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United Airlines

United Airlines is a major American airline based in Chicago, IL. Small pets are welcome to fly in the cabin with United Airlines. Visit Website

Or call (800) 864-8331 for more information. You can use BringFido to find a pet friendly place to stay at your destination.

Pets in the Cabin

Small pets (dogs, cats and rabbits) can travel in-cabin with United Airlines. Pets must remain inside their pet carrier underneath the seat in front throughout the journey. Only 1 adult cat or dog is allowed in each carrier. Pets must stay in their carrier with the door closed, under the seat at all times. Traveling with pets in-cabin is only allowed for cats and dogs when there’s space available. Puppies and kittens must be at least 2 months old on domestic flights and 4 months old on international flights. The fee for pets in the cabin is $125 each way on United Airlines flights.

Pets in Checked Baggage

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed to travel as checked baggage with United Airlines.

Carrier Guidelines

For pets traveling with you in the cabin, carriers must be hard or soft-sided. Hard-sided carriers can be a maximum of 17.5" x 12" x 7.5" (44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm) and soft-sided carriers can be a maximum of 18" x 11" x 11" (46 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm). Pets must be able to stand up and safely turn around in the carrier.


BringFido Guest Rating

United Airlines has received a rating of 2.2 out of 5 bones by 38 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Michael
    Nov 21, 2023

    Do not take any animal on United. Their policy is vague and leaves everything up to the discrepancy of the rudest desk agents ever. We got berated for being bad pet parents by Lisa at EWR. Our 14lb rat terrier uses (and loves) her sherpa. She has toys in it. She moves around in it just fine. United claimed she was too big and they only transport "teacup sized dogs."

  • S
    Aug 14, 2023
    Do not fly with United unless you have a toy pet under 10 lbs

    Horrible experience flying United from LAX to RDU. I booked my pet (15-16 Lb chihuahua mix) through the United Airline call center with no issues, and paid the pet fee on the phone. Once I got to the United counter at LAX, the check-in agent said my pet would not be able to fly since she wasn’t getting up and turning around in her crate. My pet was tired from all the walking we did the day of, and she wanted to rest. She didn’t want to get up and turn around. Luckily, the manager that came by to confirm said we can fly this time but she was going to make sure that my pet would not be able to fly with United again. I am appalled; I have had no issues with Delta, Frontier, American, etc. United was the only airline that gave me heartburn. Just a warning to all-don’t fly United unless your dog is a tea cup or toy breed.

  • Melissa
    Jun 17, 2023
    we can't all be wrong

    United can eat a bag of dog biscuits. They denied my toy fox terrier (#10) because of the height issue. They saw her turn around in the bag and admitted to it. The manager was rude and rolled his eyes. There was another lady next to me who's small dog was also denied. I have flown with my dog in a sherpa for years. She is calm and well-behaved. I wound up booking on another airline/flight without issues. That said, I kept my return flight, just to see if they were consistent with the policy, United had no issue with my dog on the return flight at a different airport!!!! She didn't shrink. They are the worst. I pointed this out to the customer service reps when I called. this is completely subjective. I think they should go off of weight, or give an exact shoulder measurement.

  • Cristina
    Apr 11, 2023
    Ridiculous "stand-in carrier" requirement - denied check-in

    One bone for a supervisor that did help. But zero for the check-in agent in Seattle who was incredibly rude and unreasonable. She wouldn’t let us fly with our 10-pound dog (who has flown several times with United) because the dog was above the carrier when she lifted her head to look up. I tried to demonstrate to her how the dog was small enough to stand up and turn around inside the carrier when it was closed, but the agent refused to look. She said that we should just take her to Alaska Airlines and she would refund us the pet fee (but all five of us in the family could not get a refund!) We had to call a supervisor who fortunately was kind, allowed us to show him how the dog could stand and turn inside the carrier, and agreed that she could travel. United needs to train its agents, not just about what "turning around in the carrier" means (it’s not the height of you the puppy with the head lifted looking up!!!!) but also about how to interact with customers. The agent was rude, condescending, and outright unprofessional even though we were very nice to her. Finally, we will never fly United again when we have our puppy (which is most of the time) - and maybe never, as this experience, despite the supervisor’s help and kindness, has left us feeling mistreated and disrespected. We are very disappointed as we have always flown with United very happily.

