the dog as per the tracking number given to us at the Delta cargo area. This site is very misleading regarding the location of your "package". We called Delta cargo numerous times through out the ordeal. We were assured the dog was fine and traveling well. We again called as the dog was approaching LA. We were then informed hours later that the dog was not placed on the initial flight - even though the dog was there in time for the flight. Needless to say, the dog missed all the connecting flights. There would be a 12 hour lay over waiting for the next flight. We were assured that the dog would be in an off-site kennel in LA where the dog could run and play,eat and drink, and poop and pee. Wrong. This dog could hold her pee and poop for 12 hours or more. She finally arrived in Honolulu in the afternoon (36 hours later) with her kennel full of pee and poop. She was very thirsty and hungry even though food was supplied.VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE CARE FOR AN ANIMAL THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE TREATED LIKE A FAMILY MEMBER. AND - THE CARGO PRICE WAS EQUAL TO THAT OF A PASSENGER ON THE PLANE. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE SERVICE AND VERY APPREHENSIVE ABOUT EVER USING AGAIN.

  • Susan
    More than a year ago
    My Girl DIED

    First of all- Stopped into the main counter at ROC to find out where to drop her off. They told me I could do it there. It takes me 10 minutes to get car parked, get my girl and her crate back to the counter. I wait there for 10 minutes in the queue, and then another rep tells me, no, you have to take her to cargo. Cargo at ROC is NOT easily found and NOT labelled. I get there and now I'm no longer in the 2 hour window. SORRY, can't ship your girl. They rebook her through ATL which means an overnight in a kennel. Not ideal- but I need to get her to OR to be with me. I get a call 7am on Friday, Jan 8th at about 7:30am- She died at ATL. So no- I would NOT recommend Delta. The saddest day-week-month I have had in many, many years.

  • Susan
    More than a year ago
    Expensive lesson flying 1st time with service dog

    Sept 2015 It is very unlikely I'll ever use Delta again after my last two experiences with them. I paid for upgraded seats with more legroom on 4 flights so my 60# service dog and I would both fit. I also called Delta immediately after purchasing my seat to notify them I would be flying with a service dog and sporting equipment. The agent said she noted it in the system. I also stopped by my local airport (with my service dog) to find out if I had done everything I needed and to check on some of the confusing policies. Fortunately, I arrived early at the airport because there was no record of a service dog or sporting equipment. It was added and I got my boarding passes. None of the people I talked to mentioned the aisle seats I had chosen would be an issue. On the first leg, I was told I had to be removed from my upgraded seat and put in the back corner of the plane, that there was no time to grab my purse or his treats and toy. The attendant assured me she would bring me my purse and other bag as soon as we took off. There was no ventilation where she put us and all I could smell were jet fuel fumes. Although not my disability, my asthma and anxiety kicked into high gear and we were both extremely uncomfortable with the heat. I never got my purse with medications and couldn't get past the service cart, nor could I get a refund. It was humiliating and terrifying all at the same time. During the layover in Atlanta, I tried to talk to customer service to make sure it wouldn't happen on the next flight, but kept being told to go somewhere else. The other flights were not nearly as bad as this one, but there was no attempt at human decency, much less accommodation. I'm just hoping the flight I have booked on another airline later this month is better.

  • Tim
    More than a year ago
    Delta Most PET UNFRIENDLY Airline

    My last flights, going and coming have proven to me that Delta Airlines isbthe most PET UNFRIENDLY AIRLINE. Not only on the plane, but at the airport in every phase and I was terrified to see them refusing to let animals fly, leaving pet owners stranded in foreign countries, even though they had all the proper papers. These folks were going through a nightmare.

  • Absolutely Not
    More than a year ago
    The Most Terrifying Experience of My Life

    First of all: NO BONES!!!!!!

    We relocated from Michigan to the US Virgin Islands with our 50lb Black Lab/Great Dane. Our dog is extremely tough; having hunted/fished, etc... We didn't even fly from Michigan. We gave these fools the benefit of the doubt and drove all the way to Jacksonville, FL!

    I'm going to say this, and only this: If you can't carry your pet on board, SEEK ALTERNATIVE WAYS!

    The way My dog arrived in Saint Thomas from JUST JACKSONVILLE was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. She could barely walk and suffered the SIX HOURS she was away. She continued to throw up for hours post flight, and the vet suggested she was recovering from trauma from the way she was treated/handled the flight PLUS was extremely dehydrated. Not to mention the state of her $200 kennel. They apparently treat LIVE ANIMALS like LUGGAGE.

    They'll make you feel all warm and cozy at check in, but once your furry member leaves you, he or she is in extreme danger. I WATCHED HER KENNEL BE COVERED WITH LUGGAGE WHILE THEY WERE LOADING THE PLANE WITH NO AIR ABLE TO GET INTO THE KENNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I couldn't imagine having a pet away any longer than that, in the hands of these fools. Thank God, my husband is a pilot- we will be renting/chartering our own plane if she needs to travel again!!!

  • Heather
    More than a year ago
    WONDERFUL experience

    It's May 2015, and i just had a wonderful experience with Delta. Booking over the phone was very easy (can book up to 14 days in advance). My husband is already in Georgia, where we are moving from Hawaii. We have 4 cats that we need to ship, and even though we weren't able to know the military rate at the time of booking (computers were acting up) I was still able to receive it when I shipped. My cats arrived safely, and though the flight was very scary to them, I feel that Delta really took care of them. The only thing is no one told me to take them to delta cargo, which is a different building from the actual airport. Being my first time flying animals, I didn't know. However, once the animals were checked in, I learned that their direct flight to Atlanta was delayed. The agents were working hard to rebook the flights necessary for the animals they already had, which was great for their owners. Check in took about 20 minutes, and everything went smoothly with the paperwork. I was informed they would fly in a climate-controlled room with a dim light so they weren't just thrown into the plane in the dark and cold. Very pleased with Delta.

  • I Love Dogs
    More than a year ago
    The most Traumatic Travel Experience

    I flew Delta on the 25th of January from Salt Lake City to Atlanta on flight DL147 along with my husband and our little dog. I booked this flight 3 weeks in advance and called the customer service at Delta to add my 14 lb Shih Tzu to the reservation. I wanted to take her with me in the cabin. I also requested to have the seats together and the lady who talked to me said our seats would be 32A and 32B.

    When we arrived at the airport, our seats were not next to each other. We were at the terminal early and asked the lady at the gate about the seats. She right away said she might not be able do anything about it because the flight was full. She didn't even try to look and was very unfriendly. We were a little disappointed but we thought we could switch with one of the travelers next to us. Who wouldn't trade their horrid middle seat to a window, right?

    We each sat in our own window seats waiting for the other passengers to show up and the plan was to request the first middle seat person who shows up to switch. The dog was with me in her carrier. We gave her a sedative to that she will sleep during the flight because she does not like confined spaces. We did that a week before on the flight to Salt Lake City (US Airways) and it worked out good.

    My husband called me and said the gentleman next to him is ready to switch and wanted me to come join him. I was in 32A and he was in 41F. The only reason we wanted to sit together was to keep our Shih Tzu comfortable and manageable, just in case. It was hard carrying her kennel through the crowded aisles but I made it there. It was 6 seats per row flight with 3 on either side. The guy who was occupying the aisle seat in 41 had to get up to let me go in. The moment he saw the carrier in my hand, he made a weird face and asked if it was a dog. He was very rude the way he asked. When we said yes, he made a grunting sound and he was openly not happy about it. I put the carrier under the seat in front of me and took the window seat. My husband was in the middle. While we were settling down, the guy kept making faces and rolling his eyes at us and our dog.

    There was still time for takeoff and my dog was getting antsy. The sedative was not kicking in and she started moving in the carrier. I was trying to calm her. She never barks and she never once did during the whole duration of the flight. Just making little wimping noises which were not audible even to the back seat people.

    The aisle guy was very unhappy about having the dog on the flight with him. I think he didn't know that they allow pets on flights. He called the flight attendant and pointed out the carrier. She didn't look too happy either. There were kids screaming a couple of rows ahead of us the whole time. The shrill screams made my dog very excited which made the sedative not work at all. She constantly wanted to get out of her carrier and I could see through the mesh that she was very upset. It was hard to watch and it was heart wrenching for me.

