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Hi ya! I’m an animal enthusiast and a dog lover. I am a fashion stylist at Charisma Clothing Boutique in St. Michaels, MD. Charisma is located at 114 S. Talbot St. Suite C. We open everyday at 10AM. Charisma’s closing hours may vary from season to season. Please call (410) 745-0352 to check on our current hours of operation. We are a women’s missy clothing boutique with an offering of fashion jewelry, handbags, accessories, sportswear and dress attire. Some plus sizes are available as well. Most of our clothing brands are designed in Canada and we also carry clothing lines designed here, in the USA!❤️🇺🇸 We always welcome k-9 companions in Charisma. We supply a doggie bowl of water outside our storefront, refreshing it throughout the day. We keep a stock of dog biscuits behind the checkout counter. It is not unusual for our professional staff to ooh-and-ahh over your dog as you enter the store. We are all animal lovers here! When I look into the face of an animal I see an instant friend! I love my job! Over the last 17 years that I have worked for Charisma I have determined we have the best customers in the world! St. Michaels is a hotspot for vacationing with your four-legged companions. There’s plenty of walking, boating and sailing around this beloved waterfront village. Many of our shops and restaurants here are very dog friendly! So when you’re planning your next vacation I hope you consider visiting St. Michaels in Talbot County, Maryland (and bring your dog too)! Come and get your fill of rich history and breathe the fresh air. We are just close enough and far enough away from DC and Baltimore.

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SMYLE on The Miles!😄👮‍♂️

Patriot Boat Cruises

For all of our wonderful visitors contemplating a tour with Patriot Cruises, put it on your bucket list! St. Michaels Youth & Law Enforcement was provided an educational and fun tour of the Miles River by Captain John Marrah, owner of Patriot Cruises. When boarding the ship we were greeted by an enthusiastic and charismatic crew. As part of our cruise we got to select a beverage and snack from their concession. Fantastic hospitality! I had no idea goodies were included! We were then directed to our seats that were arranged for social distancing. Captain John gave instructions for masks and safety. He advised us where to locate life preservers in the case of an emergency. As a 33 year resident of St. Michaels I was excited to play tourist! This was my first time as an adult to enjoy the Patriot. The ship let out several long horn blast to bid farewell to Navy Point. I was giddy inside with excitement like a child! The sun was glistening on the water and it was a beautiful day! WOW!! St. Michaels just got so much bigger as we departed the harbor. A crewman moved swiftly through the upper deck doing a head count of all participants. Immensely impressed! Safety first! Second to none! A professional recording of Captain John began to narrate our tour as we skirted through the waters that surround St. Michaels. As another crew member took over steering Captain John grabbed the mic and began talking to our group. He was animated, enthusiastic and held the kids attention! Even the kid in me was anticipating dolphin sightings! We were welcomed to move freely and encouraged to move to the front of the ship where the breeze was wonderful! We had a chance to re-enact the “I’m the king of the world” scene from Titanic. Haha! Had some good laughs got some fun pics! Got educated on historical homes and huge mansions that line the waters edge of the Miles River. In 2004 I was fortunate to meet iconic actor Christopher Walken when he was filming in St. Michaels. I loved listening to Captain John talk about the production and filming locations of the movie, The Wedding Crashers, that took place on some very prominent water front estates. At the end of the tour I was wind blown, my eyes were watery and my eyeliner was starting to run. But I was no worse for the wear. I enjoyed every minute of the cruise!! Did not see any dolphins this time, but maybe next time! Bravo to the crew, they started cleaning and sanitizing immediately as we exited. Ya might say, they run a tight ship! I loved my experience on the Patriot! The kids enjoyed the cruise too! I would definitely love to tour with Patriot Cruises again! We have family and out-of-towners who would have a blast sightseeing our beautiful town’s waterways. A tip for travelers, if you have ‘well behaved’ dogs this is a fantastic idea for you and your pooch to enjoy an activity together! Patriot Cruises crew members are very dog friendly! Your pooch might even get their picture taken at the helm with Captain John!

