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Godown Park

Road construction - no way in as of July 2022

Jul. 26, 2022

Terrific wildlife

Magothy Bay State Natural Area Preserve

Leashed dogs welcome. Small parking lot for approximately five cars. No water, no restrooms. Some shade on trail. Heard lots of songbirds. Saw deer swimming, white ibis, and some monarchs! Note: bring bug spray for mosquitoes.

Oct. 14, 2022

Dog park eh

Benson Park

Two fenced areas. One is for small dogs only and is pretty awful - undersized, sloped, and on deteriorating asphalt that's uneven and hazardous. I don't known who thought the small dog area was a good idea - it needs to be redone to be useable. What a shame. The all / large dog area is much bigger, slightly less sloped, but also contains some of the deteriorating asphalt. I wouldn't say it's much better, but even in this condition it's better than many dog parks in NH. NH dog parks in general are few and far between and typically is shameful conditions. Do better, New Hampshire. Also, fyi no water or restrooms in immediate area (but maybe in the other side of the park?). Ample parking. Some shade. Some agility equipment. Did not walk trails.

Sep. 28, 2022

Must leave dog tied

Las Olas Taqueria

No table servixe or walk up window, so not very dog friendly. I think it's pricey and average food.

Sep. 10, 2022

Must leave dog tied

Joe's Meat Shoppe

Love this place. It is pricey. While there are picnic tables, there is no exterior walk up window or table service so not very pet friendly.

Sep. 10, 2022

Really cool - please donate

Quincy Bog Natural Area

LEASHED dogs welcome. Funded entirely through donations. Stopped by after a rain storm hoping we could walk a bit where might not be too muddy. I'd guess at least half of this nature loop trail was boards, so no mud there! What I didn't expect was how great the place was. The trail was very well maintained, it was mostly flat, provided numerous great views of the bog (fen), and had a wide open feel despite being in a heavy forest area. wildlife was aundant - on our short walk we saw ducks, a salamander/newt, and lots of evidence of beaver (tree with teeth marks, game trails, etc). There are benches throughout where you can sit and watch for a while (we did not). Trail was half shade with some spots open (no shade). Highly recommended. Alternate parking lot off Cranberry Bog Rd if main parking area is full. No running water or restrooms. I would VERY much like to see them add a seasonal portable restroom. Tip: visit nearby Quincy Pasture to let your dogs off-leash and burn off some energy then come here where you will enjoy a nice leisurely walk.

Sep. 13, 2022

Interesting place

The Trails at Weeks Brick House

Interesting place...but the trailhead is hard to find and is overgrown...so I didn't go down it. However, I did find another trail down the road...not sure if it was part of this? Might go back to check it out some other time...

Sep. 12, 2022

Peaceful & shaded

Dominicus Hanson Pines Park

Would like to see restrooms added.

Sep. 11, 2022


Maud Jones Memorial Forest Trail

Kettle Hole loop is about 1.0 mile total with Esker Trail out-and-back branch adding an additional 0.4 miles. No motorized vehicles or hunters allowed. Shaded. Leisurely shaded walk with one small rise. Nicely cut and marked. Would like to see a few additional parking spots carved out. There's no other place along the road nearby to park if full. Nice spot. Thank you donors and conservators.

Sep. 08, 2022

Decent spot to let them romp

Howard Swain Memorial Forest

Conservation land. I'd give this a three and a half but there's no halfsies, so I rounded up to a four. I don't want to be harsh, but was trying to be realistic if you consider the Wonders of the World as a five.

The trails were pretty short - a quick .6 miles or so (I think). This is a leisurely walk in nice peaceful spot in a mature forest area thick with trees. There's one spot at the pond where you can see across to Rocky Ridge, but that's about it for views. The pond has many lily pads. Despite significant and extensive rain the day before, it was damp but I wouldn't say muddy. There were a FEW plants that could be trimmed back, but not many. I'd recommend long pants. Given the lack of dog parks in the area, this was a decent place to let the dog have a few minutes to romp down the trail. Shaded due to forest environment. I imagine you might sight some wildlife. No restroom or drinking water on site. Parking for about three cars or so. What I would like to see is for SELT to put up laminated paper signs at a couple of spots on the trail to provide history of the place. For example, is there an old quarry on the quarry trail? Tell us about it. I couldn't identify a quarry site; however, there were rocks around. If there was a quarry here, it must be super old - maybe from the 1800s (?). Also, it sounds like there might be or is going to be a path to Rocky Ridge, but I didn't see an obvious path there and didn't try to keep going. Free, but please consider a donation. Many thanks to the donors (the Swains) and conservators (SELT).

