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Hi, I"m Monet. My real life date is January 2, 2018. This is when I started my life at the pound which I patiently waited for the most amazing mom to find me. This is also where they say I am a year old, so this is how this became my birthday. I still hold some traits from my past but I'm adjusting quickly to the fact that not all humans are evil and like I said I have the most amazing mom to teach me that. I can't wait to share my full life with you... to continue my story you can go to
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Room for improvement

Canine Corner Dog Park

I like coming to this park but my mom has some reservations about it. The small dog park side is always dry and clean where as the big dog park has a huge sunken part, although fenced in, sometimes fills with water to the limit of passing the fence and we can get into the nasty water. The fence to this area has gates but some people like their dogs to play in the water allowing any and all dogs access to the stinky swamp. They should put a better drainage system there or better yet cement it and put a water park there, with proper drainage of-course. My mom would pay double for that idea! Yes, you have to pay to go here but the price is reasonable and it keeps track of the occupants which isn't a bad thing. Go to the website to find out how, it's not pay at the gate or anything. There are a lot of nice trees but where the benches are there is no shade except for 1 that is surrounded by sand and dirt. They could plant a tree at each bench for shaded seating. There are 3 water fountains that usually always work but they don't drain properly, no surprise, causing puddles around the fountains where some dogs pee on and well some dogs drink that too. This wouldn't happen if the fountains drained properly. There is a nice sidewalk that goes around half of the park but it would be nice if they could continue it around the rest of the park so my mom can walk all around with me. There is always dogs coming and going, it's a very busy park. I always get to meet a new pup every time I go. There are a lot of regulars too, most of who watch their pups pretty well. There will always be a group who feel dogs need to settle issues on their own when we feel they could watch their pups a little better. There is a lot of room to run and play. The entrance is very secure and there is a small rinse off area at the exit for those dogs who may have rolled in the swampy water or the icky water fountain puddles. This park is really nice but has great potential to being a really great park!

Jul. 12, 2018

Very Nice People

Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Grill

We come here often. It's a great place to eat a very good meal. My mom always brings my food and they serve me water if my mom asks them to. They don't give out bones though, that would be a 5 star rating there! We also like it because the seating is shaded for dinner meals, that always helps in the Florida heat! My mom loves the food here. She never has a complaint. We'll be back, hope to see you there!

Jul. 12, 2018

Great place!

Frosty Point Ice Cream Parlor

We come here all the time. There is just enough room for us pups. The only reason I can't give them 5 bones is because they don't pay much attention to me. I don't get water or any treats, but my mom likes their ice cream and they don't mind me hanging out with my mom while she enjoys a treat, so it's good enough for me. If you're lucky your mom will bring you there and notice the place next door sells gourmet treats for us pups!

Jul. 11, 2018

Nice Place & Friendly Staff

Bru's Room Sports Grill

My mom took me to Bru's Room for the first time. It was a little crowded but we got a table all the way in the back and it wasn't so bad. There were TV's with sports, we like TV. My mom brought my dinner and I chewed a little on my hoof. The server there was so nice. She brought me ice water and kept it full. I never had someone give me a refill! My humans really liked their food. They had potato skins, a juicy cheeseburger and a pulled pork sandwich. Two of my humans shared the burger and the other one couldn't even finish her sandwich. There was a lot of food. They had broccoli and fries too. They serve desert but my humans were too full and had other plans in mind. A Great place to go, we'll be back. Since this review we have been back several times and always have a great experience.

Mar. 26, 2018

So much to see

2018 South Florida Pet Expo

I just got back from the Pet Expo. It was a bit of a drive, maybe a little too far for the size of the event. Even though it was smaller than I expected it was so nice. There were all kinds of humans there who loved me. There were humans selling all kinds of things. We may be getting some artificial grass from someone there. We saw a lot of pups up for adoption from a few different adoption places. There was some kind of dog show with pups dressed up. There was also an activity where pups could chase a lure, that looked fun. There were even reptiles and I think I saw someone with a rat on their shoulder! I can't wait to have one in my own town, I'll be there.

