JetBlue is a low-cost American airline. Small pets are welcome to fly in the cabin with JetBlue. Visit Website

Or call (800) 538-2583 for more information. You can use BringFido to find a pet friendly place to stay at your destination.

Pets in the Cabin

JetBlue accepts small cats and dogs in the cabin on both domestic and international flights if the combined weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed 20 lbs (9 kg). Pets must remain completely in the carrier with the door closed and under the seat during the entire journey. The fee for this service is $125 each way.

Pets in Checked Baggage

Unfortunately, JetBlue does not allow pets to travel as checked baggage.

Carrier Guidelines

For pets traveling in the cabin, carriers must not exceed 17" x 12.5" x 8.5" (43 cm x 31 cm x 21 cm). Animals must be able to stand up comfortably and move around the carrier with ease. Carriers must have a leak-proof bottom and must be well ventilated on at least 2 sides. Pets are considered your personal item, and carriers are available to purchase through JetBlue.

Other Restrictions

Animals are not accepted in the Mint cabin of JetBlue airplanes. A total of six pets are allowed on each flight, so it’s best to book early. A maximum of two pets per traveler is allowed, each in their own carrier. In order to bring a second pet, a second seat and pet fee must be paid.


BringFido Guest Rating

JetBlue has received a rating of 3.3 out of 5 bones by 12 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Gleimy
    Sep 13, 2022
    Multiple successful trips on JB

    I’ve taken my 17 pound terrier mix on JetBlue about 6 times now. Never an issue. I had to do a lot of research to get a carrier that fits the dimensions they require, but ever since then it’s been smooth. Most of the time no one even notices he’s with me especially when flying out of places like JFK that have the kiosks for check in.
    I don’t take him out on the airplane so I don’t have any experience with flight attendants allowing/ not allowing that. We have an international trip coming up so hoping that is as smooth as our domestic trips.

  • Amy
    Jan 5, 2022
    JetBlue won’t allow pets in Mint class

    It really sucks that JB won’t allow small pets in Mint class even if you book one of the throne seat which means you have the whole row to yourself plus you get to close the door. Thee is plenty of room for a small 8 pound dog. I won’t fly JB again.

  • Kristin
    Dec 3, 2021
    The worst experience I have ever had with my service dog.

    All required paperwork,personal medical records,and proof of training. We were not allowed on. Now forced to resign from my 3mo commitment. Unfair, and devastating. Reporting.

  • Elizabeth
    Aug 1, 2021

    I flew with my cat. It was a very easy process. JetBlue doesn’t require any paper work for domestic flights so it makes it easy to hop on a flight with your pet. I had zero issues, and with how easy it is to fly with a pet with JetBlue, I’ll be flying with them again when I travel with my furry friend.

  • Jill
    Jan 13, 2019
    Outstanding Airline to Travel With Your Dog

    I've read all of the reviews on here and was compelled to submit one of my own. I have flown JetBlue almost exclusively since they started the airline.

    My family members and friends all fly with their dogs on JetBlue and have never had any issue. They allow you to have the bag out on your lap, with the exception of take off and landing which is a rarity in air travel. Most airlines make you keep the dog under the seat the entire flight.

    I have been in close proximity of people traveling with their small dogs both in the JetBlue terminal at JFK, in the gate waiting areas of airports across the country and on the plane. The JetBlue employees that I have experience have been nothing but nice to everyone--- even those who scatter the waiting area floor with wee wee pads and those who walk their dogs all around inside the terminal.

    In 2003, 15 years ago, before ESAs were a "thing," I was prescribed an ESA to help with my GAD and PTSD. Since I had been flying with JetBlue for a few years at that point, I continued to do so with my ESA. I was diagnosed with cancer a few years later and my ESA was medically alert trained as a service dog. When my dog died in 2016, I adopted another in early 2017. She became my ESA and is currently finishing her medical alert training now that she is over 2 years old.

    I can tell you that JetBlue has gone above and beyond anytime I have flown with them, which is quite often. My dog who turned 2 years old on November 21st will fly her 10th and 11th flights later this week and 12th and 13th flights in early February.