Sep. 07, 2022

Steal of a deal & I love this place

Winn-A-Bay Cabin Rentals

This listing (see pic) is specific to Cabin 6, where we stayed. I personally love it and thinks it's a steal of a deal. They could charge higher - check out hotels, other listings, and even what nearby (Jellystone & KOA) campgrounds charge for their cabins and you will agree this is a deal. Yes, the shower is not attached to the cabin - there is a communal shower house similar to a campground. The shower house has three separate fully enclosed shower rooms, was very clean, decent water pressure (no other showers were being used at the time I showered), and offered solid hot water. No issues. The cabin itself has a flushing toilet and standard size kitchen sink. The cabin also had a microwave and mini fridge with separate strong mini freezer section. The cabin was stocked with a set of dishes and silverware for four people. Basic linens were provided. Bedding, towels, floor mats, shower curtains, plastic chairs, etc appeared new. There was a slight odor in the cabin, but that's common in cabins in the area. The cabin was very clean - cleaner than many hotels in New Hampshire at the same or higher price than this cabin. Crack a window for a few minutes and the musty odor was gone. No ac, but they provided a fan and a space heater for swings in New England weather. There were a number of stairs (about 40) to get to the cabin and it is set back in the second row of cabins, but there is still a decent view of the lake from the front of the cabin (screened porch and kitchen). There is slight road noise, but I had no complaints. Parking was included. Note during a busy weekend you may have to wait a moment for traffic to let you pull in/out. The flip side is you're close enough to walk to some restaurants, a park, a beach, and the craft fair. Grounds were well kept. Fire pits and picnic tables are set in the middle of the cabins as well as along the front fence. They also provided area info and activities. Wifi is known to be spotty, but I didn't try it. Check in was a breeze - the key was waiting for me. They respected privacy, but also inquired to make sure everything was perfect. Highly recommended.

Sep. 04, 2022

Good location but sites way too close

Woodstock KOA

Good location, but the sites are way too crowded. The serious lack of privacy is really awkward (another camper / stranger said the same thing). The poor placement of sites means the downwind sites are inundated with smoke....both from fires and MARIJUANA (seriously, keep your marijuana elsewhere there are lots of young kids here and it's inappropriate even if you have it for your alleged medical purposes). Employee said yeah, the marijuana smoke is a big problem here (that's terrible) and there's nothing they can do (no switching sites, no kicking them out, etc).

River access after a small walk downhill, but the river is pretty low. Two dog parks although one is so small it shouldn't be called a park. Two different people said their dogs were not sociable and to please let them have the space by themselves which made my dog depressed since he doesn't understand. Disappointing since the dog park was a major factor why we picked here. There's two 'kennels' outside for leaving your dog (unattended) all day provided they do NOT bark. Activities / rec areas available (I'd rate them as average overall). Only two bones due to privacy / smoke issues.

I'd love to see additional bathhouses...or at least some portable restrooms to reduce the walk.

Sep. 03, 2022

Harder than expected

Mount Major Brook & Boulder Trailheads

Dogs welcome under command. We encountered other dogs, but had zero issues. The trails were harder than anticipated - they are definitely hikes and not leisurely scenic walks, are are steep incline for a lengthy period of time, and have a lot of loose stones. I highly recommend hiking boots and a walking stick. The dog had no issues though. Trails are well used, so expect some 'traffic.' It's my understanding trail etiquette states downhill travelers should yield to (pause and move over for) those going uphill. Can someone confirm this? The view at the top was less much less scenic than expected...or maybe I didn't find the right place at the top (?). There was a nice view just before the summit if you stop watching your footing and catch the view before you go by it! The brook trail (yellow trail) was highly shaded, which was nice. It doesn't offer as many views of the brook as hoped, but is still nice. Again, it was steep and rocky (but less so than the boulder trail, so I'm told). We took the Jesus Valley (red trail) back down, which is the longest trail. Be forewarned, the Jesus Valley trail had multiple declines and inclines alternating so it is not a continuous decline down. The Jesus Valley (red) trail was slightly less shaded, slightly more muddy, and slightly more leaves/less maintained with a narrow path and tall grass in spots. The Jesus Valley (red) trail goes by a pond, appears to be much less popular (less traffic), and has a sense of tranquility on it that was more absent on the Brook (yellow) trail. Please remember to pack out your dog waste. And please make a donation to conserve and keep this and other places going!!!

