Who's Been a Good Boy? 15 Gift Ideas for Your Dog's Christmas Stocking

Posted by Jessica Roberts

Grab your Santa bag and get ready, because Fido’s tail will be a-waggin’ when he sees what's in his stocking this year! We’ve gathered 15 of the coolest, most exciting gifts to put in your dog’s Christmas stocking. For good measure, we’ve also included one option for any pups who ended the year on Santa’s Naughty List.

1. A Set of Soothing Balms for Paws, Snouts & Wrinkles

“It puts the lotion on my skin.” Photo by @frenchie.nova

Winter weather can be tough on tender paws, noses and skin folds. Help heal and soothe dry skin with a travel set of organic healing balms from Natural Dog Company. The travel set is just the right size for stockings and includes a small tube of the following five products:

  • PawTection: protection for paw pads in the outdoors.
  • Paw Soother: heals rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads.
  • Skin Soother: a natural antibiotic topical treatment for itchy and irritated skin.
  • Wrinkle Balm: an antifungal to prevent infection and discomfort in skin folds.
  • Snout Soother: treats and prevents painful, dry dog noses.

Purchase the Natural Dog Company Powerhouse Travel Set of five balms for $20.30 on Amazon.

2. The “Pawfect” Present for Aspiring Instagram Models

“Felt cute. Might delete later, idk.” Photo by @poochselfie

Up your pup’s social media presence with a Pooch Selfie. As seen on Shark Tank, the OG pet selfie smartphone accessory coaxes smiles and captures Fido’s attention with its innovative tennis-ball design and squeak. Clip the attachment to your phone or tablet, give the ball a few squeezes and flash away! The idea is simple, but the results are stunning.

Order your Pooch Selfie, the Original Dog Selfie Stick Smartphone Attachment from Chewy for $9.99.

3. An All-Natural Dog Collar for Eco-Conscious Canines

$32.95 - $42.95
Modern dogs wear cork. Photo by @wigglywoos

Sustainable and eco-friendly products are better for the planet and the health of your pet. Wigglywoos pet gear has the stocking stuffer solution for tree-hugging hounds who prefer their accouterments vegan and free from toxins. Get your good boy a gorgeous new collar made of cork and hemp and he’ll be “furever” grateful.

The Signature Natural Cork Leather Dog Collar is $32.95 - $42.95 at Wigglywoos.com.

4. Stamps in His Passport

Because you can’t fit Paris in a stocking. Photo by @thepetpassport

We all know there’s nothing better than traveling with our furry companions by our side. Help your globetrotting Greyhound keep track of his travels with a Pet Pass keepsake! These passports allow you to log all the exciting adventures you and your dog take together, alongside his photo and identifying information.

Order him a Standard Pet Pass for $10 from The Pet Pass website, and add 50 State Stamp Stickers for an additional $8.

5. The Dog Toy With Its Own App

"Wicked." Photo by @cheerbleofficial

Smart toys are all the rage, and it’s only fair that there is one for techie Terriers and gadget-savvy Goldendoodles, too. If your jingle-pup has been especially good this year, splurge on the coolest toy to hit the market in 2019. The Wickedbone Smart Bone syncs with an app on your phone, so you can control its trajectory around the room from your spot on the couch. Switch to autonomous mode and the bone moves all by itself, reacting to your dog’s touch and enticing him to play. The toy features a long battery life and can be disassembled for cleaning, but is not recommended for heavy chewers.

The Wickedbone Smart Bone is available on Amazon for $99.

6. The Gift of Skipping Bathtime

For the fancier Fidos and Fifis. Photo by Facebook.com/pawchoice

Your pampered pooch can finally get in on the beauty craze everyone’s raving about: dry shampoo! Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo cleanses your canine’s skin and coat without requiring any water, which is ideal in the cold weather months and for any furry friends who hate bathtime. The coconut-based shampoo is designed to work wonders on all different fur types and leaves pups smelling fresh and clean.

The Paw Choice Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo sells on Amazon for $14.87 on .

7. The Hottest Dog Subscription of 2019

They always fall asleep after. Photo by @saykaci

BarkBox is a subscription service that brings dog toys and treats right to your door every month. It also happens to be the supplier of the hottest dog toy of 2019 (or maybe ever): The Big Honkin’ Pig in a Blanket. Subscriptions for BarkBox have been rising in “pupularity” thanks to the convenience, quality and variety it offers. Every BarkBox is designed around a unique theme and includes two creative toys, two all-natural bags of treats and a chew. Sign up for a monthly delivery and use the gifts from the December box to stuff your dog’s Christmas stocking with joy.

BarkBox subscriptions start at $22 per box.

8. A New Dog Tag From the Makers of the Silicone Wedding Ring

2019 Sexiest Dog Alive. Photo by @d.r.e.w.b.y

Clunky metal dog tags are a thing of the past! Your best bud deserves an ID that is as cool and modern as he is. QALO, maker of the uber-popular and on-trend silicone wedding rings, has rolled out a personalized silicone identification tag that would make the perfect addition to a dog’s Christmas stocking. The tags are quiet, scratch-resistant and hold up to six lines of engraved text.

