Directory of Dog Trainers in Asia

Need to find a good dog trainer in Asia, fast? You’ll find information on all of our recommended dog trainers and dog training classes in Asia below. Coming from out of town? Get a discounted rate on pet friendly hotels in Asia.

Pet Friendly Von Fidel K9
Von Fidel K9 Von Fidel is Sri Lanka's pioneer and premier breeder and trainer of working dogs. Von Fidel supplies
* tracker dogs capable of evidence search, man tracking;
* scat tracking for wildlife conservation;
* guard dog training - personal protection/estate protection/family companion;
* dual purpose patrol dogs;
* service government and non-government clients;
* guaranteed obedience training program for civilian dogs;
* Asia's only tactical K9 training facility.
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Pet Friendly Pawsitive Education
Pawsitive Education Pawsitive Education can teach you and your puppy obedience and manners using enjoyable techniques. They will also discuss possible behavior problems and how to avoid them. Pawsitive Education also offers in-house training for your dog. See Details
Better Dog Canine Behavior Center BetterDog Canine Behavior Center is the first professional dog training facility in the Philippines that works with owners in training their dogs. We believe in the use of positive teaching methods and working with the dog’s natural drives instead of against them. This produces a dog that is happy, confident, and a joy to live with.

We offer comprehensive training programs beginning with early puppy training, to basic family dog manners, to more advanced competition training in obedience and agility. We also offer private behavior consultation and specialized behavior modification programs.
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Sunny Chong Dog Training School we practiced and applied our professional, friendly help, unique effective training methods that are both easy to understand through years of experience, achieving the desire results in the shortest possible time. See Details
Phuket Dog Resort Phuket Dog Resort is a dog hotel for all sizes and breeds of dogs. They also offer puppy and dog training, dog agility, and grooming. English and German speaking, lessons also provided in Thai. They are a family operated dog hotel to board your dog when you have to leave Phuket for a while. They cater to the different needs of each dog in order to make their stay as comfortable as possible, and to make them feel at home. Dogs can run free in a big garden during the day and at night every dog has their own bedroom. Some rooms even have special doggy waterbeds and air-condition. See Details
KelevLand Dog Training in Tel Aviv, Puppy obedience training, solving unwanted behavior, Professional and qualified K-9 Trainer, in home consultations & boarding.

Tel Aviv, Modiin, Herzliya, Hertzliya, Jerusalem, Maaleh Adumim, Gush Etzion

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Action Dogs Services Pvt. Ltd. Action Pets Kennels was formed by Mr. Rahul Garg in the year 2005. He worked primarily with rescued pedigree dogs. All the abandoned pets were given shelter and nursed back to good health. These dogs were then trained well to be professional security dogs. Action Dogs Services trains dogs, trains security dogs, has lodging/boarding kennel services, and more! See Details
The Dog Listener Consultancy The Dog Listener Consultancy provides dog obedience training the natural way without gadgets or gimmicks, using pain-free, positive methods. UK certified trainer with more than 10 years experience heading an animal welfare organization. Classes or consultations done at your home based on your needs and preference. If you have a problem, don't wait for it to become an ingrained behaviour, resolve it permanently with proven methods! See Details
Waggie's Pet Care Waggie's Pet Care is owned by Patrick Wong, the most acclaimed dog trainer in Singapore, with more than 25 years of experience in conducting dog obedience training classes of all levels, which meet international competition standards. See Details
Shutzhund IPO Training Schutzhund IPO is a challenging three part sport, obedience, tracking and protection. In each phase, the presiding judge observes and assesses the dog for sound working temperament, as defined in the rules for working dog trials. A competitor must pass BH first before he can compete in the IPOs. They will also have to pass AD, the Endurance Test. A 16 km bike ride with your dog running next to the bike on leash. Purpose for IPO/SchH Club Primary: IPO Schutzhund Training and Trial. It’s open to all working breeds. Secondary: Conformation Limited to German Shepherds. Our training coordinator Ruben, all of his trained GSDs passed their Schutzhund Examinations under both SV and USA judges. Welcome to join IPO/SchH Club in Cebu. See Details
Puppy Colours LLP Imagine a great family dog that greets politely, plays nicely with other dog, walks calmly on leash and listens to you as a friend. Learn the positive way! It's fun and effective, both of you will love it. You will not believe how fast your dog is learning new things.

