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Due to quarantine requirements, Hawaiian Airlines allows small dogs and cats to fly in the passenger cabin on inter-island flights and flights leaving the State of Hawaii only. There is $35 fee for pets traveling in the passenger cabin on inter-island flights. The pet carrier will count against your carry-on baggage allowance. For all other flights, the fee for pets traveling in the cabin is $175 (each way). Pets are not accepted on international flights or flights to or from JFK airport. The airline limits the carriage of animals to one per passenger, except that two dogs or cats at least eight weeks old may be placed together in one carrier provided that the total weight of the pets and carrier does not exceed 25 pounds.

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Or call 800-367-5320 for more information.

Pet Reservations

Hawaiian Airlines limits the number of animals on each flight. Therefore, it is recommended that you reserve a ticket for yourself and your pet as soon as possible after confirming your travel plans. You may book your travel by calling Hawaiian Airlines at 1-800-367-5320 and advising the agent that you are traveling with your pet.

Pets in the Cabin

Due to quarantine requirements, Hawaiian Airlines allows small dogs and cats to fly in the passenger cabin on inter-island flights and flights leaving the State of Hawaii only. There is $35 fee for pets traveling in the passenger cabin on inter-island flights. The pet carrier will count against your carry-on baggage allowance. For all other flights, the fee for pets traveling in the cabin is $175 (each way). Pets are not accepted on international flights or flights to or from JFK airport. The airline limits the carriage of animals to one per passenger, except that two dogs or cats at least eight weeks old may be placed together in one carrier provided that the total weight of the pets and carrier does not exceed 25 pounds.

Pets in Cargo

If your pet is too large to be carried in the passenger cabin, Hawaiian Airlines allows dogs and cats, as well as household birds, to be transported as checked baggage on your flight. The fee is $60 (each way) for inter-island flights and $225 (each way) for all other flights. The combined weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 70 pounds. Hawaiian Airlines reserves the right to restrict the transportation of your pet in cargo in cases of extreme temperatures. Please contact Hawaiian Airlines directly for more information if you will be traveling during a season or to a location that may subject the cargo area of the plane to extreme temperatures.

Other Restrictions

For pets traveling in the passenger cabin, they must be contained at all times while onboard the aircraft in an approved pet carrier. The carrier must remain under the seat in front of you for the duration of your flight and must allow your pet to move about comfortably within the carrier. The carrier must not exceed dimensions of 16" long x 10" wide x 9.5" high. For pets traveling as checked baggage, your pet must travel in a hard-sided kennel. The maximum size for the kennel is 36" long x 24" wide x 26" high for 717 aircraft and 40" long x 27" wide x 30" high for 767 aircraft. All carriers must be leak-proof.


BringFido Traveler Rating

Hawaiian Airlines has received a rating of 2.2 out of 5 bones by 31 dog owners on BringFido.

  • Jul. 29, 2017
    Nit let friendly

    Filed a federal complaint against Hawaiian. I flew 3 different carriers with my pet and Hawaiian, the 4th carrier gave me the MOST problems. I checked in 3 hours before my flight from San Diego to Honolulu and they made me wait 2 hours while they went to process authorization. They then said they would make an exception and let me fly. I should have made them not make the exception as the Federal complaint was excused because the airline dud allow me to fly. Big deal, they just got away with discrimination and will continue to do this over and over again. I guess they truly don't want to accept pets and if so, them they should just NOT do it.

    Also, it is NOT Hawaii Quarrantine that doesn't allow the pets in the cabin as many are told. It is the AIRLINES who are refusing to allow the pets in cabin into Hawaii. Kudos to ALASKA AIR. They have no become my go to airline!!

  • May. 05, 2017
    conflicting or no info

    I am sorry to say that I can not get even clear basic information to travel with my pets. I get info that conflicts, run around try this number when I want a web address so as to get it in writing for proof and my understanding, or I get nothing at all, and rudeness to boot from 98% of their staff. Where is our local aloha? I want to book a flight for 4 cats and one dog, one way to Washington state from Hilo Hawaii, and I have some one who will also buy a ticket and be responsible on my flight or on another one dividing the group or doing it in its entirety. My vet and the Hawaii agriculture depart say all I need is a health certificate and rabies shot, but half of Hawiians staff claim I need shots and paperwork for my pets as if I were coming into the state, or returning, and I am trying to move and not return - one way only tickets. No one can give me crate sizes to purchase, and they demand a weight for the pet in the crate which I can not give if I do not know the crate size to buy that is acceptable for them, nor it's weight. I want to take a small dog (18#) on board if possible with a letter of clearance from my doctor, and I am even willing to buy her a seat and use her seat belt, since she fits under the seat but not under the seat in a carrier, is it possible and I get no where. If some one is not helpful soon I will have to forget using the airline I used to like, and am shocked over this review listing and understand why it is here as it is, in fact if it had zero bones that is my score since I can not get proper information nor even make a reservation!

