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Nice back patio

Two Cities Coffee Roasters

There is no direct entrance from the store to the patio, but it's down a side alley. This keeps your pets outside, but it also means going all the way around if you need to get something inside. The coffee is nice and strong, and they have donuts, breakfast pitas, T-shirts, and books for purchase inside. The patio has more than a dozen tables and plenty of seating. They have a few umbrellas and heaters interspersed throughout. You can ask for a cup of water for your dog, and thankfully the patio has a back way out.

May. 09, 2023


Double Play Neighborhood Pizzeria - Permanently Closed

Double-Play was one of my favorite places to bike to when I was a kid, but it went out with Covid. Sorry, no more Double-Play.

May. 05, 2023


Neighbors Tap and Cook House

Good relaxing area with fenced patio. Bartenders will bring out water for your mutts and are knowledgeable about the beers. The food is good, too.

May. 06, 2023

Great Place

Colton's Social House

This really is a welcoming, laid-back, social place. The food is always changing because it's seasonal, but their burgers and sandwiches remain for years. Their outdoor seating area is good-sized and has been redone from basic parking lot to terraced and sectioned picnic/patio area. Dogs are welcomed with water bowls, and it's comfortable under the umbrellas and next to heaters.

Apr. 18, 2023

Great stop!

Bravo Farms Restaurant Kettleman City

This Western-themed area is great for dogs. From the lower end to the upper you have patio seating, restaurants, shopping, a playground, a dog park, and a bus drop-off. The dog park has fake grass, 2 big trees, some benches, a poop station, and a hose-filled fresh water bowl (the 2 balls are stranded over the fence). I was tired of driving and stayed a while, but lots of pets were in and out, and all well-behaved. I saw a mom stay in the dog park while her kid played on the playground

Apr. 07, 2023

Great Place

Madera 2 Drive-In

This place shows 4 movies each night

Mar. 16, 2023

Pretty Good

Woodward Dog Park

This dog park is HUGE, and is better since they added the single-occupant new dog area and the small dog park out front. My family and I have been coming here for years. Lots of dogs come, though at off-times it may be just you and one or two others. The same group of owners come and stay with numerous dogs weekday mornings, and you either love them or hate them. Weekends are much busier and tend to have more kids. Ever since they added these new park-and-pay thingies I've parked at Starbucks and walked the dogs across the street and up the hill

Mar. 16, 2023

The Best

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant is INCREDIBLY dog-friendly. If you are alone, you can walk your dogs up to the hostess stand to put your name in, and then wait outside the gate where they let you into the patio. Your dogs get complimentary water bowls when you're seated, and there is good spacing of tables and heaters. The dogs love the separate dog menu of chicken or burger with rice and veggies for $5. I've tried six or seven things on the human menu, and they're all good. The wings have a special tangy hot sauce that's delicious, the chicken pot pie has a flaky crust and big pieces of chicken, and their weekend brunch menu has lots of variety.

Mar. 16, 2023

Delicious Food

Ada’s Fish House

They have delicious, upper-crust (read: expensive but good) food. The crab cakes are meaty and the lobster mac-and-cheese is rich. The key lime cheesecake is the perfect balance or tart and rich. You leave your dogs by the door, go inside, and let them know you need a patio table. They'll seat you and your pet on yhe asphalt. It may not look like much, but they have nice heaters, umbrellas, and tarps. There are dog water bowls scattered around for your pet to use. I highly recommend this place as your splurge night out.

Mar. 02, 2023

Dog-Friendly Patio and Menu


This place has a VERY busy patio that allows your dog under your table. They will bring you a water bowl with your order if you ask, plus you can purchase hot dogs, a meat patty, or chicken for your mutts. The clam chowder has good flavor, but isn't as creamy as Splash Cafe's, the fish tacos are crunchy and tangy, and the drinks are creative. You do need to leave your dogs while you order at the counter, though.

Mar. 02, 2023

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Water bowl
Back patio
The Food
Our food
My dog
Picnic tables
Redone patio
Nice outdoor area
Back patio
Hose-refilled water dish
Lower end
Upper end
Expanded grove
Event outside small dog park
The view
Dog under table
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