Dog Friendly Activities in Asia

Don’t leave Fido in the hotel room when you’re on vacation. Get out and play! No matter where you’re headed in Asia, we can point you towards the nearest off-leash dog park, the most popular dog beach, a really great hiking trail, and lots of other places to play with Fido.

Pet Friendly Pet Park (Songjiang) 宠物公园
Pet Park (Songjiang) 宠物公园 Pet Park in Songjiang is pet-friendly. The park features two large fenced fields that allow dogs to run free and practice on agility equipment. The fee for entry into the park is 50 RMB entry. Additional dogs incur a charge of 20 RMB. The park is open every day of the week from 8:30am to 4:30pm. See Details
Pet Friendly The Peak Lookout
The Peak Lookout The Peak Lookout is pet-friendly. You'll discover paved hiking trails all around this unbelievable lookout spot. Dogs are not allowed on the tram or buildings, but there is a shop selling doggy ice cream if you can make it to the top on the trails. When you reach the peak, you'll be amazed at the astonishing views of one of the most exciting cityscapes in the world. The Peak Lookout is open Monday through Friday from 11:30am to 10:00pm and Saturday to Sunday from 8:30am to 10:00pm. See Details
Doggies day out AE We organize a dog gathering in close area that is safe for you and your family . See Details
Whiskers N Paws Whiskers N Paws is a pet-friendly shopping floor in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Bring your pooch along for grooming and DIY bathing stations. There's a little cafe attached to the store, too. Don't forget to take your pup to the outdoor recreational area located on the rooftop. The plaza is open every day of the week from 10am to 7pm. See Details
Doggy Play Date at Cubbon Park Every Sunday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am, dog owners bring their puppies and dogs to socialize with each other. Although there is no special dog trainer present, it is a great way to get puppies and dogs to learn how to interact with each other and run around in the only safe, enclosed park in Bangalore. See Details
Yari Road Pet Park Yari Road Pet Park is the first active pet park in Maharashtra. Pets now get to play in a safe, secure and clean environment in a space dedicated for them courtesy of the BMC. With regular events and awareness drives involving health professionals, trainers and other experts one of our aims is to provide an overall happy life for all pets.

Directions: When approaching from Seven Bungalows towards Versowa, turn right at the signal leading into Yari Road area. Then take the 2nd left turn at Ashoka Tower *into Ashoka Road* ending at Poseidon Towers turn right. The Pet Park is located adjacent to Poseidon at the dead-end.
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Yoyogi Park dog run Off-leash dog run in the back of Yoyogi Park divided into two secitions for large and small dogs. See Details
Off Leash Organic farm, with area for dogs to run off leash. See Details
Petboro Dog Park Petboro Dog Park is exclusively designed for dogs to play, exercise, socialize, and have fun. The off-leash dog park has a large open space with agility equipment. Your canine companions will have their own space to freely run around, jump, crawl, relax, and exercise with their four-legged pals.