  • Apr. 21, 2017
    No wagging tails

    desk lady asked how old my pet was and before I could say the month she insiseded on calling the supervisor saying my dog wasn't old enough. After explaining my pet was over 8 weeks old and missing my flight I find out that no where does it say pets need to be 8 weeks old. The ONLY reference to a pets age is when considering to put two in one container when flying

  • Apr. 18, 2017

    We have actually decided to not fly Hawaiian anymore into Hawaii because they will not allow,our dogs in the cabin with us. I have tried very hard to speak with their public relations/customer service people at corporate to try to change this, but they absolutely will not respond. The people you get on the phone when you call their 800 number simply say it is "Hawaii State Law". I tried to explain to them that the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture told me directly that is not true. Although, you must go through a tremendous amount of red tape, the requirement to place the dogs in cargo coming into Hawaii is Hawaiian Airlines rule, not the state's. Alaska Airlines does allow small dogs to fly in the cabin with you coming into Hawaii. I hate to change Airlines, but my babies are too important to put through that kind of trauma.

  • Mar. 10, 2017

    After the tremendous amount of paperwork Hawaii requires to bring your dog you would certainly expect Hawaiian Aire to accommodate travelers with their beloved pets. We are moving the Maui with our two dogs but am thinking twice of travelling Hawaiian Air.

  • More than one year ago.
    Maui airport is the worst

    I fly back and forth from oahu to maui at least once or twice a month and always fly w my dog as an emmotional support animal. I purchased a Noa pass which allows me 60 segments for the same price at anytime. I rarely know exactly when I fly and purchased the pass so I didn't have to deal w chance fees or hikes in last minute prices. I usually book my ticket 3 or 4 hrs prior to leaving.
    Flying w my dog is not a problem leaving honolulu. I usually call in to notify them I will be flying w her the moment I get my ticket. At the counter in honolulu, they follow procedure and do the checklist for my letter. I also make a copy for them so they don't have to go in the back to make a copy. They approve the letter, because I got it written exactly how they want it (that process is a whole other story) and they send me on my way.
    However, on Maui, they have consistently given me issues. They take my letter in the back and review it for over 20 mins leaving me w no one to talk to. They then say they need to review it w their supervisors and send the letter to someone up top. Honolulu does not to this, their staff are trained to process the letter. They are rude on maui. They tell me I need to not only call but also send in a copy of the letter 48 hrs in advance. This is not possible for people who travel frequently between islands and often book their flight only a fews hrs in advance. Further, sometimes I do not have access to a scanner or fax machine for the couple days I'm on maui. Everytime I'm on maui, the rude staff mention this woman Kristen Foster who apparently makes all these ridiculous rules and makes it a headache for people who travel w pets. I'm not sure why she is involved so much on maui, yet I never hear her name on oahu. I've heard other reviews where she has made life very difficult for people to fly w pets. Honest people, who are trying to follow the rules (which constantly chance) should not be treated this way. It is obvious that hawaiian airlines is trying to discourage people from flying w pets. Further, this ridiculous policy that they have come up w is not mandated by the federal government. I have flown on island air and they happily let my emmotional support dog on the plane w out any documentation and they also didn't even try to charge me. There is no one to talk to at hawaiian airlines about this issue. You are at the mercy of the staff at the check in desk. Even when u get your ducks in a row and follow their procedures, they come up w something else. This complaint is only directed at the staff at maui airport and this woman Kristen foster. Honolulu staff have been nothing but professional and kind. I hope hawaiian airlines looks into the rude behavior and irrational policies coming from the maui staff and Kristen foster.

  • More than one year ago.
    Not accomodating Pet

    I was to travel Alaska originally which had electrical problems. They purchased a ticket on Hawwaiian to accommodate me with my 4 lb chuahua. I was attempting to make my schedule with quarantine on a direct release from Las Vegas to Kahului HI. After I ran clear to the other end of the terminal the representatives would not let me on w/o a certificate from my Dr. stating I had special needs/assistance. in order for Zorro to ride in the cabin with me. I'm not impressed now that I read there policy and it states he could have flown with a $175 charge. Instead I ran back to Alaska which was great in the end. My poor dog was stuck in his kennel w/o bathroom from 4:45 AM LV time to 11:30 PM LV time when we arrived in Kahalui 8:30 PM. It just wasn't right.
    I showed all my paperwork for the 5 day or direct release program which should have sufficed.