Sep. 02, 2022

No way to order with your dog

Panera Bread

No drive thru, no exterior window so you would have to tie up your dog while you go inside to order or go inside to pick up the order if you order online

Aug. 31, 2022


Meet & Eat Thai Food

About ten choices via food truck. Approximately four picnic tables with umbrellas. Conveniently located on Rt-16 in Ossippee as you head in / out of the greater Conway-Tamworth-Ossippee areas. Gluten free and vegan options. Cash preferred, but credit card accepted.

Aug. 23, 2022

No shade single area

Davenport Dog Park

One fenced in large and level area for all sized dogs. Grassy, but getting dry and needs some watering. Small pockets of shade from trees and a covered picnic table. Water fountains in at least two spots. No restrooms noted. Parking free and ample room. Adjacent to the river pathway if a walk is also in order. A few blocks from the ferris wheel and weekend market.

Jul. 24, 2022


Red Roof Inn Cleveland - Mentor/ Willoughby

First, I have actually seen worse RR's; however, this was definitely not clean enough inside. There were more than a dozen hairs in the bed when I pulled the sheets back (uh, so they weren't changed?!?!?). Switched rooms without any hassle. In the second room I tried not to look at things, but the floor in the second room was worse than the first... Exterior / landscape was well maintained and staff was very professional, but I won't be back.

Aug. 12, 2022

Nice campground

Hammondsport Bath KOA

This is probably the nicest KOA I have seen. More grass areas than you could imagine, dog park, trail to FLT. Many dogs there, but very quiet. Cabin was exceptionally clean for a campground. Not much shade at the dog park, but shade throughout the campground, which is massive and very walkable with the dog. There is also spigots at the dog park in case they need a spray off. There more pet friendly trails with in 30-60 minutes. Cabin 504 was very clean although it did not allow for parking at your door (it's about a 50 foot walk) and is set in a cluster of approx. five cabins (slightly less privacy than ideal). Highly recommended campground overall.

Aug. 12, 2022

Dog sitters on site

Chocorua KOA

Large wooded campground with cabins as well. No grass areas. Dog park, a small but leash free dog swimming spot, and trails on site. Dog Park is 14,000 square feet of sand/dirt and pine needles with shade, agility obstacles, and a hose off area. They also claim to have a dog sitter available on site! Yes, there are breed restrictions (sorry, but as a dog owner of one of those breeds it's a common restriction). You also must provide vaccination records or be turned away. I would like to see a cement dog wash area up closer to the pavilion though. Campground offers a 'restaurant,' group fire pit, pavilion / rec area for games, a small pool and a small beach. Lake has many lily pads, but swim area does not. There were more folks in the pool than the lake / beach. No dogs allowed on the people beach - only the dog beach. Due to the dog we personally did not use the pool, swim beach, or restaurant. Site 51 (tent site with water and electricity) was level and fair clean (some pine needles), is located on the corner of three roads, is right next to the bathrooms, and across the road from the pavilion / rec areas (i.e., virtually no privacy, lots of conversations going on, etc). Overall, most sites did not offer a lot of privacy despite the campground being 'woodsy.'

Aug. 12, 2022

Bland food, ok location

Merland's Tap & Table

Ended up here after anoyjer place was closed. Yes, they allow dogs on the patio. The patio abuts the parking lot (no great view of any sort). They did not offer or provide water for the dog as many places do. There was an umbrella for shade though. There was at least a cup of someone else's dog food on the ground, which I had to clean up so my dog wouldn't eat it and get sick. Nothing popped out off the menu t me - it all seemed average. Food took a while, half was cold, and after all that I found the Rachel sandwich to be bland. :(

Aug. 12, 2022

Posted sign says no pets allowed

The Mall of New Hampshire

No pets allowed except service dogs

Aug. 09, 2022

Not worth the drive

Mill Falls Marketplace

Much smaller than I thought nothing else dog friendly nearby (?) Or at least that would be a good fit for us. Also, I didnt get the impression we were welcome. Not worth the gas money spent to get here.

Aug. 11, 2022

Great variety and knowledgeable staff

The Dog and Cat

Went out of there way to ensure I had everything I needed and all questions answered. Also provides some information on new alternatives.

Aug. 04, 2022

Clean but busy

Motel 6 Carson City NV

Late check-in so I believe I received the last room available. Room was clean (yay!). Initial impression when checking in was seemed like a good spot since a tour bus was there (they would know the safe yet budget conscious stops, right?). Located in between a car dealer and another hotel (America's best value inn?). After I checked in and was headed to the room numerous people from multiple rooms came outside and were loitering/observing me (about 11pm-ish). It was as of they heard me arrive and wanted to watch - it was bizarre.

