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Spirit Airlines is a low-cost airline based in Florida. Small pets are welcome to travel in the cabin on domestic flights with Spirit. Visit Website

Or call (801) 401-2222 for more information. You can use BringFido to find a pet friendly place to stay at your destination.

Pets in the Cabin

Spirit Airlines accepts small dogs, cats, and household birds in the cabin on domestic flights if the combined weight of the pet and carrier is under 40 lbs (18 kg). Small dogs and cats are also permitted in the cabin on flights to/from Puerto Rico or St. Thomas. Passengers are limited to 1 pet carrier each with up to 2 pets inside. Pets are not permitted on international flights. Spirit Airlines limits the number of pet carriers in the cabin to 4 on routes within the United States, including San Juan, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. The fee for traveling with your pet is $125 each way.

Pets in Checked Baggage

Unfortunately, Spirit Airways does not allow pets to travel as checked baggage.

Carrier Guidelines

For pets traveling in the cabin, carriers must not exceed 18" x 14" x 9" (45.72cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86cm). Carriers must be large enough to allow pets to stand in an upright position and comfortably move around in the carrier, but remain fully contained inside. Pets must remain in the carrier at all times while on the aircraft.

Other Restrictions

Only 6 pets are permitted on each flight with Spirit Airlines.


BringFido Guest Rating

Spirit Airlines has received a rating of 2.7 out of 5 bones by 10 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Rebecca
    Aug 5, 2023
    Good experience (MIA - SJU)

    We have two ~17 pound miniature schnauzers who are at the borderline of what is acceptable if you go by height - we would probably be turned away by United (happened to a friend at the Houston IAH airport whose dog is the same size). We had no issues flying round trip from Miami (MIA) to San Juan Puerto Rico (SJU) and back with our dogs in the cabin.

    You can carry your pet in a carrier onboard along with a personal item (backpack). The pet carrier goes under the seat, and you will have to store your backpack overhead as there is only enough space under the seat for the pet carrier. When booking your flight online using the spirit app there is an option to add pets to your ticket, so you don’t have to call the airline to do anything extra. Each person can carry one pet carrier and the cost is $125 each. You do have to check in formally at the departure agent desk. They don’t ask you to take the dog out of the carrier. Going through security is alright; if you are flying from a busy airport Spirit has an add-on fast security pass you can buy while booking your ticket to let you go through first class/business class security (only specific airports). I have TSA pre check which is helpful.

    You have to take your dog out of the carrier to go through security. TSA does not have any relation with the airlines so they don’t care what size your dog is. No one checked on our dogs after security. On our flight the person next to us in our row also had a dog! All three dogs did very well and no hassle from the airline.

    A relative of ours has taken two puppies via spirit from Houston (IAH) to Miami (MIA) without issue (in one carrier).

    Overall I think dog owners with dogs that are “borderline” size (you know who you are), you are at the mercy of the airline staff, and this may be airport dependent. I’d encourage other reviewers to post the airports they use so we can all get an idea of which airports have more tolerant staff.

    We appreciate that Spirit staff are accommodating regarding pet policies and they can expect our continued business when traveling with dogs.

  • Laurie
    Jul 3, 2023
    Kicked off flight AFTER approved at check in!

    Avoid Spirit at all costs. Picked up my 8wk old Dalmatian puppy in Orlando and wanted to fly back to Richmond VA. Carrier (Sherpa) was approved at check in, got my boarding pass, boarded the plane, put carrier under seat THEN flight attendant says my carrier stuck out too far and I wouldn’t be able to fly. They started escorting me off the plane but passengers who saw what they were doing started booing and make a fuss, so they let me sit up front in slightly bigger seats. Carrier still stuck out as far.🤷🏾‍♀️

  • daniel
    Jun 9, 2023
    Spirit Airline scam

    Pet fee was partially refunded. The other half was posted in a visa card not associated to me. Somehow, Spirit Airlines took my refund for themselves and will not help me resolve this matter. Instead, they are giving me the business, placing fault to a 3rd party, but I know best. I directly book my pet fee through Spirit. It's been over 1 hr on hold to speak to supervisor. He stated he could not help me and refused to reverse the charges since it has been released to what he claim to be a 3rd party. Keep in mind, I made the pet reservation directly through Spirit and not through a 3rd party. The 3rd party has no information about the pet fee at all or any refunds owed to me. In conclusion, never deal with Spirit Airlines when traveling with a pet. They are not your friend. They will take as much money from you if given the opportunity.

  • Marian
    Dec 28, 2022
    Great Experience

    I visited Miami early December & flew with Spirit airlines. I was a bit scared about the boarding process with my dog because I had only taken flights with Southwest Airlines. The entire process from checking in my dog, to boarding was so smooth with Spirit. I’ve experienced nightmare stories with Spirit before but can honestly say they are a dog friendly airline. I also used the Sherpa pet carrier size large & it fit perfectly under the seat!

  • Sabine
    Sep 1, 2022
    Travel with MyBun

    I recently started traveling with my domestic Bunny on Spirit. What sold me was their reply to pets on the plane: no pets will ever be sent to the cargo. Every person that met him on the plane adored him and treated him with love and care. His pet carrier fit just fine under the seat. He was calm thought out the flight. The Crew was patient and helpful. I have flown 2xs so far (due to work) and have had no issues. Just a pleasant experience.