  • More than one year ago.
    Happy, happy ,happy

    I found the Hawaiian Airlines employees to be very friendly and helpful , I shipped my 106 lb. bull mastiff thru their cargo dept. from Seattle to Honolulu. It took only a few minutes to check him in . he arrived happy and healthy. I would recommend them to anyone who wants problem free transport of their dogs

  • More than one year ago.
    not pet friendly

    I flew my 69 lb lab two yrs ago with Hawaiian and still can get over what happened. This is why i am writing another review if it keeps anyone else from going what we went through its worth it. My dogs flight from Seattle to Hilo was 16 hours. When i got to Oahu i ended up with a 5 hour wait to go to Hilo I tried to bump my dog to a earlier flight and was told i could. Was told to get a big cart and bring him from agriculture to the counter, after looking for a half hour for the cart only to be told i was that i could not use them, went back to tIcket counter only to have a new employee there who told me i could not bump him up and wanted to know who told me that. I explained that the previous employee told me, she wanted to know the persons name ( i did not know) she then told she me she could not help me but called a supervisor and tha'ts when things went very downhill. I wanted her to try and reach cargo as they were closed on the weekend ( which it was ) she would not and told me my dog was not flying from Oahu to Hilo in baggage because no dogs do. At that time i told her i was booked to Hilo through cargo and she wanted proof, cargo does not give you inter Island paperwork till you arrive at cargo so i had nothing to show her for the second half of the flight to Hilo. I think at this point she thought I was lying as she became rude, and nasty. she told me if i thought my dog was flying cargo than i should go there. I asked her where cargo was and she said at cargo i then again asked her where cargo was and she again nastily said at cargo, i then where is cargo located and she raised her voice and said at cargo. As i was walking away a employee whispered to me its on Elliott st. I then spent then next hour trying find a place to stay for the weekend in Oahu ( since the supervisor told me my dog was not flying and it was the weekend and when you call cargo it said it was closed ) could not find any opening to stay that would take a dog. I then called my husband in Hilo in tears telling him that i was more than likely going to rent a van and spend the weekend in a parking lot with our dog till i could talk to someone at cargo on monday. I then called a taxi and the driver was incredible he could tell i was very distressed and i told him what was happening and he told me dogs fly out of cargo all the time to Hilo and that cargo was open for dogs going out. He also told me that if for some reason they were not open he would help me so i did not have to sleep in a rented van. He also took my dog to a dog park so he could get out of his kennel for a short time. He took me to cargo and they were expecting and waiting for my dog and yes my dog was flying in baggage to Hilo just like I told the supervisor at Hawaiian. I paid $816.00 for my dog to fly from Seattle to Hilo and were abused for that money. Saddest of all was that the Hawaiian supervisor could have reached cargo and it would have been cleared up instead she chose not to help me and on top of it treat me very rudely. I complained to Hawaiian airline and they came back and said it was a misunderstanding and gave me 1000 miles. No apology for the treatment i received from her. we no longer fly Hawaiian. We own property on the big island and now use Alaska Airlines and its only $100 dollars each direction for your pet to fly, it goes in baggage not cargo. They allow you to put you dog on right before the flight, no 3 hours early in cargo ( which is just plain cruel. A vet meets us in Kona and inspects our dogs paperwork and then we drive to Hilo. I do not think Hawaiian should be allowed to fly pets especially when they are unwilling to help you if there is a problem. More than anything i am glad our dog survived, he was so traumatized it was horrifying. i do not want anyone to go through what we went through.It was one of the most traumatizing thing I have been through. I take responsibilty for using Hawaiian cargo and learned a hard lesson from it never again. We even canceled our Hawaiian credit card.

