The 20 Best Halloween Dog Costumes for 2020

Posted by Jessica Roberts

Looking for Halloween costume inspiration for Fido? Whether he's in the mood to be funny, adorable, spooky or sweet, your pup can find inspiration in these 20 dressed-up dogs showing off their "fur-eshest" costumes for Halloween 2020.

This costume turns the cone of shame into a cone of yum.

In a world of Cheerios, be a Fruit Loop. Photo by @presslyanimal

There's a lot to fear about the Demogorgon monster from "Stranger Things," but dog breath isn't usually on the list ... until now. Fido will be the coolest and spookiest guy on the block in this clever DIY costume.

"I'm a DemoDOGon, get it?!" Photo by @briana_descends

It's easy to see why Gaston fell hard for pretty Belle. This gorgeous gown is available on Chewy, and as an added bonus, you can pick up a Beast ensemble to make a fabulous canine couples costume.

She really is a funny girl, that Belle. Photo by @hergiantlove

Even though panthers are feline, we won't hold that against Fido. In Marvel's "Black Panther," the late Chadwick Boseman’s character, King T’Challa, wears this epic superhero suit that we're certain will be absolutely fierce on your canine.

Wakanda forever. Photo by @titanandlola

Horror fans will flee in terror from Pennywise the Pup! But we think the creepy clown from Stephen King's "It" never looked so cute. Find the costume here.

"Fear the balloon!"Photo by @sadie_the_poo

Here's a quick and simple costume with a big impact. Get your pup a dissent collar bandana in honor of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg! Faux eyeglasses are optional (but highly recommended).

You down with RBG? Photo by

Celebrate space flight and dress your dog up as a rocketship in honor of the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft in May, 2020. He'll be relevant and really cute at the same time.

Ground control to Major Dog... Photo by @axel_of_etown

"Nightmare on Elm Street's" murderous Freddy Krueger is terrifying, but when a sweet-faced pup dons the serial killer's characteristic claw, sweater and wee fedora, you can't help but say, "awww" instead of "AHHHHH."

He's so cute I forgot to be afraid. Photo by @october_serenity

The striking blood-red robes and white bonnets worn by Offred and her fellow handmaids are dramatic and memorable, and Offido will certainly make a statement in this Handmaid's "Tail."

"Blessed be the pug." Photo by @zoereagan

Your pooch and his buddies will be adorable dressed up as "P.T. Barknum" and company in a circus-themed menagerie. He might not have the moves of Hugh Jackman, but he can certainly have the top hat.

This actually is the Greatest Show. Photo by @thosetempletoncorgis

If your pooch bears a striking resemblance to an icon, like the face of KFC, for example, it is practically your civic duty to put that pup in a white suit and western string tie, and set him up with a bucket of fried chicken (toys) for the world to enjoy. An army of furry Colonel Sanderses might be just what the world needs this Halloween.

It's Paw-Lickin' Good.Photo by @arenedoodle

Thanks to the enormous success of Lin Manuel Miranda's musical, "Hamilton," there are sure to be quite a few Alexanders and Angelicas trick-or-treating this Halloween. Get in on the trend with your very own four-legged King George. You'll be his favorite subject.

"Oceans rise, empires fall!" Photo by @kingsleythedoood

This one's for every dog owner who thinks their pooch is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

"I believe this comes with a slice of ham."Photo by Amazon

Wednesday and Pugsley Addams are inspired looks for Halloween if you've got two pups. This outfit comest together with a wig, white collar and striped t-shirt.

They're creepy and they're kooky...Photo by @duckysdoings

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to let your pup's inner magic shine, and what better way to show off her fabulousness then a unicorn costume? Not only will her garb invoke feelings of nostalgia and whimsy, but the vibrant colors will look amazing on her 'gram.

This Hallow-queen is ready for her close up. Photo by and @mandydempseyphoto

If silly and cute is the way Fido rolls, he'll be so into this sushi costume. It's shrimply the best, and if you share a photo with #BringFido, you'll make miso happy.

"Why, human, why?" Photo by @trayfcar

Two words: Chiquita Pugnana.

"I'm glad you find this a-peeling." Photo by @lyneslittleloves

Get Fido a pumpkin spice latte, a Hawaiian shirt and some White Paws (because White Claws are definitely not pet-friendly) and he could be "totally basic" for Halloween this year.

He coulda been a bad beach, but went with basic beach instead. Photo by @the_realrothstein

2020 is a presidential election year, and there's no candidate more worthy of a belly rub than Fido! Your pup will look very cute and patriotic dressed up as a "canine-didate" for Halloween.

Vote 4 Dogs! Photo by @goldenwoofs

... And after we vote, we pray! Get your papal Pug ready for Halloween here.

Blessings from Pope Roxy I. Photo by Melissa

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Banner photo by and @mandydempseyphoto.