Sep. 13, 2020

Dog Lovers This One’s For You!

The Galley

While out for a walk through town we passed The Galley Restaurant. I instantly fell in love with the pups on the patio! There were so many lovely couples dining with their pooches it made me deliriously happy! We continued on foot through town and stopped to have friendly chit-chat with local law-enforcement. We noticed our tummies were starting to grumble. So we headed back to The Galley on a mission for scrumptious food. The restaurant had just closed for the evening but they still had patrons dining and enjoying the live entertainment. The owner Jen was so accommodating! She was busy rolling sushi but took the time to talk to us and then selected her best waitress to seat us. The staff was friendly, The service was courteous and our food was top notch! We ordered the bacon avocado cheeseburger and the chicken Caesar wrap. My partner and I split our meals so we could have a taste of both dishes. Yum!😋 Yep that pretty much sums it up... and we had free entertainment with our meal. Hunter Brady was on the mic while strumming his acoustic guitar. He had a great repertoire of songs in his arsenal as he unleashed his best version of Jimmy Buffett‘s Margaritaville. It was at that moment when I felt right at home. Hunter had other great easy listening pop and light rock songs that he serenaded the guest with that evening. We had a fantastic experience at The Galley Restaurant! I highly recommend that you eat here and bring your fur babies!❤️

Jun. 17, 2020

‘Postcard Perfect’ View!

Muskrat Park

Muskrat Park is an attractive place to visit. Bring Fido and the whole family!The Park consists of lush green grass, small brick laid walking paths, a gazebo, picnic tables, benches and public restrooms. Izzy loved the park and we had a wonderful experience here. She went into crazy mode over a game of frisbee and was all-tuckered-out at the end of our visit. There was plenty of shady spots for her to lay, take a breather and lap-up some water. The waterfront view of the harbor at Muskrat Park is spectacular. If people watching and relaxing scenic views are your thing, this is the place for you! This year due to the pandemic concerts in the park have been canceled...but mark your calendar‘s for next year. Weather permitting, Thursdays throughout the summer are free concerts in the park which takes place from 6:30-8PM. Local musicians attract a little more than 2,400 people a year. It’s the perfect time for family and friends to come together, relax with a picnic dinner and enjoy a free concert in the park. Tourist put down their cocktails, hop off their yachts, walk down the dock over to the park and are delighted to be entertained! (A little added bonus for them during their visit to St. Mike’s. )
*Remember to use common sense with your furry friends. Snap a leash on them and be aware as this is a shared space. Kindly clean up after your pooch, there’s no such thing as the poop fairy.💩🧚‍♀️🤣😂 Help keep our parks beautiful and clean. St. Michaels is very dog friendly. I’m sure you’ll love it here!

