WestJet is a low-cost Canadian airline. They allow passengers to bring pets into the cabin and hold on a number of different flights. Visit Website

Or call 888-937-8538 or 0800-279-7072 for more information. You can use BringFido to find a pet friendly place to stay at your destination.

Pet Reservations

WestJet does not allow pets to be reserved online. To add your pet to your travel plans, contact WestJet Customer Service at 1-888-937-8538 to speak to a representative. All of the WestJet aircraft have different restrictions on how many pets are allowed in the cabin and hold. For pets traveling in the cabin, Boeing 737-600, Boeing 767-300, and WestJet Encore Bombardier Q400, all allow 4 pets per flight; and Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800 allow 2 pets. For pets traveling in the hold, WestJet 737 aircraft allows 3; WestJet 767 aircraft allows 2; and WestJet Encore allows 1. If you're worried about room for Fido, you can contact WestJet at 1-888-937-8538 and tell the agent that you are traveling with your pet to guarantee a spot. Before making the call, make sure you check the entry requirements for each specific country you plan on traveling to.

Pets in the Cabin

WestJet welcomes a number of different pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, and some types of bird) to join you in the cabin. Fido must be small enough to fit in a carrier underneath the seat in front of you. Passengers are permitted to travel with 1 pet each. Animals traveling in the cabin have a fee of $50-59 each way.

Pets in Checked Baggage

WestJet welcomes certain animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and hedgehogs) to travel as checked baggage in the hold. The maximum combined weight of your pet and carrier is 100 lbs (45 kg). During times of extreme temperature in the cargo area of planes, pets won't be allowed to travel. Animals are not permitted to travel from December 15th through January 6th each year. The pet fee for pets in the hold is $75-88.50 each way.

Pets in Cargo

Passengers with pets who exceed the weight limit for travel in the hold, or those being transported alone, can contact WestJet Cargo Team at 866-952-2746 to transport Fido as cargo instead.

Carrier Guidelines

For pets traveling in the cabin, carriers should have maximum dimensions of 16" x 8.5" x 10" in (41 cm x 21.5 cm x 25.4 cm). They should be soft-sided, airline-approved, leak-proof, secure, and well-ventilated. Additionally, they shouldn't be hard-sided or allow animals to pop their heads out. For pets traveling in the hold, carriers should not exceed the dimensions 40" x 27" x 30" (101 cm x 68 cm x 76 cm). They must be hard-sided, have the wheels removed, be airline-approved, well ventilated, lined with absorbent material like a towel, marked with "LIVE ANIMAL" and "THIS WAY UP" arrows on 2 sides, and marked with your pet's name. You'll need to provide Fido with built in food and water containers as well.

Other Restrictions

There are some restrictions on pets traveling in the hold during certain months. This is due to extreme temperatures and overcrowding. WestJet currently does not accept checked animals on the 787 Dreamliner. Additionally, WestJet accepts qualified individuals with an emotional support or psychiatric service dog on flights to or from most destinations. You can contact them to find out the exact details at 888-937-8538.


BringFido Guest Rating

WestJet has received a rating of 3.8 out of 5 bones by 57 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Kelsie
    Aug. 21, 2019
    We <3 WestJet!

    Recently flew from Alberta to Newfoundland direct with WestJet and brought along my 40lb mutt, Groot. He travelled in the kennel underneath the plane. WestJet was awesome! From the check-in staff to the flight attendant who brought us our slip to let us know he was on the plane safely to the baggage handlers who offloaded him at the oversized luggage area - he was well looked after. Strongly recommend if you are flying with a pet in Cargo that you fly WestJet.

  • Natalia
    More than a year ago
    Not Impressed

    I am an animal lover and will be taking my two cats with me in the cabin when we immigrate to the USA, HOWEVER, my recent experience with WestJet was less than satisfactory. The lady travelling next to me had a dog - on her lap - who was licking, jumping all over me and was not in a carrier at all the entire flight. To me, this is unacceptable. If you are going to travel with pets, please ensure they are in a carrier. As much as you might love your pet, other people might not!