    Every time the attendant passed our row, she rolled eyes and whispered something (a lot of times didn't even try to be discreet) about us into his ear and they both kept laughing at us. I would like to think that they both knew each other from before, just to keep my trust in the humanity. When she was giving out snacks, she dumped a bunch of them on his tray table and said "you deserve these because you had to put up with the inconvenience". What inconvenience? My dog didn't even make a sound. I understand there are some people who don't like pets, but she was in a closed carrier under the seat near MY legs. At one point, he told the lady that I was upset, and she said "it's only fitting". I really don't understand what their problem was with us. I was expecting some rude passengers, but the attendant took it to a whole another level. It was like she was waiting for us to say something so that she can escalate the situation and make it worse for us. This aisle guy took up half of my husband's seat and the whole of his arm rest with most of his arm sticking out into my husbands space. He grazed all 3.5 hours we were on the plane. I would not have mentioned any of this, if he did not pull out his dental floss after every snack and flossed (YES! FLOSSED!!) his teeth right there with disgusting sounds. We had to turn our heads the other way the whole time to avoid throwing up at the sight and sounds. If not for the other stuff, I would not have mentioned this at all. I know it's close quarters in an airplane and you encounter all kinds of weird people.

    I have seen some rude behavior from the flight attendants, but this was the worst by far. I only booked delta because of all the good reviews at But I am never traveling delta again, with or without my dog. My husband travels every week for work and he decided not to travel delta either.

  • Gabrielle
    More than a year ago
    Overall Good

    Just flew my 11 lbs Pomeranian on Delta to Bermuda & had a great experience. I was very nervous about the flight, but in hindsight I worried for nothing! We had our dog in Business class in the sherpa bag. Dog was treated with respect at all times. My only criticism to delta is that the fee is too high- 200 bucks. My carry-on larger than the pet carrier & had to be checked in. Fee should be reduced to 100 for non-medallions and platinum medallions like us should have waived fees. Dog was happy & treated well, so that's what really counts & Delta exceeded my expectations in that respect.

  • Kiley
    More than a year ago
    Delta Death

    *WARNING** This post contains unfortunately tragic and potentially upsetting subject matter.

    Last month we were excited to provide a kitten to a loving family in the New England area. The family had three young children, and we had been informed that this adoption was the majority of the Christmas they were receiving. They had been waiting over 6 weeks for her to be old enough to be fully weaned and ready to travel. On December 2nd, after providing the less-than-friendly Delta staff with the proper health papers and the kitten was in a airline-approved cat carrier, complete with food and water dishes, we eagerly awaited the pics of excitement and joy that always come after our new families greet their little hairless lovelies. However, the contact that we received was the exact opposite of that.

    The mother and three children arrived to pick up their kitten to be handed a crate containing a frozen kitten in it. That's right. This kitten had clearly not once been checked on, and over a week after "the incident" Delta is still unable to give us any answers, though they claim a full investigation is being completed determine what happened. Not only was the kitten frozen and dead, but it's water had been spilled out into the crate, further proving mishandling during her transportation from Kansas City to Philadelphia. Who knows what else she was forced to endure along her flight, which included a 2 hour layover in Atlanta.

    We have shipped kittens all across the country and never had any issues, however the extent of the trauma and tragedy surrounding this one is too much not to speak out about. Aside from the trauma of losing a beautiful pet that would have been cherished by the family for years, these young children weren't even sheltered from the horror of finding their sweet girl in such a tragic state. The airline didn't appear to have knowledge of the gravity of the situation until the family was standing there, forced to discover for themselves that they had been given a dead animal. The children had to be kept home from school to recover from the shock.

    Upon further research, we have learned that this is not an uncommon happening with Delta: You can see this Gawker article detailing the situation. While the article states that less than 1/2 of 1% of transported animals are injured or harmed, over half of the ones that are, are on Delta flights (nearly four times more often than the second highest airline). We also were told of one of our dear friends, and fellow sphynx breeder, who had shipped a kitten via Delta, only to have that airline-approved crate arrived smashed and broken. Thank God her kitten did not suffer the same fate as ours, but the pure lack of responsibility by Delta employees is too much!

    Please share this story with all your animal loving friends and family. As long as this airline is able to stay out of the spotlight on this issue, they will be allowed to continue mishandling and failing to take care of beloved members of people's families.

  • Kristine
    More than a year ago
    animal abuse

    Like a lot of you I spent 2 hours on the phone with delta booking my flights,I was traveling with my 4 year old grandson and 2 small dogs,I was told I needed a certain size crate to make sure it woud be acceptable on all delta flights and if I got first class tickets there would be more then enough room,The first flight went smooth other then they messed up on seating, The second flight broke loose, we boarded the plane and my pet carriers would not fit under the seat they did sit up against the seat and out of the way for are legs,the flight attendant said the cage had to go under the seat I told her they didn't fit,the seat was 9 inches off the floor the cages were 11 inches high,it took 3 people to push the cage under the seat they smashed it together and pushed it down causing the bells on the dogs harness to get snagged on the top of the carrier, so my dog couldn't even lay down for 3 hours!I asked 3 times to be let out of the plane I told them I would give up my tickets just let me off and I was told to sit down,keep in mind the plane was still loading zone 2 I could have gotten off,I had to sit and watch then smash the cage under the seat my dog yelped,when we landed I tried removing my dogs cage and it was stuck under the seat other passengers tried helping me the flight attendant was pushing as I was pulling again my dog cried out some passengers were freaking out saying they would never fly with delta with a pet again I was told to take my seat until ALL the passengers had left the plane I was upset and I said I wasn't moving until they got my dog well the captain came out and said if I did not take a seat he would have me arrested so now my grandson is freaking out thinking I am going to jail I reached down under the seat and pulled with all my might and the dog cage came lose and that point I grabbed both dogs and my grandson and tried leaving the plane again the captain said I was going to be put under arrest so I told them I was going to press charges on them for not only following there own pet policy but for kidnapping as well and traumatizing my grandson,they let me go and I called delta I wanted my money back and I was told they cant do that but they would refund the fee for the dogs to fly.,not good enough I will be getting a lawyer when a person is being held against there will that is kid napping I also called peta and filed a complaint, delta should know the size of the seats before allowing people to buy tickets they don't care about your pets!

  • Katie
    More than a year ago
    No problems

    I flew 1 way from NYC to Boise, ID, with a stopover in Salt Lake City. The Delta employees barely noticed that I had a dog with me. After paying the fee at the check in counter, I received a tag for my large Sturdibag carrier. After that, nobody cared about my dog. Nobody inspected the carrier, nobody even told me to put him under the seat on the plane. My dog was very nervous to be under the seat in front of me, so I held the carrier on my lap for the entire flight, take off, and landing. It's definitely against the rules to have the carrier out like that for take off and landing, but since nobody said anything to me I didn't bother putting my dog through the stress of going under the seat. That being said, I did eyeball it and I'm sure the large sturdibag would fit fine under the seat due to the squishy top.

    If you're nervous about the process, just act like you've done this a million times and no one will question you! I'd also recommend a window seat if you're not sure your dog will be sleeping for the flight - mine got a little noisy and the only way I was able to calm him down was sneaking my hand into the carrier. Not sure I could have gotten away with that in the aisle seat!

  • Jamie
    More than a year ago
    I will drive anywhere before ever putting my dog through Delta "customer service" again!

    I flew from Pittsburgh to Minnesota, with a quick layover in Atlanta. I brought my yorkie with me so she could visit my parents. Prior to flying, I looked up to make sure each airport we would be in had pet relief areas, which each website claimed they did. The Pittsburgh airport was fantastic with helping my dog and I through the airport to the pet relief area (so she could run around before having to be stuck under the seat). Then we arrived in Atlanta, where the airport website claimed they had 3 pet relief areas. Since I was limited on time, I asked the Delta employees at the ticket counter where I could find one of these areas, and to my surprise, they said they didn't have pet relief areas. I was unable to find them on my own, and we had to board the plane before one could be located. Then the plane we were on ended up being delayed about 3 hours due to electrical problems. I asked a flight attendant about taking my dog to the pet relief area, and she set me up with a Delta customer service representative, Ghana. Ghana proceeded to tell me that pet relief areas are only for service dogs and that I was unable to access the areas. I proceeded to show her the Atlanta airport website where that specification is not listed (and actually shows a picture of a yorkie at the area!). I asked her what my options were to allow my dog to go to the bathroom, and she told me it wasn't her problem my dog couldn't handle flying (we had an additional unforeseen 3 hour delay because of DELTA'S plane, remember!) and that I shouldn't be flying with my dog. When I called customer service to find out about the pet relief areas at the Atlanta airport, they informed me that personal pets ARE allowed to use them, and Ghana's information was not correct. I personally will never fly Delta again, and I will absolutely never pay for my dog to fly Delta to be treated like that. Such long, traumatic experience for both of us.

  • Jane
    More than a year ago
    2 for 1

    I carry my 2 tiny toy poodles in one carrier that stows under the seat. They sleep through every flight. The airPORT is the tough part. Delta is the only airline I know that will allow 2 for 1 price.

  • Darcie
    More than a year ago
    Pet travel

    I have traveled with my dog as both checked luggage & most recently Delta Dash. Cargo is quite a bit more expensive than traveling as checked baggage for bigger pups like mine, but due to the summer temps this was my only option. I have been more than satisfied with both services, & their customer service has been incredible every time. I don't like flying my dog across the country, but if I have to do it again, I'll be using Delta.