  • C
    Mar 23, 2023
    How can I give negative bones?

    My dog is a registered service dog but we booked a flight last minute so we did not have time to submit the paperwork prior. He’s small so I decided to just fly him as a pet — like others, we were denied at check in because he cannot stand inside his carrier. This is ridiculous because their height requirement is 11inch max, which means my cat can’t even stand inside the carrier. They then tried to get me to go to a nearby Walmart to buy a bigger carrier, saying that the maximum height limit is 13 inches, which is NOT what their website stated. After showing them their own policies, they were still relentless and said “oh well if the dog is bigger the carrier can be bigger” wtf? That makes NO sense! I’ve flown with my dog both as a service animal and pet prior to him obtaining his credentials more than 10 times with a handful of other airlines and had NEVER had an issue. I ultimately called the United service line and luckily was able to add him as a service animal last minute, but for those traveling with pets, AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! My cortisol levels probably will never be the same.

  • Teresa
    Mar 14, 2023
    ONLY FLY UNITED with Pet < 9 in. tall

    NEW POLICY is found nowhere online. But when you arrive to check in, you will be greeted by the most irrational, capricious policy ever. Pictures that indicate not fully erect dogs with heads down in carriers are prohibited from flying because they can not turn around. A funny photo of an 8 inch tall labrador retriever is given as a permitted example. Online a tall cat lying down is shown as acceptable. When I showed this to agent, she said that doesn’t count because I have a dog. 1579 miles from home, I was given no solution, other than returning with a taller carrier, but obviously that would not fit under the seat. Apparently the managing agent was not familiar with the under seat dimensions. Good luck trying to reason with these nimrods!! Fly American!!! Save your money.

  • Natalie
    Feb 26, 2023
    Travelled with two in cabin dogs on UA

    We just traveled Boston to SFO with 2 dogs 16 and 19 1b. The check in at special services was pretty smooth until a supervisor came around and wanted to see if the 19 pound dog could turn around in crate. He could. He still thought he was borderline and the original check in person thought it would be fine. He finally relented. They did fine on the plane. Was a long flight with a delay so probs 7 hrs. The last hr they were pretty restless. They did go on our laps for the middle 2-3 hrs. Flight attendants didn't care. Had lots of treats and marrow bones to chew on in their carriers. They were groomed prior to the flight so didn't look too big fluffy and we got lucky and were in the comfort plus seats which allowed more leg room. The middle and window seat had lots of room, the aisle I noticed was narrower at the feet. We go back to Boston in a month so let's hope check in goes smoothly in SFO. Domestic flights don't ask for health certificate or rabies certificate. Just the being able to turn in crate and look comfy. I wouldn't never do it for a trip less than 3-4 weeks. The cost is high and it's stressful.

  • Cameron
    Jan 26, 2023
    Denied Boarding for my 13 pound doodles

    I have two mini golden doodles, both are 13 pounds and are frequent flyers 50+ flights each.

    I was questioned by the checkin counter saying they can’t stand up and turn around even though they can. The supervisor allowed them to go and I thought it was just a grumpy agent. I then mistakenly flew United again out of a different airport (Newark) and the same thing happened. They told me the dogs couldn’t stand up and turn around and that they now put a note in my file saying I can’t fly with pets on United anymore.

    It seems like they’ve changed their policy for the worst. My dogs have been flying for 6 years without issue and now this has happened two times within a few months.

    Fly another airline if you can.

  • Pete
    Jan 11, 2023
    Denied boarding

    Like others, my dog was denied boarding. I show them that he could get up and turn around in his carrier, but they refused him nevertheless.

    I will never fly United again. Curse this airline and may they go bankrupt and fail for putting people in needless misery.

  • Marissa
    Dec 5, 2022

    Was denied flying with my dog this morning who has flown a dozen times in this carrier on this airline. Was told she can’t stand up and turn around and that there was no way we could fly with her- again, even though this has never been a problem in the last. Ruined our entrie day and vacation. Horrible, rude employees at Newark airport who are on a power trip

  • Agp
    Nov 25, 2022
    No problem at all!!!!

