JetBlue accepts small cats and dogs in the cabin of the aircraft on both domestic and international flights (no other animals are allowed). The non-refundable fee for a pet is $100 each way, and the combined weight of the pet and carrier may not exceed 20 pounds. Pets must remain completely in the carrier with the door closed and under the seat during the entire time that the pet is in the aircraft. Pets are not accepted on flights to or from, Barbados, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Lucia.

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Or call 800-538-2583 for more information.

Pet Reservations

Only four pets are allowed per flight, so it's important to book your pet's ticket as early as possible. To do so, simply call JetBlue at 1-800-JETBLUE and let the reservations agent know that you would like to travel with your pet. They will verify pet availability on the flights you are considering, and book your ticket over the phone. Only one pet is allowed per customer, but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Pets in the Cabin

JetBlue accepts small cats and dogs in the cabin of the aircraft on both domestic and international flights (no other animals are allowed). The non-refundable fee for a pet is $100 each way, and the combined weight of the pet and carrier may not exceed 20 pounds. Pets must remain completely in the carrier with the door closed and under the seat during the entire time that the pet is in the aircraft. Pets are not accepted on flights to or from, Barbados, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and St. Lucia.

Pets in Cargo

Due to the lack of oxygen and pressurized air, JetBlue does not transport animals in the cargo area.

Other Restrictions

Your pet must fit comfortably in a carrier that does not exceed 17"l x 12.5"w x 8.5"h. He/she must be able to stand up and move around in the carrier with ease, and only one pet is allowed per carrier. Carriers must have a leak proof bottom and must be well ventilated on at least two sides. If your carrier does not meet these guidelines, you can purchase an official JetBlue carrier at the airport for a non-refundable fee of $50. Please note that your pet and carrier will count as your one personal item, and you will not be able to use online flight check in, so the gate agent can check that your pet carrier meets the requirements for flight.


BringFido Traveler Rating

JetBlue has received a rating of 2.9 out of 5 bones by 31 dog owners on BringFido.

  • Just okay Bill May. 05, 2017
    Just okay

    Jet blue needs more leg space anyway. Not enough for the smallest of pet let alone a person there too

  • Suggestion Deborah Apr. 27, 2017

    Please consider adding rabbits to the allowed pet list. Thank you!

  • Why can't rabbits fly? Dorothy Feb. 27, 2017
    Why can't rabbits fly?

    Rabbits make our noise and are a popular house pet. Many are also therapy/companion pets. Please consider changing your rule. Thank you.

  • Thank You Lu Sep. 21, 2016
    Thank You

    I just want to thank you for allowing my pet to travel with me! A kennel would easily cost me the 200 so I am more than willing to pay it, without all the worries. Regarding allergies, there are allergies to many things including the scents of hair products and perfumes that many have extreme reactions to. Should we ban those things as well? I personally find strong perfume much more offensive than a clean pet...a stinky pet should be allowed to fly.

  • Airline attendent Jennifer More than one year ago.
    Airline attendent

    I took my family and my elderly dog to vacation in Orlando. We occupied the entire three seats and the aisle seats next to my row with the 10 pound hypo allergenic Maltese and my kids. On flight from EWR to MCO the crew was outstanding. I kept the dog in her carrier on the floor until after lift off then she was much more comfortable in the carrier with my hand until liftoff but on my lap until landing. Since I had the entire row we bothered no one. On the way home we had the opposite experience. We had one attendant that which insisted the dog stay on the floor the entire time and she could not even poke her head out of the carrier. It was a HORRIBLE flight. I paid I think $200 round trip to bring her and expect some sort of compassion. Also it was only one attendant that was the issue. The rest almost looked at me and felt bad for the situation I was in because my dog was scared. Unless I knew which crew I was getting they will not get my business for family flight again.

  • Too short Steve More than one year ago.
    Too short

    How can a pet stand up with the height is limited to 8.5 inches? Jetblue seems to be the outlier in their strange height requirement. I purchased a Delta-Sherpa carrier that is 11" high and I and my wife prefer to fly JBlue but we have to book with American because of this limitation.

  • Pet number limits susan More than one year ago.
    Pet number limits

    I bring my dogs with me all the time and have to go on Southwest or USAirways since they allow 2 dogs in one bag.(my dogs are 10lbs put together and just sleep) I really wish Jet Blue would allow two dogs in one bag since I'd like to go non stop rather than have to always change planes from Charleston.

  • Regulations DC More than one year ago.