The QALO Mountain Silicone Dog Identification (ID) Tag can be ordered directly on the QALO website for $14.97. The price includes personalization, and tags will be shipped one week after the order is placed.

9. The To-Go Mug for On-The-Go Dogs

Stay un-thirsty, my friend. Photo by @duodoggos

The Highwave AutoDogMug is a BPA-free and dishwasher-safe 20-ounce mug that fits perfectly in your car’s cupholder and in your dog’s Christmas stocking. The innovative design is ideal for adventures: just squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl on top with water and keep your hound hydrated anywhere you go.

The Highwave AutoDogMug is available on Amazon for $14.99.

10. The Gift of Fabulousness

Let her inner unicorn shine. Photo by @wagologie

Natural fur is out, fancy fur is in! If your pooch wants to prance in full-spectrum glory, surprise him or her with some fabulous Fur Dye in their stocking. This vibrant gel dye is completely non-toxic and safe for dogs. The brilliant colors last for months, even with frequent washing. It does work much better on lighter color fur, however.

A four-ounce tube of Opawz Dog/Pet Hair Dye Gel sells on Amazon for $19.99.

11. Health and Vitality In a Chewy Treat

“We’re gettin’ swole at the gym in 2020.” Photo by @jakes_journey1

If your dog’s New Year resolution is to get fit and healthy, help her start off on the right paw with a multivitamin. Zesty Paws Multivitamin Bites are soft and chewy, and support healthy skin, coat, joints, heart-health and digestion. They’re grain-free, and carnivorous canines really dig their chicken flavor.

A 90-count container of Zesty Paws 5-in-1 Multivitamin Bites for Dogs is $25.97 on Amazon.

12. Cool Toys for the Four-Legged Globetrotter

$6.90 - $43.10
Some tourists are in-corgi-gible. Photo by @petplaysf

Your four-legged adventure companion will be extra happy with these travel-themed toys from P.L.A.Y. Choose a chew toy shaped like a passport, sandal, headphones, camera or carry-on luggage, or stuff his stocking with the full set. The toys are machine-washable and made with an eco-friendly filler from recycled plastic bottles.

Purchase toys individually or save $5 if you order the full set of five Globetrotter Plush Toys for $40.95.

13. A Fitness Tracker for Fido

“I’m getting my steps in.” Photo by @beaglefreedom

Track Fido’s health, fitness and location with a smart collar from Whistle. The GPS tracker utilizes the AT&T nationwide network and Google Maps, so you always know exactly where your pup is. You can also set it to send notifications by email, text or the app if your pet leaves his designated safe area. The tracker has a long-lasting battery life, a light to easily spot Spot even in the dark, and activity monitoring. In addition, the Whistle GO app allows you to create reports and set reminders for vet visits, flea and tick treatments or set fitness goals. It’s rugged, lightweight and waterproof, so you can feel comfortable leaving it on your dog through all your adventures.

The newest iteration of the Whistle health and location tracker is the Whistle GO Explore, available on Amazon for $129.95.

14. A Bottle of Pure Joy

Dogs playing with bubbles is the most wholesome thing. Photo by @apollo_choc_lab

Did you know happiness can be found in a bottle? Only if the bottle is filled with bubbles that smell like bacon, of course. These bacon-scented bubbles bring joy to your pooch and to anyone who gets the privilege of watching her chase, sniff and lick the weightless treat.

Get an 8-ounce bottle of Bubbletastic Dog Bubbles on Amazon for $15.95.

15. A Soothing Treat Mat

“I’ll be here all day.” Photo by Facebook.com/hyperpet

Slow feeders hit the market primarily as a tool to help pets who gobble their food too quickly and give themselves gastrointestinal problems. This tactical treat mat doesn’t just slow down the wolf in your hound’s belly, though; they’re also great boredom busters and a fun way to treat your pooch. Roll up the 8-inch square LickiMat in Fido’s stocking, and on Christmas morning you can spread his favorite soft treat - like banana, peanut butter or gravy - along the mat’s square-shaped grooves. He’ll lick blissfully for hours (or at least minutes) while you focus on your presents.

You can find a Hyper Pet LickiMat Boredom Buster Slow Feeder at Chewy for $7.95.

Bonus: Santa’s Choice for Naughty Pups

“Me? Naughty? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Photo by Facebook.com/PlanetDogLife

Sometimes, our furry elves need a reminder that Santa Claus is watching their behavior. While we know that a lump of coal is what Santa brings to naughty human children, your bad boy will delight in this new bouncy toy.

The Planet Dog Coal Gry Dog Toy is available at Chewy for $14.95.

You might not be able to fit all of these items in one stocking (or maybe you can), but no matter which gifts you choose for Fido’s stocking this year, his Christmas morning will surely be filled with plenty of joy. Just don’t forget to tag #BringFido in your holiday pics!

What’s your furry elf getting in his stocking this year? Leave a comment or tweet us @BringFido!

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