Hurried to room. Possibly left an item (sun thingy) on the roof of car - missing since. People next to me were outside talking at a reasonable volume until midnight or later, and again starting at about six am. They were reasonable volume, but so close to the bed you could hear it all...and be woken up. There is not a great place available for pets to relieve themselves - very small and lots of waste. Stepped in someone's dog droppings. Manager provided a bag to wrap my shoe in though. Staff was courteous.

Aug. 03, 2022

Smaller, but quiet

Niagara Falls North / Lewiston KOA

Northwest of Niagara Falls SP. Quaint and quiet campground. Campground was not entirely full, but still busy. This is a smaller KOA and is run by very caring folks.

Pros: quick check in process, quiet at night/all guests were respectful, small store available, laundry (did not use), pool (did not use), playground (did not use), small dog park (40x40?), cabins. Grounds were clean and reasonably maintained. Not overly wooded. Less expensive than the other KOA nearby (which was sold out). About 15-20 minutes to Niagara Falls. The staff created a list of area attractions with hours and fees.

Cons: Cabin 6 does not have refrigerator, microwave, or ac (ac wasn't needed and there was a stand up fan). Sadly, Cabin 6 reeked of urine and was the dirtiest KOA cabin I have ever seen. There was even open food left on the porch when I arrived. I didn't bring these issues to the staff since I didn't feel like trying to find another sleeping option last minute. I did spend about 45 minutes cleaning it though (so it's now cleaner for the next person). Cabin 6 is also immediately next to the dog park (there were no issues except my dog thought all the dogs using the park were coming to play with him). There is no shade in the dog park during the hottest parts of the day. Also, note the tent sites are pretty small and no barrier or privacy between sites.

Jul. 31, 2022

No water access?

Letchworth State Park

There are six entrances to the park (Castile, Portageville, and others). Portageville entrance is closed during winter. Opens at 6am. It seemed like the park does not charge an entrance / vehicle fee after a certain time (maybe five pm???), But is open until 11pm. Lots of steps and hills. Gravel, dirt, or sometimes paved walkways. Old forest growth (some of the oldest left in the country) providing shade on many of the trails (ex., Inspiration Overlook Point). Water fountains and restrooms at multiple parking lot areas. A couple of snack shops - middle falls was cash only, but lower falls took cards. The lower falls was also a little market for campers and is near some of the cabins inside the park. Plenty of picnic tables and spots for a beautiful meal. The only downside was that it seemed like none of the trails allowed you to get close to any water (?). If you're looking for water access try near downtown Portageville / Genesee Falls on RT 436 (aka Portage St) past the Genesee Falls Inn (and it's free) and over the bridge onto the north side of the river.

Jul. 31, 2022

A must stop & great place for a bbq

Ellicott Island Bark Park

Fantastic park on an island (natural barrier). The entrance is fenced off so they can escape the island unless by swimming across the creek (unlikely). Plenty of space to roam and multiple points to access the water for a swim. Doesn't feel crowded. Plenty of shade and benches. Water fountain and wash station. Restroom. Truly a must stop to give your dog some exercise and socialization. Would make a great spot for a bbq/gathering (pavilion and grill thingy there). Interesting remants of old structures including a very old dog statue water station (allegedly this was private land made into the park around 1937 - one building does still have a marker indicating 1937).

Jul. 30, 2022

Best view from visitor center

Niagara Falls State Park

Best view of falls, illumination, and fireworks is from visitor center area off Rainbow Rd. It was crowded, but not as bad as I expected. Plenty of dogs being walked. Dogs are also allowed on the falls pathways, gorge trail, whirlpool path, and devil's hole trail.

Jul. 30, 2022

Beautiful but...

Presque Isle State Park

Hard to decipher where dogs are allowed. They are allowed on the walk path / treeline and ungauarded beaches always while leashed. It seemed like one area was to the side of the lighthouse(?). On the unguarded beaches they must remain on leash even in the water and humans can only go so deep (knee or waste?). No place to rinse them. Absolutely beautiful area. Limited drinking water.

Jul. 30, 2022

Fenced area???

TA Travel Center Harborcreek

Did not see a fenced area. There were two designated grass areas - both without fences. One area was near the entrance and congested. The other area was to the side of the parking lot and less congested.

Jul. 30, 2022

Dog Park + trails

Larry R. Fabrizi Dog Park

Two fenced in large grass areas by dog size. Small dog area had one tree for shade, large dog area has several. Both had agility equipment. Ample free parking. Water fountain and portable available. Note: there are also shaded trails for extra exercise (on-leash walking).