  • Lisa
    May 28, 2022
    Excellent experience

    Ok, I have read a lot of bad reviews for flying with a pet on Spirit so I want to say my piece here. They were so friendly and easy at the ticket counter. I have a 14 lb Pom terrier mix. His back pack was 18x14x9 which are the requirements for the airplane. They checked us in said hi to my pup and told me all about their fur babies and off we went! Easy and friendly. He fit perfectly under the seat and the stewardesses were so sweet and kind. They definitely don’t deserve all the bad reviews they are getting. We need to post the good stuff too. Also if people are pushing the rules and think they can walk on with a carrier or dog that doesn’t meet the requirements then you can’t except to be accommodated! I also recommend the Mr.Peanut backpack carrier on Amazon. It can lay under the seat and sit upright when not under the seat. It’s sturdy and light with lots of great pockets and padding.

  • Tasha
    Apr 9, 2022
    No hassel

    I flew to Houston Texas from California to get my puppy. My first flight was canceled about 6 hours before departure so I had to cancel the whole trip. I waited a few days and decided to give Spirit another try so I booked again. My first flight there was uneventful. My return flight with the puppy was not so great. I was told to check in at the desk even though I had already been given a electronic boarding pass just for them to print another of the same exact boarding pass. Upon check in I was asked of I was aware of my flight delay and I said no. I was told that my flight was delayed 2 hours. I wasn't happy but proceeded through security to wait at my gate. There was no mention of the puppy on my boarding pass so I asked a Spirit gate if they could confirm my carry on pet which they did. My flight home had delay after delay after 3 different gate changes I was very relieved to get on the plane to head home. I had a very small carrier for my less than 1 pound puppy and placed it under the seat with my small personal backpack and I was very uncomfortable with no space at all. Im only 5'4" and I had no space to put my feet at all. With the TSA limits of liquids I was only allowed to bring very little wet food for my puppy which didn't last long after several hours of delays for what was supposed to be a 3 hour trip home so I had a cranky puppy. The flight was freezing both there and back not comfortable at all. I was very disappointed in my experience with Spirit and I do not recommend people with pets to choose this airline. There is no space at all. On a positive note the staff was friendly but a friendly staff isn't enough for me to ever fly Spirit again. They are known for their cancelations and delays (I wasn't aware until I was upset and started researching) so consider that as well

  • Alexis
    Sep 25, 2021
    Don’t do it (9/2021)

    I’ve been traveling with my 6 year old doodle since she was 6 months old (for 5 years as an ESA and now as a pet in cabin). She is 15lbs and we use the Sherpa carrier. When I tell you I’ve never, ever had an issue flying with her, I mean it. She’s been on at least 40 flights with me on every airline under the sun. Come today, I was checking in at Spirit for a one way flight and they asked to see her in the carrier, fair. I put her in and zipped it up. The lady then proceeds to tell me because her head touches the top of the carrier when she stands, she cannot fly with me. She suggested I buy a bigger carrier and come back, which doesn’t even makes sense bc a taller carrier wouldn’t fit under the seat. That was it, nothing I could do. They refunded me and I booked a flight a few hours later on delta. No problem. Flew jet blue on the first leg of my trip, also no problem. I don’t understand how her head touching the top of the carrier has any impact on her ability to fly with me. She has plenty of space and can move around freely. Don’t fly spirit with your pet.

  • Sean
    Oct 23, 2020
    Denied at check-In

    My 15 week, 15 pound puppy was denied at check-in today, as I was told his carrier was too small for him. His carrier is approved for dogs twice his size. He was sprawled out fully and asleep and they wanted me to wake him up and make him around. They were completely unwilling to work with me and told me even if I got a bigger carrier he couldn’t fly because the carrier would be too big. I had two dogs with me and one is an ESA. I had to go through complete hell to get Spirit to approve her papers even though I submitted 10 days before the flight. DO NOT CHOOSE SPIRIT FOR PETS AND ESA! The first check-in agent told us the carrier was fine and then another one came along and said it was not. This was a case of someone having a bad day and having a power trip to ruin ours. We’ll never fly with Spirit again. We have reported the employees that was dealt with at check-in and I demanded a full refund and got it. If they tell you you cannot get a refund, keep asking for a supervisor and demand it and you will get it. They have the ability to give you your money back if they screw you over so get your money back and choose another airline.

  • Katrina
    More than a year ago
    Poor service

    Very disappointed with Spirit. Booked my flight online (which didn't ask for pets) so when I called to add him to my ticket they said they could not accommodate my dog due to the 4 pet limit per flight they have. While I 100% understand this rule, I was not aware that they had reached the limit at the time of my booking. They said I can still fly WITHOUT my dog or change my flight and pay for the difference ($150+) in addition to the pet in cabin fee ($110) in addition to my original flight cost ($139). I had also originally paid extra to select my seat and lost that payment with the flight change- couldn't even get a refund! Very unfortunate being as I would have gone with another airline had I known I would have to pay this!! Outrageous.

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