  • Ashley
    More than a year ago
    Never Again

    I flew both my cat and dog from Hawaii to NY. They left Sunday and arrived in NY on Monday night. Their flight was changed without any notification or approval by my husband and I. They were in their kennels for 28 hours. Neither pet was allowed to leave their kennel. Both had soaked their blankets in urine and one was covered in feces. Granted the people at the facility in NY were very nice about it, apologizing like crazy. That doesn't make up for the fact that no one notified us of changes in their flights, and though we had attached bags of food, they were not given any of it. I will NEVER use Delta's pet first flight program again. Ever. This is just my experience.

  • Heather
    More than a year ago

    I have nothing but horrible things to say about flying Delta with pets!! When we came back to the states from being stationed overseas my dogs's water bottle fell in his kennel and emptied out and the puppy pads and his kennel cushion soaked up all the water so he ended up going 11 hours without water. When they let me see him once we got to the states they were refusing to let me get him some water and I had to start yelling and cussing and threatening lawsuit if my dog died before they went and got him water but they were extremely rude about it. Ever since then I get anxiety just THINKING about putting another pet on a plane.

  • Theresa Lattimore
    More than a year ago
    Rude service

    I have 2 little dogs and have flown with them on Delta for years, they fit under the seat and are no problem- the problem is the rude attendents, to the point I rather rent a car and drive 2000 miles then have to deal with them- delta is just down right mean when it comes to traveling with dogs!

  • ET
    More than a year ago

    Worst ever, flew from Puerto Vallarta to Sacramento Nov 2013, my new dog Chihuahua ways in at l lb, 8 oz, purse size, Delta charged $200. to Sacramento, that was more then I paid for one way ticket. I say Boycott Delta..if you have alternatives....

  • Jessica
    More than a year ago
    Very Stressful

    I was having a puppy shipped from a breeder in Missouri set to arrive at Bradley in Hartford. The breeder was also shipping her brother to Florida. I arrived at the scheduled time, excited to meet her, and when they brought her was not her, it was her brother. They mixed up the puppies. Even though the crate was stickered all over with an address in Florida, the airway bill paper was the wrong one. The guy at the cargo place in Hartford was very helpful, but I still couldn't believe that this happened. The boy puppy made it back down to Miami, and my girl was still there and wasn't able to make it on a flight back up for that night. I was told she was going to a boarding kennel, and then I got word from the breeder that she was staying with 'someone' overnight and he was going to feed and water and walk her, and then she would fly in the next day. The next day's flight had a four hour layover in Atlanta, which could not be changed. She finally made it to me, and she was okay, but her crate was totally soaked with the same paper the breeder sent her with (it wasn't changed? :( ) and the food taped to her crate was still totally full. I'm really going to have to reconsider shipping pets this way in the future, and am very disappointed with this experience.

  • Bernadette
    More than a year ago
    Portland to Los Angeles

    Just coming here from CT is was $400 to bring my dog to Portland. Wanted to bring my dog to Los Angeles with me and they quoted me $522. Asked them why is was so high and explained to them that we just got here from the east coast and took Delta 2 months ago. They couldnt explain why. Just bad customer service and the lady was eating something while she was talking to me.

  • Emily
    More than a year ago
    Worst Flight Ever

    I was flying with my cat to vjsit my family for the first time in a year and a half. My mother was given the measurements for stashing my dear cat under the seat in front of me on the plane. I get her a transport bag smaller than the official measurements and board the plane 2 weeks later. I am PO'ed to find I could barely squish the bag between the seats to put it underneath in the first place and then the guy in front of me leaned his chair back and my poor cat was squished flat as a pancake in the bag. I felt so terrible I pulled the bag out from under the chair and spent a 9.5hr flight with the bag on my lap. It hurt my legs. A stewardess came by and told me I need to put jer under the seat again and I told her I can't. The bag seemed to be too small for their official measurements still and she ssid I must have didnhad the wrong ones although I inisisted I

  • Kathy
    More than a year ago
    Bird shipment

    I shipped 4 birds on Delta Cargo from Honolulu to Ontario CA. The shipment took 24 hours. The booking was from Honolulu to LAX to Salt Lake to Ontario. Two hrs. or more was allocated between flights. LAX held up the shipment to Salt Lake. Delta refuses to give out the LAX phone number so I am unable to find out why the shipment was held up. The information that I have is from Salt Lake but they do not know why the birds were not on the scheduled flight. Delta's customer service shows the birds were on the scheduled flights so obviously no one knows at Delta what takes place.

    DO NOT SHIP animals on Delta. What is it going to take for airlines to clean up their act with animal shipments? I cancelled my flight later this year on Delta from Honolulu to Atlanta GA. in protest but knowing that Delta could care less. How do these people sleep nights? Delta employees and supervisors must not have pets!

  • Angela Richardson
    More than a year ago

    I flew from HNL/SFO/MSP/STL with my son's Pomeranian. I left HNL at 10:25 pm 6/27/13 and arrived in STL 6/28/13 about 4pm. I called Delta to find out the size carrier I would need to fly with her in the cabin. The carrier did not fit under the seat on the flight fron HNL to SFO and she was uncomfortable but, did alright for the 4 and one half hour flight. She was okay on the flight from SFO to MSP. When we got to MSP people wanted to talk to her and I had a towel over the carrier but, she was tired and it was getting her agitated. When I got on the 53 minute flight to STL she started to bark. I was told the flight was full and I was seated in a middle seat. The passenger next to me complained so they were going to make us get off the flight. We had been flying 13 hours. I had a shuttle booked to pick us up in STL for a 90 min ride to my destination. I could not miss the flight. The flight attendants were rude and moved us to the back row. That was great because there were no passengers in the back two rows. But, they were rude about it and humiliated me when they did it. The flight attendants did not care what we had gone through and had no customer service. They were gossiping and socializing the whole flight. Worst experience I have ever had with Delta!!!!!

  • Silvia
    More than a year ago

    I travel very often on Delta International flight to Venice/Italy. I have never had problems and my dog always traveled very well. It is true it is little bit expensive and I don't know if Delta provides oxygen masks for our animals just in case!

  • Whittney
    More than a year ago
    Fly in cabin with two dogs

    I've flown in cabin with two dogs on Delta multiple times from San Antonio to Bristol, TN. I train my dogs and get them used to the carrier before hand. I also bring a bigger and smaller kennel the day I fly out just to make sure my bases are covered. Customer service for delta when you call is horrible, but in person in both San Antonio and Tennessee, customer service is great and they're very helpful.

  • Donna
    More than a year ago
    Hamster flying... or not?

    I kind of want to write 2 reviews - one for '4 stars', and one for 'zero' stars.

    We phoned Delta twice, and even went to the airport and talked to a person at the Delta-Alaska desk, to make sure we could bring our hamster up to Alaska (where we go for summer work). We were told by all these people that she could come as carry-on, provided we pay the fee and had the right sized container to fit under the chair.

    We made sure about this, calling back to get the exact dimensions. Everyone we talked to was aware that the pet would be a hamster, that we were flying with her in cabin, and that we were going to Alaska (two flights - Austin to Minneapolis, then on to Anchorage).

    Well, the day arrived and we turn up at the airport with our perfectly-sized carrier, our hamster, and our luggage. The people at the desk were curious to see a hamster, but very polite. They started the check-in process... and came up with a "Sorry, your pet will not be allowed to board." I burst into tears - completely shocked that despite our numerous phone calls we were being told differently. I told them that if I had known she couldn't come, I would have made other arrangement in advance rather than just coming to the airport!

    The people at the check-in desk were very sorry to hear that we had been given different information, but when they looked up our two flights, they could see she would not be permitted on one of them. My husband was saying that he'll sue the airline for this... I was just trying to keep the fuss down, crying the whole time, and saying "It's not their [people at the desk] fault that we were told wrong information 3 times..."

    When I asked specifically why our hammy couldn't board, I was told that our "Delta Mainline" flight didn't have a problem with taking her - but that the "Delta Carrier" flight did... Which then made us upset, because nobody we'd talked to - even though they were looking up our tickets and flight information - had picked up that somehow our two "Delta" flights were actually not both Delta (although the planes were clearly marked 'Delta'). Because of this, our hamster was not allowed to board and we had to make other arrangements for her.

    One of the supervisors at the desk had been listening and took pity on us, and he said he would call the other carrier to see if they could make an allowance for us. The ladies called me back over and explained that he was calling, but not to get my hopes up.

    In the meantime, we prepared for the worst and called a friend, to see if she could look after our hamster for 5 months. She said yes, but didn't have any way to get down to the airport and pick her up. There was no way we were going to leave our pet at the airport, or abandon her!