    To the reviewer who said her dog is an ESA but she doesn't want to go through the whole ordeal of submitting paperwork to JetBlue, you cannot pay for your dog to fly and then expect JetBlue to allow you to keep the bag open with your dog's head out as that is something reserved for people who actually take five minutes to submit the paperwork. It's actually a very easy process for anyone who sees their mental health professional regularly, needs an ESA for their wellbeing and who is a good pet owner and takes their dog to the vet on an annual basis (and gets them vaccinated for rabies like anyone owning a dog should). Literally, it's a short form that the mental health professional fills out, and one that the vet fills out and one that you fill out self certifying that your dog is basic trained to behave. and then you upload to the JetBlue portal. Quite simple, if you ask me.

    My dog has been through basic 1, 2 and 3 training, has one-on-one sessions with a trainer often and we work with the dog hours each day on her medical alert training, so 5 minutes of our time to comply isn't a big deal. I've found the people who have issues are the ones who bought a fake letter online and are angry they can no longer scam JetBlue vs. actually go to a therapist on a regular basis and have determined that an ESA would be a good coping mechanism in conjunction with ongoing therapy.

    Personally, I believe that anyone traveling with a dog including service dog handlers should be required to submit the vet paperwork and self certification, too, as people tend to have their dogs out in the airport. And, there are so many people I've come into contact with faking service dogs.

    I have found JetBlue to be absolutely amazing as someone who travels often and very accommodating to those with dogs.

  • Andrea
    Dec 15, 2018
    “World class service” is lacking

    I fly often for work, and for personal trips at least once a quarter with my cat Fluff. We have flown exclusively with JetBlue for 9 years (2 years for her). These last few trips have been just aweful. We fly in the “even more room” seats, I check my bag so I just carry her and a small purse even though her tickets are $125 each way. Never any promotions on her tickets. She IS an ESA, but I prefer to buy her ticket so we’re not constantly at the vet getting paperwork and I don’t mind paying, for the most part. However, she flys in her bag on my lap between takeoff and landing. Non negotiable. She likes to put her head out of the hand hole and lay on my heart to calm the both of us. She’s in her bag, except for a ‘sunroof’ of sorts. I ALWAYS check with any row mates to be sure they’re okay with this when we board the plane. This last attendant was SO rude about it. I’m sorry that I do not want to disclose my anxiety to the ENTIRE PLANE when I’m being chastised like a child because my calm quiet cat has her head on my chest. HIPPA laws prevent patient infor to be shared and it’s a trigger point for me to HAVE to make a case and display my documents aboard a flight where I’ve paid for tickets. It clearly states that this is okay on your ESA rules and regulations. If your in flight service staff have a problem, I can be spoken to in calm quiet tones not shouted at while manning a drink cart. I was about to buy my ritual cocktail, but I will not spend another dollar with your airline. I will not fly JetBlue again. I am embarrassed, my cat is upset and I can’t calm my anxiety, this is not “world class service”.

  • Donna
    Aug 1, 2018
    Jet Blue ESA Rules Are Biased

    I have a Jet Blue credit card and fly with Jet Blue almost exclusively. I was just booking a flight for me and my new ESA dog Zoe, and noticed that massive amounts of documentation are required for the ESAs, but not so for the passenger pets (with $200 tickets). To travel with an ESA, you need to submit a form signed by a doctor about the need for an ESA, a customer acknowledge form for the ESA need, and a vet form of good health. Nothing like that is needed for passenger dogs unless they fly internationally. The only important document for an ESA is the doctor letter that shows the need for the ESA. I am submitting that. I just hope Jet Blue doesn't say: "Oh but you need to submit the special Jet Blue doctor form" because that would mean I have to bug my doctor to fill out an extra form for "just this trip"! Jet Blue doesn't hold on to this information either. It has to be submitted each time. So Jet Blue, stop making trouble for ESAs!

