Thank Dog! Why We're Grateful for Our Pets

Posted by Billy Francis

Thanksgiving at BringFido is a time to “paws” and reflect on everything that we are grateful for. We raise a glass to good health, prosperity and four-legged family members. Because we’re truly thankful for our dogs. For long walks on cold mornings. For hurried apologies to pet parents with better-behaved pups. For all the accidents. Because for every "bad" moment with Fido, there are countless more that remind us why he’s the best part of every day. This Thanksgiving, we wanted to share why we’re thankful for our best friends.

She’ll Be There for You

Kirby, Restaurants Editor
Photo by Beth Shoemaker Photography

“Whether you’re stressed at work, spending too much money on your ancient car or having trouble in your love life, you can always rely on your dog to be there for you. Because she doesn’t care about your baggage, unless there’s a treat inside.”

Outdoor Heroes

Alan, ETL Engineer
Photo by Alan/BringFido

“I am thankful for a dog who is always ready for adventure.”

Healthy Doggy, Healthy Mind

Jessica, Content Editor
Photo by Jessica/BringFido

“Petting your pooch relieves stress and encourages you to get your woes off your chest. The best part is that they’ll never divulge your secrets or plans for world domination.”

They Give Us Common Ground

Susan, Pet Charity Coordinator
Photo by Susan/BringFido

“It’s hard to find common ground these days, but one thing we can all agree on is that dogs rule! Strike up a conversation about mutts with that neighbor you’ve been avoiding since the election, but don’t forget to bring Fido just in case.”

Never a Dull Moment

Lauren, Community Manager
Photo by Lauren/BringFido

“I'm thankful for my dogs because they keep me active. They love going for walks, hiking and being outdoors, and their excitement makes it even more fun for me.”

Cuddles Cure All

Sara, Customer Service Representative Team Lead
Photo by Sara/BringFido

“They are always excited to see me, they know how to cheer me up when I've had a bad day, and are always up for fetch or cuddles. They make me smile every day and I can't picture my life without them!”

Better Than Most Household Appliances

Sam, Office Manager
Photo by Samantha/BringFido

“If the garbage disposal grinds to a halt again, Hank will be happy to help. Swooping in like a hungry hippo, he’ll make sure my vacuum cleaner stays in the closet. Oh, and he makes a great alarm clock, too.”

They Make the Best Travel Buddies

Erin, Destinations Editor
Photo by Beth Shoemaker Photography

“Dogs make perfect travel companions, offering a sense of security for people adventuring alone, helping us get out and explore the city, and enticing locals to offer their secret hints and tips along the way.”

They Make Great Co-Parents

Shonda, Project Manager
Photo by Beth Shoemaker Photography

“Sometimes the pack grows, and this can take some adjusting for dogs. Mostly, however, your pooch will give new additions the same level of devotion and service that she shows us. Children can play with her, take her for walks and help clean up after her, teaching the kids responsibility and empathy.”

They Love Us No Matter What

Kathi, Escalations Manager
Photo by Kathi/BringFido

“Dogs show us what unconditional love looks like.”

They Give You Something to Spend Your Money On

Julie L, Canine Concierge
Photo by Julie/BringFido

“Who needs a cruise or a new yacht? Wouldn’t you much rather spend your money on emergency medical procedures, toys that’ll be destroyed in five minutes and expensive food for four hungry Scotties?”

They Are Life’s Great Entertainers

Merritt, Director of Operations
Photo by Merritt/BringFido

“I’m thankful for my dog because her mischievous little puppy personality is an endless source of entertainment and amusement. She makes me laugh every day.”

They Help You Downsize

Jules, Canine Concierge
Photo by Jules/BringFido

“I’m thankful for my dog because sometimes she gets the zoomies and crashes into walls and furniture, and although I’ve had a bunch of random knick knacks break, it’s for the best because minimalism is trendy these days and she’s just helping with decluttering.”


Jessica C, Events Editor
Photo by Jessica/BringFido

“He makes me a better person!”

They Make a Great Alarm System

Beth, Hotel Relations Manager
Photo by Beth/BringFido

"I am thankful they bark uncontrollably when someone intrusive is at our house. They really know how to defend us; Amazon drivers don't stand a chance to rob our home!"

Buddies for Life

Kelsey, Canine Concierge
Photo by Kelsey/BringFIdo

“I'm thankful for the companionship they bring both to me and to each other. And the endless amounts of joy and laughter with their opposite personalities.”

They Fill Our Homes

Julie C, Services Editor
Photo by Beth Shoemaker Photography

“I’m thankful that all of my foster pups find homes.”

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