Jul. 28, 2022

Penn State access via Jordan Rd Lot

Six Mile Creek Park

Paved pathway with some (little) shade. Visitors may park at Penn State from 5p-9a to access the path from there. Leashed dogs welcome. No restrooms or water.

Jul. 28, 2022

Why five stars?

Love's Travel Stop

This rating is relative to other similar travel stop dog parks. This particular park is one fenced grassy area approximately 40x40 (?) with multiple decent sized trees for shade and two picnic benches. Located in the corner where it's less congested. Didn't notice much pet waste. Only complaint was overflowing trash bins in the area.

Jul. 27, 2022

Did not eat

Sara's Restaurant

Really cute stop located next to Presque Isle State Park and Sara's campground. Other restaurants on site (tacos pizza etc). Drive thru or outside and inside seating. Immediately across from paved waking pathway. Some 'activities' such as hula hoop station and photo op spot. Restroom. Did not eat because the menu was limited and didn't offer salads / healthy foods. Burgers, tenders, hot dogs, chicken or turkey patty, ice cream, etc available. Definitely a good spot for a family though.

Jul. 28, 2022

Fabulous find - just what my dog needed!

Bark Park

After a long ride my dog needed a good break where he could play and run. This was perfect. Two areas - active and timid/small. Both areas are very good (large) size. The active side is larger. Benches. Some shade. Water. Beautiful green grass, fairly level. Portable restroom for humans.

Jul. 26, 2022

Dog Park at Rum Village

Rum Village Dog Park

Cute park. There is an actual dog park there as well (across the street from the playground and zip line). Area is a mature forest. Trails. Somewhat muddy. Dog park is three separate areas for small, large, and all sized dogs. Each area has a PAVED walkway within it, grass, and benches. Shade. Water fountain. Restroom by playground. Interesting fact - the dog park is located where an old zoo and mini train used to be (until approx 1981?).

Jul. 26, 2022

Solid find

Margaret H. Prickett Marina Park

Went to a few in the greater South Bend-Mishawaka-Elkhart-Goshen area. I did not visit all dog parks in the area, but of the ones I saw, this was the one I liked best. Two areas by size. Size is determined by HEIGHT. There is a literal line drawn on the sign to show the height / size restrictions. Grass, picnic table, water, kiddie pools in both areas. The park itself is a pretty location along the river with fisherman. It made a nice place to eat lunch/dinner. Pretty sure there was also a restroom.

Jul. 26, 2022

Clean, quiet & great value

Red Roof Inn Grand Junction

Convenient and quiet location; clean, spacious room; great value; good water pressure and water temperature. "Mini" refrigerator ended up being full size freezer/refrigerator. Lighting was a bit dark - good luck with makeup. Restaurant on site. Grassy area out back for dogs (no shade there though). I would stay again, recommend.

Jul. 26, 2022

Disgusting but thankfully no bed bugs

Best Western Plus Mishawaka Inn

I would not stay here again. I would not recommend it to anyone. I chose this hotel and paid more than some other nearby hotels since there were no poor reviews stating the hotel was dirty. The first room assigned (121) looked like it had not been vacuumed in a very long time. In addition, there was a weird odor I could not place and the floor seemed like it was wet (it was slippery and left footprints yet the shower was dry). I was NOT about to inspect or touch the carpeting to see if it was wet (urine, water leak, etc). Since the carpet was so filthy with all sorts of debris any wet carpet would not be from cleaning it. I requested a change, which was granted with no questions. The check-in clerk stated she never sees the rooms.

The next room was on the second floor and only slightly less debris on the floor. Also a weird odor, but a different one. Also, a third odor in the hall smelling like Lysol - possibly coming out of the air unit. I was too depressed to notify the clerk again, but in reality I hated being there, didn't want to touch anything, couldn't wait to leave, and wanted a refund and to find somewhere else. If the carpet was so obviously filthy what else is not clean? And why is this okay? The "pro"/positive was I didn't contract bed bugs. Saw the remnants of breakfast (great looking bacon in the trash can). I'm sad to say I left without conducting the business / transaction in the area and decided not to stay in the area ever again. Area itself seems okay. Located in between Fairfield Marriott and Quality Inn, next to shopping including two blocks from Petco.

