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My Boxer puppy and I love to go on adventures, exploring new places and meeting new people and pups.

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Great training opportunity

Pawtuckaway State Park

I came here with my pup a couple days ago (winter) and it was such a good experience! beautiful, quiet, with just enough foot traffic to easily squeeze in some training opportunities in between playtime. There was enough space to use the 30ft lead and throw the ball around. only reason I didn’t give it a full 5 is because a lot of the trails aren’t accessible due to snow :)

Jan. 02, 2023

So many places to explore!

Maudslay State Park

such a good experience with the pup! I used to come here before I got a dog and I took him for the first time yesterday and he loved it! lots of gorgeous trails, gardens, old mansion sites, and other fun things. main trail is right on the edge of the river, making every spot beautiful and picture-worthy. if your dog has good recall there are a few fields you can let them run around in, I chose to bring one of the stakes that screw in the ground when we took a rest.

will definitely visit again soon!

Nov. 07, 2022

Very spacious and clean!

Chelmsford Dog Park

took my puppy here once on the way home from a visit and I’m so glad I did! the dog park is very large, with a separate puppy area and a partially closed off ‘training’ area that could be used for a spot to chill for a minute. gazebo in the middle, benches, a covered picnic area, and plenty of pet-friendly water fountains. overall it was a very positive experience, will definitely be back!

Nov. 01, 2022

Spacious park with friendly people

Derry Dog Park

We love coming to this park primarily for the kind people! With our pup in that awkward ‘middle’ stage, we frequently go back and forth between the big and small dog sides. Both sides are spacious enough and fun. The handlers on the big dog side are very friendly and kind enough to allow a puppy to join in with their bigger dogs. They’ve been very helpful with offering advice to introducing our pup to bigger dogs and also letting us know which dogs play rougher so we can move to the small side if needed. We will continue to go back frequently and look forward to our pup getting bigger and being able to keep up with his new big friends!

Oct. 23, 2022

Nice park, a little boring for dogs

Derryfield Park

This park is beautiful, with a playground, gazebo, field, and sports fields. Unfortunately there’s no off-leash areas or walking trails (unless you walk a loop around the park). We use this park as a last resort if we need a quick leashed walk, otherwise we go to other parks close by.

Oct. 23, 2022

Great trails! Not so great dog park

Benson Park

Benson’s is one of our favorites! Endless gorgeous trails that are full of fun attractions (it’s a former zoo so there’s a cage, giant shoe house, etc). We have been a few times and always find a new place to explore. The dog park isn’t the greatest, particularly the small dog area. It’s small, slanted on a hill, and has gravel breaking apart, which makes it feel unsafe. The big dog area is a lot better but still has some gravel. With my pup in between the small and big dog area, it’s a little inconvenient to not have the choice. Highly recommend for the trails!

Oct. 23, 2022

Great Walk!

Livingston Park

We love coming here for a quick, 1 mile walk. Plenty of parking, beautiful hike with bridges and a nice view of the water.

Oct. 23, 2022

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Field rest stop with bear
Attacking the leaves
Timeout area
Bridge at Livingston Park
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