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Trails are okay.

Pemberton Historical Park

The trails aren't bad though they didn't seem to be well maintained, as there were some fallen logs across the trails that had not been cleared away when I was there. Some parts of the trails get wet at high tide - I found myself wading in ankle-deep water on the way back out to my car. There are frequently runners on the trails and they can come up on you unexpectedly. Some of the bridges are long and narrow and just wide enough for two - so when you're walking with your dog and other people want to run past you things can get a little dicey. I walked my dog there a few times but never really felt 100% comfortable so I found other parks to go to instead.

Sep. 22, 2020

Lovely park and boat ramp

Pocomoke River State Park

(This review is for the Shad Landing portion of the park.) The park is not especially large but is very scenic, with a nice boat ramp along the Pocomoke River where you can launch your own boat or rent a canoe. The boat ramp counts as part of the park's day use areas, but you can have your dog there long enough to get onto and off of your boat as long as you don't linger. Dogs are also allowed in the campground and along the trails. The trail I used there was very short (maybe a mile), but it was beautiful - thickly forested, swampy in areas, with patches of wild rhododendrons that felt like the setting from a fairy tale. The world felt very far away! My dog and I really enjoyed walking there, especially one particularly drizzly spring day with the rain dripping off the trees. Be prepared for muddy feet though - there are some low spots along the trail that can get soggy.

Sep. 22, 2020

Dogs On The Sixth Floor?

Motel 6 Cutler Bay

I did not think to request a first floor room at booking. I was assigned a sixth floor room, and my dog and I both had trouble with the height as there were no interior hallways and only a wraparound balcony railing on the edge of the exterior walkway. My dog also had issues with the elevator as she had never been in one before. The room was clean, if a little spartan. The outside looked a bit worn.

Jun. 06, 2019

I Expected Better For The Price

Frances Street Bottle Inn

I had a hard time finding the inn, and went around the block a few times. I was looking for the image pictured on this site, with the cozy front porch - but it turns out that the Frances Street side of the building has a very plain exterior, and the porch is facing Southard Street, so I couldn't see it as I drove by on Frances. I had requested a first floor room, which they were able to accommodate. However, it was at the back of the building, and I had to walk through another room's patio area to get to it, which would have been awkward if someone else was using that patio area. The AC unit in the room was NOT enough to combat the heat and humidity of Key West, and my dog and I were both uncomfortably warm until the sun went down and the room finally cooled off. The blinds did not provide full coverage over the door - there was a gap where I could see out onto the patio, which meant that someone on the patio could have seen me, and I felt uncomfortably exposed. There was also an unfortunate incident around 11pm when I went to walk my dog before bed. I was in room #8, and had to walk past room #6 to get to the sidewalk in order to walk my dog. The couple in room #6 had gone out to Duvall St., leaving their two dogs alone in the room. When I walked my dog past the room, their dogs went berserk and started jumping and barking. The room's door had a lever handle instead of a round knob, and in the process of jumping at the door they OPENED it and ran out of the room onto the street. I was able to get one dog back in the room, but the other ran off toward Duvall St. Two other couples staying at the inn came back at that point, and one of the guests called the emergency number to speak to the owner and let him know what was going on. His initial response was that he did not have any guests' phone numbers at his home as that information was all kept at the inn, but he would speak to the dog's owner in the morning... Half an hour later, the dog having ventured back to the inn and then run off again, we called the owner a second time and he said he was on his way, having received several complaints about barking. He arrived a short time after that and called the dog's owners, who ran back to the hotel and began to search. Fortunately the dog had by that point made its way back to the inn again, and they were able to catch it, so the dog was unharmed. But as a dog owner I was concerned that the dogs were able to leave the room on their own in the first place. The door had been locked, and when I closed it after the first dog went back into the room, it locked itself again, so even if I could have caught the second dog I couldn't have returned her to the room at that point. I was also concerned that the inn owner didn't have any way to quickly contact guests during the night in case of emergency, and that he took so long to come assist with the lost dog situation.

Jun. 06, 2019

Not Bad

Red Roof Inn Baldwin

It's not a bad place to stay on a budget. Dog-friendly, clean, serviceable, if a bit run-down. There's plenty of space to walk the dog and they have bags available in the lobby for cleaning up after.

Jun. 05, 2019

Not Bad

Red Roof Inn Fayetteville I-95

It's budget-friendly, pet-friendly, and serviceable. The room was clean. Not a bad place to stay. There's not a lot of space to walk the dog, but there is a strip of grass along the edge of the parking lot.

Jun. 05, 2019


Red Roof Inn Statesboro

I requested non-smoking, and the clerk confirmed this when she checked me in, but the room reeked of cigarette smoke anyway. It might have been the bedding - the bedspread had a cigarette burn on it. My room was located right next to the vending machines, and there was an echo there that made voices outside my door very loud - especially at 4am!!! I did not feel safe to be outside my room after dark. There was NOWHERE to walk my dog, except for what used to be the pool area, though that's been filled in and is now full of weeds and dog poop. There was dog poop in the parking lot as well. The room was not terribly clean, and there was black mold on the ceiling above the showerhead from an old leak. I have NEVER been more uncomfortable in a motel room and was out of there by 7am. I would give ZERO bones if possible.