  • More than one year ago.
    Least ESA Compliant Airlines

    Hawaiian Airlines has developed a reputation of being one of the least pet friend airlines in the nation. I have a true Emotional Support Animal that I've been working with Kristen Foster (Hawaiian's ACAA Specialist & Complaint Resolution Officer) to approve the letter from my mental health professional. Ms. Foster has denied my letter three times and I've had it re-written twice in order to comply with Ms. Foster's gross misinterpretation of the Air Carrier Access Act. She takes about five business days on average to reply back and I believe she is deliberately delaying her email responses to me to drag out this process. Hawaiian will not provide any other way to communicate with her other than email. Luckily, I sent in my documentation five weeks prior to my departure date and I'm still working on getting this letter approved three weeks later. If you are traveling with an ESA, DO NOT WAIT until you get to the airport to provide your documentation or even 48 hours in advanced. Submit as early as possible and use the pre-approved language on the Hawaiian website, because she will not accept anything else. She will not allow acronyms (e.g., DSM-V or HI for the issuing state of license) she wants everything spelled out or it will be denied. There are some horror stories on Yelp where people aren't allowed to travel with their ESA because she has denied their letter, so be prepared for a fight and start early.

    On a separate note, as other reviewers mentioned, Hawaiian Airlines pet policy on their website blames the State Department of Agriculture for not being able to accommodate pets in cabin for flights arriving into Hawaii due to "quarantine requirements". The state DOA does not dictate where animals travel on a flight, only how they are processed when they arrive into Hawaii. Hawaiian should just tell the truth that they do not want to carry pets in the cabin and stop blaming the state for their crappy corporate policy.

  • More than one year ago.
    Very Pleased

    On our move to Hawai with our dogs, Hawaiian was very Helpful. When we boarded we told the flight attendant that we had 2 dogs in cargo. He went to check that they were boarded, then went to check himself. They were under the pilots where the fresh air comes in and they kept the light on for them. When we got them from the animal office -they were ready for release as soon as we landed, got our bags and got to the office. They were very helpful in making our and our dogs flights very comfortable.

  • More than one year ago.
    Pet Unfriendly !!!

    LAX supervisor refused to let our 12 lb Shih Tzu be checked into the cabin even though I had a Health Certificate and Therapist letter for an Emotional Support Animal. And we had confirmed with reservation that we would be bringing a small dog.

    Why ? Because according to him the letter from the licensed therapist did not have the absolute exact wording.

    He suggested checking our dog into cargo and admitted that yes dogs have died in cargo.

    So my wife and our dog stayed behind making it impossible for us to go on vacation together.

    Come to find out later that the policy requiring checked in cabin dogs to be an emotional support animal when flying to Hawaii is NOT required by any Government agency. It is a Pet Unfriendly Hawaiian Airlines policy !!!

    Planning on taking your dog on Hawaiian Airlines ? Be prepared to be turned away at the check-in desk because Hawaiian Airlines is Pet (and Passenger) unfriendly !!!

  • More than one year ago.
    flying with birds

    I called Hawaiian airlines number to get reservations for my 2 small parrots (less than 1 lb each) for HNL to Lihue. Phillip told me it would be no problem to have both in cabin, but that I needed to have my reservation confirmation number first. I then made a reservation, called back and spoke with someone else, then with Danika and then with Joannie. In fact they do not accept birds in cabin and only as checked baggage. Birds are very sensitive to fumes and cold. I'm still on hold 10 minute now waiting to speak to a manager. I'd say that 1 bone is warranted. I'm very disappointed in Hawaiian.

  • More than one year ago.
    wake up hawaiian

    i have 2 small breed dogs, one of which would require tranquilization to be put in "baggage" its a shame hawaiian is so non dog friendly when it comes to riding in the cabin with their owners. i will be flying with another airline. hawaiian has lost my business.

  • More than one year ago.

    NEVER use Hawaiian airlines to fly your dog. They do not care what so ever about your pet. I feel very lucky that my 2 year old lad survived.
    If anything goes wrong they will NOT help you in any way. My dog and me were treated so unbelievably bad that I would not want my worst enemy to go though what we did.
    The worst part was the supervisor that was asked to help was rude, condescending and plain mean. She could have cared less and refused to help me when things went wrong. She also sent me into a state of panic when she told me my dog would NOT be flying to Hilo and that no dogs fly to Hilo and get out on baggage. Realizing that I would end up spending the weekend in a rental car with my dog was horrifying sleeping in a park.
    TURNS OUT SHE WAS WRONG ! all she had to do was make a phone call to cargo and she would have discovered that, instead she told me to go to cargo and refused to tell me where it was located. The worst part was when I filed a complaint they told me it was a misunderstanding. Not sure what the misunderstanding was other than she was rude and refused to help me. They gave me a 1000 miles for the inconvience. I paid $816 for my dog to fly and it took about 16 hours form Seattle all do to their unprofessionalism.
    We are now use Alaska Airlines and its $100 dollars and your dog in its kennel for about 6 hours for Seattle to Kona, then we rent a car to drive to Hilo.
    I would not want anyone or their pet to suffer the way mine did and be treated the way I was when I asked for help.

