Stay and Play: 8 Toys That Help Prevent Canine Cabin Fever

Posted by Scott Tunstall

Keeping your lazy Labrador from lounging on the couch all day while you’re both hanging at home can be challenging. Even if you can’t visit the dog park or casually stroll downtown, there are ways to help your pup expel all that pent-up energy. These seven dog toys are perfect for preventing canine cabin fever.

1. Wicked Ball

Twice the fun. Photo by @cheerbleofficial

The Wicked Ball from Cheerble is a technological wonder constructed of durable, nontoxic and waterproof materials. Pop in a battery, set to gentle, normal or active mode, click it on and standby for wicked cool fun. The ball will automatically move or shake to get your playful pup’s attention, then jump and take off once Fido smacks it with his paw. It even features a built-in collision sensor to prevent it from getting stuck under furniture. Switch to Intelligent Companion Mode and it will oscillate between 10 minutes of activity and 30 minutes of rest to ensure pooches don’t get pooped. You can even fill the ball with treats using the bone-shaped hole. This ingenious toy is suitable for both dogs and cats.

The Wicked Ball is $49.99 on Amazon.

2. Boredom Buster Slomo LickiMat

"So many choices!" Photo by @sunny_red_dog

If your furry family member needs something to spark her interest or calm her nerves, the Boredom Buster Slomo LickiMat offers a fun solution. Load up the textured feeding tray with wet food and tiny treats, and your pooch’s tongue will take care of the rest. Rather than woofing down meals at a record pace, canines must slowly lick the nooks and crannies until every last morsel is consumed. The extra time needed to negotiate the crevices keeps pets focused and calm. The Slomo LickiMat’s unique design also promotes dental health for clean teeth and healthy gums, and is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Boredom Buster Slomo LickiMat is $10.95 on Amazon.

3. KONG Wobbler

"This never gets old." Photo by KONG

KONG has been entertaining pups for years, and offers a range of surprisingly versatile dog toys. The KONG Wobbler is an action-packed toy as well as a mentally stimulating food dispenser. It sits upright until nudged by a curious paw or nose, and dispenses tasty rewards as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement stimulates natural instincts, which keeps even the most seasoned users challenged.

The KONG Wobbler dog toy is $14.99 at Petco.

4. Jumping LED Disco Dancing Ball

"Party time! Excellent!" Photo by @ambear2723

Break out your pooch’s flare pants or red velvet jumpsuit and get ready for a disco celebration with the Jumping LED Disco Dancing Ball. Once activated, this space-age looking orb of entertainment springs to life in a flurry of neon light and rhythmic music. Even the calmest Corgi won’t be able to resist the urge to boogie down on the dining room floor like it was Saturday night at Studio 54. Don’t be a square, all the cool cats (and dogs) are doing it. The Jumping LED Disco Dancing Ball is made from durable nontoxic rubber and plastic, and is suitable for pups of all sizes.

The Jumping LED Disco Dancing Ball is $9.99 on Amazon.

5. Dog Casino Interactive Dog Game

"Jackpot!" Photo by Chewy

You can bet the oh-so-clever Dog Casino Interactive Dog Game by Outward Hound will prevent you and your gambling Goldendoodle from dozing off due to boredom. Hide some treats in the tills and wait for Fido to discover the prize. If your furry addict is up to the challenge, lock the trays in place using the bone-shaped pegs and wager whether he can decipher the puzzle that leads to sweet, sweet winnings. The canine casino is sturdy, easy to clean and suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Dog Casino Interactive Dog Game is $18.95 on Chewy.

6. Pet Fitness Treat-Dispensing Robot

“Gimme the goods!” Photo by @ollieleethecorgi

The anticipation of being rewarded with yummy treats is enough to keep any hungry hound hopping for joy. Let the VARRAM Pet Fitness Treat-Dispensing Robot do all the work for you while keeping your peckish pup engaged. This smart robot zips around the house, automatically firing out treats either manually or on a scheduled timer. Use the mobile app to control 16 preset motions and sounds, set up obstacle avoidance and limit the amount of goodness delivered. The sturdy exterior casing limits teeth and scratch damage, and the barbell shape discourages larger dogs from treating it like a Milk-Bone.

Pet Fitness Treat-Dispensing Robot is $99.99 on Amazon.

7. iDig Digging Toy

“I need a jackhammer.” Photo by @goifetch

Your next-door neighbor’s front yard will finally be safe from Fido’s excavating after purchasing the iDig Digging Toy by iFetch. On the surface, this circular contraption looks like an ordinary doggy bed. However, hidden away in secure pockets is a treasure trove of your pup’s favorite treats and toys. Just bury the booty and watch your hunting hound’s nose and paws go to work. It will keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated and prevent them from bumming around the house all day. The interior pockets can be removed and are made of machine-washable material.

iDig Digging Toy is $79.99 on Amazon.

8. Interactive Treat Dispensing Soccer Ball Dog Chew Toy

"No wonder humans love soccer!" Photo by Chewy

Four-legged introverts can put their puzzle-solving skills to the test with the Interactive Treat Dispensing Soccer Ball Dog Chew Toy from FurryFido. Just pack the inner ball with crunchy kibble or tasty treats and let it roll. Pups can gnaw, toss, bat around and chase it in an attempt to crack the code that unleashes the yummy contents. The durable nontoxic thermoplastic rubber exterior also benefits dental health by massaging gums and scrubbing teeth. Ideally suited for small and medium dogs, the soccer ball chew toy comes in four cool colors.

FurryFido Interactive Treat Dispensing Soccer Ball Dog Chew Toy is $15.99 on Chewy.

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