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Break from the Beach

Isle of Wight

Had to find some options for the doggos during peak season when dogs are not allowed on the beach or boardwalk. Came across this park that was also mentioned as a good place to go crabbing. I've tried my hand on a couple of occasions and this last visit, caught quite a few crabs but all too small to keep. Was a pleasant spot to pass the time and enjoy nature and we will just have to keep trying.

Aug. 12, 2021

Newly Renovated

Ocean City Dog Playground

Newly renovated and reopened. Was able to bring paperwork to Northside park admin office and received my pass. Had no problems gaining access once activated. Very nicely done space with seating under a pavilion, which was nice for humans. Pups have access to play in a pool, agility features and balls. The only thing that would be a nice add is to provide some hooks to hang up Fido’s leash but I was able to loop them on top of the fence posts. Access to water and what appeared to be a community dog bowl although I brought my own. Also access to poop bags and trash can. Really nice option for the doggos as they are not allowed on the beach during the peak season. Paid for the annual pass so we will be regulars. see you there!

Jul. 26, 2021


La Quinta by Wyndham Ocean City

I like to visit OC in the off season and love that LaQuinta is pet friendly. I was charged a small pet fee which I have not yet had to at other LQ locations in the past, but understand it is something they started doing under Wyndham. It is still so much more reasonable than other hotel pet fees. Despite the pandemic, it seemed there were still a fair amount of people there in the off season and we saw many with 4 legged friends. My pets can't just go on those type of potty areas but it was nice that it was there. We just walked a couple of blocks for them to find places to go and walked back along the beach. The location is very convenient to the beach and area attractions. I would definitely say here again in the future.

Nov. 01, 2020


Mud Hen

In this time of pandemic where nothing feels normal, we had a very nice and enjoyable meal that just made us forget for a couple of hours and feel good again. This was probably the first time that I actually ate out and had sit down service and more importantly a superb cocktail! We recently adopted Fido #2 and wanted to celebrate as a family. Being limited to dog friendly travels, I turned to the BringFido community to help me research some places to try. We pulled up into a large parking lot and directed to see the hostess inside where we provided our name and number then went back to the car where the doggos were chilling waiting for our table. They were spot on in their estimate and we were seated at a table that was well spaced from others and plenty of room for our fidos to relax with us. They brought out a large water bowl. Everything was really well done in how they handled distancing and wearing masks. Good food and drink and a great family outing. I would definitely recommend that you give this a try.

Aug. 25, 2020


Cape May Winery & Vineyard

I was a little skeptical that this place was dog friendly despite the reviews I had read because when we arrived, it was packed in the parking lot and yet I did not see anyone else with dogs. The staff assured me it was fine, just perhaps a low attendance day for fidos. They led us to a table in a quiet section around the back and it was just a beautiful day out. They did an excellent job in the current state of the pandemic. The tapas were delicious and it was fun being out and having good food and wine. A very memorable family and fido outing. I definitely recommend you give this a try!

Aug. 24, 2020

Watch out for biting flies

Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area

I actually loved the day we spent here. Quieter than Wildwood and super dog friendly. The only downside was the biting flies, despite using bug spray. This is the only reason I did not give it a 5 bone rating. We parked at the lot at the end of the road and it was not much of a walk to the beach but it was super soft sand. My son was determined to use our wagon and although it was a bit of a struggle, better than schlepping everything by hand. I would definitely be willing to give it another try, but not without my mesh bug suit or covering up from head to toe to avoid the bites. Our fidos had fun here.

Aug. 24, 2020

Super Dog Friendly

Wildwood Dog Park and Beach

Wildwood kept coming up as a dog friendly beach destination and the beaches closer to home all have restrictions during the summer season so we decided to give it a try. I didn't love that you have to enter the beach through the passageway "under the boardwalk". In fact, the day we arrived, it rained so much there were giant puddles everywhere. We decided to do a quick up and over but complied every other time when the puddles dried up. It felt like a mile walk out to the water but it was flat and very easy to use our wagon. The doggos had fun in the dog park and it was nice to see all the families out with fido on the beach. Public restrooms were also on the same block up on the boardwalk. I would definitely recommend you give Wildwood a try.