    We flew from Jacksonville to Washington Dulles. We checked in at Jacksonville airport not even looked at. Return flight from Washington Dulles same thing. No one even paid attention to us. The gate agents actually let us board early. We have a 6 pound Maltese about 5 months old. He is actually a certified service animal for my PTSD. Maybe that’s the reason. But no issues at all!

  • Maria
    Nov 5, 2022

    If I could give them a -1 i would. I I was supposed to travel from Newark to Reno, NV with United airlines on 11/05/22. I had a terrible and unforgettable experience with the staff at United. My dog and I were going to travel, but were unable to do so because apparently he did not fit in his kennel. I have been traveling with United for 9 years with my dog and never have I had a problem until today. The last time we traveled was on May of 2021 and had no problem, my dog even lost weight since then. I always choose pet-in-cabin for the safety of my dog. Never in a million years would I have thought I would go through this, especially with United who’ve I chose in the past. We’ve used the same kennel and his size has not changed and we traveled easily in the past BUT now all of a sudden we can’t anymore? This airline has lost my respect and most importantly a customer. If you are traveling with your furry friend please don’t use this airline!!! Fly with Alaska Airline!!! So long United, I will no longer be traveling here. For those who are considering traveling with United and your pet, this is your sign not to!!

  • Mya
    Nov 2, 2022
    Denied at DFW Airport

    Sadly we were denied with our pup. We had a health certificate from our vet, and he was doing good in the carrier. We were about to be set to go and a woman comes around and yells “HE’S TOO BIG NO.” Me and the lady next to me both got denied. Her pup was smaller than mine. We both are extremely upset and while we sit here trying to figure out what to do, the United employees are making fun of us. Never flying United again.

  • Scott
    Oct 24, 2022
    No trouble with my 18lbs Cocker Spaniel

    I brought the health report the last few times when flying with Luke, but the latest time I didn't even bring one and everything went fine. Not sure if I'll risk that again but it's been easy flying with him. I am sure to give him a haircut prior to flying to make him look smaller.

  • Maurene
    Oct 22, 2022
    Denied boarding after traveling multiple times

    So I travel back and forth from the same destination monthly and one of my dogs travels with me. Her size or my bag have never been an issue until today. Now mind you my bag is regulation size for UA and I actually purchased it after it was recommended by them as opposed to my older bag. I got to check in and today suddenly the bag is too small or should I say the dog is too big. She is a stubby legged Havenese who loves her bag...actually jumps in it when we are home to snuggle up. The group of ladies.....6 the counter want her to stand turn and do circus tricks it seemed like on demand. Now she is shaking and nervous. The bag or the dog is deemed too large for the carrier that she has traveled in ON united airlines at least 10 times in the last year...I actually have old bag tags still on there. They absolutely denied boarding and when I called I was told it was the discretion of the agent at the time. The supervisor was also nasty, condescending and confrontational. I also wanted an answer to why today was different and I couldn't get one. Do yourself a favor and find another airline. They are the worse!! I have never had anything like this happen in all my years of flying with my dog!!

  • Jessica
    Sep 28, 2022
    If only there was an option for 0/5

    United Airlines is TERRIBLE. They insist that dogs are required to be a certain age to fly but there is NOTHING on the website that says this. They sent me to their pet policy, so I quoted it to them, then they sent me to the CDC website, which did not agree with what they were saying, so I quoted that to them. They are obtuse and refuse to work with you at all. I'm done with United Airlines, period.

  • Liz
    Sep 2, 2022
    Insane about the ‘stand in carrier’ requirement

    Wouldn’t let my 19 lb shiba inu fly, ruined vacation. Took over an hour to argue with multiple desk agents who felt my dog was too large for the carrier. He can indeed stand and turn around but enjoys laying down in there so kept laying down. When he stood up they said ‘that’s not enough room’. They insisted it ‘wasn’t safe’ despite me having flown with him 10+ times. They were also just extremely rude about it and said ‘well others aren’t doing their job’. Yeah what heros you kept a family apart in a time of crisis. To add insult to injury when my partner and dog declined the flight (with no refund ofc) they booked his seat so I didn’t even get the seat next to me that I booked. Never again with or without dog

  • Benjamin
    Aug 22, 2022
    No more PetSafe

    Was hoping to take my dog back home to Canada but looks like large dogs have no options with united.

