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Hhighly recommend!

Sleep Inn & Suites Bismarck I-94

We had a standard king room for two adults, a medium dog, and a small dog. There was plenty of space and room for us and our things, and a roomy bathroom. The room was very clean and there were two rolling carts available to haul our things in and out, which was really convenient. I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but not all hotels have them right there at the door, and anyone with dogs or kids along knows your hands are full and there are extra bags.

There is a pet area with a bag and trash bin for them to go. If your dogs are too keyed up as mine were, there's a dog park only 3 minutes away that was really convenient for letting them run off steam before hitting the road again. Also, the breakfast was pretty good. Eggs, both scrambled and boiled, sausage, biscuits and gravy, oatmeal and cereals, pancakes, bagels, toast, yogurt, etc. Very friendly staff in the dining area & at the front desk. I'm not in Bismarck often, but if I find myself back there I will stay at Sleep Inn.

Jul. 13, 2023

Swift creek is an easy hike for the dogs

The Whitefish Trail

The Swift Creek loop is a great place to start as it is more shaded than a lot of other areas in Whitefish. Our little Yorkie had no problem with it while it was in the lower 80s because it was so shaded. It's also a very popular trail, so while it wasn't crowded, I think you're a lot less likely to surprise a bear since there's enough people walking and talking around on it. Do bring water and be prepared, of course, but this was a nice way to start the day with the dogs.

Jul. 10, 2023

By now you know there aren't any dog-friendly trails, but...

Glacier National Park

The animals there own the place and don't care about our furry family members. It's really a safety issue more than anything. We knew ahead of time we weren't going to hike with them IN the park other than around Apgar at Lake McDonald. However there are a lot of national forests nearby, as well as a great dog park in Whitefish. Our local city parks offered up ample room for them to run around and even splash around. Meanwhile, we drove through Glacier. Would I rather hike? In some places, yes. But honestly, that drive through was great, and the little walk around Apgar was pretty, too. It'd be great if they could designate a dog area, and that would rate 5 bones. But I think if you know what you want to do and plan ahead, this is still a worthwhile vacay with the dogs.

Jul. 10, 2023

Great park, but very sunny

Hugh Rogers WAG Park

Be prepared to get some sun. The pond was great for helping the dogs cool off, and there is drinking water available for dogs and humans as well as a bathroom between the dog and skate parks. It was a gorgeous park to visit, and the dogs enjoyed splashing around the pond.

Jul. 10, 2023

Cute little dog park and a great stop on the road

City of Lead Dog Park

We were in Deadwood on a road trip and took them here to burn off a little energy before hitting the road again. Wear secure shoes, it is on a hill built against an old gold mine. The views are pretty nice and although it's a small area, it's on a hill so that helps with some exercise, too. When you drive into the concrete slab that is the parking lot, to the left is some fencing. Go up into the park that way. You'll need your own water if you plan to stay a bit and it isn't shady, so please plan accordingly. We happened to have everything with us already.

Jul. 10, 2023

We'll be back

Tru by Hilton Deadwood

Very dog friendly - there's even an extra pampered pooch package and dog sitting available if you want to spend the extra $$. We only stopped for the night on a road trip, but there was something for everyone. The dog park in Lead is only about 10 minutes away and offered a great view. We had a standard king room - nothing fancy. Aside from the bed there is a desk and chair, but plenty of room to hang things (especially those leashes and harnesses) and a stand to put luggage on.

The view of the hills is gorgeous to wake up to, and we didn't experience any street noise. Perhaps from the fan? But there is also a white noise machine available in the rooms and we didn't find we needed it. We're going to make another trip sometime - possibly fall - just for SD. This part of SD is awesome and the Black Hills are an underrated beauty. People miss them and the Badlands due to the drive, I think, but they are worth visiting and checking out on their own. This hotel is a great option after Badlands to spend a few days just relaxing in the hills and taking in the scenery. If gaming is your thing, there are also a lot of casinos, including the one this is attached to. Breakfast is okay - kind of bland but offers all the essentials plus a little more, and extra toppings for pancakes or toast.

Jul. 08, 2023

We hike with them here at least a couple times a year

Fort Snelling State Park

It's a great area to get in as short or as long a hike as. you like, with plenty of different terrains to walk around. You have dry areas, you have water close by. You have all you need. There are also a lot of mosquitoes at certain times of the year, so take along some bug spray. But plenty for dogs to smell and see there.