Apr. 21, 2018

They're Nice Humans

Cold Stone Creamery

Although Cold Stone is located in a mall area where I am aloud to walk around with my humans and it's not really Cold Stones choice that I'm aloud there, they are nice humans. They always give my mom a cup of water for me when my she asks for one. It would be nice if they had some kind of dog ice cream or even a cookie. My humans are happy with their ice cream though and I get to sit with them and enjoy my own treat from the close by pet store. It's always a good time!

Apr. 14, 2018

Good Food


We went to lunch at Galuppi's. They say they welcome dogs and they do allow us there. There is a nice dining area that we can eat with our humans in. The attention wasn't all that great though. My mom had to ask for a bowl of water for me 3 times before they brought me one. Actually it was another waitress who brought me one on her way to bringing another dog a bowl of water. There was no treats though. Maybe my mom had to ask for one but she didn't ask and they didn't offer. While I was enjoying my antler that my mom gave me one of the guys that works there startled me by coming up to me and tried to touch me out of my view and I growled at him to back up because he came up on me so fast that I got scared. I'm still trying to get used to guys being nice to me. I need to warm up to guys giving me positive attention. My mom told him to give me some space and time and why I responded so harshly but he wasn't listening to her and kept trying to touch me. I did not like that. I didn't bite him, I've never bit anyone but I was definitely scared. He finally walked away after my mom kept telling him that I was scared of him. He probably didn't understand because he saw the other guy he was with earlier come up to me and pet me without a problem. I didn't mind the other guy because I saw him coming, he offered his hand for me to meet him and waited for me to relax so he could pet me. You would think they all knew how to great us if they allow us to dine there. My humans weren't completely happy with their service either. Although the food came out perfectly and they loved the salad, quesadilla and kids huge hot dog with fries, there was another issue. Our waitress seemed to disappear. We waited for her for half the meal for her to refill one of my humans drinks until they decided to ask another waitress to refill it. She was also the one who brought my water to me too. Then when they were finished eating they waited a while more before our waitress finally came out so we could pay and leave. Overall the place is nice with lots of shade, the humans food was really good but some of the staff could use some training on how to attend to their human customers and how to approach their pup friends.

Apr. 14, 2018

Fast and Easy

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Lighthouse Point

We went to Woof Gang Bakery to get my dewclaws cut and they are so nice there. They saw me right away because I had a quick job. They charge my mom a nice little fee for having my 4 nails cut. They have toys, accessories and a lot of fun treats too! We'll be back again when I need my nails done!

Mar. 31, 2018

A Good Time

Fort Lauderdale Canine Beach

My mom brought me here because there was a dog event at a restaurant close by and she wants me to like the beach as well. I don't like the beach but I can tell you that a lot of dogs were loving it. I read the reviews and it's the owners who seem to have a problem with the arrangement. We found parking and yes you have to pay to park but it's the beach, seems normal to me. The hours were fine for us since we had so many other great things to do before we got here. I didn't step in any pups mess and neither did my mom, so it was pretty clean. I don't know exactly where we were suppose to be but there seemed to be plenty of room for me and many pup friends to play and run around in. There were more of us off our leashes than on and I didn't see anyone being told to leash us. We didn't pay for a permit but would be happy to if we knew where. I'm sure they will be happy as well to inform us where if they ever stop us. We'll be back whether I like it or not or as my mom says, I'll learn to like it, it's worth it!

Mar. 30, 2018


The Parrot Lounge

We went to The Parrot Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale for dinner tonight. It was a really nice place. The owner of The Parrot Lounge was so nice. He spent most of his time petting dogs and passing out pieces of chicken to us. He was very attentive. Made us pups feel special. They had water bowls everywhere for us. My humans really liked their food. Big portions and great tastes! They had cheeseburgers and a chicken Philly. They had mozzarella stick and fries. They loved it all! It was so much food that none of them could finish their meals. They took home a doggy bag that I'll never see! They say us pups are welcome here any day! There was a dog rescue event happening tonight and the rescue humans were passing out plastic eggs filled with treats for me, a nice touch for this Easter weekend. I think they have a dog event every last Friday of the month. I have a feeling we'll be back someday.