  • Juliana
    Jun 16, 2022
    Avoid at all costs if you don't want you furry baby to die!!!

    Terrible flight, bad old airplane, insensible and unhelpful crew. Never use United again.
    Thankfully, my cat didn't die. but I was convinced that he was going to and we were in-cabin. I cannot begin to imagine how they are treated in cargo. I had booked a direct flight to make sure my cat was the least traumatized by it. He had flown before with Spirit on a 2 hours trip and even though he was a bit scared, he was ok. Now, I was hoping to have good experience with United Airlines in a 5 hours direct flight. I talked to multiple representatives that assured me the plane was equipped for pets in-cabin. When I got to the plane, the airline gave me the middle seat and the carrier wouldn’t fit underneath the seat…. I couldn’t even make the carrier get in between the seats, left alone place it underneath it. I talked to the crew and they gave no solution to the issue and told me, it should fit. (No, it didn't fit, my carrier was specifically picked with the appropriate dimensions that they have on their website). So I had to chug him into there and he was immobilized caused the space was so small. He got extremely desperate and claustrophobic plus anxious…. He started bitting the carrier to get out, and ripped the carrier on both sides, and got out of the carrier when we were in the plane. Plus cried the whole 5 hours.
    He was so desperate, I had never seen him this way. The space was so small that he got claustrophobic, and the plane was so old, that you could feel every move, and plus it was loud AF. I placed a blanket to cover the carrier and I was pushing him inside the carrier with my hand the whole trip. And in all of this, the crew was helpless. I called them a hundred times so they would help me in any way because I was desperate and they wouldn’t do anything, even after seeing my fingers bleeding (no first aid kit, no bandage). They downright ignored me, didn’t even give me food like the rest of the passengers because I was dealing with my pet.
    Finally, my cat comes out of the carrier after 3 hours fighting the whole thing, in which I let the crew know once again and told them it's not my fault since I had been telling them about the situation and they had ignored me the whole flight.
    So the supervisor finally pays attention to me and tells me if I could have him in my backpack…. so I was like, so you want me to suffocate him?
    Thankfully, I brought his actual appropriate cat-backpack and he calms down like for 15 minutes before going back into full desperate mode once I place him underneath the seat.
    So for the remaining 2 hours I keep him on my lap inside the backpack, he gets out again through the mesh bubble, and I kept him with me for like 20 minutes while there was turbulence going on.
    I called those people to help again and they told me to try to restrain him, and only call them in case of an emergency (I thought that was an emergency, but seems like they didn't think that). So I tried to put the backpack altogether while holding Bubbles at the same time and get him inside again, then I point a full light to his face, so he would close his eyes. That worked for like the last 45 minutes of the flight, because he looked to the other side and closed his eyes. He never stopped crying though and the couple of times I had him on my arms, when I touched his chest, it felt like his heart was coming out of his chest. This has been the worst experience I've had with an airline, and will for sure never travel with United Arlines ever again.

  • Antonia
    Apr 14, 2022
    Bizarrely strict

    My dog just got turned away by United at SFO. He’s a 20-lb chihuahua mix. He was in a L snoozer, which we have taken on Alaska without issues, and which fits under the seat in front of us. It is soft sided. It meets the stated restrictions. They said they couldn’t accept him because he couldn’t stand up and turn around in the carrier (he could, but was currently seated, front legs up, carrier closed). When he then actually stood up and turned around in the carrier, they said he didn’t have enough headroom. The family next to us (with small dog, 2 small kids) were having the same problem. Our agent said that if it were just him in charge he would allow it, but he had to ask his supervisor, and she was “really anal” about it. Look, I understand reasonable restrictions, but given that we have used this carrier on Alaska with the same dog before, and given that another small dog in another regulation carrier was also being denied, this wasn’t reasonable. My husband had to miss a weekend away with me to stay home with our dog because we hadn’t planned alternate arrangements for my dog, so United ruined my trip. Take Alaska instead.