Jul. 02, 2020

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Fifi stays warm nestled in her Momma’s arms🥰
Positive Mind🌞Positive Vibes🌜Positive Life⭐️
Benny & Co.
✨I’m a Pretty Caramel Tan🐶
Such Troopers!💪
🍔Anyone excited about cookouts like we are!?🌭
Free Smiles in St. Michaels😁
Rocking Poshness All Day...Errrrday!
✨Posh visits Charisma🛍
👩🏻Why don’t you smile, Posh?
Your Attention, Please!
🐶Your Smile...🌻Simple Living...⛵️St. Michaels, MD
Meet Hercules!🐶
It’s Not Everyday That You Get To Meet Tom Brady!!😳
You Wanna Tom Brady Kiss!?🥰
Little Shepherd Dog💕
“Did you bring me anything to eat?”
Milk-bones! They’re like...cookies...for dogs.
Me like cookies!🐶🐾
Ernie’s always a fan of the pups!
Charisma has the BEST customers in the world!💓
Hi! Welcome to Charisma!👜👚👖🛍
It’s Official:🍖🦴🍖🦴
Cute 12 month old pup visits Charisma!🤩
🧋A woman cannot survive on coffee alone...
Look into my eyes...can you feel the love?
Charisma’s Official Taste Tester🐶
They See Me Rollin’
Escape! Show this small coastal town some big love!❤️
You’re always a winner when you support local!❤️
Be the energy you want to attract!
So Many New Faces in Town!🐶
Dog friendly St. Michaels is a hit with travelers!
Came home and found my dog waiting like this...
That face, when he sees a Milk-Bone.🐶
Woofs of Wisdom🐩
Listen to the rain sing you a lullaby ☔️
🌧 Hold your face up to the sky and let the rain kiss you.💋
All in a day’s work.😉
“How are the sizes working for you?”
Beep! Beep!🔈
There’s A Buzz In The Air! 🐝
Hoppy Easter!🐰
C’mon, Molly is Down Right Adorable!🥰
Living The High Life Of Being A Celebrity😎
The Watering Hole🕳 Happy Hour For Dogs!😊
Well Hi There Friend! Wanna Biscuit!?🍖
Of course I’m in Shape!
Pups are always welcome on the patio🎉
“That face” when you’re trying to look innocent😇
Cheers to good food!🥂🥯🥞🥓🍳
Yummy in my tummy!😋
Best EATS 2021!🍔
Belle French Bouledogue spotted at The Galley!😻
Howl You Doin!?
Come here! Let me give ya a little kiss!😘
Let Me Whisper Sweet Nothings In Your Ear...
I’m In Love With Stella!❤️
Make it say “WOW” not Woof!
Will Give Fashion Advice For Treats🍖
💁‍♀️“Stella, you’re pretty cute!”
VIP and VID Services!🤩
Charisma’s having a SALE!
Kiss me, I’m Irish!💋
Henry James Has No Regrets!
Bow Chicka Wow Wow!
Baby-Talk Babel🐶
Thiz Iz My Kizzzing Face😘
Does anyone have these plans this weekend?
My Friday Face🐶
Best Friend Approved!💯🛍
It wasn’t me!😇
The Champ Is Here!💪
Dooney and Bourke Purse-Pup!
Designer Dog🐩
Picture This:🌅
Shopping at Charisma is always a delight!
Does this shirt make me look broad through the chest?🤔
Happy as a clam at high tide!
I could knit a sweater with all of your loose hair!💁‍♀️🧶
The Healing Effects Of Nature🌞🌲🍂🍁
Wake Up To The Smell Of Sap!🌲
A Beautiful Day For A Walk In The Countryside🌞🐕‍🦺🐾
Snow In The Forecast🌬❄️
Snow Storm Checklist✅
Shop Your Heart Out! You Deserve It!
Love Is In The Air...or Is That Bacon!?
My Other Ride Is A Motorcycle Sidecar Rocket🚀
Only In America!🇺🇸
OMG!🙀 They’re Starting Without Me!
👉You Human...follow That Girl!🐾