Aug. 24, 2020

Fido Fun

Island Breeze Motel

The room was a bit dated and the beds were a bit uncomfortable BUT being able to bring fidos was a wonderful treat as there are so few beach areas you can go without restrictions during the summer season. Since we are in such unprecedented times with the pandemic, it was nice to get away for a few days and enjoy ourselves. Mark and his staff did a nice job making us feel welcome and safe. Quick walk to the dog park and beach. Had a great time and would stay again!

Aug. 24, 2020

Decent Dog Park

Maryland City Dog Park

Decent dog park close to home. Had visited earlier this summer with my pup and his canine cousin (my sister's dog). Started that visit in the small dog side and then ventured into the large dog side. I liked that there was an interior connecting fence without having to go back out and back in.

Came back to give my pup some exercise on this beautiful fall afternoon before sunset. Not many four legged friends around but he still managed to have fun and got lots of exercise.

The two visits, the grass is in much better condition than in the photos. The only downside is that there is no accessible water. A nearby drinking fountain is locked and not working. Fortunately I always carry some but other dog owners did not have any.

Please pet parents- make sure you carry water if you visit this dog park.

Oct. 13, 2018

Couldn't Have Had a More Beautiful Day

The Jetty Dock Bar

I watched a YouTube video of someone riding on the Cross Island Trail to the Jetty. Somehow I missed this restaurant listing when doing my own research. We are newbie pet owners and wanted a fun day out with Fido. So we took to the trail using our new pet bike trailer and stopped for lunch. It was easy to park our bike out front and we got a nice table outside on the deck. Had an amazing lunch and they even had doggie meals available. We got Fido the shaved prime rib. I noticed some light spices on it but didn't ask what it was. The sun was out and we had a break from the heat wave. When we left the place was packed and the parking lot full. I will definitely come back but may skip the puppy plate. My pup got sick the next day but it could have been anything. It was a bit of a bumpy ride (the trailer, not the trail) and he missed his daily naps so perhaps it was just an upset stomach being such a stark contrast to his normal day. Definitely a memorable day for the whole family!

Jul. 09, 2018

Fun Day

Terrapin Nature Park

I am a newbie pet owner and wanted to have a nice day out with Fido. The main feature of our trip was taking a bike ride using our new pet bike trailer. We took the Cross Island Trail but before doing so, rode around the park. The only bad part is that the trail is like a crushed gravel and turns to sand near the beach. You have to get off and walk your bike a few hundred yards to where it continues again. This was very hard to do with a trailer in tow.

After our venture and lunch, we returned to the beach to play and rest until our return home. Thankfully having the bike, we ventured to a further point that was a bit less crowded than the first few entry points. My theory is that most people walking have covered quite a bit of ground and are not likely to want to haul their stuff further along than they have to. It was a perfectly beautiful day. There are rocks and branches strewn about but that is the point of nature and it is not a meticulous beach but perfect and much closer to home. It is also free! But I would be reluctant to come back if just on foot without having a wagon or other means to schlep your stuff.

A fun and memorable day!

Jul. 09, 2018

Fun Ride with Fido

Cross Island Trail

I am a newbie dog person! Wanted to find something enjoyable in the outdoors with Fido so I bought a pet bike trailer and we took a ride on the Cross Island Trail. I got information from the Rails To Trails website but it is a 6 mile paved and mostly shaded trail that runs from Terrapin Nature Park over to Kent Narrows. We rode over to Kent Narrows and had lunch at the Jetty, also pet friendly on the outdoor deck. It was such a beautiful day as we caught a lucky break from the heat wave. We rode back and spent time recovering on the beach before going to Queenstown outlets and then returning home. A very memorable day for the entire family.

Jul. 09, 2018

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