  • Cari
    Sep 28, 2021
    Never United!!!

    I would give negative bones to United if I could - they HATE pets! I have Maine Coon Cats, but I'm leaving a review here since traveling is the same whether it's with a cat or dog. I've had a couple previous unpleasant interactions in the past with carry-on kitties on United and I avoided the airline for a long time. I am flying a LOT this year, though, defending my show cat's international placement (currently Best). United is one of the three major airlines that flies out of our small regional airport, so I thought I would give them another try. NEVER AGAIN, United! My cat is heavy and I use a pet stroller, which also gives him a little more room on our frequent layovers. I've gate-checked that stroller a couple dozen times on every major airline INCLUDING 3 FLIGHTS (6 legs) ON UNITED! Never had a problem until yesterday. Returning from Tampa, Fla, the check-in agent saw the stroller and told me they could not gate-check a pet stroller. She REFUSED to check me in, even though the stroller GOT to Tampa being gate-checked. The supervisor backed her up, insisting that the policy was posted on the "flying with pets" page and it was too bad that others had not followed it but they were going to. That policy is NOT posted where *I* or any of my friends could find it on the pets page! I begged them to let me pay the baggage fee that they insisted on, but still gate-check. NO was the answer. SO... I was stuck in SFO hand carrying my cat to a gate in another terminal - I should have made them call a wheel chair for me. I'm on the older side and have some previous injuries so with that extra weight, I was really slow. No time for lunch or the offer of a litter box for my cat. NEVER AGAIN! United Airlines, you SUCK!

  • Sunny
    Feb 17, 2021
    Conflicting Stories/No Accountability!

    I called United twice ahead of flying with my dog as I was concerned about a line on their website that stated a dog cannot travel within 30 days of their rabies vaccination, and I was going to vaccinate her a few days ahead of my flight to ensure her shots did not expire during our trip. Both customer associates assured me that, as my dog is not a puppy and will have received three rabies vaccines in her lifetime, this policy did not apply to her - it only applied to new puppies who were receiving the vaccine for the first time. With their reassurance, I took my flight.

    The outbound one was fine; there were no issues at the front desk. The inbound one was the problem. At the front desk, three different associates scruntinized her shot records and referred to their 30 day policy. I patiently tried to explain to them that 1) she had been allowed to fly a few days earlier and 2) I had been concerned about this issue & for that reason had proactively called United, not once but twice, and received reassurance that I wasn't doing anything wrong. I asked them if I could call United so they could hear it from someone else, but they immediately denied this and continued to be rude and abrasive. They also tried to gaslight me about my outbound flight, saying that there was no way another United front desk would have let my dog fly (although, my standing there in front of them in that city should have been proof enough). Finally, they let me go on the flight with my dog, and for the sake of getting out of there I didn't push the issue. There is something that continues to bother me about this situation, as there was no accountability from United though I tried to be a responsible customer & I was met with rudeness and condescension. I will not fly my dog with United again.

  • Sean
    Jul 5, 2020
    They lied, misled, avoided me, then denied me

    United Airlines screwed me. I called the accessibility desk in mid-June asking if rabbits were allowed as emotional support animals TWICE; BOTH TIMES they said yes, on a case by case basis, but that I'd need to file paperwork through the ESA portal, which I filed on 7/1.

    I reuploaded them today on 7/5 after talking to a rep at the desk who said it was never received (despite the portal saying they were all received and the service rep referencing my paperwork while talking to me--oops).

    They even indicate here on their own website that they accept rabbits specifically:

    I spent ~250 bucks securing and renewing the necessary paperwork and filed it 8 days early, only to be told 2 days before my flight that rabbits are NOT allowed at all. See attached screenshot of their email contradicting both their website AND what their service reps said.
    Why?! WHY lie about this! Just be honest up front! Don't they realize that people with a legitimate need for an ESA have them for severe anxiety and/or depression? They’ve made mine ten times worse. They cost me money and time and sanity for no reason other than wanting to APPEAR that you're supportive of this when you're clearly not. Now I'm sitting in any empty apartment scrambling to find new travel accommodations. United is terrible.