Jun. 05, 2019

Very Nice

Comfort Inn Dunn

Beautifully landscaped, lobby is clean and fresh, rooms are very clean and smell pleasant. The pool looked nice though I didn't get to swim. Breakfast was good. Very dog friendly, plenty of places to walk and there are bags and a trash can right by the main entrance which was handy. I had requested a ground floor room if possible but didn't get it, which was disappointing - my dog is afraid of the elevator and getting a suitcase AND a German Shepherd up and down a flight of stairs is complicated at best, but we managed. The room was carpeted, which was a relief for my dog (she hates smooth floors). We were very comfortable and enjoyed our stay.

Jun. 05, 2019


Crane Point Hammock Museum & Nature Center

Not much of the natural habitat exists anymore, but a beautiful piece of it has been preserved here. The trails are short but with the breeze blocked off by dense vegetation it can get very hot! Go early or later, don’t do as I did and go at midday! My GSD was a little overheated by the time we got back to the museum. There was water available at the Crane House.

May. 31, 2019

Stinky Seaweed

Coco Plum Dog Beach

The seaweed was terrible and smelled awful. Seaweed for twenty yards out at least. Impossible to swim.

May. 31, 2019

A Great Place Place To Visit!

Dolphin Research Center

My GSD was welcome and the dolphins appeared to be very curious about her. Got to see the dolphins up close - they were chattering and whistling quite a bit! It was very relaxing just to sit and watch them.

May. 31, 2019

Excellent Beach!

Sombrero Beach

Very clean, not too crowded, NO SEAWEED. Lots of pavilions to escape the sun. Shallow areas where my dog could splash comfortably. She gets nervous when she can’t touch bottom so it was great for her! The only thing I didn’t like was that the water wasn’t very clear - no waves or current, so when sand got stirred up it took a long time to settle. I ended up with a lot of sand in my bathing suit as well. But overall very nice.

May. 30, 2019

Pie Was To Die For

Porky's Bayside BBQ

My GSD was welcome and they brought her water first thing. My meal was okay, but a little overcooked. The key lime pie, though - I could eat that every night, it was AMAZING!! Creamy and tasted like fresh squeezed limes. So good.

May. 31, 2019

Good Ambiance, Slow Service, Meh Food

The Stuffed Pig

My GSD was welcome. They brought water, but in a cardboard leaked right out. Service was very slow - none of the wait staff was willing to hurry, people stood a long time waiting to be seated, and it took a long time to be able to place my order. A squall blew in while I waited, there were empty tables under the pavilion but I was not offered a different table, I was under an umbrella but it wasn’t good coverage and I got wet. Food was under seasoned and not great.

May. 31, 2019

Casual, Friendly

Cracked Conch Cafe

My GSD was welcome in the back patio. They brought her water. The food I had was good both times - fish sandwich, turkey club, conch fingers. The waitress said the conch was the best in Marathon and I should try it elsewhere and I’d know what she meant...she was right! Customers were a mix of tourists and locals, very casual friendly atmosphere. This was my fave place to eat in Marathon.

May. 28, 2019

I Didn’t Enjoy Anything I Ordered

Keys Fisheries

I had the conch fritters. The outside looked done, but when I bit into them, they were just raw batter inside. I had also ordered a fish sandwich but I just threw it away as the conch fritters killed my appetite. I had ordered the key lime and raspberry key lime to go, and ate them later...they weren’t very good either.

May. 31, 2019

Ambiance Was Good.

Blue Heaven

The ambiance was very funky and relaxed, but it was a little crowded for my GSD’s comfort so I didn’t stay as long as I would have liked. I had the special, a lobster grilled cheese. It was pretty good. I asked for a slice of key lime pie to go as it had been recommended to me. But when I got to my hotel and opened the container, two flies were crawling around on the pie, so I didn’t eat it.

May. 31, 2019

Not Accessible

Key West Dog Beach

There was too much seaweed to get to the water, and the odor was unpleasant.

May. 31, 2019

Great Food!

B.O.'s Fish Wagon

Stopped here with my GSD ‘cause everywhere else I tried was super busy. I had a grilled mahi sandwich - it was excellent! Very fresh, well-cooked and well-seasoned. The roll was nice and soft. I tried their chicken sandwich and it was also very good! The staff were very friendly. The appearance of the place is rough - they really do mean ‘shack’ - but if you want a quick bite you can’t go wrong here.

May. 31, 2019

A Lovely Visit

Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden

Stopped in with my German Shepherd and had a very nice visit. We talked about birds and dogs for an hour or so. Normally Nancy said she doesn’t bring the birds out of the cages when there’s a dog visiting, but my dog was so quiet and well-behaved that they brought out a few while we were there. The birds are clearly happy and well-socialized - playful, chatty, no unhappy screeching or feather-pulling. If you’re in the area please stop in and donate if you can!

May. 31, 2019

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