Jul. 26, 2022

Not the best

Quality Inn Marysville

Room wasn't exceptionally clean - a spray bottle of unknown liquid was left in the room, so maybe it was a fluke and they forgot to finish cleaning? Carpet could use a vacuum, shower was dirty, fork was left on top of the AC. AC was on and cold when I arrived. Can hear conversations when walking in the hall, but once in the room I didn't hear anything. Slept and left. Area seems okay. Located in front of Holiday Inn, next to Aldi's and a gas station. Probably would try elsewhere next time.

Jul. 26, 2022

No issues - he had a good time

Rita's Ranch Dog Park at Scott Park

Visited the park and my dog had a lovely time. We had no issues with loiterers etc. There are three large, level fenced areas with beautiful grass. There is water available and even a spigot to wash your dog. Very minimal shade though.

Jul. 24, 2022

No shade

Greenvalley Dog Park

Basic dog park, agreed. Decent sized single fenced in area. Area is level and grass. Clean. Water fountain at one end (agreed, it would be great for another to be installed at the other end). NO shade - canopy/umbrella appears long gone. Portable restroom down the block at the playing field.

Jul. 24, 2022

Single fenced in area

Davenport Dog Park

One fenced in large and level area for all sized dogs. Grassy, but getting dry and needs some watering. Small pockets of shade from trees and a covered picnic table. Water fountains in at least two spots. No restrooms noted. Parking free and ample room. Adjacent to the river pathway if a walk is also in order. A few blocks from the ferris wheel and weekend market.

Jul. 24, 2022

Amazing grass (sloped but large)

Crow Creek Dog Park

Two fenced in areas by size. Large spaces, sloped, but amazing grass. Some bugs/gnats. Gates at two ends of the large sized dog area. Benches, tables, and even a covered booth/pavilion for poor weather. Some shade. Water fountains (although an additional one at the large dog area would be great). Portable restrooms although paper was out in one. Favorite park thusfar in the area. Would definitely go back regularly.

Jul. 24, 2022

5 stars for a Loves

Love's Travel Stop #810

Impromptu spot after striking out at other locations along the way. Was so happy to have found this gem. For a Loves TS this is on the large size. It can either be one area or there is a middle gate to close it in half and make it two separate areas. Grassy with manicured gravel edging. Slightly sloped. Clean. No shade at the time I was there. No water. Parking is a little farther away then expected, but the dogs could use the extra steps! Watch for cars when walking across the lot. Thanks, Loves!

Jul. 25, 2022

Fee required, no bathrooms

Dr. Frank Booth Dog Park

Unbeknownst to me there is a use fee so we arrived to find we could not get in. There was a couple there with two dogs who were not friendly. They probably would have let us in, but I had to use the restroom. The restroom was locked and the couple said they've had a lot of problems including someone setting it on fire (wth?!?). The portable restroom near the tennis court was smeared with feces and unuseable. A reputable looking young man informed me they use the trees and I could too (no, thank you). While getting into the car to leave, a woman jogged up to her car and without even pausing jumped in. Apparently she had unlocked it while approaching. She looked like she wanted to say something to me, but didn't and sped away. Hmm, so not sure about the safety in the area???

Jul. 25, 2022


Outlets Williamsburg Dog Park

I applaud the outlets for installing a dog park - very thoughtful and drew me in; HOWEVER, there was a serious cloud of some sort of chemical spanning the area including the nearby hotels and roads / freeway. Pesticide or fertilizer for the crops perhaps. As a result, I didn't stop and even turned off the air in my vehicle. You could see it, feel it when breathing, even taste it. If the people or animals in the area have long term illnesses this may be why.

Jul. 21, 2022

Rough but clean...soon to be rennovated

Rodeway Inn Grand Island

The person who described this as a little rough, but clean was spot on. The area itself appears okay(?). The hotel abuts a small pond (no swimming), another hotel, and some apartments. The hallways and ceiling clearly needed maintenance. The furniture in the room was older, but the room was very clean. The tub/shower was an interesting experience...the tub was very broken and they put some sort of sticky sheeting stuff on top of it to hold it together but I could feel the entire bottom was very broken and actually thought I might fall through (side note, it must leak water into the floor below). The in the room air seemed stale, but the window opened (no screen) and the AC worked. Stayed one night on a weekday. For the price, it was clean and otherwise comfortable. Note: they plan to renovate this upcoming winter (and possibly turn it into a Quality Inn.

Jul. 22, 2022

It's fine

Wiggly Field Dog Park

First, I think this is referring to Wiggley Dog Park next to Paintbrush Park. You park and walk down a small hill. Second, it's currently one large area (not two), and the grass is at least half gone. The only shade is three umbrellas. No water. No restrooms. Seriously Colorado, where are the trees and water????