Mar. 30, 2018

Nice Breakfast Spot

Red Fox Diner

My mom took me to Red Fox Diner for breakfast. It is a nice place to eat. there are only a few tables in the shade and we were lucky enough to get one. They gave me a bowl of water and a treat after breakfast. They think I'm cute and like to talk to me. My humans had eggs, pancakes, French toast (they couldn't have a waffle because they only serve them on the weekends), potatoes, bacon, Canadian bacon, orange juice, Strong coffee! They did seem to like all of their food, they ate it all and didn't complain about any of it. We will definitely be back.

Mar. 30, 2018

A Nice Place

The Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe

Pretty nice place. The first thing they did there was give me a treat, it was great! We sat outside by the water. Lots to keep my attention with the people, boats, water and some birds. They brought me a bowl of ice water. My humans liked their food for the most part. The hot dog was really good, the shrimp tacos were very good but a little spicy, but the kids grilled cheese could have been a little different. The cheese wasn't really melted and they made it with maybe a sour dough but it was really thick and a little dry and hard. Not what my kid human was thinking he would get but he still ate it! We will be back but we probably won't be regulars because it was a little pricy. I wanted to buy a Nauti Dawg shirt but they don't have shirts for me. That was terrible. I hope they get enough complaints to make shirts for dogs. That's advertising man!

Mar. 29, 2018

I'm simply permitted

Panera Bread

I'm catching up on reviews. My mom brought me to Panera Bread for breakfast one day. They were ok that I sat outside while my mom ate her breakfast. There are no dog bowls for water and certainly no treats for us. It is nice to be able to join my mom while she has her breakfast. She got an egg and sausage sandwich but she doesn't like the eggs here. There is a lot of choices though, so next time she'll try something else.

Mar. 26, 2018

I'm simply permitted


I'm catching up on reviews. My mom brought me here for breakfast a few weeks ago. Although the humans here didn't pay much attention to me they did have dog bowls outside for us to fill ourselves. So no service or bones for us fur buddies but at least they don't mind us there. My mom got a egg and sausage sandwich. She seemed to like it, she ate the whole thing! It's a nice little place to eat and we'll come back someday.

Mar. 26, 2018

A Nice Night

Coconut Cay Resort & Marina

This was my first night away from my new home. I was nervous but as long as I had my mom with me I was ok. The room we were in was beautiful. They called it the new section. We had a water view. Although it was gravel out and down the stairs, there was a little bit of grass for me to do some business. The bed was huge, big enough for me to sleep with my humans. The floors were like a wood tile, real pretty. Nice TV, we all like to watch TV. There was a little fridge and a little microwave. The AC was nice but I heard it come on and off all night. The bathroom was nice and clean. There wasn't a tub but my mom managed to give me a shower anyway. If we were going to stay longer I'm sure my mom would have us all in a free kayak. I think I saw some bikes to use also but I'm not running the streets yet. My bones should be mature enough by June... summer time here I come. They had a small, cozy free breakfast. Mostly eat on the run stuff but whatever fills the belly works for me. I like to eat on the run anyway! The price was a bit much but then again it was the best price my mom could find that I was welcome to sleep at. We'll probably stay here again if we don't find anything less expensive.

Mar. 24, 2018

Great place!

Cypress Nook

My mom complained about parking and almost left because there wasn't any but it was a good thing for all of us that she tried again and we waited for a spot. There is tight parking but they say we can park on the street and no one really tows. Before they even talked to my humans they brought me a large dog bowl of ice water, it was great! The weather was beautiful so we sat in the sun. My humans had a great breakfast. The 3 of them had German sausage, potatoes, eggs, toast, pancakes, cinnamon raisin French toast and a pork chop. The only problem they seemed to have was that the scrambled eggs were too greasy even though they told them no butter. Everything else was delicious, so they said... all I had was dog food, but at least she brought my breakfast for me to eat with them. My mom always thinks of me like that. They say we will be coming back, they seemed to really like it there. So I give it 4 bones... parking is not so good and my humans didn't like the eggs too much. The only advice I have is for them to have some dog treats on hand, I would be happy with just one.

Mar. 24, 2018

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