Wait For Me!🐶
I Must Pet This Doggie...No Matter What!
Pucker Up!💋
Hi Friend!😍
Winter Reset🌬🧣
It’s Time To Get This Paw-ty Started!🎉 🐾
This Must Be Puppy Love!💗
Peek-a-boo! I See You!🐶
WARNING⚠️Cuteness Overload⛔️
Delightful Little Doggie🐶
So Fur-ocious!😆🐾
Daddy...Can I Have One Daddy?🐶
Remember This Day...Always!❤️
What Could Make A Daddy/Daughter Date Even Better?
Be Strong & Dad On➡️💪
Unforgettable Moment☕️
An Outdoor Al Fresco Style Tea Party☕️
Is Your Human A Rescue Too?
Charisma‘s New Mascot...Maggie❤️🐶
You Know You’re Cute, Right!?
Big Brown Puppy Dog Eyes🐶
Alert & Excited To Be At Charisma!😍
Holy Guacamole Batman!
I Believe In Santa Paws!🎅🏻🐾
Charisma Is Dog Friendly!❤️🐶
The Antidote To Corona-Fatigue🦮🌞
I’ll Let You Keep It...❤️
Maggie’s Broad Strokes Of Her Wagging Tail...She’s A Happy Girl!
A Soft Touch
Stop Giving Me Those Puppy Dog Eyes🥺
Reinforce Your Soft Skills
Maggie Browsing At Charisma👚
Animal Antics
Anticipation: Emotional State
The Food Police
That Face...When You’re Told, “You’re Such A Good Girl!”
Who’s That Doggie In The Mirror!?
Flavor Town Casino♥️♣️♦️♠️
Main Focus🧐
Sneeze Loading 0%—————50%———|——100%
Pleased To Meetcha!🐶🤝
Came To See All My Favorite Girls!
Yes, I’m Maggie From Tech Support...
I Shall Reign Victorious🏆
This Is My Classic Relaxed Pose🐶
I Adore You!🥰
Live Life With Passion & A Companion To Enjoy It!🐶
Kelly Kullman & Stella Enjoying The Sunshine🌞
Kelly Kullman & Stella Chillin In Downtown Easton
Art Of The Leaping Dog🐶
I’m Not Short...I’m Just Compact And Ridiculously Adorable!🥰
Lead Me Not Into Temptation...
I’m A Dogaholic...🐶
Puppy Survival School🐶🏫
Howdy Neighbor! Charisma Loved Meeting Kerrigan!❤️🐶
Parenthood Requires LOVE❤️not DNA🧬
Miss Kerrigan Has Found Her Happily Ever After Home At Reclaimed With Mark & Tracey Miller❤️
Skyooz Me Mister...
“Dis Is Better Dan Da Backyard!”🐶
Happy New Year!🥳
Humble & Hungry😋
Mako Finds A Calm Hiding Spot Under The Coffee Table
Hey Corgeous!
Check Your Elf Before You Reck Your Elf🎄
Furry🐶 & Bright🌟
Mako’s First Snow❄️
Cheers To A Lovely Christmas Season🎄
You Have Resting Grinch Face🎄
Merry Dogmas!🎄
Been Sneaking Gifts All Week...But This One Is From Daddy🎄
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas...
We’ll Shake On It 🤝🐶🎁
Santa’s Cookies🎅🏻🍪
Yippee-ki-yay! I Love This Holiday!🎄
Cue The Cheer!🎉
Daisy Mae & Mum At Charisma Clothing Boutique 🧥🧣👜
I Just Met You...And I Love You!🥰🐶
Charisma Clothing Boutique Welcomes All Dogs!🐩 🐕
I Run On Biscuits & Christmas Cheer😄🎄
Meet Stella!
Stella’s Got Jokes For The Charisma Crew🙃
Buckley, Getting A Leg Up On The Competition
A Dog Can Change The Way You See The World 🌎
But...It Has My Name On It!
Nardo, The Silver Lab Loves To Snuggle With Momma, Kaitlyn Crumling.🥰
Hola Mi Amiga!👋
Boyfriend & Girlfriend!🤭
The Waiting Game...🐶🤤🍖
Better Not Pout!🎅🏻
K-9 Max Is Working Christmas In St. Michaels Weekend
This Way To The Biscuits⤵️
My New Love Interest Of The Day❤️
Bah Humbug🎁
Look At What We Have Here...😳