    We called another friend, who very kindly came down to the airport to pick our hamster up. I had to pull all her 'luggage' out of my suitcase and put it in his car, and she was on the front seat strapped in with me waving goodbye when the supervisor ran outside to tell us to wait.

    He had been on the phone for probably an hour, going back and forth with this 'Delta Carrier' group. After 5 minutes - and a lot of praying I might add - he came and told us that they would make an exception for us, as long as the lid of her container was zip-tied down.

    We were so happy, our little hamster could come after all! It was extremely stressful, and if it weren't for that kind man and the kind ladies at the desk - who had to refuse me, but then went out of their way trying to make it happen - we would have needed to leave our hamster behind.

    Despite my constant worrying, our hamster was fine on the flights, I had her water-bottle rigged up with velcro in the plastic tub. She hid under her box the whole time and we were very relieved to see her pop her head out during the flight. She stayed under our seat for lift off and landing (although I leaned down and picked her container up off the floor so it wasn't too bumpy), and I kept the container on my lap most of the way (the floor was quite cold).

    The other side of this story:

    We are now trying to deal with Delta to make sure we can take our little hamster back this August, the same way we came - using the zip-ties to comply. So far, no luck. The people at Delta are being extremely uncooperative, stating that this was a 'one-time' exception made for us. It seems very unfair to bring a pet, but then be told we can't take it back. With the zip-ties in place, there is no way our hamster could have gotten out - she's a tiny Robo hamster. They say that there is a danger rodents could get out and chew on wiring somewhere... well, if they allow them as 'checked' baggage underneath, surely that is still a danger? I don't want to check my hamster in the cargo because she is too small - like, 2 inches long. I don't want her in a place surrounded by dogs barking and cats, even if they're all caged; it would shock her too much.

    Delta Airlines really needs to have a clear policy regarding this type of pet - how could 4 different sets of people tell us differing information? Surely if the container is 'zip-tied' in place and checked by the cabin crew from time to time, to make sure it's still zip-tied, that should be sufficient 'safety' for the other passengers...

  • Melissa
    More than a year ago
    Wrong info

    My husband and I always fly DELTA because we live in Atlanta and they have a direct flight to Brazil, where my family is. I have a medical procedure that needs to be done, and because it is a very sensitive matter, I decided to do it in Brazil, to have my family support. We need to be gone for about 40 days, and we decided to take our dog. First I go on the website and read every single information they had about flying your pet. Then I called Delta before booking the flight to Brazil, and asked if I could take my dog in that specific flight. The answer was YES. I booked the flight and called back to reserve a spot in the cabin. I was told if she did not fit on the carry on bag, I would have to send her as checked baggage. So I buy the pet carrier with the specifications DELTA gave me (which is only fit for a 8 pound dog by the way), and my dog was a little too big for it. So I was talking to a friend about having to send my pet as checked baggage to Brazil and learned that I could not do it because some types of planes (like the 767 that flies to Brazil) will not take dogs. One more time I called DELTA and the person tells me I can check my dog. I insisted that someone told me I could't, and I didn't want to have any bad surprises on the day of my trip, and after 20 minutes, he tells me " oh, yes, you cannot take your dog to Brazil in that plane, if the dog does not fit in the bag to go in the cabin, she can't go at all". I asked if they would refund my tickets, since I was told, before I booked my flight that I could take my dog, and now I could't, he transfered me to a supervisor which was really nasty and rude, telling me that they will not refund my ticket, and either I fly alone, or don't fly at all.

    I have no words. They made me feel like I was wrong. Even though I called 3 times, and was told, by 3 different people, that I could check my dog as baggage in that flight.

    They are wrong, they've made the mistake, but now I am left with a problem to resolve.

    While I was reading all this posts, I saw that several people have been given the wrong information by DELTA. Just because they YELL at us, it does not make them right. And the reason why they yell is simple: they know they've made a mistake.

  • Jean
    More than a year ago
    Airline Workers

    I took my cat with me on a flight to CA.I had to Pay $250 RT,' which is way to much.,and then was not allowed a carry on. Was told the cat was my carry on! The worse thing though was when going through check in line they told me I had to take the cat out of the carrier so they could run it through the scanner. They had not mentioned that earlier. I said"He is terriified and wiil probably run away", she replied "that happens, somtimes they run right out the door, And we had one that clawed the owner so bad we had to call an ambulance".So much for caring about their customers, Human or animal!

  • Elizabeth
    More than a year ago
    Dumb Delta

    I was told that I couldn't fly a pet anywhere!!! Delta employees are the rudest most stupid people on this earth. After reading these reviews I'm so glad I didn't try to fly with my Yorkie who is my life. If anything had happened to her it would have been me in Federal Prison!!!!!

  • ST
    More than a year ago
    Delta never

    Reading that means DELTA?

    NEVER! Even by human beings!

  • Juanita
    More than a year ago
    Distressed in Dublin

    On Friday 11-2-12 I went to SFO to check in for my flight to Tn. I got checked in and was told my dogs carrier was fine, went through security and even boarded the plane and sat down. It was then my nightmare began. I was told I would have to get off the plane because my carrier was to big and that I needed to put her in cargo, which I refused. I told them I had called ahead and told them the dimentions of my carrier and was told that it would be fine because the plane was a large one. The plane leaves without me but with my luggage. I was taken down to the counter where I started and was told I would have to go buy a smaller carrier and get on a later flight. I asked them how I was supposed to do that since my ride had left an hour and a half earlier. I was stranded at the aiport with my dog and with no way home. I eventually had to pay over a hundred dollars for a shuttle bus to take me 45 miles. I called Delta the next morning and argued with a supervisor about the treatment I received and the out of poscket cost to me and not to mention that my luggage was on it way to Nashville with my medicines in it and not sure when I see it. After talking to this women for an hour after which she accused me of causing this. I tld her I wanted to speak to her boss and she said I would have to hang up and call back because she couldn't tranfer me. REALLY do you think we are ignorant and don't know how a phone system works? I told her I wasn't stupid and I knew she was lying and all she wanted to do was not charge me the $25 fee for checked baggage if I schedule my flight again through Delta. I am going to persue this with legal councel and sue Delta for the pain & suffering and emotional upset I have suffered through this whole process. I think if all the people that have written these reviews joined together and sued Delta they might open their eyes and see that we are not as stupid as they perceive us to be. And I truly hope that someone from Delta reads this.

  • Megan
    More than a year ago
    Won't fly with Delta again

    After reading these reviews I will NOT be taking my dog or flying with Delta again!!!

  • Katherine
    More than a year ago
    Forgot to put the dog on the plane

    We just moved to Puerto Rico and waited to get our place before we flew our dog down. Scheduled in advance to ship my dog out of San Antonio with a layover in Atlanta, and then on to San Juan. After sitting in Atlanta for 3 hours he was not put on the plane. It took me calling for them to update the tracking site and tell me what had happened. The excuse was the weight of all the luggage was to much so they are going to kennel him and put him on a plane in the morning. I am soooo upset. I feel that it is an excuse and that they just forgot about him. I've never had a problem getting my luggage, and if weight was the issue then someone's luggage should have been kicked off and not my pet. The delta rep told me I could file a claim, as if that will get my dog here any quicker. I purposely went with delta because Continental wanted to kennel him overnight. Very worried about my dog because he has never been kenneled before or left with strangers.

  • Carol
    More than a year ago
    Frequent Pet Traveler

    I am a frequent flyer who takes my pet with my on frequent trips to my second home in Wisconsin. I gladly pay the $125 each way to have my pet with me and he has now made over 54 round trip flights with me the past 4-5 years. After all these years of traveling I have traveled with the exact same luggage. I have used the same pieces, and never varied in the number that I would tote with me so as to make my trip comfortable, and my pet's travel safe for all. I have my roll on, my purse, and the pet carryon. The purse I always have carried is perhaps 18 inches square. Again I have made over 53 round trips with the same pieces. Recently in Wausau Wisconsin while boarding a Delta Flight back to Denver I am told that I cannot travel with my purse and the roll on bag since I have a pet. I explain to them I have travelled the same way for the past four years that this policy has been in effect. They say we are sorry but we need to honor our rules, rules that have not been upheld 53 times before. The absurdness of this is that the agents in the airport even know my pets name, and the TSA agents in the airport acknowledge him each time I go through the airport. They know how I travel and they have seen me many times before. But no...I must now stop carrying a purse, change to a single bag and a pet carryon, and on top of it be charged $125 each way for the right for them to tell me I now have to check another bag for an additional fee of $25 and even bump my checked baggage from 1 to 2 which then costs me $35. Its all about the money , fee's, and revenue. Service, respect, courtesy, and common sense are lost by the airlines

