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Bear Creek Dog Park

Bear Creek Dog Park is an incredible fenced space in Colorado Springs for you and your pooch to roam freely around together. With numerous secure gates around the perimeter, this beautiful park is covered in wildflowers and native fauna. Walk with your off-leash dog on the winding trails and discover a creek, agility space, small dog park and more. The park is open daily. Visit Website

Or call (719) 520-7529 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Bear Creek Dog Park has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 bones by 52 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Leslie
    May. 6, 2022
    Seriously; best dog park ever!

    Here visiting the grandkids with our water-loving Lab. CO and water? Yeah, not likely; WRONG!

    A small creek runs through this area, plenty of trashcans and poo bags, everyone picks up after their pets. Walking trail and some shade too. I wish I lived in C. Springs!

  • Sid
    Mar. 20, 2022

    Super awesome place easily accessible! Kinda hard to find a parking spot but Bo(sheepadoodle) LOVED it! I did hear some aggressive dogs but the place is so big it’s easy to steer clear of that. Little and cute obstacle course for small to medium dogs. Overall a fun experience for Bo😄

  • Kaitlyn
    Nov. 8, 2021
    Great dog park!

    this dog park is fenced in has a section for small dogs and a massive section for large dogs. has a small fenced in agility course, so many fun things for your dog! highly recommend this dog park!

  • Jeffrey
    Oct. 7, 2021
    Best in the West

    Road trip from Washington to Colorado and stopped in 8 different dog parks in WA, ID, UT and CO. This was BY FAR the best. One of the best attributes (for humans) is the restrooms inside the park with a holding pen next to it. Has a creek for cooling off on hot days and plenty of room to run and play. I’d give it 10 bones if that were an option.

  • Amanda
    Oct. 3, 2021

    this is an amazing dog park! it’s gigantic and all fenced in. there is a creek for them to play in, hills to run on, many things to do. they also have restrooms for the humans. and it is all free! lots and lots of space for the dogs to run! 10/10!

  • Emily
    Jul. 30, 2021
    Too many aggressive dogs

    the dog park itself was pretty neat. Unfortunately my dog was pinned to the ground by an aggressive dog within 3 minutes of us getting there. I’m glad I was close by and able to get the other dog away from my dog before it was able to hurt my dog. That dog’s owner wasn’t concerned at all. Then when we were getting ready to leave another aggressive dog came up to my dog and started chasing her and biting her neck as she screamed and tried to get away. She’s a Lab so not a small dog. Once again, the owner couldn’t be bothered to care or step in to help. She is now afraid of any other dog we encounter. It sucks that irresponsible dog owners ruin the fun for everyone else.

  • Sally
    Jul. 20, 2021
    Bear Creek Dog Park rocks!

    Biggest barking place ever!! Our pup had a great time in the small dog area, which was a full two acres. The big dog area is even larger. Benches and picnic tables in the shade, water for pups, poop bags, garbage cans, loads of room. Best dog park ever! It's worth barking about!

  • Debbie
    Jul. 13, 2021
    Fantastic Dog Park!

    We were in Colorado Springs as part of our vacation at the end of June. we took our Mini Aussiedoodle here for an afternoon run around and he LOVED it! This park is MUCH bigger than any dog park we’ve ever been to. So much room to run, play fetch, make new friends, and cool off in the creek! We would definitely return if in the area again!

  • Roberta
    Jul. 3, 2021
    Our dog had a great time!

    this is a wonderful park! Plenty of poop bag stations & trash cans. There was only 1 water station at the entrance but our dog was happy drinking from the creek.

  • Kyra
    May. 1, 2021
    World’s Largest Fenced In Dog Park

    This park was absolutely amazing!!! My husband, dog, and I were on vacation and stopped here. BEST PART OF OUR TRIP!!!

  • Ashley
    Apr. 16, 2021
    Great Park!

    Big park with lots of area to run. Friendly dogs and people.

  • Jade
    Aug. 2, 2020
    Great Off Leash Park

    Love this off leash area. Nice to walk up to the creek and watch the dogs play. Plenty of shade in the small dog area and squirrels in the trees.

  • Jerrod
    Jul. 31, 2020
    Probably The Coolest Dog Park We’ve Been To

    this park is huge. sections for big and small dogs, an agility area. a creek that runs thru for cooling on hot days. literally made the drive from Denver to check out and might be another reason to come down on the regular.