  • More than one year ago.

    My son, myself and his guide dog Kai flew from San Diego to Honolulu. We went to California to pick her up. She's an 80lb Labrador Retriever and was forced to sit crammed in front of our regular coach seats!!! We were told that we would be upgraded to bulkhead seating (extra charge at our expense said one agent on the phone...Filipino call center and on a second inquiry was told that bulkhead seating would be released the day of our flight upon check in at the airport, so get there early and they would make note my son was traveling with his large guide dog so we could get priority since so many seats are held back for such purposes.) well wouldn't you know, upon early check in we were told that the bulkhead seats were already sold to other passengers...WTF?!! It's not like we didn't get there early or not have our account noted that a guide dog was traveling in cabin...it was an overbooked flight they said. OK, so here is my very large son, his very large dog and myself...all crammed in coach...poor Kai was sausaged up under the seats in front of us and part of her tail was in the aisle and I had to keep shoving it back under the seat so the utility car toilet run it or her paws over. It was insanely uncomfortable and quite a nightmare...one attendant mentioned if we would like to put her in cargo, it's free because she's a guide dog...HELL NO!!! The whole point is that this dog is an extension of my disbaled son and in no way shape or form would she be subjected to God knows what in cargo, risk death or permanent injury...not even. Needless to say, this poor girl was a saint and remained tucked away, Infact, she was so compliant, many of the passenger around us mentioned they didn't even know there was a dog there and how terrible it was for her to have to be traveling in cramped quarters...to make matters worse, the group in bulkhead seating, which was about 3 rows up from us, told me if they knew my son and his dog were jammed up in coach, if a flight attendant asked to change seats, they would have gladly done so if they knew...it was a torturous 5.5 hour flight. The only smooth thing was that the Dept of Agriculture was organized and she was released within 20 minutes after inspection and document verification...kudos to them.

  • More than one year ago.
    just wanted to add

    Just wanted to add another comment. If you do use Hawaiian do not expect them to help you in any way if something goes wrong. I had to call HA supervisor for help and she made the situation 100% worse by telling me my dog was not going to Hilo and refused to help me in any way. She sent me into a panic. She was rude and nasty. Turned out she was wrong and my dog was booked to Hilo. It ended up being a taxi driver who helped me and he knew more than the HA employees when it came to my dog. Thank god for the taxi driver who cared enough to help me. No thanks to the HA supervisor who refused.

  • More than one year ago.
    Horrible experience

    Never send your dog through Hawaiian air cargo. Our dog was a couple pounds over with kennel and had to go through air cargo. It took 16 hours from Seattle to Hilo and my dogs was so traumatized that he did not recover for days.
    They booked his lay over in Honolulu for 5 hours, we arrived a hour early so it ended up being 6 hrs. I tried to bump us earlier and ended up talking to a supervisor that told me my dog was not going to Hilo and they did not allow any dogs to get out in baggage there. She was incredibly rude and condensing, she sent me into a state of panic as I though I was going to be stuck in Honolulu with my dog over the weekend. I ended up catching a taxi to cargo to find out they are open on Saturday they just do not answer their
    phones and he was booked through them and he was getting out in baggage.. It costs me $816.00 to fly my dog from seattle to hilo.
    I flew my dog back through Alaska Airlines and I cannot even begin to say how incredible they were. My dog flew direct from Kona to Seattle and it was a total of 7 hrs from start to finish. He was in baggage.They had someone to help me with my dog and gave me a note on the plane that my dog was on they also has someone in seattle to help me unload him. The cost was $100.
    Its sad think I paid Hawaiian over $800 to torture my dog and me. I was a longtime Hawaiian airlines customer and I am not any more. Do yourself and your pet a favor and fly Alaska especially if you have a big dog.

  • More than one year ago.
    Buyer Beware!

    Do not buy a ticket from this airline! Hawaiian Airlines is very sneaky about their change policy. They will charge you $200 per flight to make a change. If you cancel the flight you get a credit but they will charge you a $200 change fee anytime you try to use your credit in the future. Why would there be a $200 change fee for a future flight when you already have a credit? This is a very unscrupulous airline who does not deserve your business. Instead of saying Mahalo all of the time they should say Aihue which means thief.