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    NOT pet friendly

    Westjet is not pet friendly, I brought my dog on board and the airline attendants became very aggressive about me stuffing the bag fully under the seat and and overall seemed angry that I had an animal onboard. In regards to the seats on this flight....they keep getting smaller...and even though I called and asked if my dimensions worked prior to the flight the bag did not fit. I think maybe a hamster bag could have fit under these seats.

  • Gina
    More than a year ago
    Charlie our King Charles Cavalier loves flying West Jet 🐶

    Our Charlie is a frequent flyer with WestJet. He has been several times to Mexico, as well as Vancouver with us. He is so quiet that people can not believe we had a dog in cabin with us. We have never had a problem with WestJet. They have always been kind, even bringing us a bit of water for him if needed. He usually sleeps the whole flight though. So thankful for this allowance in flight , as we are gone for a month at a time in the winter and couldn't be without my pup. Thank you WestJet

  • Coleen
    More than a year ago

    I flew three flights with our Cairn Terrier who is 18lbs and her carrier is 1lb which makes her under the 20lb rule. On the 3rd flight I had a very difficult time getting her on board as they said she didn't fit into her carrier. The same carrier that she voluntarily sleeps in each night. I leave it open in our front entry and she spends her naps times and nights comfortably in it. I was sternly warned that I would not likely be permitted to fly with her in the cabin again as she was not able to sit up inside of her kennel. This is not true and it is the opinion of one person who has now flagged me and when I check in with her in the future I will inevitably have to get a supervisor to assure that things are OK. However, I had zero trouble with her on previous flights. All flights are 1 hour and 17 minutes in duration. Even after sharing how our pooch is more then happy to go inside, turn around, sit (she lays down almost immediately because this is where she naps. The counter agent made me feel awful and that I was abusing my precious pup. She is 12 and has travelled via car on 3 day trips and was a former show pup, so she is used to being out of her element. She navigates the airport happily and actually chooses to rest in her carrier while we wait. I have 3 pre-paid flights with her on the reservation but I am worried that I will be denied boarding, which will definitely be a huge hassle. I spoke with West Jet customer care and they said that if I want assure her boarding, I should place her in cargo. I am just frustrated that I have without any hassle travelled with this airline and because of one persons unwilling to be reasonable I am going to be forced to purchase yet another airline approved hard-sided kennel. I will now have 3 crates/carriers.

    Being inconsistent with their policy makes me worry that maybe they are inconsistent with other aspects of their airline. I have been a raving fan of West Jet up until this most recent experience.

  • Carol
    More than a year ago
    80lb gsd

    When my Gsd was a puppy we travelled from cabo San Lucas to Edmonton, I was so amazed at the quality of service given by westjet, especially the hostess bringing me the receipt to my seat to say that my dog had been loaded on the plane, phew what a relief I was worried that he would not get loaded in cargo. Made my flight even more relaxed. But unfortunately my gsd has outgrown westjet said size limititations he now needs the 700 series giant kennel and westjet does not accept that size. So sorry westjet we will be unable to fly with your great service anymore.

  • KT
    More than a year ago
    Flight was a success

    Flew YEG to CUN (Edmonton to Cancun) with three dogs: 76 pounds, 65 pounds and 32 pounds. All had to be checked baggage and only 3 flights per dog. Booked our reservation over the phone- Don't book online as you need to confirm they are on the flight with you. Arrive early (3 hours) so you can book them in We had great staff, petting them, asking if they could have treats etc. while we booked them in. No issues. One dog was slightly overweight so asked us to put her in a lighter crate (switch dog/crate we had) so we did but no issue. They were really good in Canada and Mexico. It can be done!

  • Tara Piccinato
    More than a year ago
    Flying with cats in cargo

    Westjet was great flying with one cat and placing her under the plane as cargo. The process was easy and my cat was waiting for my right at the baggage claim when i got off the plane. Going to take her as carry on now for my big move back home to Ontario!!! Looking forward to the even easier and cheaper price to take her as carry on this time around. Might get a sedative from the vet and might need one for myself at the end of all this haha just kidding! Props to Westjet hopefully they're just as smooth this time around!