Abby Is Feeling Festive, How About You?
Is This A Dog Friendly Town, Or What!?
Raised With Love
Laugh And Your Dog Laughs With You
Don’t Do The Crime, If You Can’t Do The Time.
Kiss, Kiss💋 Happy X-Mas!🎄
Go Out And Get Some Fresh Air
Heart Of A Dog❤️
I’m One Classy Mother Pupper😉
Daisy Mae’s Shopping Day🛍
Pardon The Interruption...
Lead By Example
I Love My Bed Hog Dog!❤️
Bed Hog! 🛌🐽
Back Seat Driver🐶🚘
“If I Can’t Bring My Dog, I’m Not Going.”
Hola My Friend👋
Happy Pawlidays!🐾🎄
Hot Diggity Dog!
The Captivating Kaitlyn Crumling & Nardo The Silver Lab💞
Be Kind To animals...always!
The Best Friends Have Four Legs & A Tail🐾
You Look Quite Fetching 🎾
I See You Lookin’ At My Weiner
My Dog Is My Co-Pilot👩‍✈️🐶
I’m All Ears
Captain John Directs Our Attention To Birds Of Prey!🦅
Good Vibes Happen On The Tides!🌞
Captain John, Amazing Story Teller!
Fun To Be Aboard The Patriot Along With SMPD’s Captain Oswald🏆💪
Bring Your Camera!📸
St. Michaels Police Department Take Local Youth On A Tour With Patriot Cruises🚢
Fantastically Fun, For All Ages!
Friendly Smiles Await Your Visit!
Dream Big Little Sharky!🦈
Inside: What’s Up Eastern Shore Magazine
Congrats To Patriot Cruises!!🎉🎈
Much & Many Thanks!🙏
Captain John👨‍✈️
All Smiles!!😁
Smiles Are Contagious!😄
Wonderful Concessions Offered By Patriot Cruises
Miles River View’s⚓️
A Beautiful Day On The Patriot🛳
Your Cruise Awaits!⛴
Osprey Sighting
Eat Your Heart Out Rose...💙
The Captain Is Always Right😉👨‍✈️
A Pirates Life For Me⚓️
Pawsitively The Best!❤️🐾
I Don’t Give A Ship!🚢
“I Used To Have A Fear Of Boats🛥
First Mate⚓️
Sea Yee Soon🌊
Seas The Day!⛴
Work Like A Captain, Party Like A Pirate!
Captain Wyatt 🏴‍☠️
Keep ‘Em Moving!
Will Work For Treats🛠
You Can Go Home But I’m Staying Here
I Can Be The Milk Bone Fairy!🍖🧚‍♀️
So, How Was Your Day!?
Save Our Bones Bulletin📰
All I Care About Is Dogs & Like 3 People 😆
Yes! The Queen Has Returned!👸
Just Call Me, Hoover!
Life Goal: Pet All Dogs☑️
I’m Here To Pet All The Puppies!
Pugs & Kisses!🥰
The Wet Dog Days Of Summer🌞
It Rocks To Be A Fur Mama!
It’s A Wonder-fur World!
Doggie Style
Biscuits For Every Visit
It’s All Good!
The Collection Everyone Loves❤️
You’re Lucky To Have Me!🍀
Happy Birthday Sunshine!❤️🌞
A Bad Dog Lives Here🤨
Let Me Put My Thinking Cap On💡
Love You Teddy Bear!❤️🧸
Double Double Toil And Trouble!🧹
Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Follow Me!🐶🐾
Dawgs Gotta Eat!
Time To Go To The Vet!🩺
Lazy Bones!!🦴
Flip-Floppin’ Bulldog
⚠️Watch Your Step⚠️
❤️The English Bulldogs
I Don’t Rise And Shine...
You’re A Good Girl Penelope!
Ooh! Mommy’s Home!
What A Beautiful Boy!
Living The Pack Life!🥰
Doggie In The Window!😆
Beautiful Stella!❤️
It’s Always Better Together
Who Stitched Ya Up Bud?
Cucumber Infused Water🥒
The Watermen’s Breakfast👌
Famous Galley Glazer😋
Breakfast At The Galley🥓🥯🍳🍞
Cheers Big Ears!
What A Good Pooch Papa!👏
Champions For Business And Community!💪
Man! This Place Is Packed!👏🇺🇸
Adorable Mobile Bar!❤️
Designer Spotlight 👛
Love To Sing ‘The Cuppycake Song’ To You