  • Elizabeth
    Jan 27, 2020
    Went Well Overall

    I would give them 3-4 stars (bones?) if not for the great costumer service I received. The first time we tried to bring our dog to the airport for her flight, we were turned away due to an unknown embargo. They said the embargo must've been put in place last minute because they usually call or email if there is an issue, and they had never seen that happen before, but we were still pretty mad about taking our dog all the way to the airport and stressing her out only to be turned away. The staff at the counter were 0 help but the PetSafe rep got us on another flight before her health certificate was expired (in less than the 5 day minimum). We were told to call the ticket counter before leaving the day of her make-up flight to make sure all was good to go but of course the ticket counter won't take calls. But the PetSafe rep assured us she would be able to fly anyway. They recommended we file a complaint through the United Cargo website and after a few weeks (I guess they were investigating) they issued us a full refund for their mistakes. I really appreciate when a company can own up to their mistakes, and I didn't expect more than a hollow apology. Our pup arrived in good health, on time, and happy to see us. Despite the stress and confusion I would use the service again because I think they take care of their cargo and customers.

  • Phillip
    Jan 23, 2020
    Call before booking

    I knew that Delta's minimum age was 10 weeks, but I booked on United anyway. Big mistake! After I booked, the next day I called to pay for my puppy's flight home. As soon as they asked her age they said she's too young. Minimum age to fly is 16 weeks. Had to cancel the flight, and rebook somewhere else. That is okay, because United's ticket was $1100, on Delta was $325! Just call before booking!

  • Sharon
    Apr 6, 2019

    My 17 pound Jack Russel /Chihuahua mix has flown in cabin with me on every major carrier including United in a soft sided carrier at least 20 times. Today as we are trying to leave Reno the check in agent and then her supervisor said that he was too big for his carrier because he couldn’t “stand up”. He can stand and turn around even if a bit stooped because soft sided carriers are very forgiving. I am stuck in Reno overnight and at great expense had to buy a last minute flight on another carrier tomorrow. I will never fly United with or without my dog again.

  • Debbie
    Mar 25, 2019
    ANIMAL CRUELTY by UNITED's "NOT" Safe Pet Cargo

    Please take to heart my WARNING. DO NOT use United Airlines (NOT) Pet Safe Cargo. Their animal abuse and irresponsible handling continues sadly as my new 9wk pup was a defenseless victim of a BROKEN LEG during her transport. They say they will pay your vets bills yet do not and take no responsibility for their cruel actions! The list is long of incompetent actions by United from changing flights without notice, undisclosed holding locations, to stating problem may have been at locations this pup never visited, such as Paris and Honolulu?? My pup flew from Montana by a reputable breeder, a happy pup with all health certs to me terrified with a BROKEN LEG. A complaint filed with DOT was the only action to get a phone call by a superior with United. This woman was quick to point out several ways they owed me nothing. I wish there were ZERO STARS, please don't risk your loved pet to what has happened to me and so many others! See article 3-24-19 about this very issue.

  • Caroline
    Nov 13, 2018
    Smooth Sailing (almost)

    I flew my dog on a direct flight from ORD to PHX. I was terrified considering the bad reputation that United has. But they were the only airline who would fly a dog her size with a direct flight from Chicago to Phoenix.

    The process leading up to it was very easy. They are very responsive and helpful over email and were quick to update my account when I submitted the required documents.

    The only reason I'm giving them 4 stars is my dog was almost not able to fly because I did not bring the "original copy" of her health certificate. I read through the instructions several times and spoke with the PetSafe reps to make sure I had all necessary documents. It doesn't say anywhere that I need the original document of her health certificate. Luckily they made an exception for me but please take note of this if you are flying with United!