  • More than one year ago.
    dog owner

    Horrible experience. Injured dachshund flying to Oahu for back surgery. Told to shove the dog (in carrier) under the seat in front of me. Would not even let her sit in the carrier at my feet to lessen the panic of an already panicked dog who could not even walk. They did not care. As far as I can tell, there are no other choices for transporting my pet to emergency medical care.

  • More than one year ago.
    Alaska Airlines

    alaska airlines / delta are great they allow the dogs as carry-ons to hawaii

  • More than one year ago.

    I was shocked to read these reviews...I have been flying my Beagle back and forth on this airline to Hawaii for 7 yrs. and it has always been a wonderful experience. I think owners have to take a lot of responsibility for your pet. If you have a small, neurotic, frightened dog...probably shouldn't subject them to flying period. Although it's tragic if a dog die's on a flight..but, is it the airlines fault for sure...a dog could stroke out, have a heart attack, many reasons...my dog, thank goodness, has always been fine.

  • More than one year ago.
    barking dogs

    Barking dogs are a real nuisance if you are on a long flight, that's why Hawaiian air does not allow them on international flights. I recently flew 9 hours on Delta from Amsterdam to LA and a dog yapped intermittently the whole time . Terrible nuisance - cannot sleep!

  • More than one year ago.
    Don't fly your dog with HA

    I flew my dog in cargo with Hawaiian (she exceeded the baggage weight by only 5 lbs) and i regret ever doing it. From the minute I checked her in in the cargo area I felt uncomfortable. I was told she had to be checked in 3 hrs prior to flight, so she sat outside in hot weather for 3 hrs, not able to use the bathroom, of course. They were rude when I checked her in and treated her as if it was only a package. When I picked her up in Phoenix, she was traumatized. She was a nervous wreck and I couldn't get her in a kennel for at least 2 months after that experience. The blanket I put in the kennel with her was gone when I picked her up, so I have no idea what happened to it? I highly doubt she ate a whole blanket. The only reason I gave the 2 bones was because making her reservation was fairly easy, but other than that it was a terrible experience. Don't do it.

  • More than one year ago.
    Very Nervous Mom

    I am moving to Honolulu and am told the "ONLY" way I can transport my 6 yr old, 5#, Yorkie is in the cargo hold. She has totally qualified for her move there and now I have to put her in as "BAGGAGE". She probably wouldn't survive the trip!! She is used to her carrier and my lap and never barks, but even paying for a ticket for her won't change it. I have been flying HAL since 1970 and now thelir corporate policy, NOT AGRICULTURE, says she is "cargo only". Shame on you Hawaiian Air. I will be flying another airline for my trips there.

  • More than one year ago.
    incompetant workers

    My daughters family, including 3 children flew to mainland and shipped their dog as checked baggae. Dog died in flight. but they went to pick up dog, with children, were told the dog was sleeping. children all excited went to wake her up- foam and vomit all over her dead body, hysterical family.How many people saw the dog when she was being unloaded? And nobody checked the dog? It would have been so much less traumatic if the parents were told the dog did not survive flight, so kids did not see the horrific sight. Supervisor was pages many times but would not come down. A dead animal does not look like a sleeping animal, especially when being moved and handled.
    This is so horrific and traumatic.Incompetant and insensitve workers!!!!

  • More than one year ago.


  • More than one year ago.
    Pet Seats

    I can't believe we can't pay for a seat for our pet (a Shih Tzu). I don't mind paying so my pet can be comforted during the flight as it's not an everyday event for the pet to be flying. It's traumatizing for them to be under a seat and can be an inconvenience to other passengers to hear barking, etc from any pet. We don't stick our little kids under the seat. Our pets are like our children and should have the same rights.

  • More than one year ago.
    pet fees

    Hawaiian now charges a $45 one way pet fee for inter island. For that price they should offer a assigned seat for my pet.

  • More than one year ago.
    Quarantine Requirements don't restrict where on airplane animals can fly.


    "The Department of Agriculture does not have any regulation regarding where pets fly within the aircraft. It is totally up to each airline's policy. The airline is required by law to bring all incoming animals directly from the plane to the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility."

    Given this; Hawaiian Airlines is lying when it says it is due to quarantine requirements that dogs and cats can't fly in-cabin. It should simply state flat out that it is merely its own corporate policy that animals are prohibited within the cabin area.

  • More than one year ago.
    Pet Carry-on

    Mahalo for developing a clear, precise and very informative site.
    Even your regular home page is quite good.
    Looking forward to traveling with you soon.


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