Your pet will get to enjoy playing on dog walk ramp, doggie jump hoops, doggie crawl, dog jump bar, weave posts, doggie rest table, and doggie see-saw. The increased level of physical activities and socialization help reduce health and behavioral issues in pets. You can also help your furry friend learn some new tricks.
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Jason's Dog Boarding (Singapore) This is Shirley and Jason, experienced dog sitters in Singapore. The Services we provide include dog sitting, dog boarding, pet hotel, pet taxi & pet transport. Rates for dog boarding range from S$35 to S$40 per day for each dog depending on the age, size and breed of your pet. Please feel free to contact us at 91832673 / 92716434 or email: For further details please visit my website at See Details
Hayarkon Park Hayarkon Park is pet-friendly. Bring your pooch for a walk along the shaded trails around this beautiful Tel Aviv Park. Located in the middle of this awesome park is a fenced space for dogs to run and play together. Dog owners are reminded to clean up after their pets and to keep an eye on them as they play. See Details
Tamar Park Tamar Park is pet-friendly. This urban park in Admiralty, Hong Kong covers around 17,000 square metres and is known for pretty green surroundings among grey buildings. Leashed dogs are welcome in certain areas, so stick to the paths when you're visiting and clean up after your pup. See Details
Mirabel Bio Pools and Mini Golf At Mirabel Resort and Mini golf Pattaya, you can swim with your dog, even if you don't have a room. The cost is only 90 thb per dog and 150thb per person (including one free drink) to swim with your dog in our bio pools. See Details
BaanTuaYen x The Dogs Space BaanTuaYen x The Dogs Space is a small dog park and cafe that welcomes dogs to join their owners for a fun excursion. Grab a smoothie from the cafe, then let your pup play in the fenced space. You are also invited to bring your kayak along to paddle through the water adjacent to the building. BaanTuaYen x The Dogs Space is open Thursday through Tuesday from 9:30pm to 6:00pm. See Details
Al Fay Park Al Fay Park is a dog-friendly outdoor recreation area in Abu Dhabi, AE. Leashed dogs are welcome to join you for a walk or run on the paved paths around the perimeter of the park. There are food trucks at the park in case you work up an appetite. See Details
K Village Bring your dog to this pet-friendly shopping mall. See Details
Gardens by the Bay Gardens by the Bay is pet-friendly. This popular nature park spans 101 hectares of reclaimed land in the Central Region of Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. Pets are not allowed in the Conservatories and on the OCBC Skyway, however dogs and most domesticated pets are allowed in the outdoor gardens where the Mid-Autumn Festival event and Mass Lantern Walk is held, as long as they are kept on leash at all times. In addition, certain breeds specified under the Animals & Birds (Dog Licensing & Control) Rules need to be muzzled, and you may wish to refer to the AVA’s guidelines for further information on this. Dog owners are reminded to clean up any waste that pets leave behind during the visit. See Details
ZOIC Pet Park A spacious lush green park dedicated to your pets. See Details
Huay Tung Tao Lake Huay Tung Tao Lake is pet-friendly. This large lake includes bamboo huts to relax in while overlooking mountains of Doi Pui. Located 20 minutes from Chiang Mai, this beautiful spot is away from the busy city and offers respite in the sun. Leashed dogs are welcome around the lake. Huay Tung Tao Lake can be accessed every day of the week from 7am to 6pm. See Details
Huahin Artist Village Huahin Artist Village is pet-friendly. Dogs are welcome to join their owners at this artist collective in Thailand. You'll discover the work of a number of different artists working under one roof. Dog owners should be aware of the stray dogs that might be found around the village. Huahin Artist Village is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm. See Details
Hachiko Statue In 1920’s Japan, Hachiko the Akita accompanied his best friend, Hidesaburo Ueno, to the Shibuya Train Station in central Tokyo every day. Hidesaburo would get on the train and go to work as a professor at Tokyo University and Hachiko would wander home, only to return at the same time every evening to walk home together. One such evening, the loyal Akita went to the train station as usual and waited patiently at his spot outside. Minutes turned into hours, but there was still no sign of his owner. Hidesaburo never arrived. Sadly, the professor had passed away earlier in the day and never caught the train home. Every morning and evening for the rest of his life, Hachiko returned to the station just in case his best friend ever came back. A decade later, he passed away peacefully outside Shibuya Train Station of old age, waiting until his final breath for his friend Hidesaburo to return. Hachiko’s story will live on forever as a statue outside the station, proving the bond between humans and their dogs can never be broken. See Details
Cape Zanpa Take Fido for a leisurely and scenic stroll at Cape Zanpa in Okinawa, JP. The area offers multiple pet-friendly walking paths with grassy areas and views of Zanpamisaki Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Okinawa. Please note that dogs are not allowed inside the lighthouse and must remain on a leash on the trails. See Details
Okinawa Comprehensive Park With a variety of activities scattered over its 174 acres, Okinawa Comprehensive Park in Kitanakagusuku, JP has enough to keep you busy all day. The recreational area offers multiple pet-friendly walking trails, biking paths, ponds and more. You and Fido can purchase a box of fish food and feed the carp. Dogs must be leashed within the park. See Details
Sunabe Baba Park Bring Fido out for a day of fun at Sunabe Baba Park, a dog-friendly recreational area in Chatan, JP. Enjoy walking paths, sporting fields, a playground, grassy areas and more. Sunabe Baba Park connects to a small beach where Fido is also welcome. Please note that dogs must remain on a leash within the park and at the beach. See Details