Choose a certified dog trainer and behaviour counsellor from Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior
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K9 Bond Do you want to learn how to be a good pack leader and improve your best friend life?
Imagine that your dog trusts you, relaxes in any situation and responds when called because he/she wants to respond.
Envisage calmly walking together without constant pulling on the leash, relief from excessive barking, calm in the face of loud noises, a pet that is happy to stay home alone and greets visitors without jumping up.
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Canine Solution International (K9SI) Canine Solution International (K9SI) is a privately owned company based in Davao City, Philippines. Our 19 years of international experience in professional canine training, handling, and consultancy put us on top of other K9 service providers in the country.

Our core program focuses on customer satisfaction by providing excellent dog training and services. K9SI offers customized training for companion pet, personal protection dogs, K9 police work, explosives or narcotics and other dog detection work.
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K9 Cambodia K9 Cambodia is the first fully professional dog kennels in Cambodia. We specialise in all kinds of dog related services.

K9 can supply of ANY breed & colour of dog no matter how rare or difficult to procure. We guarantee delivery within 10 weeks.

The K9 Doggy Kennel Hotel will take perfect care of your dog when you are away & return your pet(s) happier, healthier & more obedient. With regular training, socialisation and obedience classes your beloved pet will be in the best of care & enjoy their holiday as much as their owners enjoyed theirs!

The K9 Dog Grooming Service ensure that your princess looks the part! Regular, Medium & Full grooming service available.

The K9 Protection Service offers fully trained working dogs to private individuals & enterprise, Corporate Clients, The Military,Police & Government Agencies. K9 can supply effective property guard dogs, attack dogs, sniffer dogs, war dogs & personal / family protection dogs. Dogs are professionally trained by qualified K9 dog handlers from 3 months until 1.5 years. After this time they are released to their pre-ordered working environments. Dog handler training is also contractually required.

K9 dog rehabilitation & owner training services. K9 will help owners & their dogs to overcome behavioral problems with obedience training classes and handler technique sessions.

K9 Pet Shop is stocked with everything an owner could want for their dog. From chew toys to tasty treats, dog beds to feeding stations, collars & leash to doggy clothing - K9 Dog Shop has it all!

K9 Veterinary Services. K9's fully qualified, European, Vet is on call 24/7 both for house call's within the Sihanouk Province, emergency appointments & walk-in patients or when required for medical treatment of a dog in our care.
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Stephen Guard Dog Training Center With nearly thirty years experience training D.O.D dogs and dog handlers in, Europe, Asia and the United States in the areas of protection, discipline, detection, law enforcement, assistance to individuals with limited mobility and in television and movie production and has trained ,handled decoyed, selected, and tested close to a hundred thousand dogs throughout his career in the field of service dog training .... with
Stephen's Guard Dogs! ( Asia's Dog Whisperer)
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Petz Central Frankie Koh - Trainer of Singapore's 1st Obedience Dog of the Year 1989
Dog Training with a difference - Base on sound canine psychology, proven methods and methodical approach.
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Hong Kong Canine We offer an extensive range of professional dog training services to suit all breeds, sizes and ages. Hong Kong Canine gets results in a timely manner using simple, fun and proven methods to teach basic obedience, advanced obedience and behavior modification. We offer flexible and practical solutions designed to fit the needs of clients. Our goal is to create a solid foundation and structure that fosters a happy balanced dog.

Is your dog fearful, hyperactive, good with children, disobedient, shy, fearful, bored, house-trained, properly socialized, neurotic, stressed, aggressive, inactive or destructive? Hong Kong Canine handles all types of issues and will train and work with “problematic” dogs that other trainers will not. We are happy to continue working until the issues have been resolved. Hong Kong Canine is committed to a successful outcome and offers a free follow up service if problems persist.

Hong Kong Canine also offer a series of dog training services designed to challenge dogs both physically and mentally. For dogs with behavioral issues we provide a free evaluation to determine the likely cause(s). A training plan is then put forward to the owner for consideration. To provide the most flexible service we offer private lessons both in-home or at a location suitable for all parties. We also run group classes for certain types of training.
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The Pawkeeper It's not DOG training - It's PEOPLE training! Get trained on how to train your dog from the inside out based on positive reinforcement! See Details
Top Dog Cebu Top Dog Cebu in Nagaoka offers dog boarding and training. See Details
Dog Trainer Academy Dog Trainer Academy provides dog friendly dog training and boarding. A team of professional trainers helps your dog to understand your instructions better and help you to know the right way to communicate with your dog. They provide basic and obedience dog training; guard dog training (security dogs); show dog training; and advance dog training. See Details
Dog Trainer Natt Hamon (Khon Jai Ma) Professional English speaking dog trainer servicing the Hua Hin, Pranburi and Cha-am area. They are available for in house consultations and training. See Details