  • Theresa
    Jul. 12, 2020
    Dog Paradise

    We were in town for vacation with our dogs and decided to check this place out. It is super cool! There are plenty of spots to grab a bag to clean up after your pup. There's a natural stream (hence Bear Creek) that runs through it so the dogs can get wet, muddy or just stay dry. Must see if you have social dogs!

  • Brenda
    Jun. 10, 2020
    Claire gives it 4 paws up

    Wonder experience. Our 9 month old loved the variety. She loved the access to water and shade. She plays full out so the shade was good for her and her parents

  • Melanie
    Jun. 8, 2020
    The Best Dog Park We’ve Been To!

    We’ve been to a lot of dog parks, with and without swimming/water options and this must be one of the best in the country. It has something for every dog. The creek portion is even within the fenced area, but it still flows naturally and the dogs have plenty of access to get in it and splash around . There are trails, hills, flat areas, plenty of benches, a covered area and even an agility course that has it’s own enclosure. The people who designed it must have had dogs because even the (human) restroom has a little gated “waiting area” for your pups while you take care of your business :)
    We definitely give it 5 out of 5 Bones.

  • Tori
    May. 9, 2020
    Awesome park!

    My dogs and I come to this dog park pretty often and 9 times out of 10 it's been an awesome experience. The only downfall is you get owners who don't watch their dogs and don't pick up poop. But that is probably the case with every dog park. Overall, this is probably my dogs' favorite spot. One likes to play in the creek and the other likes to say hi and make friends.

  • Mariann
    Feb. 6, 2020
    Beautiful Park

    Best dog park I’ve ever been to. Huge with different sections, big and little dogs areas, training area. Very clean with stations for clean up. Beautiful dog park adjoining regular bear creek park.

  • Lucy
    Oct. 20, 2019
    Absolutely Wonderful

    I wish I could go every day! It was awesome in every way and my dog had a blast and so did her humans❤️

  • Arman
    Jul. 17, 2019
    Great and big dog park

    This is the biggest dog park in the area ! My dog enjoy going there. The place is so great for dogs and theri parents.. ( please pick up after your dog)

  • Alexandria
    Jan. 15, 2019
    Bear Creek

    Absolutely amazing, plenty of space!!! Definitely would recommend here !!

  • Chris
    Sep. 19, 2018
    Fun for all dogs!

    Driving through town on vacation and we needed a dog park to let our pup run around. Bear Creek did not disappoint! Huge area (web said 10 arces) and 2 acres just for small dogs, so a good place to try off-leash training. Creek was fun but the pup got pretty dirty. Hoses for washing them off after would get a bonus bone, but there are lots of self serve dog wash places in the area (local recommended Wag N Wash)

  • Mika
    More than a year ago
    Best dog park there is

    I lived in COS for three years and now I’ve moved elsewhere and I don’t think I’ll ever find a dog park like this one. Huge area for the dogs to run and a small creek for swimming. Even some hills for a little hiking if you want. There needs to be dog parks like this everywhere!

  • Janette
    Jul. 20, 2018
    Not an ordinary dog park!

    We visited with our dogs from out of town. This is not an ordinary dog park! There is so much to explore for the dogs. There are multiple access points to the creek which our dog loved.

  • Saadia
    More than a year ago
    awesome dog park!

    We have a German Shepherd Dog, about 8-9 months old. We drove to COS from the Dallas Fort Worth area in our RV. He was getting cabin fever from being cooped up for several days and only getting a few sedate walks on a leash. He wanted to meet and play with other dogs in the RV campsites but was given no chance. So we took him there today in the evening. He was ecstatic! He ran with a pack, played in the creek, sprinted up and down the hill, trotted along the woods, and worked off his pent up energy. It’s a great dog park! The only caveat I have is that I lost sight of my GSD several times so he might have left a deposit and I wouldn’t know to clean up. Thank you for such a lovely place for dogs to enjoy themselves.

