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Traveling the United States In a camper van we have a 8 lbs shihtzu / Maltese to check out all the best spots 🐶🐾

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Black mold. Overpriced. Run down

Surf & Sand Hotel

how is this listed on this app?! place has black mold. charges $250 for a night for a one dog room. run down. don’t know why there’s five bone reviews on here

Apr. 26, 2021

Overpriced. Underwhelming And Time Consuming.

Pizzeria Rustica

small patio that was everyone else’s choice of seating without dogs so had to wait over an hour to be seated. and nothing really dog friendly besides they say dog friendly patio, no water for our pup. pizza way overpriced for what it is and took a long time considering we ordered basic and for two.i would leave a one bone review but save those for the worst of worst.... at least they had a patio but that shouldn’t really be considered dog friendly. pub dog is minutes away and if you are a real dog lover take them to a place they will actually love

Aug. 31, 2020

Sucky Owners

Freedom Dog Park

since we thought we hit jackpot we’ve shown back up a few times now only to be completely disappointed.

four areas all the same size, two for big dogs, the agility and small dogs.

owners of big dogs are constantly in the small dog area when they have other areas to play is disrespectful....

today will be our last time trying after dealing with that on the regular

Jul. 27, 2020

Great Shade And A Creek Running Next To Trail Majority Of The Way Up

Seven Bridges Trail Head

awesome little find over the weekend. free trail.
not an overly strenuous hike so nice if you’re from out of town.
the hike was mostly shaded and also had a nice lil creek running next to it for the doggos to cool off whenever needed. it was an on leash hike which might deter some but overall it was a great morning

Aug. 03, 2020

Barely Any Shade, Not That Great, Under Educated Owners And Aggressive Dogs

The Great Bark Dog Park

been here a few times over a few years with different dogs.

first time back today with our new dog in years. they have a few benches with shade but other than that your exposed to lots of sun. while the park itself it’s a decent size, is very dry and not pleasing to the eye.

there seems to be always a few dogs who shouldn’t be there whether it’s growling and lunging at people, small dogs get bullied, owners not paying attention to their own dogs whether that means their dog taking others toys or not picking up messes. most owners walk on their cell phones talking. Louisville dog park is not far away and a lot better option for trees with some shade and probably close in size to these 6 acres.

it’s hard to find places that are one or five bones, but this is close to a one review just from multiple experiences with different dogs over the last 13 years.

Aug. 02, 2020

Probably The Coolest Dog Park We’ve Been To

Bear Creek Dog Park

this park is huge. sections for big and small dogs, an agility area. a creek that runs thru for cooling on hot days. literally made the drive from Denver to check out and might be another reason to come down on the regular.

Jul. 31, 2020

Packed Friday Night

Pub Dog Colorado

awesome to see such a great place packed out on a Friday night. great food and drinks for people and pups. our 7lb dog had a blast and we come out of our way from Denver south to visit on the regular now.

Jul. 31, 2020

Shock Collars

Sit Means Sit Dog Training Boulder

don’t be fooled, these guys wanna make you pay a grand plus for a shock collar for your dog, no matter what the breed, issue. doesn’t matter. they will offer things like lifelong lessons and then never return your calls. tried to get our 8lb dog into one. the trainers at Petco and pet smart have more training about dog psychology then these trainers ever learned. if I could give negative bones I would. if you would hit your child to teach them a lesson then this training is for you

Jul. 24, 2020

Patio Seating

Human Bean

good coffee and pupacinnos but not a social hang out

Jul. 24, 2020

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Small Dog Area
David And Goliath
Sniffing Butts
Small Pup Area
One Of Four Areas
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