    As far as the actual trip everything went very smoothly. I was lucky enough to pick a window seat (28F) where I was able to see her being loaded and unloaded. (I actually got a video of her being boarded, too) She was the last to be boarded and the first to come off the plane. She was transported directly from the van to the conveyer belt and they were not unnecessarily rough.

    When I picked her up she was obviously tired but overall she was fine. I could tell they gave her some water because her bowl was wet when I let her out.

    I wanted to leave this positive review for anyone else like me who was terrified of flying their pet and wants any confirmation that it is not going to be a traumatic experience. Just make sure you bring the original copies of their health certificates. That was the only negative part of my experience.

  • Kevin
    Jul 22, 2018
    New restrictions on customer-paid carry-on pets are rediculous

    First, I have to admit--and be greatful--that UA allows pet birds on board. I have gladly paid the $125 each way, even though it was often more expensive than my own ticket. But now they say the carry on pet counts as one of your carry-ons. That means the real cost is $150 since you have to check a bag. And the new rules are uninformed. Read the instructions. At the airport, under no circumstances, can you take the dog out of the carrier. TSA disagrees with that, obviously. And until United owns the airport, I don't think they can regulate this outside of their gate areas. Is American Airlines going to let United regulate the behavior of people passing by their gates? I think not.

  • Jessica
    May 8, 2018
    United will kick you off your flight!

    Do not fly United with pets. My parents were kicked off their flight today. They purchased their tickets and my dog’s ticket on the phone with no issues. Then when they got to O’Hare airport they were informed no dogs are allowed in cabin anymore. My parents had to drive the 3 hrs from the airport back home because all other airlines were too expensive for same day ticket. United did nothing to help.

  • Anne
    Mar 16, 2018

    Just don't; they are actively trying to eliminate pets from their flights. I've flown twice with my dog in the last month and horrible experiences both times - can't gate check stroller as special handling, must go with checked luggage even though smaller than child strollers. Can't unzip carrier 2 inches for extra air circulation when no air in hot cabin. On and on. Just don't fly United if you care for your pet.

  • Alyssa
    Dec 18, 2017
    Awful PetSafe customer service experience

    My disaster began yesterday with United. I am (still) in the process of shipping a dog from DFW to BOS to get my puppy home. He's a 5 month old non-Pit breed, but he looks like one. What's important is that his health cert says otherwise.

    When the breeder brought him to the airport on 12/17, a cargo supervisor (with an authority complex) said, "That looks like a Pit, he can't fly). The breeder turned around, drove 2.5 hours home and had to do it all over again today. I called United and DM'd them on Twitter and they supposedly called DFW to intervene.

    They let her check the dog in, but not without a fight. The workers discriminated against the dog based on looks only, not the health cert signed by the vet. I'm SO relieved to know that United's cargo workers are dog breed experts. I can rest easy tonight just praying my dog makes it to Boston in one piece.

  • Mary
    More than a year ago
    Satisfied Customer

    My new puppy came from Indiana to Reno last July and she was 7 weeks old which I thought might be too young. I offered to go pick her up because I had heard horror stories. The breeder reassured me that said she only flies the puppies on United and she used a booker and hadn’t had any problems. Puppy had one short layover in Denver. We met her in Reno. She was the first one off the flight before other passengers and baggage. I went to the UA baggage service and gave them the claim email and they tracked the flight and as soon as it was on the runway the UA employee went to the tarmac with her radio and was communicating with everybody to ensure that she was the first one off the place. The UA employee was back in about 5-7 minutes after leaving. Our puppy was calm and clean. She was curious but not distressed. Her carrier was clean and spotless. She wasn’t thirsty or hungry when we took her out of the carrier. She needed to pee which UA gave us a pee pad to use. They also offered to get her fresh water and also gave us time to acquaint ourselves with puppy at their luggage area. The breeder and I compared photos of her drop-off to my receiving and they were almost exactly the same. I would recommend UA pet cargo service.

  • Judy
    More than a year ago
    From fearful to delighted

    I recently flew United with my 9 yr old Jack Russell who can be very jittery (I rescued @ 7 years so don't know the issues surrounding her behaviors.) Due to some of the harsh reviews I was nervous about having the proper carry on crate etc. From the moment I encountered the person who printed our boarding passes I sensed we were in for a good experience. EVERYONE was extremely helpful & reassuring. The entire process was flawless and would definitely again fly United with my pet!