Cutie And The Beast
⚠️Beware Of Dog⚠️
Meet The Merchant💍
Use The Buddy System
Pups At Play
Hey, Look Ma...
Atos, My Love😍
Best Bullies In The World!🌎
Doggy Day Out🎾
Dog Day’s Of Summer💭🦋 🐝
For The Ultimate Dog Lover❤️
Welcome Home❤️
Delayed Regret⛄️
Umm...OK Then...
Man’s Best Friend❤️
Proud Dog Mom!❤️🐶
On The Nice List📜
Couch Potato!
Happy Snow Day!❄️
Laughing Buddha
Your T-shirt Is Here!
Until We Come Again
Whatever Your Pleasure
Come To Relax
The Aha Moment
Hoofin It?
Just Passing Through
Full Of Good Days Ahead
Dachshund In The Park
To Be A Child Again💭
Walk In The Park
James Was Loved By So Many❤️
Dilution Is The Solution To Pollution
Tail Translation
Bring The Family!
The Inn At Perry Cabin🤩
Just A Friendly Reminder
Paddleboard Anyone?
Story Book Waterfront Village🍄
Your Spirit Is Missed
Enchanting Walking Path
Floating Dock
Lush, Green and Lovely🌸
Great Little Getaway
Doo Doo Bags
Practice Makes Perfect!👌
Explore St. Michaels!
St. Michaels Flag
Muskrat Park Gazebo
Ya Gotta Little Spittle On Your Muzzle
Watch Out For The Rowdy Sailors😉
The Love Of A Dog❤️🐕
Playtime Is My Time!❤️🐶
Thomas Harrison House
‘St. Michaels Blue’
Izzy Is Victorious!
Peace Offering
War Of 1812 History
Dreamy Waterfront Village
Kooky Canine!
Ahhh, Beautiful!
Izzy Loves To Frizzie!
Bikers Are Welcome Too!
Muskrat Park
Road Trip!
Smooth, Soulful and Warm❤️
Feeling Thirsty?
Can We Talk About This?
Love This Place!
Nice Presentation!
Bully Bear, I Love You!!❤️
Rub Buddha’s Belly For Good Luck!
In Case You’re Having A Bad Day
I’m ‘mutts’ About You!❤️
I’m Not Fat...I’m Just A Little Husky😉
Happy-Go-Lucky...that’s Wyatt!
Are You Laughing At Me?🤭
They’re Smart!
What To Do On A Cold Winter’s Day?🤔
St. Michaels Daffodil Festival Parade
Think Like A Dog...💭
At Your Service And By Your Side!
Wyatt......My Best Bud!
Feel The Love❤️
Ally Loves This Baby Boxer!❤️
Pocket Pooch🐶shopping With Mum
I’m Cute & I Know It!
Creature Of Comfort
Just Being Cheeky😏
Roxie & Grace
Service First, Second To None!😁
Buster Is Home!🎉
Oh, Happy Day!
Buster Behind Bars
The Heart Of The Community
St. Michaels Finest
Charisma Loves Oscar❤️
Oscar The Awesome Doodle
Did You Bring The Cavalry?
Buckley Thoughts...💭
The Edge Of Glory
Little Bundle Of Buckley
Beat Feet...She Said “Treats”!
Doug The Doodle Does Charisma
Buh-Bye! Come See Us Again!
My heart Overfloweth With Love!
St. Michaels Daffodil Festival
Meet & Greet🐾
What Do You Know Joe?
Tank Visits SMPD
Making It Happen With The Captain!
‘Furrever Friend’
Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out
Who Wants A Treat?
It’s Always Better Together!
Charisma Loves Wyatt❤️
Wyatt Takes A Breather At Charisma
Laws Of The Old West
Christmas In St. Michaels
Walk The Beat
Fiona & parents browse Charisma
Fiona visits Charisma
Princess Fiona👑
Need Happy Hormones?
Hanging Tough In St. Mike’s
Horacio My Hero!
Horacio My Hero!
The Best Greeting Card!
Chewy In His Glory
A Day On The Bay!
Wyatt Does Charisma
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