The Best Holiday Gifts of 2021 for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Posted by Billy Francis

On the 8th day of Christmas, Fido gave to me … a slobbery wet kiss and a toppled Christmas tree! "Santa Paws” has made his list and he’s checking it twice, which shouldn’t be a problem if your pup has been nice. Reward your furry elf with one of these holiday-themed gifts.

1. Sherpa Original Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Ready to explore the world. Photo by

Gayle Martz, a former flight attendant, isn’t just the person behind the Sherpa bag. She’s also responsible for petitioning major airlines to allow dogs to travel alongside their owners in aircraft cabins around the world. The first officially approved pet carrier has evolved over the years to match changes in airline protocols, but the essence of the product remains the same: an affordable and durable soft-sided carrier to transport dogs safely. This Sherpa Delta Airline-Approved Dog & Cat Carrier Bag is a great gift for any pooch looking to scratch his travel itch and travel in style. Your best friend can fly by your side in the original soft carrier or even cruise in the car with you, safe in the knowledge that he'll be protected if you hit any speed bumps along the way.

2. BarkBox Home Alone

"Beat that you little trout sniffer!" Photo by @jakefromstatepaws

BarkBox, one of the best subscription services for dogs, pays homage to a classic Christmas movie with this limited edition festive offering inspired by the classic caper, Home Alone. The bumper box contains a variety of toys based on Kevin’s unfortunate Christmas abandonment, including the Oh-Kay Van, Marv, Harry, Kevin’s paint can, and Buzz’s tarantula. Your pooch doesn’t need to “eat junk and watch rubbish” with his bag of Marv! Duck! Treats in the box. If you sign up for a monthly subscription now, you’ll enjoy a reduced rate, plus offers like a double box first month. Each month, Fido receives a totally unique and customizable box with a different awesome theme.

3. Walker Paws Snowflake Leggings

"Ready for Doga!” Photo by @rockynycmorkie

Fido can be stylish without any slip-ups when he wears these Walkee Paws Snowflake Leggings. As seen on Shark Tank, this innovative invention takes Walker Paws leggings to festive new heights with a snowflake print to match with his favorite Christmas sweater. Designed to solve the problem of chilly paws in winter, the leggings feature over-the-back connectors that prevent booties from falling off in the snow. They can be adjusted to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

4. Zippy Burrow Hot Cocoa

“This cocoa is cold.” Photo by Chewy

The only problem with cocoa on a cold night is that it doesn’t last forever. Thankfully, Fido can enjoy a permanent cup with Zippy Burrow Hot Cocoa. He can while away the winter hours nosing around inside for three squeaky marshmallows. When he finds them, just pack them again and play every day until New Year.

5. Custom Dog Ornament

One, two, tree! Photo by Etsy

Due to her lack of opposable thumbs, your pooch can’t help you decorate the tree, but she can still brighten up the place with her adorable face on this custom dog ornament. DoggoPrint uses your pup’s photo and name to create a unique Christmas memento  that you can keep forever.

6. "Christmas Miracle" Golden Angel Dog Artisan Tree Topper

Feed the canine world with this gift that gives back. Photo by

Opening an awesome gift at Christmas is great, but there’s nothing like the rewarding feeling of gifts well received by others. The Christmas Miracle" Golden Angel Dog Artisan Tree Topper gives dog lovers the chance to do both. In addition to brightening up any tree, every tree topper purchased provides 30 meals to shelter dogs. Check out the rest of the artisan tree topper selection for more ways to decorate and feed homeless hounds.

7. Personalized Christmas Stocking

You’re not my Buddy, buddy. Photo by Amazon

You’re going to need somewhere to stuff Fido’s big pile of awesome gifts this year, and where better than a personalized stocking? Choose between a bone or a paw with his name in bold letters across the front to avoid any confusion with Fifi’s gifts on Christmas morning.

8. Standing Snowman Costume

I’ll melt your heart.” Photo by Walmart

If your snowman comes to life and starts running around the backyard, you might be in a Christmas movie, unless it’s Fido in his standing snowman costume. This adorable outfit is sure to spread cheer at any holiday gathering. It’s the “pawfect” gift to guarantee a snowman in Florida or for photo opportunities among actual snowmen in Vermont.

9. Matching Great Yukon Sweater

Snug as a pug. Photo by

The moose is loose all over these Great Yukon Sweaters, the ideal gift for pet parents who love to match with their mutts. Snuggle up with your pup this winter and win the hearts of everybody you see on your annual holiday hike. Sweaters are available to fit all sizes from Chihuahua to Golden Retriever.

10. Frisco Buffalo Check Cuddler Pet Bed

"Wake me up in 2022." Photo by Chewy

However many sleeps are left until Christmas, Fido is going to love counting them down from this snuggly checkered pet bed from Chewy. With a cushiony edge that makes for the perfect headrest, your merry mutt won't miss a moment of the holidays. The bed comes with a bone-shaped squeak toy that doubles as a pillow, and a soft blanket. Smaller pups might find the best surprise on Christmas morning inside this stocking bed instead.

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