  • Avvie
    More than a year ago
    Sherpa carrier (size small) works for cats being carried on

    After going to 6 pet stores in St. John's, I found a small carry on pet carrier that fit the specs WestJet has for pets flying under your seat. Small Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier in size small: dimensions - 15 L x 10 W" x 8.5 H". Pet Zone sometimes has them and toherwise you can order them on Amazon. Thought this might help save some others trouble, as I spent 2 days hunting for the right one :)

  • Philip
    More than a year ago
    Westjet is NOT a Pet Friendly Airline

    Even though the government of Canada and the Government of the destination country authorize the travel of the dog (small enough to carry in cabin), and even though Air Canada allows dogs on the very same route, Westjet does not allow pet travel to the destination according to their Director of Regulatory Affairs, because " there is not a business case". Explain how that makes Westjet a pet friendly airline!

  • Catherine
    More than a year ago

    I confirm after flying with Air Canada and Westjet this past weekend (July 2015), Westjet flight attendants were extremely rude and uncaring to me and my dog. My dog was nervous and crying during the flight. As soon as they saw the zipper open for like an inch, they told me to close the zipper. I told them my dog was nervous and crying, so I needed to calm her down by petting her and they said with a stern face, "We don't allow that." I explained how my experience with Air Canada was different that Air Canada flight attendants allowed me to put my hand into the bag to pet my dog during the flight. I wasn’t asking Westjet flight attendants let me open the bag widely—just enough to put my tiny hand in (For reference I weigh 110 lbs so my hand is not too big). They said they couldn’t allow that no matter what. There was no compassion, care, apologetic gestures—they were sternly and extremely rude. They even shoved my bag underneath the seat saying that the bag can't even come out an inch from under the seat. I will never ever be flying with Westjet ever again after this incidence! All pet owners out there who want to fly with pets as carryon, DO NOT FLY WESTJET and avoid them at all cost!

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Travelling with Cats

    I have traveled with one cat twice in cabin. Had to get a soft sided carrier, and I got the smallest one, it worked out fine. I think most cats would be fine under the seat.

    The first time I flew I got a vet letter saying my cat had been vaccinated and was under sedation. Probably because I was staying in country, the airport or WJ staff didn't even ask to see it. Next time I flew without.

    I got a sedative from the vet for my cat. He tends to meow during take off and landing, but other than that, settled in just fine (and he doesn't always like the car). I was assured by WJ that pet's are welcome and if anyone complained about my cat meowing, that would be their problem.

    Just an FYI- as per WJ guidelines, there IS a maximum number of pets per flight (in cabin), and only ONE pet per person. Guests flying with pets will be asked to move if there are other guests with allergies.

    Going through security is pretty easy- take the cat out of the carrier, carrier goes through the scanner, pet goes with you through the people scanner, pet back in the carrier.

    Now I am trying to fly with 2 cats, and the only option is to check them as baggage- which is stressing me out, but might be the only option.

  • Calgary Expat
    More than a year ago
    Thanks for an easy experience

    I just wanted to say thanks to the staff at Westjet for making our experience as stress-free as possible. My wife and I flew out of Calgary to Toronto with out American Cocker Spaniel. The staff explained the process and were very helpful in answering our questions. Thanks Westjet, will definitely be flying with you again when we travel with our pet.

  • Eileen
    More than a year ago
    Pets during layovers

    I have been very happy with WestJet--and can ditto most comments about staff. My next trip includes a 2-4hr layover in Calgary either before or after flight to TO. Has anyone retrieved their dog and taken for walk in their Dog Relief Run in Calgary. 10-12 hrs seems like a long time in the kennel in baggage.

  • William Webb
    More than a year ago

    WestJet Staff & Crew have always gone above and beyond their duties to assist me and my Service Dog Spencer, Thanks again for everything.