  • Carol
    More than a year ago
    Frequent Pet Traveler

    I am a frequent flyer who takes my pet with my on frequent trips to my second home in Wisconsin. I gladly pay the $125 each way to have my pet with me and he has now made over 54 round trip flights with me the past 4-5 years. After all these years of traveling I have traveled with the exact same luggage. I have used the same pieces, and never varied in the number that I would tote with me so as to make my trip comfortable, and my pet's travel safe for all. I have my roll on, my purse, and the pet carryon. The purse I always have carried is perhaps 18 inches square. Again I have made over 53 round trips with the same pieces. Recently in Wausau Wisconsin while boarding a Delta Flight back to Denver I am told that I cannot travel with my purse and the roll on bag since I have a pet. I explain to them I have travelled the same way for the past four years that this policy has been in effect. They say we are sorry but we need to honor our rules, rules that have not been upheld 53 times before. The absurdness of this is that the agents in the airport even know my pets name, and the TSA agents in the airport acknowledge him each time I go through the airport. They know how I travel and they have seen me many times before. But no...I must now stop carrying a purse, change to a single bag and a pet carryon, and on top of it be charged $125 each way for the right for them to tell me I now have to check another bag for an additional fee of $25 and even bump my checked baggage from 1 to 2 which then costs me $35. Its all about the money , fee's, and revenue. Service, respect, courtesy, and common sense are lost by the airlines

  • Carol
    More than a year ago
    Frequent Pet Traveler

    I am a frequent flyer who takes my pet with my on frequent trips to my second home in Wisconsin. I gladly pay the $125 each way to have my pet with me and he has now made over 54 round trip flights with me the past 4-5 years. After all these years of traveling I have traveled with the exact same luggage. I have used the same pieces, and never varied in the number that I would tote with me so as to make my trip comfortable, and my pet's travel safe for all. I have my roll on, my purse, and the pet carryon. The purse I always have carried is perhaps 18 inches square. Again I have made over 53 round trips with the same pieces. Recently in Wausau Wisconsin while boarding a Delta Flight back to Denver I am told that I cannot travel with my purse and the roll on bag since I have a pet. I explain to them I have travelled the same way for the past four years that this policy has been in effect. They say we are sorry but we need to honor our rules, rules that have not been upheld 53 times before. The absurdness of this is that the agents in the airport even know my pets name, and the TSA agents in the airport acknowledge him each time I go through the airport. They know how I travel and they have seen me many times before. But no...I must now stop carrying a purse, change to a single bag and a pet carryon, and on top of it be charged $125 each way for the right for them to tell me I now have to check another bag for an additional fee of $25 and even bump my checked baggage from 1 to 2 which then costs me $35. Its all about the money , fee's, and revenue. Service, respect, courtesy, and common sense are lost by the airlines

    More than a year ago

    I shipped my puppy home to St. Louis from Los Angeles early Tuesday am. I was pleasantly surprised with the care I received when booking the reservation and how attentive the women was in the care of my puppy. While waiting for a representative to pick up and book my reservation, the prompt even noted how Delta was well aware when shipping live animals it is “often considered a member of one’s family” and they treat the animal with the utmost care. I sincerely wish this would have been the case.

    The experience started to go downhill quickly. I was first surprised at how long the entire check in process took. I was 2nd in line and it took over an hour for my puppy to be checked in. That’s really the least of my concern at this point, however having a puppy in a crate for an hour in addition to 10 hours of travel time + 2 hours of wait time prior to the flight is completely unnecessary and inhumane in my opinion.

    My puppy traveled/was crated for 14+ hours and was never watered once. I know bc I was instructed to purchase a water dish that attached to the crate’s door prior to shipping him. That water dish had a clear seal on it when I purchased which I never removed and still had that clear seal on it when my puppy was picked up 14 hours later. That’s abuse. How can you say you care for animals when you don’t even have the decency to water them in 14 hours??

    My second concern is how he must have been treated on that flight. I understand all puppies react differently to flying, and understand accidents may happen in travel, however my puppy came out of his crate unwatered and covered in feces. He had diarrhea and it was never attended to. I do not expect anybody to clean that up, but not giving a puppy water when he has diarrhea is again ABUSE.

    My third and final point lies in the pick-up of my dog. Some women, I unfortunately do not have her name as she was not wearing a name tag, however I do know she was the only women working in the St. Louis office at 11am Tuesday June 19th, decided to harass my sister as she tried to tend to the neglected dog outside of your facility. My sister took the dog out of the crate and since he seemed to be very sick he messed on your front side walk. She was taking him to the grass but unfortunately, the dog couldn’t hold it until he made it there. Instead of assisting a customer and her dog in need, your employee decided to walk out, hand my sister a bag and say “this is our front door and now there is SHIT in front of it” and walked inside. Living in Los Angeles without a yard, I clean up after my dog 10 times a day and know the decency that comes with it. I would be appalled if somebody didn’t pick up after their dog as well, but there was obviously a bigger issue happening here and the indecency of this women, an employee that understands my puppy “is considered a member of my family”, is absolutely beyond words.

    Your entire operation needs to be looked at; especially the people you have working at your facilities. As a business owner myself, I would never allow one of my employees to talk to a customer in that manner. We are in a recession with millions of people losing their jobs daily, and you chose to employee people like this. Its appalling. Absolutely beyond words. I chose to employee employees that respect what my company stands for and assist instead of insult. I guess Delta does not.

    You better believe I will be posting this story on every website with a comment/review section for Delta cargo. As a paying customer, I nor my property, have ever been treated so poorly.

  • Amanda Dodd
    More than a year ago
    Good experiences

    I have traveled from Canada to the US and back several times. The cost is a bit high but I have never had a problem. I have taken both my Boston brats in cabin under the seat ahead of me. Out of 4 times I have only had to show health certificates once and that was at the Canadian border in the airport. Security has also always been kind and while in flight I was always permitted to stick my hand into the kennel to comfort or give water during flights.

  • D.
    More than a year ago

    A family member travels from NYC to MN frequently and I am appalled at the cost Delta charges for more or less a dead zone (under the seat). There is no use for that space, if small dogs did not go there, it would just be empty small space. You charge 150 dollars one way, so it is 300 dollars RT. That is theft and you hold the owners hostage. Family would never ship cargo as many pets die or get lost. There is no work involved just upon boarding and leaving which is minimal. For better service, increased passengers, and most of all good PR, the price on that dead useless space should be no more than 100 dollars within the US for a small pet space.

  • Diane
    More than a year ago
    Uncaring Agents

    I have not yet flown my puppy. Just after one phone call to their "Pet First" (misnomer) for shipping pets had me in tears. After quite a lengthy call, I was invited to transport my pet BY CAR and not use Delta. When I asked for a manager, I had to call back and finally got someone to help me. Each one admitted they DID NOT own a pet themselves. That tells you quite the story I think. I think their attitudes might be different if they were asked to send their loved ones via a cage in a plane, don't you think? It had been between United and Delta and I thought United were the assholes. Now I don't know what to think. I wish Petair were a safer bet (I had heard they are in financial trouble). What am I gonna do?

  • Thanks to the reviews I will not be shipping my Kyla
    More than a year ago
    I will not take the chance of shipping my English bulldog

    What a piece of crap airline!!! I was seriously considering having my $2500.00 English Bulldog shipped through this lousy airline. My dog means the world to me but i must ship here home due to me being in the Military do y'all have any suggestions?

  • Gregory
    More than a year ago
    Two Paws Down

    My step-father was dying in Florida and wanted to see has grand-puppy (he's like the family child). Delta refused to take my dog because he was slightly over 25 pounds. Joshua is a healthy and fit cocker spaniel. My step-father never did get to see Joshua before he passed away due to assinine policies and extortion fees.

  • Joan
    More than a year ago
    WARNING RE: DELTA Feb. 18, 2012

    "More pets died on Delta flights in 2011, but why?"

  • Vivian
    More than a year ago
    Not even flying....

    After reading these reviews my 2 pound toy poodle (and my family) will not fly at all.... EVER. If we can't take all of our family (our poodle IS part of our family) we will NEVER use the airline. Our tickets are 136.00 a piece. Our dogs would be 125.00 each way. We are driving this time and from now on. Good luck staying in business.... People are not ignorant!

  • Tony
    More than a year ago

    It's a unbelievable amount that delta is paying for small critters like a hamster, 150.00 Really? It should at least be less for the smaller your animal is.

  • Jenna
    More than a year ago
    Cross Country Trip!

    We flew Delta SEA/MSP/TPA and TPA/ATL/SEA, and brought our dog into the cabin with us for travel under my seat. The staff either ignored the fact that we had a dog, asked if it was a dog we were carrying on board, or said that our dog was cute (even though they couldn't see our dog very well in the carrier) when it was time to board. We brought our large black sturdibag--which nobody questioned...which I thought was surprising, and for reference our dog is a 15lb fluffy mini shiba inu mix 9" tall at the shoulder. We saw tons of dogs/cats from 5lbs to 25lbs in every size/type of carrier at the airport. Our dog did way better when we flew red-eye as opposed to the morning/afternoon trip--he got pretty antsy and vocal, but no one seemed to mind too much. Maybe flight attendants/staff are more lenient during the holiday season too. Idk, it was a good experience and sigh of relief!