    I'm a flight attendant at JetBlue. It seems from reading the above that we have a bit of a consistency problem with some of our flight attendants not enforcing regulations as they should. Actual regulations are that a pet remains in the carrier which should fit under the seat. You can put your hand inside if you wish, but the pet must remain inside and cannot be taken out and be held. Emotional support animals can be out of the carrier and held on the lap of the person they are prescribed for. NO PET, EMOTIONAL SUPPORT OR SERVICE ANIMAL CAN BE PLACED ON A SEAT AT ANY TIME. Any flight attendant who does not strictly follow these regulations can be subject to disciplinary action, so please do not put them in that position. Also, please do not describe flight attendants who are careful about seeing that these regulations are followed as not nice. They are doing their jobs. These regulations are in place for the safety and comfort of all customers on the flight. And, yes, your animal carrier does count as one of your two carry on bags. If you show up with three total, you may be forced to check something you are not prepared to check, so be careful about adhering to that regulation.

  • 80 year old grandma with arthritis Jenn More than one year ago.
    80 year old grandma with arthritis

    Why doesn't Jetblue approve a carrier bag with wheels so my 80 years old mother with arthritis doesn't have to carry the bag????????

  • Beware: Weight Rule Eliza More than one year ago.
    Beware: Weight Rule

    Jet Blue has an apparently arbitrary 20 lb. weight rule. After numerous times flying on JB and other airlines with my dog in the same carrier, the ticket agents in Orlando made me put my dog in her carrier on the baggage scale and it came to 22 lbs. They refused to let me take her on. After I purchased a second ticket and flew on Southwest with my dog that same day, I realized they had me so rattled I forgot her toys, retractable leash and food we packed in the bag too, which added to the weight overage. Beware, a ticket agent having a bad day can make your day even worse.

  • DOGS ARE BETTER BEHAVED THAN CHILDREN!!! Michael More than one year ago.

    I have flown with my Maltese dogs numerous times and my dogs have NEVER made a sound, disturbed other passengers or created any problems whatsoever. They are hypoallergenic, don't shed and no one even knows they are there. I say to all dog haters, many, not all of the children are a disaster to fly with. They kick the seats, scream and cry when their stupid parents fly them at 11:00 pm when they should be in bed. Their diapers smell and their parents spend ten minutes in the restroom with them while we have to wait. We may have to put up with this nonsense but do not DARE to criticize the dog lovers who do not contribute these problems to the airlines. We even pay an extra rip-off fee of $100 per pet while the disruptive kids fly for free!!!

  • Why so expensive C More than one year ago.
    Why so expensive

    $100 each way-- that's overkill and absurd. How often do pets fly anyway? Is there a way that the fees can be reduced to a more reasonable amount???

  • Disappointed Giselle More than one year ago.

    I am not too happy traveling with my pet through Jet Blue. Why? The last time I traveled a round trip from Orlando to Aguadilla with my dog (she weighs 15 pounds and is a small breed--Jack Russell Terrier) AFTER paying for her ticket and AFTER being approved by the airline people at the airport, I get on the plane, sit in my seat and, all of a sudden, a flight attendant comes by and says "the dog is too big"…she was completely under the seat sleeping They, AGAIN, checked the dog and the bag INSIDE the plane. Of course, everyone looks at you like you are breaking some law. I was very upset and disappointed because after making sure everything was done exactly how they asked for, I encounter this problem when ON the plane. We have traveled from Orlando to PR with our dog like 3 times already and this is the ONLY time we have this problem. Oh, and this did not happen from Orlando to Aguadilla, it happened from Aguadilla to Orlando. BTW, my dog gets on the plane and sleeps. She does not bark; she just sleeps (the person who sat next to us didn't even realize we had a dog under our seat until the flight attendant came talking about "how big she is")

  • stupid Joe More than one year ago.

    It's stupid how you can't take big dogs only small dogs.

  • Size Restriction Carlo More than one year ago.
    Size Restriction

    Hey Guys, I know Jet Blue has a carrier size restriction the carrier being 8.5" tall. I already own a soft sided carrier that is 11" tall. I know I can easily squeeze it underneath the seat if the clearance is really on 8.5" tall. Do you think they will give me a hard time about this? Thanks for any answers or suggestions.

  • 22lb dog Maureen More than one year ago.
    22lb dog

    How can I get my 11 year old dog to Florida. She weighs 22 lbs and Jet Blues limit Is 20lbs

  • wonderful preemiememe More than one year ago.

    Jetblue was terrific, yes i kept my puppy under the seat for take off and landings,its safer in case we bounce in a airpocket.afterwards i kept my hand in the carrier,they were understanding and never bothered me.i also respected the rules.

  • 100$ each way for a 3 lb bag? Elbi Gowen More than one year ago.
    100$ each way for a 3 lb bag?

    100$ each way for a 3 lb bag? How is this justifiable? What resources exactly does a 3lb pound bag take up that is different then the everage free tote stored on under seats? Airlines are just banking on the fact that we will do anything for our pets. They have lost money with me though. ;-) I now drive to places i would have flown to which also saves me on car rental fees!

  • JET BLUE OUTSTANDING! Lexi More than one year ago.