  • Hannah Rochow
    More than a year ago

    My name is Hannah Rochow I am 14 years old and this year (2014) for the summer I wanted to bring my Senegal parrot on the plane with me. She isn't big, she is only 4 ounces, but she can chew threw material in 20-30 minutes. So I read up that I needed a soft-sided carrier cage, so I proceeded to buy one. On the way home she was inside, she chewed through it by the time we got home!! I then bought a cage that was hard with wire across the top. The clerk assured me that I could take it on the plane. The day of my flight I was denied to take it with me. When I was checking-in I tried to explain to the west jet customer service rep that my bird would chew right through the material, that's why I brought the hard case. I was told it would be okay to bring on the flight. She proceeded to tell me that I couldn't fly with west jet if I wanted to take my bird. My mom asked if there was anything that she could do but the lady refused. She said it was the west jet custom, and there was nothing I could do. I was heartbroken and I had to go on this trip (for 2 months) with out my bird. Is there a solution that west jet can come up with so I can take my bird, because a soft carrier DOES NOT WORK, my bird will chew through it. Please let me know, so everybody involved can be happy. I am sure I am not the only one with a bird they want to travel with.

  • Astonished
    More than a year ago
    Contradictory info

    Under kennel specifications it say in westjet cargo, maximum height is 34". I booked our flights and you are only allowed to book cargo 4 days before. Now they tell me 39" is the largest kennel??? Get your act together Wesrjet! We have spent a lot of money on a trip that may not happen now because of your contradictory information!

  • Dianne
    More than a year ago
    Frequent flyer

    My bud Percy and I are taking our third trip to Mexico with WestJet. I agree with other travellers that WestJet is the best airline to use when travelling with a pet. They are friendly helpful and thoughtful of your needs. As a single traveller, the combination of luggage, purse, papers, carryon, crate, and dog can be a bit overwhelming, but there is always someone to give you a hand with WestJet. I give my guy a child's gravol at the last minute, and although I'm sure he's not happy to fly in cargo, he arrives with tail wagging and doesn't seem worse for the ordeal. A tip for Mexico, is to do your homework and have all the papers you can gather. Having then stamped and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is a definite plus. The Mexican authorities are very appreciative if all the t's are crossed and i's dotted and the papers are adorned with official stamps. Happy travelling.

  • Cher
    More than a year ago
    2 Dogs

    I called Westjet to ask about my 2 little Yorkshire Terrier's traveling on the plane with me in one carrier.

    Please know that They Do Not allow 2 pets in same carrier and only Allow one dog to travel under the seat infront of you. I am quite upset as I am moving to Ontario and they are small breed who need each other's comfort while traveling. It scares me to think they will be under the plane from 1:00pm - 12:30 Am.

    I just wanted to let everyone know 1 Dog per person.

  • Alina
    More than a year ago
    Carrier Question


    I'm about to take my rabbit with me to Quebec City, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows where to buy the specific on board kennels?


  • Janet
    More than a year ago
    wheezy in the west

    I love dogs and cats but unfortunately have a serious allergy to a protein in their saliva and must say that flying in a pet-friendly cabin is a bit distressing. It seems almost inevitable that I end up with a small animal under my seat or in my row. I am always having to change my seat at the gate in order to make sure that I am far enough away from animals. Consequently I spend most of my holiday travel sitting in a middle seat miles away from my family. I would like to suggest that West Jet simply designate rows either at the front or back of the plane in which dogs are permitted and then I could also book seats accordingly. It would also be appreciated if West Jet staff would enforce the requirement that animals stay in their kennel and not on the owners' laps which I have observed both at the gate and on the plane. Hate to be so negative but it is terrifying having an asthma attack (despite use of medications!) in the air and have almost had to have a flight redirected for medical reasons.

  • Shadow
    More than a year ago
    Consistently pet friendly

    Shadow has flown many times with West Jet as did the dog before him. They both fly in cabin. Unlike Air Canada which had a period where this was not allowed. West Jet has always stood by our dogs so they are my airline of choice and always will be. The staff of West Jet never act like a pet is something to be endured like Air Canada but always admire him and are friendly and nice. As he is a very social dog this is much appreciated.

  • Aj
    More than a year ago
    Toronto-Deer lake NFLD

    I was wondering if they would let my 3lb and 5lb dogs to fly in the cabin with me in the same carrier. They both have room to turn round lay down and sit. They have sepration aniety with me and each other. I am turning 16 2 weeks after my flight and am returning 3 weeks after my b-day. help if you know anything please!