Jul. 19, 2022

Not the cleanest water

Dog Island

Less than 10 minutes from the highway and near several hotels. Two fenced areas - one designate for small dogs with grass and agility obstacles and a second area for dogs of all sizes on the beach. The beach area also wraps around via the beach itself or a small path. The water looked terrible - lots of organic matter (presence of toxic algae a concern). I wouldn't recommend letting the animals drink the water. There is a water fountain before the entrance gate to the area by the restroom. There is also separate spigot to wash your dog after playing. Plenty of parking. Nicely done.

Jul. 22, 2022


Riverbend Park

Poor experience. The off leash area appears to be opposite the paved disc golf trail and opposite where everyone is walking off leash! There is no shade over in what appears to be the correct pathway. When I arrived, my dog was excited (zoomies). There was a group of men playing disc golf with at least six dogs off leash. They were not welcoming / pleased we were there and stated their dog didn't like other dogs and to basically not allow my dog there. My dog didn't understand why they were allowed off and to play but he wasn't allowed near. There were numerous other dogs off leash in the same area. These guys made me feel terrible. I had to reign in my dog which made him depressed and confused since he thought this was a dog park. I wouldn't have taken him here if it was properly presented. After the guys left a woman said the disc golfers can be very rude and entitled and not to let it color our experience; however, by that time the damage was done - my dog was too depressed and confused and didn't want to walk, run, or play. Won't be back.

Jul. 16, 2022

Average for travel stop

Love's Travel Stop

Approximately a 10x20 (?) single 'pen' fenced area. Not shade directly, but some near by as well as a nearby picnic table. Grass. No water. Interestingly several customers were with dogs, but did not use it (maybe they didn't see it?). These types of stops are generally small with no frills. It isn't really large enough for a run, but but I happy it was there for a stretch and potty. Thank you!

Jul. 21, 2022

Pleasant surprise

Central Bark Dog Park & Dog Agility Course

Nice sized fenced area, grass, shade. No separate area for small or timid dogs. Obstacles are sized where they could probably be used for any size dog. Nicely built. Thank you

Jul. 21, 2022

Travel stop low expectations

Logan County Tourist Information Center

One 'medium' sized area fenced in. I say medium sized and 'average' relative to what you would expect from a TA/Pilot/Flying J type dog park. Grassy, but burnt. No shade. Small picnic table with shade right next to it. Restrooms, vending, and a mailbox available. Also, across the parking lot is a trail along the river.

Jul. 20, 2022

No water

Arkansas Riverwalk Dog Park

Single area fenced in. Area is large, with some shade, but not a lot. Mostly grass, but becoming burnt. Agility obstacles. No water. Ample free parking. Portable restroom on site. Donation box on site.

Jul. 18, 2022

Terrific find

Comfort Suites Castle Rock

Perhaps the nicest Comfort Inn I have seen. Is it perfect? No, but perfect hotels are hard to find and usually start with a higher price range. The room was very clean although there were minor stains on the rug. AC worked great. Quiet. Not a great pet area, but it has grass and it works. Safe and low congestion area at night so you can walk your pet. Convenient to pet friendly shopping. Highly recommended.

Jul. 20, 2022

Not for us

Chatfield Dog Park

$13 admission. No directions or signs to get to. Once there there wasn't enough shade for us so we didn't walk much which was the goal. Pond, but my dog didn't want to swim just watch it. Nowhere really to sit in the shade. No drinking water - the fountain is capped off. Would be better another time of year perhaps.

Jul. 19, 2022

Under construction/ Renovation

Glendale Farm Open Space Dog Park

Mostly closed right now. Open area is hilly, virtually no shade, no water. Portable restroom. Rumor has it that they are putting in "plants" and a water fountain. Not really useable for my dog at this time of year. Too hot.

Jul. 19, 2022

Thumbs up

Fox Run Dog Park

Two large spaces fenced in - one for small dogs. Around five acres total :) on the wooded side, but with worn pathways and shade. No water source. Parking lot right next to the dog park. Restroom in adjacent park.

Jul. 18, 2022


Bear Creek Dog Park

Definitely along the lines of what an ideal dog park should be with ample space for them to walk, shade, a stream/creek, plenty of parking, etc. Two areas - one for small dogs only, which is sized large enough for them to run along the pathways. There is a restroom located in the large area. I didn't notice a water spigot, but you could possibly use the sink in the bathroom? I would love to come back and would definitely recommend this. Skip the standard run of the mill undersized neighborhood dog park and come here.

