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Lovely open field

Edgewood Bark Park

Park once used to exercise greyhounds—there are still a few hours a week dedicated to that breed. Park is very clean w/ a sheltered seating area at one end. Maintained by the adjacent church (thanks guys!) If your dog needs a good run this is where to go.

Jan. 07, 2024

Address is for parking lot

Withers Swash Park

what is here is a parking lot.

Jan. 14, 2023

Quiet place, great for dogs

Dust Off Brewing Co.

Unlike other reviewer, my dog happily accommodated. There are also outside tables. Tasty dog treats & frozen pup cups available. Definitely five paws up.

Aug. 21, 2022


Aiken State Park

Addendum for the previous review:

Aiken State Park has no Wi-Fi or cellular service. The trail is a large loop that can be entered at a number of places but the best place to start is at the trail head, located at the far end of the larger lake. Keep to the right at each fork & you’ll be on your way!

Jan. 06, 2022

Great Food, Excellent Staff

The Wine Shop at Rivergate

All other reviewers are dead on. Great place, extremely accommodating to dogs. Staff came out to get their fix of pets & provided shelter from a rain storm. Could not have kinder.
Four paws up.

Dec. 11, 2021

State Park & National Historic Battle Field

Kings Mountain State Park

The second half of the Revolutionary War was largely fought in South Carolina & Kings Mountain, located in the foothills of the Great Smokeys, was the site of a major win for Patriot troops. The Battlefield Park centers around a paved trail the retraces the history of the Battle of Kings Mountain. The state park, built by Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s, is also laced w/ a number of less developed trails. This trail system can be viewed on AllTrails but are not singled as individual entries. The ‘Historic Farm Trail’ that leads from Lake Crawford to a clearing that recreates a farm of the late 1700s, is particularly recommended.

Dec. 11, 2021

1 Park, 2 Walks

Andrew Jackson State Park

Located in the Piedmont region of S. Carolina, the park is the boyhood home of Andrew Jackson. The area was the site of much fighting during the Revolutionary War; Jackson himself served as a courier & was caught & held captive by the British when he was 13 yrs old. The park features two walks; one around a small lake; the other through the forest. Each is about a mile long. There is also an open field featuring a few historical exhibits w/ a one room school house & a meeting house.
Lots of interesting smells for dogs to explore though scenery for owners is a bit drab.

Dec. 08, 2021

State Park, Great Walk

Landsford Canal State Park

The park is on the site of the old Landsford Canal which runs along a rocky stretch of the Catawba River. Parts of the canal are still intact and feature period masonry. The river is scenic & in the spring, almost overwhelmed by vast stretches of rare lilies. Good partial loop walking trail. Deer & other wild life also occasionally seen. Recommend.

Dec. 05, 2021

Excellent walks

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

Carl Sandburg’s home has been situated near twin ponds & midway up Glassy Mountain. Principal walk winds up to the wind scoured top of the mountain, so called because in winter it’s granite top glitters in the sun. The walk itself is protected by forest. Nearer trails go to Sandburg’s home &, nearby, the goat farm, where the descendants of his wife’s price winning milking goats still play.
Excellent half-day diversion.

Nov. 22, 2021

Excellent State Park

Cheraw State Park

Cheraw is in the upland hill country of South Carolina. The state park is anchored by Lake Juniper & features boating, fishing & golf. There are three major trails. The Boardwalk is the shortest, about a mile an out & back, on a trail that rims the lake. (There is also a sandy beach.) Turkey Oak Trail is currently closed for repair work. Finally, a trail along Auction Barn Road threads through stands of long needle pines on a path littered w/ pine cones the size of pineapples. See All Trails app for details.
Finally, despite relative isolation, there is surprisingly good cell phone service making it easy to find your bearings should you stray off trail.

Nov. 14, 2021

Walk along the rim of a Carolina Bay

Woods Bay State Park

Pleasant walk along the edge of a Carolina Bay, an unusual geological formation of unexplained origins. The nature walk is looped & covers only a small area of the Bay. There is a short board walk that leads through otherwise impenetrable brush but the rest of the trail is mostly along the elevated rim. Summer bugs so do take spray.
Technically, I guess gators may be present but none seen on the many times I’ve been out there. It IS South Carolina.

Nov. 07, 2021

Great place for good dogs

Jake's on Devine

Pleasant place w/ a great crew of dogs. Drinks (deft bartender) & snacks available for human con. Please note: re some complaints posted earlier. If you are uncomfortable w/ either your or other dogs off-leash then this is not the place for you. Otherwise? Expect your dog to have a great time. You as well. Five paws up.

Oct. 25, 2021

Fine Beach for an Off-leash Romp

Clarks Hill Park Dog Beach

Smallish patch of sandy beach on a large reservoir. Gentle slope makes it an ideal swim location for all but the most timid of dogs. Most dogs are off-leash & there may be several families w/ assorted dogs so it’s best best enjoyed by dogs who can manage a dog park like atmosphere. Humans can swim as well & there is a picnic area at the head of the short trail to the beach. Great Saturday adventure.

Sep. 25, 2021

Splendid Place for Doggos of All Ages

Wassamassaw Community Park

Park features 2 dog parks, both good sized & accommodating. There is a dog water park (separate water park for humans) & an automated tub to wash all but the largest dogs. (10 minutes for $10.) Beyond the dog park there is a tangle of walking trails w/ additional trails in North Wassamassaw Park.
Outstanding place to spend an entire day. $2 admission fee well worth it.

Feb. 27, 2021

Nice Place To Get Out Of Rain (or Heat)

Oak Road Brewery

Typical microbrew located in a (smallish) warehouse. Well behaved dogs inside not a problem. Nice stop for a Sunday afternoon between walks.

Jan. 31, 2021

Come To Play—stay To Learn

Camp Miracle Paws

If you are here for doggy day care, then you could not do better. Environment is structured to give dogs plenty of space & companionship w/o the frenetic, circus type environment doggy daycares frequently present to dogs. The owners are sophisticated dog folk who know how to maximize benefit to dog while minimizing the chaos of Dogs Gone Wild—vacation mania edition. This is not spring break for dogs.
And that is a hidden strength of the place

Jan. 05, 2021

Fine place for pups

Aloft Columbia Downtown

Downtown location, parking not included so a bit pricey. Capitol is just down the street & makes for pleasant walk. A drink in the lobby included a visiting Australian Shepherd so very pleasant for all concerned.. Pup gave 5 paws up but owner dinged a bone for pricier accommodation. Still, a fine choice.

Sep. 08, 2020

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Pip in a pond
Cotton processing
Historic farm
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Boardwalk Path
Pip W/ Beer
Pip In The Playground
Camp Miracle Paws
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