May. 07, 2023

Distance is just right

Bde Maka Ska Park

Being a busier area, there are plenty of garbage cans, which is not the case in a lot of other places we go. Anyone picking up after their dogs can appreciate that!

May. 07, 2023

Relatively small but a great park overall

Rivertown Dog Park

Lots of regulars there to socialize with, and two separate areas for the dogs to check out - one is meant to be kept free of toys to make it better for certain dogs. We go there a lot when we don't have much time or don't want to spend too much time so the dogs can still run around a bit and get in lots of smelling.

May. 07, 2023

Well worth a year's pass

Dakota Woods Dog Park

You do have to pay online now, though - there's nowhere to pay at the park anymore. It gets really crowded at certain times with no parking in the lot, but the dogs get so excited we don't even say the word, "Dakota" in front of them unless we're planning to go right then. It's a well-maintained area that gets fresh mulch and branches removed, etc. It is also next to a compost pile so you're going to be smelling that sometimes.

May. 07, 2023

Never have to go the same way twice

Battle Creek Regional Park

We usually go to the dog park but sometimes like to walk them on the trails, too. There's always plenty for them to see and smell and they always love it.

May. 07, 2023

We are there at least once a week

Battle Creek Dog Park

The dogs love it here and have a great time every time. I do try to keep them out of the water in the summer time if the ponds haven't dried up. But it's always a good walk for the dogs.

May. 07, 2023

So great on hot days

Minnehaha Regional Park

It can get a little crowded at times because it is on the river and you can let the dogs splash around in the water. So many lakes and ponds are too dangerous for that by mid-summer, that this place is even more special and fun for them.

May. 07, 2023

Their new favorite park

Andy's Bark Park

My little guy loves they have some paved sidewalk in the park and a play area. Both of them have a ball on the paths through the woods and prairie area, though. You may want a hat for the sunny spots. The park is clean with garbage bins, water stations, and even small pools.

Jul. 30, 2022

We plan to go back

1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa

The entire trip was fun. Although we go to a lot of pet friendly hotels we don’t always see other dogs. This time we saw several. The local dog park is within walking distance as well. We arrived during a partial power outage after a storm and the staff was very friendly and accommodating getting us a different room we liked much better anyway. I recommend the ghost tour although the basement had one of our dogs a little freaked out.

Jan. 30, 2023

Highly recommend

Secret Garden Cafe

There is a front patio for take out dining with the pooches, or for full service there is a covered (& surrounded to protect from wind) patio around the back. There is a doggy menu, and we ordered sliced turkey from it - just 1 plate for them to share expecting lunch meat. What we got is a heaping plate of sliced turkey & a bowl for each of them. The picture I'm posting is after they'd eaten half of it. It's a scratch kitchen, so everything is really good. We had breakfast there & were not disappointed. The front patio has menus posted so you can get a good idea what you want to try out while they are santizing spots for you. Bonus points for taking Covid so seriously. I know it seems controversial lately, but they very much respected the rules and recommendations, and not everyone in Sedona did. I feel better knowing a place serving me food is being extra careful about it, even without a pandemic.

Mar. 14, 2021

We really enjoyed out stay and definitely plan to return

Oak Creek Terrace

We rented a bungalow and it had a cute little terrace - my pittie won't go anywhere paved, so this was a big help. The creek behind us is cute, but we were too busy hiking & biking to use it much. Staff was very friendly, and I love that I could take both my 55lb dog and my 10lb dog for the same price with no problems. It's a chill place in a gorgeous area and only minutes from Sedona proper.

Mar. 14, 2021

Very cozy

Sagebrush Inn & Suites

We liked this place - a lot of character here. Nice little courtyard to walk the dogs around a bit, plue they provide baggies and garbage cans. It's close to all the action but still far enough out to be quiet. We called about wood in our room & it was there in minutes. That fireplace was so cozy while the wind whipped outside. We will go back when more things are opened back up.

Mar. 14, 2021

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A view of Homestake Gold Mine
A view of the pond
Dogs are allowed where there is parking
Lake McDonald at Apgar
The view from the rooms is even better
The local dog park
So many smells
Hurry, mom!
Piper hiking around the vortex
Above the rim dog friendly
The bungalows have these adorable front gates
Part of the terrace
Double sided fireplace
View from the front
Menus are posted outside
Turkey off the doggie menu
Beamed ceilings
Cozy fireplace burns wood
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