  • Sue
    More than a year ago
    Wonderful Service

    I have flown over 20 times with my dog on both of the major airlines in this country and by far find that West Jet is hands down my choice of air carriers for pets. The cost is easier on the pocket book and West Jet will handle pets up to 100 lbs where as Air Canada only does 70. My dog is 75 with the kennel which adds a ton of hassle needing to use AC cargo service.

  • Heather
    More than a year ago
    West Jet a Dog's best friend

    We fly with our Lab on West Jet 2-3 times a year, the WJ staff are amazing both in Canada and Mexico, each time they have made sure she was the last to be loaded in cargo due to hot temps and the first to be taken off long before the luggage, keep up the good work WJ you are the only airline that counts in Mexico and Canada.

  • Robin
    More than a year ago
    thank you westjet

    in light of all the problems with airlines and pet policies and crabby travellers....thank you westjet for not changing your policy! every winter i travel to mexico for 6 months with my chihuahua in the cabin....if you ever changed your policy, we would be forced to make the long dangerous drive....as well, several times i have brought rescue dogs back in cargo...thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Cockermom
    More than a year ago
    Very Dog Friendly Airline

    We were extremely impressed with the way WestJet handled our dog from the moment we checked in. A staff member walked with us to the inspection area and then stayed with us (and allowed me to give my dog some water and kibble) while waiting for someone to take our dog to the holding area (before the flight). They require that pet parents fill out a ticket with their seat number so when your pet is loaded onto the plane, a crew member comes to your seat and hands you the ticket and you know your fur baby is on board.

    The staff was very friendly, courteous and helpful. I would use them again although their seats aren't the most comfortable. Their pet rates are much lower than other airlines and they do a better job. You can't go wrong with West Jet if you're flying your dog.

  • Barbara
    More than a year ago
    travel with pets

    Love travel with west jet and my Yorkie! Travelled to NS Last summer and were redirected to Nfld because of fog. When the captain was notified that there were two dogs aboard he took both dogs and Their Owners off the plane to runon the grassy strip on the side of the runway and even went back to the plane to get bottled water for them ! Hats off to West Jet for the most amazing care of pets...and people too ! No other airline I wish to fly anymore ....west jet rocks !

  • Mel
    More than a year ago
    2 dogs in cabin 1 in baggage

    I love westjet! My husband I traveled internationally on a 4 hour flight with 2 little chihauhau in cabin and our 14 lb bichon as checked baggage, and everything went super smoothly. The check in staff was fast and no hassle, and the flight attendants were extremely caring and understanding. When we landed, my sweet bichon was already waiting for us at the baggage claim section. I will be flying again in a few weeks and I will absolutely use westjet again. I have used other airlines to travel with them before but westjet seems to be more hassle free and more caring and kind, the fees are way more reasonable too! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND WESTJET TO ALL THAT TRAVEL WITH PETS OR WITHOUT! THANKYOU WESTJET! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  • Katherine
    More than a year ago
    US Customs

    I am traveling from Vancouver to Palm Springs with my 6 month old puppy. I have her vac certificates and it says on it that she is found to be healthy. Has anyone ever been hassled at customs?

  • Amy
    More than a year ago
    Travel WJ with 2 Dogs Mothly

    I have been travelling on WJ once or twice a month for the last year with my 2 dogs. My Sheltie is 28 pounds so she happily travels underneath while my 15lb Shih-Tzu fits under the seat in the cabin. Every trip has been incredibly stress free. On one occasion I was not able to see my pet loaded into the belly of the plane and I asked the crew to please confirm she was loaded, the captain actually came to see me to put my mind at rest that he himself had checked that she was on board. Any WJ staff that I have spoken to either over the phone while booking my flight (you should ALWAYS book your ticket this way - not on line in case there are too many animals on the flight already), at the check-in counter or at the terminal have all been very kind, caring and knowledgable about the policies and procedures. It is also quite nice that when you have a pet they give you the option to pre-board the flight so that you may get pet settled before the mass entrance of all the passengers. I highly recommend WJ for travel with or without pets. I guess that WJ staff also being the owners really is paying off.