Jul. 18, 2022


Gunnison Dog Park

Two areas fenced, agility obstacles, water available, but no grass (mud when wet) and virtually no shade.

Jul. 18, 2022

Thumbs up

Montrose Dog Park

Best dog park we saw in the greater area. The pictures were accurate - this dog park has a natural / woodsy feel, which makes it interesting to the dogs and also provides shade. I'm assuming ticks may be present. Located along the creek with a pleasant running water babble sound. Two separate areas by size. Water. Restrooms in adjacent park.

Jul. 18, 2022

No shade, no water

Dog Park at Las Colonias Park

No shade, no water. Otherwise beautiful.

Jul. 16, 2022

Nice but muddy when wet

Canyon View Dog Park

Right off i-70. Three fenced areas. Most of the grass has disappeared and becomes muddy when wet. Probable shade - it was overcast. Good stop though.

Jul. 15, 2022

Toxic algae may be present

Regan Beach

Warning - see signs posted at area stating toxic algae may be present and not to let dogs drink the lake water. A local also warned me not to let the dogs drink the lake water here due to high concentrations of the alage. There was significant amounts of green algae present - I don't know if this was the toxic or non-toxic kind, but it was very observable. Area is small. Some free parking available. Due to alage didn't stay long.

Jul. 14, 2022


Sleep Inn South Jordan - Sandy

Pros: very clean, modern, more luxurious than expected or experienced at a different Sleep Inn located elsewhere. AC worked well and was average sound. Free parking. Mostly commercial (businesses/offices) part of town (generally quiet). Low pet fee. Possibly free breakfast, but they didn't mention it to me and I forgot to ask... restaurant next door. Cons: no elevator, many people in the parking lot late at night when I arrived, possibly a train came by around 5:30am (the bed shook and it literally sounded like a train...but I didn't confirm - otherwise quiet). Would stay again/recommend.

Jul. 15, 2022

Clean and very spacious!

Motel 6 Bishop CA

Late check-in (after 10 pm) without any problems. Staff was courteous and helpful. Room was clean - probably new flooring. Very spacious. Mini refrigerator was proper temperature. Room temperature was cool upon arrival. AC worked well and was average sound level. Good water pressure and temperature. Parking was fine. Vending and ice available on-site. Sign stated laundry was available at sister hotel next door (Vagabond Inn which offers free breakfast as well). Did not use the pool area. Did not observe anyone loitering. Did not see a great spot to let a pet relieve itself. Also, feral cats present. I stress the cleanliness and would recommend/stay again.

Jul. 15, 2022

Clean and good value

Motel 6 Mammoth Lakes CA

Pros: Clean and quiet. AC worked well. Good water pressure and water temperature. Covered picnic tables. Would stay again / recommend. Lots of PCT / JMT hikers stay here - hiker box available. On site laundry or 24 hour laundromat across the street. Great location convenient to restaurant as well as mountain. Cons: pet 'areas' could be better maintained, be larger, and be fenced; stairs are sharp metal and not suitable for dogs (no elevator). The particular room I was in would be a tight squeeze for two people especially with ski gear.

Jul. 15, 2022


Pho 88

Shaded patio. Delicious and just when I needed a pick me up mental health support moment, so this helped.

Jul. 16, 2022

Dog wash available


This is a unique prototype store like anchor Petcos or Petco Unleashed. Has dog wash stations available.

Jul. 15, 2022

Off leash area

Carson River Park

Part of Carson City Prison Hill Recreation Area and Silver Saddle Ranch. A little bit of a drive out of the way of anything. Sandy pathway / trail in some pots or packed dirt. Tall natural grasses (ticks?). Didn't see a great area to let a dog frolic with friends, but walking area available. Some shade. Lots of nature if you need a peaceful spot. Portable restrooms available. I didn't notice a water fountain....could have missed one, but bring water just in case.

Jul. 14, 2022

Under renovation

Dog Park at Green Valley Park

Two separate areas by size. Decent size of both areas. Shade. Grass is mostly dead at the moment. Appears to be under renovation or maintenance. Kiddie pool available. Restroom. Parking. Water. Located in a residential neighborhood. Lots of birds to listen to.

Jul. 14, 2022


TA Mill City

Terrible but no other options westbound for MANY miles. One star because it exists. It's really not useable. In the desert, full sun = too hot to walk on. Also, it's dangerously placed between the road and the gas pumps without a fence. Absolutely terrible. Try stopping in Winnemucca instead.

Jul. 14, 2022

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Brook trail just before summit
Large dog area
Under renovation
Reagan Beach Dog Beach Area, South Lake Tahoe
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