    I do not know why they get such low ratings. I lived in Miami and had 4 rescues, all small breed-I was accompanied by a friend and we were able to PURCHASE two more seats for the two others and pay the dog fee (yes a rip off but beat making two trips) and bring all four in the cabin. One of mine chewed his way out of his JET BLUE carrier and was on my lap the whole flight and nobody said a thing! One was panicky and I placed his carrier next to me, opened it and kept my hand in it and my other two were under my feet and my friend's respectively and each of us had feet INSIDE the half opened carriers and nobody said a thing! I think the well being of my dogs is far more important than money and if I had to pay for two extra seats and 100 dollars per dog--it was worth having them with me and knowing they felt secure!

  • That's ok I can drive Ali More than one year ago.
    That's ok I can drive

    These airlines are desperate to fleece customers. When they told me I would pay 100 each way to bring a 5 pound dog I canceled my flight and decided to drive. The trip was fun and instead of flying every month I will drive from no on. ;-)

  • I would definitely prefer a small dog to a screaming kid on flight Lori More than one year ago.
    I would definitely prefer a small dog to a screaming kid on flight

    I had to deal with a baby crying and smelling of poop in the diaper the whole flight and smelling up the toilet when his mom went to change his diaper while my maltese laid quietly in her carrier under the seat sound asleep almost the whole trip and I got charged both ways for her.

  • ferrets not alowed stupid huh james More than one year ago.
    ferrets not alowed stupid huh

    why jetblue doesnt allow others pet beside dogs or cats this is stupid i want to take my ferret to dominican repulic

  • Prefer Dogs To Kids and Annoying People Donna More than one year ago.
    Prefer Dogs To Kids and Annoying People

    I flew on Jet Blue many years ago and had a particularly nasty flight attendant who made our trip worse than it should have been. I wrote a complaint letter, Jet Blue has come a long way since then. Maybe others had similar experiences to prompt this. I am also severely asthmatic and to all the surly "allergy sufferers" who complain about pets on board, take your medicine and politely ask the flight attendant to have your seat changed if you are that upset to be near an animal. It's not all about you, some of us enjoy travel with our pets. BTW I would pay an increased fare to fly comfortably in an exclusively pet friendly cabin. I wish there was an airline that would offer that option.

  • pets pat More than one year ago.

    I also have pet allergies,If people want to travel with their animals put them in their personal cars and they could smell each other,The same goes for pet friendly hotels.Get a sitter or board them.I don;t feel like sleeping in a bed with fleas and who knows what else.

  • Only dogs and cats? Jeff More than one year ago.
    Only dogs and cats?

    Only dogs and cats !, come on there are other pets in this world too. This stupid airline wouldn'd let me fly my own guinea pig who is less trouble than a dog or cat and alot less noisy. Other owners would probally say the same thing about there non canine and feline pets. They also won't allow rabbits,ferrets,hamsters,pot bellied pigs, but I dont blame them for birds their noisy.

  • Lovely but Expensive Cindi More than one year ago.
    Lovely but Expensive

    I have take my yorkie on Jetblue flights several times. The attendants were ALWAYS extremely sweet and considerate. My dog was 16 and blind so I wanted to hold him and they didn't have a problem with it. He slept in my arms the entire flight. On the other hand, the cost...I just don't get it. If the dog counts as my carry on, why are they charging me one hundred dollars? The carrier fits completely under the seat which most travelers luggage won't even do. I can't stand it when people bring huge suitcases and try to shove them in the above compartment for free and I slide my little carrier under the seat in front of me for one hundred dollars. Small children fly free. I just don't get the reason for the fee especially it being so high.

  • $100 really? Christine More than one year ago.
    $100 really?

    My ticket cost $58 - should the pet fee really be almost twice the fee for an actual seat? Couldn't I just purchase another passenger ticket? - ridiculous

  • great max More than one year ago.

    i just recently went on a trip with my dog and they were wonderful. they gave her treats and let us take her out and hold her and make sure she was ok and they let us give her, her meal so she would not be out of her routine. overall they were great and the flight attendants loved her they would pet her each time they came by

  • SF to JFK HDN More than one year ago.
    SF to JFK

    Cabin temperature was hot...felt like I was in a sauna. Didn't appreciate the barking dog on the flight either. Now that I know JB allows pets, I"ll have to use other airlines.

  • Not a problem danny More than one year ago.
    Not a problem

    I have flown Jetblue several times from Burbank to JFK. Bailey, our 9 pound dog fits perfectly under the seat in our carrier. We hav always be able to take her out of the carrier and put her under our blanket where she sleeps the entire trip.

  • Pretty Great, but depends on the flight crew Daisy More than one year ago.
    Pretty Great, but depends on the flight crew

    One way they were awesome and went out of their way to make sure everything was comfortable for my dog and that she was happy. On the return flight, they were not quite as nice (and strictly enforced the no out of cage rule). overall very kind, considerate and caring.

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