  • Kristin
    More than a year ago
    Dog was WELL taken care of

    We flew from Dulles International in Virginia to Honolulu on a non-stop flight for our move there. We had a WONDERFUL experience. The petsafe guy at Dulles was FANTASTIC. He calmed all our fears, explained how she is taken care of, made extra sure that she could reach her water and food bowls, took out a drill to screw extra holes in the attachable bowls so he could make sure they wouldn't fall during the flight, and was very gentle with our dog. You could tell that he really cared and he mentioned to us a couple of times about how he really loves his job and all the animals. He put us at ease.

    When we boarded the plane we asked one of the pilots (didn't know he was a pilot at the time since I missed the bars on his uniform shoulder) to make sure that we didn't leave without our dog. He got off the plane and waited on the tarmac for our dog to be boarded, took a picture of her with his phone, and then came all the way back to coach to show us the picture. Just, WOW. He didn't have to do that.

    We saw the air conditioned van pull up to the plane right before we took off and we saw it waiting for us at the gate when we landed in Hawaii. When we picked up Basie at Hawaii she was sleeping in her crate. There was no food or water spilled and she had no injuries. We are very happy with our experience and will definitely use petsafe in the future.

  • Thomas
    More than a year ago
    Horrific Nightmare

    From the actual boarding to ridiculous requirements on size, dimensions, waterbottle length etc for transport to the fact that they demanded all of my brand new champion puppy's original documents only to lose them and be unable to ever find them on the other side...this was the most traumatic and stressful and expensive experience for our family, and the employees were all completely incompetent. Everyone tells you a different thing. If the website says the carrier must be 17.5 inches wide, when you arrive there is someone insisting it be 16 inches wide. My pitiful spaniel was terrified amongst all these militarized, huge killer breed dogs barking ferociously. His entire cage was covered with feces, and he was swimming in his own urine. I paid thousands of dollars for this. United is the worst.

  • Breanna
    More than a year ago
    Overly impressed

    After reading the horrid reviews I was dreading sending my dog on any airline, let alone United. Unfortunately this was my only option. I went to the cargo area to send out my 4 month old puppy and the workers were nothing but helpful. They helped me with the paperwork, adding stickers, and gave her ice chips. Also pet her and calmed her with me. I was pretty upset and nervous leaving. During the time I was at the cargo office there was severe wether, which didn't help, knowing her flight will likely be delayed. Once they said they were ready I sent her off after a rough goodbye, worrying completely about her trip. I constantly checked her flight status and shipment tracking status. Then I saw the news that her flight was delayed. I was unsettled even more because the delay was an hour and a half. Called in to check on her status and was told they were checking on her, talking to her, and giving her ice chips and that she was calm. They also said her flight may potentially be cancelled, and if so they will get her on the next flight which unfortunately was still 4 hours later. Waited on the flight status, and found that the flight was still delayed. We called the worker and he personally said he would go get my puppy and care for her at his desk. He went above and beyond for me and my puppy. He even recommended that we switch her flight since the plane she was meant to be on was having mechanical problems. When it was time to board, he called us and told us she was being loaded onto the plane. I can't believe how far he went to care for our puppy and ensure her safety and happiness. When she arrived in Chicago she was promptly unloaded and when we received her she was cleaned up and her crate was as well. They also took great care of her. I cannot give anything but praise for this experience! Thank you for taking care of my precious cargo united!

  • Rob
    More than a year ago
    Outstanding - pilots are fully on board

    We've taken dogs on United 9 times now. Several flights ago, our dog appeared to be late in getting to the plane. The pilot's response: "I will not leave the gate without your dog."

    I mentioned this experience to the pilot on the next flight. He not only said the same thing, but when there was a delay in leaving the gate, personally went to check on my dog. He then looked for me in the cabin to report back.

    On my most recent flight, the pilot went to cargo and took a selfie of the dog, then found me at my seat to show me.

    This is outstanding service in my book!

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