  • Laurie Schnabel
    More than a year ago

    My husband and my golden are to b flying from australia to newfoundland .We are dealing with world wide animal travel and they are telling us we can't fly our dog on the island !!!!Meanwhile they flew him out from Deer Lake NL 2 1/2 years ago.Now they say the planes are tooo small to fly him into Deer Lake.So we were hoping that they could at least get him on the island and we can drive to get him!!!!My nerves are gone and don't know what to do anymore !!!!! Can someone please help me !Please west jet and customers any suggestions ....i'll b heart broken without my boy!

  • Mis
    More than a year ago
    Westjet best choice

    It turns out that Air Canada has a ban on flying with dogs during the summer months too, but luckily Westjet doesn't. Westjet is way more pet friendly than AirCanada to the point where I have decided I will always fly Westjet whether or not I have my dog with me. I want to support the airline which understands the needs of pet owners!

  • Amanda
    More than a year ago
    Size restriction is ridiculous!

    I have an 80lb German Shepherd Dog. She stands more than 32 inches tall at the shoulder. I couldn't squeeze her into a 26 inch crate even if tried. That is just ridiculous. West Jet obviously doesn't care about x-large dogs. I guess we're going to be driving across country this summer. Really disappointed - I've flown with West Jet before, with a cat, and everything went great.

  • Jordyn
    More than a year ago
    multiple WJ flights with my cat

    great advice and messages

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Multiple WJ flights with my cat

    Having flown my cat many times with WestJet, I am always impressed by how straightforward it is.

    He is a big animal - big for a cat, at almost 20lbs and probably 14 inches high at his shoulder. He is a Maine Coon (one of the biggest cat breeds) and is a terrible traveller when it comes to cars.

    Before I travelled with him the first time, I called WJ and asked them about their policy, and they said that as long as the carrier will fit under their seats, they will allow it (hence the dimensions they give you) but with a soft sided kennel, this allows a bit of flexibility on the height, I have found. I also talked with my vet, and he prescribed my cat a half dose sleeping pill which I could give him upon leaving for the airport, and leaves him sleepy and docile for about 8 hours. This is great for taking him through security, when they typically ask you to remove your pet from its kennel and carry them through the x-ray machine with you.

    I think almost any cat would fit by WJ's standards if my cat will fit. Good luck fellow pet lovers!

    P.S. To all those who are commenting that we shouldn't travel with our pets... I only ever fly with my pet when I am moving. Some of us just have to fly (for one reason or another) and would rather take our pets than abandon them.

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Multiple WJ flights with my cat

    Having flown my cat many times with WestJet, I am always impressed by how straightforward it is.

    He is a big animal - big for a cat, at almost 20lbs and probably 14 inches high at his shoulder. He is a Maine Coon (one of the biggest cat breeds) and is a terrible traveller when it comes to cars.

    Before I travelled with him the first time, I called WJ and asked them about their policy, and they said that as long as the carrier will fit under their seats, they will allow it (hence the dimensions they give you) but with a soft sided kennel, this allows a bit of flexibility on the height, I have found. I also talked with my vet, and he prescribed my cat a half dose sleeping pill which I could give him upon leaving for the airport, and leaves him sleepy and docile for about 8 hours. This is great for taking him through security, when they typically ask you to remove your pet from its kennel and carry them through the x-ray machine with you.

    I think almost any cat would fit by WJ's standards if my cat will fit. Good luck fellow pet lovers!

    P.S. To all those who are commenting that we shouldn't travel with our pets... I only ever fly with my pet when I am moving. Some of us just have to fly (for one reason or another) and would rather take our pets than abandon them.

  • Michelle
    More than a year ago
    Great travel with Westjet

    My dog has always had a good trip with Wj. He is a medium sized dog so he rides cargo. I highly recommend a good long walk over any drugs and puppy will be just fine. As well practice having them in the kennel if this isn't a regular environment for them. The more familiar they are the better.