  • K
    Dec 29, 2017
    Federal regulations, traveling with pets

    I, too, am a jetblue flight attendant. I love animals and have four fur babies at home. I understand that traveling is stressful, on customers and their pets. We (crew members) are not the ones who write the regulations and policies though we are required to follow them or face federal fines. Some crew members look the other way and don’t always enforce regulations. All of us should, as we are required by the FAA. Due to inconsistencies, the crew members who do their jobs following regulations and policies are looked at as the mean flight attendants. I love my job but we are here for everyone’s safety and not to make “nice” with every person and pet that travels. I can’t afford to be fined by the FAA for breaking regulations. They are in place for a reason. It is unfortunate that people don’t understand that we are just doing our jobs. I would never travel with my pets and disregard the policies, procedures and regulations regarding travelling with them and expect other passengers or the crew members to allow me to do so. Why put someone in a position where they would have to remind you of the rules and regulations? If you can’t follow simple rules then please don’t travel with your pets. If you do, don’t expect your crew to not enforce regulations just because the Crew on a previous flight may not have. Shame on the flight attendants who don’t do their jobs as required. I’ll continue to do so regardless of how “mean” you think it is!

  • Dawn
    More than a year ago
    Hurricane Maria catastrophe and need for more exact policy

    This story is about the need for JetBlue to be more specific about exceptions to the one animal per carrier rule. For example in transporting small kittens (who can't go in cargo on any airplane due to their fragility)...if is not prudent to separate small kittens as they draw body heat and comfort from each other. If a carrier can take an animal up to 17 pounds, why not allow 3 kittens under 2 pounds each? The story below highlights how dangerous it can be to say yes "on a case by case basis" and not make it a general rule that very small animals can travel together.
    I am in the animal rescue field and often transport animals. After helping to evacuate the entire St. Thomas Humane Society of 200 animals, I was flying back to Boston via San Juan the day prior to Hurricane Maria hitting PR, with three 1.5 pound kittens who were too young to have traveled through the long evacuation process we had in place. I felt they would be safer with me and bought them a under seat. At 1.5 pounds, they easily fit in the JetBlue carrier I owned. Leaving San Juan the day prior to Hurricane Maria, I was nervous about getting out of the city. I called and asked a Jetblue rep over the phone if my three kittens would be OK to fly in one carrier, since more than one animal was considered on a case to case basis. She said yes. I had also traveled with kittens before: no one has ever asked me to divide them into separate carriers. So, I arrive on the crowded airport well before my flight, wait on a long line at the help desk to process my kitten ticket and the man tells me that I cannot fly with 3 kittens, that the policy is a firm one animal per carrier. I say it says "case by case basis" and there are exceptions. He takes a full 45 minutes (meanwhile, there is a natural disaster coming and people are still trying to get flights and get out). I was filled with panic and incredulity that there was this amount of concern about three 1.5 kittens when a hurricane would tear up the city within 24 hours. I asked for a supervisor. An hour later, and only because of the impending disaster, was I allowed on the flight. It wasted time and effort and it absolutely terrified me. It also made me wonder if some people could not get out of San Juan because of the ridiculous hold up that this caused....

  • Bill
    More than a year ago
    Just okay

    Jet blue needs more leg space anyway. Not enough for the smallest of pet let alone a person there too

  • Lu
    More than a year ago
    Thank You

    I just want to thank you for allowing my pet to travel with me! A kennel would easily cost me the 200 so I am more than willing to pay it, without all the worries.

    Regarding allergies, there are allergies to many things including the scents of hair products and perfumes that many have extreme reactions to. Should we ban those things as well? I personally find strong perfume much more offensive than a clean pet...a stinky pet should be allowed to fly.

  • Jennifer
    More than a year ago
    Airline attendent

    I took my family and my elderly dog to vacation in Orlando. We occupied the entire three seats and the aisle seats next to my row with the 10 pound hypo allergenic Maltese and my kids. On flight from EWR to MCO the crew was outstanding. I kept the dog in her carrier on the floor until after lift off then she was much more comfortable in the carrier with my hand until liftoff but on my lap until landing. Since I had the entire row we bothered no one. On the way home we had the opposite experience. We had one attendant that which insisted the dog stay on the floor the entire time and she could not even poke her head out of the carrier. It was a HORRIBLE flight. I paid I think $200 round trip to bring her and expect some sort of compassion. Also it was only one attendant that was the issue. The rest almost looked at me and felt bad for the situation I was in because my dog was scared. Unless I knew which crew I was getting they will not get my business for family flight again.

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