  • John
    More than a year ago
    Delta does fly bulldogs

    Please put out correct information!!! Most airlines do not fly bulldogs as cargo or checked baggage. They will fly them in the cabin with you if under 20lbs in a carrier that is 17Lx16Wx9H. Fee is $125.00 each way.

  • Janet
    More than a year ago
    WHICH IS IT ?????

    Which is it? A carry on, or a passenger? If it is a ticketed, paying passenger, then we should be able to have 4 carry-on pieces - 2 for the human and 2 for the canine. If it is a carry on and fits neatly under the seat, then there should be no charge to take the dog onboard. Just another way to fleece their loyal customers. Are we thought to be idiots? WHICH IS IT? PASSENGER - OR - CARRY ON ?

  • Glenda Burnside
    More than a year ago
    Delta abused me because of my ESD

    I jumped through all their hoops from beginning to end, yet I was still humiliated, embarrassed, abused by Check-in, Gate agents, and flight attendants. It was horrible. One gate agent in Anchorage named Karen, followed me on board to continue to yell at me. She delayed boarding to yell at me. When I asked her to stop talking to me and go back to her other work, that accellerated everything and she pursued me onto the plane to yell at me some more. My service dog is a fantastically sturdy little dog whom everyone loved, except Delta. The worst airline experiences (two different flights) I've ever experienced in my flying life, and that is 50 years! I'm a physically disabled person and have a brain disease that causes great anxiety. Delta is a heartless corportation all about filling the planes and getting every dime out of you. I was given some 'gift cards' as a 'sorry' and though I used it to buy a small bag of peanuts, they still charged my credit care $4.00...

  • Joanna
    More than a year ago

    I agree with the confusing kennel sizes, I will be flying in a month with my little chihuahua on board so I called to get the "pet space". The lady was sooo rude!! She asked me for the dimensions of my kennel and I told her I didnt have them with me so I asked her for the required dimensions, she said 16x17x9, so I told her to reserve a spot for me and Iwill go get another kennel, she said no! She said she couldnt do that, I asked her why, since I will get one with those dimensions, she said she needs my kennels dimensions which doesnt make sense at all!!!! Then I called again, a lady answered, was nicer than the other one but told me dimensions of 10x10x9, I just started laughing and told her I would call back. That is ridiculous! I just hope my flight goes well. And sorry for all those animals that didnt make, I feel so bad for them.

  • Lindsey
    More than a year ago
    Helpful and Friendly

    Over the summer, my Service Dog and I flew six times with Delta; including two International flights. All of the staff we encountered, including those who I spoke with on the phone, were knowledgeable and accommodating.

  • Lisa
    More than a year ago
    Delta Killed My Dog

    On July 26th 2011, I took my miniature pinscher to Delta Air Cargo facility in Atlanta, Georgia to fly him to Frankfurt, Germany. As soon as we arrived and walked in, no one bothered to help us for at least 20 minutes. I was clearly struggling with a small child, plus a crate, a dog and a stack of paperwork, and workers just stood around looking at me with NO offers to help. After standing in line for at least an hour, one of the workers told me to come with her and she would show me what to do. She and another lady in the dock area argued about whether or not I was supposed to take the dog for a walk or if they were supposed to take them out back on their dog run. A guy came over and started to strap the crate down with the dog still in it and one of the ladies told him not to because he needed to be walked. I took him out and walked him. When I put him back in his crate, the man took him and put him on a rolling cart in front of a large fan and told me that he would give him some water once he strapped his crate down inside the plane and assured me he would be fine. When I left my dog at 230 pm he was fine. My dog had Vet clearance and a Eurpopean Health Certificate stating he was in perfect health stamped the day before. I received a call around 5:00 p.m. from a lady who did not identify herself stating she was from Delta asking if my dog has seizures. I told her no and told her my dog was supposed to be on the flight that left at 4:25 pm. She said she would get someone to call me back. At 5:40 pm I received a call from one of the Delta reps stating that they found my dog in his crate breathing but unresponsive. The rep stated that he pulled him off the plane amnd was rushing him to the Vets office and that the Vet would contact me shortly.When the first Vet called me, he said that my dog was in bad shape and the next 12 hours would be critical life or death and that he "thought" that my dog had aspirated his own vomit. The first Vet said that my dog could not even stand up at this point and was not responding to stimuli, but the Vet ran blood tests and gave him antibiotics to see if it would help. The first Vet recommended that my dog be sent over to a better Vet with more capabilities and that the second Vet would contact me after he had looked at him. After the second Vet looked at him he recommended that we put him to sleep. The second Vet told me that his neurological and nervous systems had both shut down and that he was suffering. Delta is extremely lucky that through out this whole process that my family has not sued. My dog was 6 years old and in perfect health until he was left in the care of Deltas Air Cargo Facility. Our family has been devastated over the loss of our family pet. Shame on Delta for taking nearly a MONTH to refund my money also. I cannot believe that Delta treats not only their customers this way, but also poor innocent, helpless animals. I have only received ONE condolence from a very sweet lady named Rosa Torres who assigned my case to a claims rep to have my money refunded. SHAME ON DELTA AIRLINES! THEY GET NO BONES!

  • Sally
    More than a year ago
    Great Service and Friendly

    My 6 months old labrador flew from North Carolina to Frankfurt, Germany. First I was worried about the safety and welfare of my dog. But Delta helped me. At the check-in they showed that they care about my labrador. First they were a little bit lost, they told me they dont to that often. I had to fill out a little form, they taped it on my kennel. At the bottom of the form there were "Im on board too!"-Stickers. When they board the kennel, they riped it of, gave it to the flight attendant and then they gave it to you. So make sure that they get the sticker! The agent also taped a water bottel (you have to bring it or buy it by yourself) and a little bag of dog food on the top of the kennel. Then they called TSA to screen the kennel. They were friendly too! Then they took the kennel to the cargo waiting area. On both flights I got my "Im on board too"-Stickers. I was really anxious about my dog on the transatlantic flight, but everything went fine. When we landed in Germany my labrador was already waiting for me with a few other dogs at the baggage claim. My dog was a bit confused, but thats not Delta´s fault. I saw that they refilled the water and the food in Atlanta, because both was opened. When we go back to the staates I will choose Delta again.

    More than a year ago

    Delta does not fly bulldogs and other short noised animals anymore because fly is to unsafe for them. Thats not just on Delta on any airline, you should not fly your bulldog and pugs.

  • SC
    More than a year ago
    Not sure any more!!

    I am looking up all the info. rgarding pet travel, and I really need to send my husband are dog JR Terrier, But from all the reviews, I will start to look somewere else,

    for sure.

  • C
    More than a year ago
    Inconsistent and Rude!

    I've flown with my 14lb. terrier mix on Delta flights 4-6 times a year for the last seven years and never been denied check-in or boarding. I recently booked a trip to Atlanta following all pet reservations guidelines (calling to check and reserve space in the cabin, etc.). Yesterday I arrived at the airport for my flight and I was told that I would not be allowed to check-in with my pet, because the agent deemed that she was "too big." Despite the fact that she fit comfortably in the carrier and I have flown with her dozens of times, most recently 12 days prior to this attempted flight. When informed her of this she said that I must be lying or the dog had grown. An eight year-old dog grew too large in 12 days? Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told that she was the supervisor and no one else could help me. She refused to look at the health certificate signed by my vet who had approved the carrier, or look up my flight history to verify that I had travelled with my pet previously. She then stated that clearly all those other ticket agents that had allowed me to bring my pet onboard were not aware of the in-cabin pet policy and were shirking their job duties by allowing me to fly. She was incredibly rude and condescending. She refused to rebook me on another flight and told me that it was "too bad." As I stood sobbing in the terminal other agents commented that they didn't understand why they would not check my pet on the flight.

    Basically it all boils down to the ticket counter agent you wind up with. She mentioned several times she didn't like animals, so I'm sure that had something to do with her decision. I'm just upset that there was so little compassion or understanding - I felt as though they wanted me to go dump my dog outside and get on the plane. I was also not allowed to speak any other representatives of the airline. So far they are also refusing to let me rebook without paying steep penalties for missing my original flight, despite the fact that it was their employee who kept me from checking-in.

    I have always had good experiences with Delta in the past and have been a medallion level frequent flyer for years. This is an upsetting situation that could have been avoided with real customer service. If there is no consistency in policy from agent to agent and they don't like animals, they should simply not allow them in the first place.