    I would also recommend going early so that you don't stress about being late for your flight since they tend to check the kennel.

    I will keep using WJ I feel that he is in good hands.

  • Diane
    More than a year ago
    Have travelled with lg. & sm dogs

    My lg dogs have flown in cargo . I think it's o.k. but stressful. I always give gravol. It makes them a bit sleepy. I have a sm dog now & she is taller than 8 " but can still easily turn around in her carrier. I have taken her on 4 hour flights no problem. She curls up in a tiny little ball to sleep anyway. She does look larger because of her fur. I bought her carrier at Pet Smart.

  • Ron
    More than a year ago
    2 dogs in cabin

    can you travel with two small dogs in cabin?

  • Stacey
    More than a year ago

    I have an 18 Lb Boston and I found a great carrier at Canadian Tire for only 29.99. I went to Westjet and they approved and checked this carrier. It was one inch over length and one inch over height- but soft sided and it easily fit their tester carriage at the front check in. The picture on the carrier shows the proper measure at 8.5 from the dogs shoulder to the floor- and it would seem that most dogs 20 lbs and under are 8.5 to 10.5 from the shoulder and they still can turn around easily in a soft carrier and they can stand but maybe not so comfortably; but still humane enough for a one hour flight :)

  • Julie
    More than a year ago
    You don't want dogs in the Cabin

    My Boston Terrier weighs 11 lbs, but can't fit into a crate that is only 8" tall. I truly believe this is Westjet way of discouraging pets in the Cabin. Air Canada allows 10 1/2" tall carrier. MUCH MUCH BETTER

  • Roxanne
    More than a year ago
    flying in winter

    Anybody take their dog on the plane in winter (January in Canada!)?? I'm thinking of taking my pug from Halifax to Edmonton and am a bit worried about the temperature in the baggage area. Any responses appreciated! Thanks.

  • Carol
    More than a year ago
    soft-sided cat carrier

    Where would one buy a soft--sided pet carrier that is only 8.5 inches tall? My daughter is flying to Toronto and cannot find a carrier that small.

  • Loraine
    More than a year ago
    JR Travel

    I have flown with an adult JR in cabin back & forth from Wpg to Saskatoon - no problems; she is 13 lbs and 12" tall and her carry-on Sherpa Bag was Airline Approved - and fit under the seat. The Staff were great every time. I also brought home a JR puppy from Halifax to Wpg and again, staff was great and not a single hassle. The ONLY airline that will get my business regardless if I fly with or without my dog(s).

  • Michelle
    More than a year ago
    Florida to Newfoundland

    I recently flew with my dog from Fort Lauderdale to St. Johns Newfoundland via Toronto. I want to start the review by saying that my dog and I made the trip without any issue from the airline. In general they did a great job with everything. I was a calm but assertive passenger meaning I asked lots of questions and on both flights I waited until I saw her being loaded on before I boarded the plane. If you are unable to see them go on, I would suggest asking the staff to call the baggage handlers to make sure they are on the plane.

    My trip was a tough one because I had to make a stop, go through customs, and take a second flight. If I were going on a direct flight, it would have been SO super easy. Toronto Pearson is a drag of an airport and we raced the clock to make it through all the steps to get onto our connecting flight. Westjet did their job very well. The only criticism I would have is that they were not well informed of the process I had to go through in Toronto. It would have been very helpful to have some knowledge of the process.

    I have not flown my dog with other airlines so I don't have comparison but I can say that when I made phone calls, West Jet were the best and actually knew about their dog policies and seemed to care about that aspect.

  • Sandra
    More than a year ago
    Only fly Westjet!

    My dog has been flying with me since he was 5 months old. We have never had a bad experience with WJ. The last time they all crowded around and made a fuss of him since they had never heard a peep from him. Love WJ!!!

  • Claudia
    More than a year ago
    Need info.

    I have a terry-poo (small to medium sized I guess) and we are getting ready to move to Brooks. I was wondering if my dog has to have all his shots before he's permitted on board. We have a hard sided kennel so he'll probably have to go in checked baggage. Any info would be great. Thanks.

