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I live with my little beagle, Daisy, in Philadelphia. We enjoy walking in the woods, exploring, and camping. We are always searching for a new adventure!

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Great Doggy Deck

Spring House Brewing Company

We were seated immediately at one of the tables on the Doggy Deck. There were maybe 10 tables available with water dishes. There is no table service, you have to go up to a little window and ring a doorbell to get someones attention.

The servers are all very nice and accommodating. The food and drinks came out promptly. I didn't really like the flavors so much but we enjoyed the space and atmosphere. If we are in the area I will definitely come again.

Oct. 25, 2020

Fun for the whole Family

The Amish Farm and House

I took my dog Daisy on the Bus tour (around $26) which includes unlimited time walking around the farm. We checked in and had a few minutes to spare before the bus tour left so we explored the farm a bit. It was an overcast day so the farm was free of crowds and we got to check out all of the goats, llamas, cows, turkeys etc. They have a little stall where you can buy snacks like homemade root beer and soft pretzels. There are also craftspeople who do wood carving and sewing etc in front of you. You can ask them questions and request custom made stuff. There is a self guided tour where you can learn about amish traditions and the history of the farm. And in the back there's a corn maze! The farm is definitely geared towards children but Daisy and I also had a really great time.

The bus tour was great. I learned a lot about Amish culture and Daisy had fun visiting the working Amish farms. We first stopped at a bakery where they let you browse the store and buy homemade baked goods. Then they take you to a Amish dairy farm where you can see the cows being fed and milked. There's a little store there too where you can buy quilts and other handmade things. The tour guide was very knowledgable and answered all of our questions without hesitation.

Everyone cooed over Daisy and gave her a lot of love. Bring your own water! We had a great time and definitely recommend it!

Oct. 25, 2020

Great selection, Friendly staff

That Fish Place -- That Pet Place

My dog Daisy and I were passing through the area and decided to stop here for a visit. They have a huge selection for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small mammal, and reptile. The petting tank was closed due to COVID but we could still see the string rays swimming around which was cool.

All the staff were extremely friendly and said hello to Daisy. A nice customer gave me a coupon for 10% off my entire purchase and they have additional coupons floating around so we were able to get a LOT of discounts and savings. I ended up joining the rewards program even though I don't live in the area.

We had a great time shopping and highly recommend!

Oct. 25, 2020

Great neighborhood Dog Park

Beau's Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park

We came here twice to check it out. The dogs were all very friendly and owners were attentive. We had a lot of fun sniffing all of the structures like the beagle tunnel in the small dog section and the walkway bridge thing in the big dog section. There is a nice deck with chairs for the humans and lots of activities for the doggies.

Oct. 25, 2020

Peaceful spot for lunch and a beer

Fitzwater Station

Daisy and I stopped here for lunch when we were passing through the area. We were seated on the outdoor deck that overlooks a peaceful little canal. The menu is large and portions are big! There is even a "Yappy hour" menu for dogs! Daisy got the plate of bacon which she loved. The staff was very attentive and accommodating. They also offer kayak rentals downstairs and good beer selection. This is perfectly located next to the Schuylkill river trail.

We had a really great time and definitely would recommend!

Oct. 25, 2020

Cute quiet brew pub

Mudhook Brewing Company

Because of Covid there were lots of outdoor seating options at Mudhook. Daisy and I got a table next to their cute little water feature and got a few beers and appetizers. The server was incredibly hospitable and accommodating. She brought out a water bowl and treats. She was very attentive and I never had to wait to order my next beer.

Their menu was mostly sandwiches but also had some other options. I did not find their beer selection outstanding, but it was okay.

This establishment is located right on the York bike trail that goes through town. Its a great place for a quick rest, lunch, couple of local brews in a quiet beautiful back alley. Many other dogs and their owners stopped to lunch as well. Good experience, would recommend.

Oct. 17, 2020

Small store, cute baked goods selection

Paw Prints

Daisy and I stopped to see their treat selection. They have some cute baked goods including a little birthday cake and a taco and a pizza etc. We found their boutique-y selection small... breed specific pens and magnets and mugs. The store itself is pretty small and a bit cramped. Daisy enjoyed the grain free duck treats, a baggy just $3.

Oct. 15, 2020

Great little hike

Bushkill Falls

Daisy and I visited in mid-October so seeing the trees turn different colors was extra beautiful. Also it was pretty chilly out so there was less of a crowd.. I can imagine this place gets SUPER busy on popular days.

You must stay on the path with your dog and have leash on at all times. It's $14.50/per person, which makes sense since a huge portion of the hikes are on wooden staircases and walkways, that are all well maintained.

Daisy (12 years old) and I did the "difficult" hike which takes you out to see a few smaller waterfalls and around to a really lovely view of the Valley. I would recommend this one since we got to walk around on an actual dirt trail instead of just up and down wooden stairs.

Dogs are not allowed inside the gift store or any of the buildings on the site. They also have activities for kids like a little maze thing, wilderness education center, mini golf, and boats.. all were closed when we went though (mid Oct)

Oct. 20, 2019

Friendly staff but meh food

Saltwater Cafe

We were looking forward to checking out this Cafe since all the reviews seemed great. We were visiting Memorial Day weekend so the place was packed (probably way more than usual) and they were reeeaaaally short staffed, though really friendly.

I didnt find the food very good and not very large portions. But the view is really great and parking was easy. The dogs loved sniffing around the dock and theres a bunch of fun stores nearby to check out too.

May. 30, 2019

Nice spot

The Rusty Nail

Came down with our two dogs on Memorial Day weekend. It was packed but was seated right away. The human food wasnt very good but tolerable, but we really enjoyed ordering off the doggy menu. We got the biscuit and hot dog and the dogs loved both.

There were many other dogs there too. Friendly staff, though they were pretty busy rushing around due to so many customers. Big space, live music, okay beer menu, great location!

May. 30, 2019

Nice quiet path along the lake side

Mauch Chunk Lake Park

We went in mid-October and most (if not all) of the campground was vacant. We avoided the beach area but found a little path along the waterfront that went for a little while (30 min walk?). It led us to a boat rental place/dock where we used the outdoor public restroom, then turned around. The path was really nice and quiet, although muddy in some places. It was well marked and we didn't meet anyone along the way, or run into trouble.

I recommend during off season, for a easy, peaceful walk.

Jul. 02, 2018

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Daisy on the Doggy Deck
In the corn maze
On the tour bus
Daisy visits the Cows
Daisy at the Amish Farm and House
Daisy looks at the Fish
Daisy sees the String Rays
Daisy and the Beagle
Daisy on the Boardwalk
View from the Deck
Daisy and Bacon
Veggie Burger!
Pet-Friendly Spring House Brewing Company
Plenty of seating
Water and treats
Daisy at Bushkill
Daisy at Bushkill
Daisy at Bushkill
Daisy and Spot
Daisy and Spot
Daisy in the Wissahickon
Daisy in the Wissahickon
Daisy in the Wissahickon
Mauch Chunk Lake, Jim Thorpe
Fire Line Trail, Jim Thorpe
Mauch Chunk Lake, Jim Thorpe
Glen Onoko, Jim Thorpe
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