  • Mary
    More than a year ago

    Delta lost my dog that was shipped to a wrong airportt for a whole day'

  • MS
    More than a year ago

    I flew from JFK to Seattle and back with my 4 year-old lab mix. On both ends, the customer service was horrible. The Delta staff was rude and unhelpful. I asked for help and was told to wait in a line that didn't move, only to end up missing my flight. I then had to camp out in JFK for the day, with my dog. When I finally checked in, I was told that I had to push the dog in his crate across an entire terminal to check him in through security (he's over 50 lbs), with no help from any Delta staff. When I went to pick him up in Seattle, his crate had been dumped down a slanted chute and he was there all alone.

    On the return flight, when I arrived in a horrible little terminal in JFK, I was given conflicting and contradictory information about where to pick up my dog. I waited for an hour, long after all the other luggage had come out, until finally I asked a sky cap to go get the dog. This was in January in New York weather. He spent all that time in the cargo hold of the plane. The luggage was treated better than he was.

    I will never ever fly Delta again and would strongly recommend using United instead. They were helpful and at least recognized that my pup is a living, breathing creature that deserves better treatment.

  • Pat
    More than a year ago
    Excellent Service

    We have extremely rare 'toy' dogs and only fly Delta cabin... wouldn't put a dog on a plane any other way. This includes both national and international travel.

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    No flying hamster

    I was in Ohio (cleveland) for 1 month this summer visiting my boyfriend and he bought me a pet hamster for our anniversary. anyways, i called ahead to make some sort of reservation for the little guy and the two representatives said it should be okay as long as his carrier prevents him from getting out in the cabin. I got to the airport and they wouldn't let me pay the $125 to bring my hamster (Chuy) on the plane!!! i was very upset and embarassed the way they talked to me/treated me! I was not rude, very calm, and polite and they spoke to me as if i was two years old! They also had no answer for me as i had no back up plan for Chuy! i was at the airport alone and no one was available to pick him up for me! I even missed my flight waiting for them to "decide what to do with me" as i heard them say multiple times. What kind of a pet owner would i be to leave my hamster there to be killed or thrown out? he had no food just water seeing as our flight was only an hour long! i will NEVER fly delta again. i had the WORST experience of my life.

    More than a year ago
    Flying Buckeye

    Our grand puppy (that we had for a year) flew with our daughter (the owner) to San Francisco two weeks ago. The Delta staff was helpful, friendly, and senstive our to distress to flying Buckeye over 5 hours in baggage (five pounds over) from Cincinnati to San Francsico. The plane even had to disembark for some repairs, but they made sure the dogs were safe and kept my daughter informed about his status. Buckeye arrived safe and sound on the other side. So for us our experience with Delta was great!!!!

  • Jen
    More than a year ago

    I agree with everyone about the conflicting sizes. I want to take my cat to Germany and have reviewed the Delta website extensively and called them 4 times. Every response is different and sizes of acceptable carriers range from 18"x12"x12" to 14"x14"x10" but Sherpa's "Delta" carrier is 18"x11"x10.5"! Most representatives didn't speak much English or were rude. I'm completely unimpressed and frustrated. Delta does suck. Try Luftansa to Europe. They are much more helpful.

  • Jen
    More than a year ago

    I agree with everyone about the conflicting sizes. I want to take my cat to Germany and have reviewed the Delta website extensively and called them 4 times. Every response is different and sizes of acceptable carriers range from 18"x12"x12" to 14"x14"x10" but Sherpa's "Delta" carrier is 18"x11"x10.5"! Most representatives didn't speak much English or were rude. I'm completely unimpressed and frustrated. Delta does suck. Try Luftansa to Europe. They are much more helpful.

  • Jen
    More than a year ago

    I agree with everyone about the conflicting sizes. I want to take my cat to Germany and have reviewed the Delta website extensively and called them 4 times. Every response is different and sizes of acceptable carriers range from 18"x12"x12" to 14"x14"x10" but Sherpa's "Delta" carrier is 18"x11"x10.5"! Most representatives didn't speak much English or were rude. I'm completely unimpressed and frustrated. Delta does suck. Try Luftansa to Europe. They are much more helpful.

  • Jen
    More than a year ago

    I agree with everyone about the conflicting sizes. I want to take my cat to Germany and have reviewed the Delta website extensively and called them 4 times. Every response is different and sizes of acceptable carriers range from 18"x12"x12" to 14"x14"x10" but Sherpa's "Delta" carrier is 18"x11"x10.5"! Most representatives didn't speak much English or were rude. I'm completely unimpressed and frustrated. Delta does suck. Try Luftansa to Europe. They are much more helpful.

  • Jen
    More than a year ago

    I agree with everyone about the conflicting sizes. I want to take my cat to Germany and have reviewed the Delta website extensively and called them 4 times. Every response is different and sizes of acceptable carriers range from 18"x12"x12" to 14"x14"x10" but Sherpa's "Delta" carrier is 18"x11"x10.5"! Most representatives didn't speak much English or were rude. I'm completely unimpressed and frustrated. Delta does suck. Try Luftansa to Europe. They are much more helpful.

    More than a year ago

    I recentely traveled from Frankfurt to Columbus GA, with my 85lbs Rotti, the folks at Frankfurt were very nice, no issues not hassels. When I got to ATL it took approximately one hour for me to get everything luggage and dog through customs; I missed my flight, some of it my fault some Delta. My incoming flight was one hour late. The flight to Columbus was fine; I found out later the crate was too big for that little aircraft but somehow the fit it in there and I appreciate it. My dog was fine, the guys at ATL helped me all the way through customs and to rebooking A BIG HELP. Same with Columbus they got him all the way to the door and some guys helped me get the kennel in the truck. I had a great expereince with Delta.

    1. Come for check in early

    2. Have all documents ready

    3. Travel light (if traveling by yourself)

    4. Keep positive and smile a lot

  • Deborah
    More than a year ago
    114 lbs. and wasn't allowed to fly!

    I did all my research on as well as spoke to customer service to make sure my 17 year old lab who weighed 92 lbs. could fly! Nothing on the web site said anything about a weight limit and customer service assured me that there was no weight limit when shipping my dog as checked baggage! When I showed up at the airline to check in, the Delta agent said my dog could not fly because the combined weight of my dog in his carrier was 114 lbs. I had to leave my dog behind but thankfully my spouse was flying in 5 weeks and we put my dog on a diet!!! 5 days prior to his flight, my dog still needed to lose 8 lbs. The X-Lg kennel is 25 lbs. I called customer service again and they told me that Delta's policy is: they will accept over 100 lbs. as long as the kennel is not over 115 linear inches! They notated this on my spouses reservation to prevent a problem when he fly's in 5 days! I got the agent's name but when I asked for his supervisor's name who wrote the note in the system, he said he forgot to get the supervisor's name who helped him. So now I have just the name "Wayne" and the date and time I called! So I called back later to see if I could get an email and another agent said it would be impossible to get "Wayne" on the phone, or the supervisor's name, or an email of which I could show when I check in! UHHHHH.... Scared I'll have the same problem again in 5 days except now... I don't have a back up plan for my dog!!! Calling Delta's complaint line tomorrow!!!

  • Gioconda
    More than a year ago

    To everyone that has had a bad experience with Delta. I apologize for all the bad experiences everyone has had but I do hope some of you understand not everyone hates the dogs! I would do everything I can to help all of you in your difficult moment.

  • Heather
    More than a year ago

    On 1/22/11 we were having our newest family member, a kitten we named Snickers shipped to us from Utah. We paid for her to be in a climate controlled cargo & even paid an extra $70 for an expedited service called Delta Dash which should have meant she was the first thing off or on the plane. When we got to the airport, we waited, her flight came in at 8:40, they didn't bring her out to us until 9:30. (50 minutes after the plane landed) She was cold, pale, limp & unresponsive & had blood coming from her nose & mouth. My family rushed her to the emergency vet, but on the drive, she passed. The vet pronounced her DOA, she died from extreme hypothermia, she froze to death. Apparently, what we thought was a warm cargo bin, wasn't. When a plane lands, climate control is lost & she didn't stand a chance for 50 minutes in their cargo hold. Delta has offered me 50 cents a pound FOR HER LIFE. They value life at 50 cents a pound! BUYER BEWARE!

  • Wyatt
    More than a year ago
    dont fly delta

    just last week i flew to germany with my dog Joe. before our flight we took every step of precaution to assure his saftey. when the vet said that he was completly healthy and safe to fly we made the travel arragements. on arrival to germany i picked up my luggage and began to wait at the pet pick up area. when my dog did not come up with all the other pets i went to find a delta representitive. this is where they told me that he did not make it, and he would be sent to get an autopsy to determine the cause of death and who was to blame. the delta representitive said that they would contact me within 10 days with news on my dog, it has been two weeks and i have yet to hear from delta. after my lengthly research i beleive he froze to death. DO NOT TRUST DELTA WITH YOUR PET.