  • Jeanie
    May. 9, 2018
    VERY FUN (but dusty)

    My 2 Maltipoo 6 month old puppies boarded for a week at Lucky Dog and loved the open, fenced-in areas to play in there. We don't have that type of set up where we live and so I wanted to find a fenced-in dog park for dogs their size so that they could expel their energy leash FREE and without fear of them running off. It was also a fantastic opportunity for them to socialize with other dogs and people (which is SO very important to do if you want well-behaved dogs in public)! Although this park was GREAT for them (we went on a Wednesday before noon), I had to bathe them when I got home since they are white, we have white carpet and they were quite dusty from the park. This was a SMALL inconvenience in comparison to the joy they had playing for about an hour. They ran hard & fast and enjoyed exploring! We made several laps around this large area. I would suggest wearing shoes to keep your feet from getting dusty while you're there stomping around. There were lots of other smaller dogs in this small-dog-only, fenced-in section and my pups made new friends. I will take them again for sure!

  • Maria
    Jan. 9, 2018
    Best Dog Park of the Springs

    Everything about this dog park howls a good time for your dogs from the water stations to the river and hills. The park is enclosed but you have such a space to explore you forget your near the city let alone fenced in. Every time I bring my pups they have the best time and I feel confident letting them roam and play to their hearts desire.

  • Sherri
    More than a year ago
    Always Loved It ~ Then we moved:(

    Bear Creek is one, if not THE best dog park in the country! There are to many wonderful features to even list! They do everything right. They have an army of volunteers, organizers & donation options to be as involved ( or not) as you want to be. People are friendly there! They have a facebook page!
    The small dog park is huge, and has benches, shady & sunny places. The connected big dog park is amazing! There is a wonderful creek - bring towels if your dog enjoys playing in the water. Lost & found, bulletin board, human restrooms, agility course, double gated entrances, benches, trails, balls to use, drinking fountains!
    We have moved out of state now and mourn our loss. Our “new” home has many dog “parks” , none of which can hold a candle to Bear Creek.

  • Katelyn
    More than a year ago
    Beautiful scenery, fun for humans and dogs!

    We love this park. Our dogs had a blast running around this huge park that doesn't even feel like a park and playing in the creek.

  • Shienne
    More than a year ago
    Love this dog park!

    This dog park is beautiful! There is running water, lots of room and my pups love it!! They don't want to leave! I made the mistake of bringing my dogs to Palmer park dog park and they were waiting at the fence to leave. Never will I take them anywhere else but near creek again!

  • Moriah
    More than a year ago
    nice even when busy

    Loved the creek, great little nooks if you are worried about too much interaction with other dogs. LOVED the agility area too!

  • Beth
    More than a year ago
    Tons of Fun

    Bear Creek Park is an amazing outdoor fully fenced 25 acre dog park. This place is run by volunteers and they knock it out of the park. The park is well maintained and has quite a bit to offer. There is a creek that runs throughout the park with many entry points for your pup to enjoy a swim. There is also two additional fenced-in sections one for small dogs to play and agility training. There are also bathrooms on-site with gated pens to hold your dog while you umm well do your business...lol There are also a few winding dirt trails to walk with your pup and family so you can get some exercise as well. Make sure to bring your poop bags and clean up after your pup but they usually also have donated grocery bags if you forget. Remember you are responsible for your animal and it should be social, fully vaccinated and licensed before you enter the park. Love this place and all the friendly faces human and go alike.

  • Erynn
    More than a year ago
    Absolutely Amazing

    Bear Creek Dog Park is by far the best dog park I've ever taken my pups to. There's plenty of open space to run, hiking trails, and my favorite part, a beautiful creek running through the park. There's always other people and dogs to meet, no matter what time of day. When visiting COS, I took my dogs here every morning and evening to get their zoomies out.
    I highly recommend this place

  • Liisa
    More than a year ago
    Thank you, Colorado Springs!

    Thank you, Bear Creek, for an awesome pit stop for our family and our 2 fur babies! We were passing through Colorado Springs with a Uhaul truck and trailer, and able to park at the parks and rec office parking lot across the street on a Saturday.

  • John
    More than a year ago
    Amazing dog park

    This place is huge. Many trails and open spaces, small river to play in, agility park, water fountains, trash cans, and dog bags. Best dog park ever.

  • Michelle
    More than a year ago
    Love this park

    So I have lived in the springs for almost 4 years and I only learned about this park about a year or so ago and we absolutely love it. We have 3 dogs our 3 year old and two 3 month old puppies and they love going here. We also bring our 3 kids and they have a good time as well. Lots of trails, water bowl up front, clean restrooms and poo bags and tons of trash cans. Very clean park, many benches to sit on some in the sun and some in the shade. Creek runs through the park and there is a nice big area for the pups to play in the water and they love it. Most people keep close watch on their dogs and most are well behaved and super playful. Wonderful place for any dog

  • Daisy
    More than a year ago
    unbelievable dog park

    Best dog park we have ever been to!! During the week .. Not to busy . Everyone was aware of their dogs . Has creek .. Trails & it was very clean .. Two paws up !!