  • Ashton-Connor
    More than a year ago

    it says that we are aloud a bird on board with us. this i think is wonderful!!! but has anyone on the west jet crew ever owned a bird???? because from the info on this page it says that we can only have a soft sided cage no wire! a bird even as small as a budgie can chew through ANY material!!! they are required by pet stores to live in wired cage for THEIR safety! yet on your guidelines it states that they have to be under the seat at all times in a material "hard bottomed" carrier the bottom will not do any bird any good and i can garantee that it will not take long for a bird to get out if they are nurvose!

    my purpose for typing this is i have a cociteil she is amazing and very well trained but no matter the training she knows there is no way you will get her to be in a soft kennel ! now a small wire one YES it is perfect and it CAN fit under the seat! for me she is a service animal though. my only problem is it is not a recognised kind. as she helps with mental illnesses anxiety around people she warns me of panic attacks but there is no "specific" licence or paper work for a service animal of her kind!

    I hope you can reconcider you guidlines for taveling animals for your airline safety as i am sure you dont want birds chewing through material! I thought I would point this out!

    Take care and I hope I have helped and hope to fly west jet soon! thank you for having the oportunity to alow travelers to have their animals on board!

    Ashton- Connor

  • Dogowner
    More than a year ago
    Westjet is best choice

    I have traveled with all 3 of my dogs at once on Westjet (2 in cargo and 1 in cabin), plus just with the one in cabin a couple of other times. Westjet policy/process and staff were awesome - caring, considerate, clear with instructions and friendly. In comparison, I have had to go on Air Canada too - with the exception of a helpful and friendly flight attendant on a flight from Edmonton to Calgary, they all barely "tolerated" my traveling with a pet (I was given glares of disapproval and little instruction on their process) -- as a note if you ship your pet in Air Canada cargo, you can't be assured they will be on your plane; they may be on another one behind/ahead of you. Air Canada also has more size limitations. Choose Westjet whenever you can!

  • C
    More than a year ago
    come on...

    If you have a problem with the pet policy, then don't take your pet. Try and find another airline that will accommodate a pet in the cabin. If your animal is too big to fit under the seat then they can go in the baggage compartment.

    I know for a fact that the men and women that work on the ground will take your dog out and play with them while they are waiting to load baggage, as long as you are ok with that. They will play with them in a secure area so that they can have a little exercise before boarding the flight. Every commercial passenger airline is in the business of transporting people, not pets. I think we should be thankful that it is even an option.

  • Roger
    More than a year ago
    my tea cups

    my partner got home so safe to newfounland with the little ones.under 2 pounds..ure staff .....with that comfortable....smile.............guaranteed..west jet...ARE PET LOVERS..best way to fly...my experience.........STAFF are great and pleasant.

  • Adrian
    More than a year ago
    My beagle was so happy

    WestJet is amazing and I love you guys. My dog was so well taken care of. Air Canada won't even fly dogs in the winter. I live in LA half the year. West Jet rocks!!

  • Linda
    More than a year ago
    a dog under 9" is under 8 pounds

    You cant fit any dog over 8 pounds in a carrier that only allows an 8" height maximum. My toy poodle is just at 8 inches and she weighs 8 pounds.

  • Gus
    More than a year ago
    Really 21.5cm Tall?

    Really 21.5cm in height for the carrier and under 22lbs? Seriously? I don't know about you but my miniature schnauzer wouldn't fit with these dimensions and he's considered a small dog.

    Not everyone travels with pomeranian or chiwawas.

    Please tell me I'm wrong as I would love to travel with my dog.

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Hassle Free

    Hassle free from reservation process to arriving at destination. My dog and I are stress free. He always sleeps comfortably all the way. The fee is also the most reasonable. keep up the good work Westjet!

  • Lisa
    More than a year ago
    WestJet is pet friendly

    I flew with WestJet recently and had my dog in the cabin with me. The trip was much less stressful for her (and for me) because she was able to be in the cabin and not in the baggage compartment. The agents and inflight crew were all helpful and pleasant. We'll definitely be travelling with Westjet again in the future.

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