  • Angela
    More than a year ago
    A Succesful story

    I traveled with Delta last week. Charlotte-Atlanta, Atlanta-Paris, Paris-Tunis (North Africa). My dog is alive, is fine, no complications. But there are some suggestions I MUST MAKE for all travelers with dogs on hold: 1. Choose good weather for your trip. Luckily we were in the 50s in each place. Not too cold, not too hot. I put a jacket and sweater on my terrier mix. 2. Put all your flights in the crate. I put stickers everywhere! With picture of my dog, our info, the destinations. Visible letters everywhere. I put food (they didn't feed my dog for over 30 hours of flight-or walk him) so don't dream on that! they won't always feed or walk your dog. I suffered so much for him! 3. Make sure the animal has space in the crate to move, and train your pet! My dog sleeps in his crate (opened) everyday! and he was used to it. 4. Leave some hours between flights just to make sure your pet is able to come to your airplane. My pet was sent to baggage claim in Paris and I went to my connection flight, so they had to go and get him. 5. Get all your documents! Health Certificate, Microship, Rabies Vaccination certificate were required in: Delta check-in, France and Tunisia. It's a suffering to bring your pet, if is snub nosed DON'T FLY YOUR PET! there is nothing you can do, they will die for breathing problems. I give them 4 bones because they could arrange a service somewhere to walk and feed your pet if the flights are international. I am satisfied with the service, if your pet is healthy and is not snub nosed, Delta is a good choice to flight internationally. My dog traveled as checked baggage.

  • Sam
    More than a year ago
    Pet & Passenger Travel

    Delta Airlines sucks in everyway that you can possibly imagine. Customer Service is horrible and how they treat pets is worse. Fly American Airlines or US Airways if you want you pet to survive!

  • N
    More than a year ago

    Its time to go after this inflated cost with the airlines to take your child (pet) and yes dogs are more behaved then kids.. I can understand only a few at a time, but this is terrible $300 hell we need to book a seat its cheaper. Its time to talk to your lawyer and see what abuse you can go after.. Good luck all

  • Keith
    More than a year ago
    delta loves my $, hates my dog

    a dog under the seat costs more than my ticket. Not ever again dickla airlines

  • Lily Stafford
    More than a year ago
    Delta KILL my dog

    In a flight to my country,(Brazil) my companion, my best friend, my support, my son, a 4 years old health dog were KILLED by decompression of the cargo area....I have a letter of Delta assuming that...They were negligent, and they consider a dog death as same as a lost luggage....Such a big distress for a relative loss in our family... They JUST DON'T CARE .

    I am depressive with this tragedy about the loss my soul mate and helpless...

    Anybody can help me?

  • Sara
    More than a year ago
    Germany to States

    We are military, we shipped out dog Granger from Stuttgart, DE to Atlanta, GA then to final destination Pittsburgh, PA. It cost us over 700 EURO (about 900 dollars) to fly our dog. Then in Atlanta they kenneled him for no reason. they said it was because We didnt have customs rep there. When I had contacted Pittsburgh and they were waiting on him there. I hate Atlanta Delta Reps. My mom and brother went to pittsburgh to pick him up that night, needless to say they had to go back the next day. but they got him. Have never met him before and fell in love with Granger... Now my dad wants to keep him... they kept him for us for about 3 months until we got to our next duty station. Now our family is together and needless to say he doesnt leave our side .... LOL

  • Joan
    More than a year ago
    Excellent Service

    In the first time i was really scared to send my dogs with my mom in delta airlines because i read before horrible stories about that airlines loss dogs or bad service in connections but i have to say right now that they give to Zeus my (Golden Retreiver) a excelent service. He got home in perfect conditions... Thanks delta airlines please keep improve that kind service... I so happy that i don't care how much i paid for this plane ticket..

  • Joan
    More than a year ago
    Excellent Service

    In the first time i was really scared to send my dogs with my mom in delta airlines because i read before horrible stories about that airlines loss dogs or bad service in connections but i have to say right now that they give to Zeus my (Golden Retreiver) a excelent service. He got home in perfect conditions... Thanks delta airlines please keep improve that kind service... I so happy that i don't care how much i paid for this plane ticket..

  • Karen
    More than a year ago
    Prices are worth it!

    Everyone is saying it's too expensive on Delta, but it's worth it!! I tried flying Frontier and they wouldn't let the dog on the plane - my papers with updated shot information was 3 months before flying. Apparently Frontier requires a vet note within 10 DAYS of flying!! Never in my 15+ times of flying with my dog (carry on) on Delta have I EVER had a problem! It might be a few more dollars, but it's totally worth it in the long run based solely on ease!

  • Sandy
    More than a year ago
    animal stuck in airport

    Made a reservation and flew with my dog to Minneapolis. No problem, when I went to fly home I was told my dog couldn't fly even though I had a reservation. We and my dog were stranded thousands of miles from home and Delta did NOTHING to help.

  • Hadley
    More than a year ago
    $150 EACH way + Attitude

    You'd think with the recession that service would go up a notch in the airline industry, as it has so many other places. But not with Delta. Not only do you get attitude from the flight attendants, but the pet fee often costs more than my ticket. The bag is the same size as my handbag, and fits under the seat. RIDICULOUS.

  • Rosebud
    More than a year ago

    Delta really--Why $150 ech way for a dog that will be under a seat---Can someone explain to me why?

    This is more that my ticket for a seat.

  • GARY
    More than a year ago
    8 week puppy stranded in Detriot

    Delta stranded my new puppy of eight weeks in Detroit....The say I am going to have to pay for the kennel...gotta love the first night away from mom being in a concrete kennel next to an airport parking lot...Supervisor at the airport was too busy to talk with me....could have been put on a different flight to a different airport and I would have driven to pick him up....they said no.....I fear for his safety being put in a kennel without the proper shots and being so young...THANKS DELTA FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME and my brand new I hope healthy puppy.

  • Terry
    More than a year ago
    Settle down

    I have flown with my dog on Northwest(now Delta) for over ten years..30plus trips. The dog

    was in a pet carrier under the seat. I've never had a problem at all. The fees ARE too high(now $125 each way as of 7/2010), but otherwise everything has been fine. I would not put a dog in the checked luggage area with any airlines unless it was absolutely's just not safe.

  • Annoymous
    More than a year ago
    just not enough information

    I called to get a flight asked for all information my first time doing it they didn't give us any of the same information called 5 diffrent times drove 2 hrs to the airport got there right down to the minute only to have the rep yell to the other girls "ohh didn't show up 2 hrs early ..oh oh wait you have one minute" we stood in line for 1 1/2 waiting and she said that doesn't matter to them we give them the cat and they tell us that it's not the right kennal even though we got the one they told us to get I said your rep on the phone told me to get that and she said ohh yeah they don't know what there talking about there in salt lake city ...wasted 80 dollars in gas please don't use Delta to fly pets it's just not worth the pet stress death or stress of working with the reps

  • Perlita
    More than a year ago

    My 7 year old Black Lab has a shecduled flight with Delta in two weeks from California to New about to cancel the reservation!

  • Heart Broken Bulldog Mommy
    More than a year ago

    We had a 2xWORLD BRED CHAMPION 19 Month Old English Bulldog flow by Delta in Feb. and when we got to the cargo area to pick up our boy we wre informed he was DEAD Ice Cold with Blood comming out of his mouth....JUST AWFUL PLEASE PLEASE for the safety of your animal DO NOT USE DELTA AIRLINES

  • Donald
    More than a year ago
    Delta Does a Fine Job with Pets

    Before the Delta takeover, I flew my 2 standard poodles in kennels as checked baggage on Northwest about 20 times. I never had a problem. Since the Delta takeover, I have flown with my dogs 2 times. I have not noticed a difference between Northwest and Delta.

  • Jeffrey
    More than a year ago
    the worst

    its right what theo wrote, delta is the worst largest airline in the world. people, if you take your pet, consider american airlines, its the best for pets and for yourself. stay away from delta, its really sucks, from beginning to end.

  • Theo
    More than a year ago

    the worst airline you can fly with, starting from making a reservation online, and even worst re-booking your flight, it was my first time flying on delta,but never anymore. and the prices? the worst in the airline industrie, american airlines charges 100 dollars one way, delta charges 150 one way. delta sucks all the way, and i do not recommend the airline to any of my friends.

  • Ashlea
    More than a year ago
    Delta was great!

    I fly international twice a year we are military stationed overseas and I have never had a problem one with my girls they both fly in the same carrier one is about 8lbs and the other 9lbs. They have checked my girls every time we fly not a problem one. I fly delta because of the pet friendly! Try other airlines and see how that works for you. We have and they were horrible!

  • Diane
    More than a year ago
    If you love your pet, don't do it!

    Horrible and wishy washy. Not coordinated with their rules from reservations to the shipping counter.

  • Gordon
    More than a year ago

    Mant thanks for the info, was going to use Delta to Atlanta but changed to BA

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