Dog Friendly Tours in Asia

Taking the dog out for a walk takes on a new meaning when you’re on vacation in Asia. After all, there are tons of sights to see, and smell, around every corner. Browse our dog friendly tours in Asia below for the scoop on self-guided walks, driving tours, and group tours that both you and your dog are sure to enjoy.

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Pet Friendly Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake Often referred to as Ba Be Lakes, Ba Be National Park ( Ba Be Center tourism) admission per person/car 10, 000/20, 000d) is in Bac Kan province and was established in 1992 as Vietnam’s eighth national park. It really is a babe: a beautiful region that covers more than 7000 hectares and boasts mountains high, rivers deep, waterfalls, plunging valleys, lakes and caves set amid towering peaks. The surrounding area is home to members of the Tay minority, who live in stilt homes.

The park is a tropical-rainforest area with over 550 named plant species, and the government subsidises the villagers not to cut down the trees. The 300 or so wildlife species in the forest include 65 (mostly rarely seen) mammals, 214 bird species, butterflies and other insects. Hunting is forbidden, but villagers are permitted to fish.

The park is surrounded by steep mountains, up to 1554m in height. The 1939 Madrolle Guide to Indochina suggests travelling around Ba Be Lakes ‘in a car, on horseback, or, for ladies, in a chair’, meaning, of course, a sedan chair.
Ba Be (Three Bays) is in fact three linked lakes, which have a total length of 8km and a width of about 400m. The deepest point in the lakes is 35m, and there are nearly 50 species of freshwater fish.
Two of the lakes are separated by a 100m-wide strip of water called Be Kam, sandwiched between high walls of chalk rock.
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