  • Lala
    More than a year ago
    Great For Big & Small

    This is such an awesome dog park! I have three dogs. Hudson GSD, Luca med poodle & Felix chihuahuaX. Luca and Felix can be shy. The dogs were all very well socialized and there is so much space and things to do they don't get trapped in a group. The stream was a big hit for Hudson. We loved it!

  • Rachael
    More than a year ago

    We love this park! At first we were nervous letting our younger husky off leash. The park is such a big location and plenty of areas they can run and hide in. You just have to be good about watching your dog! Plenty of walking trails, a large stream area with trails on either side of it, even a hilly area you can hike up. If the main parking lot is full, there is parking at the street above, on the hill area. There are trash cans, poop bags, rest rooms, a small dog park for the 25lbs or smaller dogs, and a small agility course. The whole thing is fenced in, and you can exit by the stream, to go into the Bear creek Regional park which has even more hiking or biking trails!

  • V
    More than a year ago

    Best dog park I've ever been too.

  • Roxane
    More than a year ago
    Best Dog Park

    Danny, our cocker spaniel loved it

  • Skye
    More than a year ago

    My girl always looks forward to coming to the dog park!! It can be packed on weekends, the earlier you go, the better :)

  • Lea
    More than a year ago

    We were staying in the springs for 4 days in late August 2015 with our 3 Jack Russells. We went there one afternoon and our jacks came out filthy beyond words. I suppose one might think they had a good time, but it was like one big dust bowl. They had dirt /dust everywhere and required a serious scrub down. It wasn't as pleasant an experience as I had hoped. It was also kind of trashy looking too. Pro side is that it has a water spigot and is entirely fenced in.

  • Skye
    More than a year ago

    Has tons of room to play and even a nice creek running through it that the dogs love to frolic in.

  • Diane
    More than a year ago
    this dog park does everything right

    I've been using the bringfido app for our road trip across America with our dogs. This dog park is a gem and is venture to say the best one we have seen so far. The creek in the middle is great. Park users were also wonderful.

  • Owen
    More than a year ago
    best yet

    Fantastic dog bark. Very very large space with a creek that runs through it. Our dogs had a blast. If you have dogs in the area, you need to take them.

  • Cindy
    More than a year ago
    Best dog Park

    We visited in early June , goingto the park on three different occasions . I cannot extoll the virtues of this park enough. I wish every municipality had such an outstanding area for dogs to enjoy the outdoors in such a wonderful setting. The park even offers a fenced agility training area for owners to explore new tricks with their canines.

  • Sam
    More than a year ago
    Be safe!

    My dog loves this park he always has so much fun and being able to socialize with other pet parents is grea. That being said, my car was broken into in the designated parking lot. They stole my purse. It's a shame that someone is preying on people that are just trying to enjoy themselves so I would suggest not bringing any valuables. (This was April 12th at around 12:30p so in broad daylight!

  • Mary
    More than a year ago

    Best dog park ever!!!!!
    My dog loved running through the creek and along the trails.

  • D
    More than a year ago
    Parking on 21st Unsafe

    I had my car broken into when parking on 21st St on Sep 20th. They broke out the back windown and damage the front window and took all my belongings. So be aware don't leave anything in your car when going to the dog park. I think they watch from the Apt complex across the way. So please be careful.

  • Obi Wan
    More than a year ago
    Very nice

    Went on a cold weekday morning and saw only one other dog. Great place. Nice park for dogs and humans.

  • Sue
    More than a year ago
    What a Blast!

    Our dog had a great time here and there is always someone to play with. He is a big guy (85 pounds) but 11 years old and somewhat timid. At first he was intimidated because there are a lot of big dogs here and they play hard, especially near the pond, but after a while he joined right in. I would hesitate to take a young child here because it is a bit rough-and-tumble and a child is bound to be bumped into or knocked down eventually. It has a large parking lot, rest rooms, and water, plus plenty of shade trees. This is the best dog park we have ever visited.

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