10 Famous Movie Landmarks to Visit With Your Furry Film Buff

Posted by Jessica Roberts

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If you and Fido appreciate glamour, drama, adventure and romance, it's time to put yourselves in the movies. Check out these ten famous pet-friendly movie landmarks where you and your canine cinephile can reenact some of America's greatest films and most memorable scenes.

Field of Dreams

Dyersville, IA
You built it. We came. Photo by @adventures_of_luna_g

Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa. Released in 1989, “Field of Dreams” is a classic film about sacrifice, love, dreams and above all else, America's favorite pastime. Whether you think this movie is the best sports flick of all time or a bit on the corny side, there is no arguing it has earned a place in the pantheon of classic American sports movies. You and your four-legged buddy can visit the Field of Dreams baseball diamond in a cornfield built by all-American dad, Kevin Costner, and get a traditional concession stand snack while you're there. The Stretch, located along the third baseline, sells pop, beer, water, peanuts, popcorn, ice cream and other refreshing snacks.

The field is open daily from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. April through October, and 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on weekends in November. It is closed from December through May. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated. Leashed dogs are welcome to walk around the field, but are not permitted on tours inside the Kinsella house.

Nearby in Dubuque is the adorable and pet-friendly vacation rental gem, Birds and Bees apartment.

Pet Sematary

Bar Harbor, ME
"These woods are spooOOky." Photo by Christine Anderson

For fans of Stephen King and the horror movie “Pet Sematary” spawned from his book, walking the Deer Brook Trail at Acadia National Park is certain to induce goosebumps. The 1989 film tells the eerie tale of a father, Louis Creed, who attempts to bring his two-year-old child back to life by burying him in an old pet cemetery. In the movie, Louis and his neighbor Jud climb this path of twisted tree roots leading to the cemetery. Once one of the more eroded trails in the national park, the Deer Brook Trail, which starts on the northwestern shore of Jordan Pond, underwent an impressive rebuild in 2017. Now when you walk the trail you'll encounter granite steps that wind up to a high narrow point between the Penobscot and Sargent peaks, making the climb significantly easier for both the living and the dead. Anyone who continues up the trail past the portion that was used for filming is rewarded with an astonishing view atop Penobscot Mountain.

Continue the adventure in this beautiful 1920's home in town, just five minutes from Acadia.

The Notebook

Charleston, SC
It's easy to see why this was chosen for one of the most romantic scenes in movie history. Photo by Nicole

Relive the romance of "The Notebook" in Charleston, SC. Start at the hauntingly beautiful, 170-acre swamp-garden paradise, Cypress Gardens. Romantic scenes filmed here include Noah and Allie's rowboat reunion among hundreds of geese on the lake. The animals in the film weren't native to the area, so they were imported and trained to follow the boat prior to filming. For the well-being of the geese, the scene had to be shot during the month of January when the resident alligators were hibernating.

After your walk at Cypress Gardens, make sure to visit Boone Hall Plantation, the setting for Allie’s family summer home. In the evening, be sure to reenact the iconic first date dancing on King Street in front of the American Theater.

If you book a stay in the pet-friendly Barksdale House Inn, you'll be just steps from the campus of College of Charleston, which also features prominently in the film.

"Are those murderous seagulls or just the french-fry stealing kind?" Photo by @evan_kilgore

When Alfred Hitchock saw the surrounding treeless hills of the quiet harbor with rolling California fog, he knew Bodega Bay would make the perfect filming location for his next project, “The Birds.” Put on your most glamorous sunglasses and hair scarf à la Tippi Hedren and drive Bodega Highway past the Potter Schoolhouse where the birds first besieged the town’s children. Make your way to the coast at Doran Regional Park, where you can walk your pup along the more than two-mile stretch of remote beach and watch for flocks of (hopefully friendly) flighted friends like hawks, egrets, herons and pelicans. Finish your Hitchcockian tour with a meal on the pet-friendly patio at The Birds Cafe.

Stay oceanside at WIndsong, a vacation rental in Bodega Bay with expansive views of the bay and surrounding hills.

Dirty Dancing

Pembroke, VA
"We've had the time of our lives." Photo by @isabellaandpenelope.

Pack Fido's dancing shoes and have the time of your life in the beautiful Mountain Lake Lodge Hotel, the site of the Kellerman family’s resort vacation in the 1980s movie, "Dirty Dancing." The resort property still looks dramatically similar to how it appeared in the film. You won’t even have to ask where the movie scenes were shot; at check-in, you’ll get a map identifying the locations including the green-roofed cabin where Baby’s family stayed and the gazebo where guests took dance lessons. If you want to recreate the infamous scene in the lake where Baby and Johnny practice the dance lift, however, you’ll have to head elsewhere, as the lake at Mountain Lake Lodge dried up in 2008.

You could recreate additional Dirty Dancing scenes about 235 miles away in Lake Lure, NC though. Many of the film's outdoor scenes, including Johnny and Baby dancing on a log, were filmed in this pet-friendly mountain town. While here, you can book a stay in the pet-friendly 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa, the same hotel where Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey stayed during filming.

"Bum, bum bum bum, bum bum bum, bum bum buuuummmmm." Photo by @murphythephillypit

All film aficionados know no movie landmark list is complete without including a jog up the 72 stone steps leading to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, better known as the "Rocky" steps. A statue of Silvester Stallone as Rocky stands on a grassy knoll adjacent to the famous steps leading to the museum, where visitors on two legs and four from around the globe enjoy it while humming "Eye of the Tiger." Be sure to also get a famous cheesesteak at Pat's King of Steaks, where Rocky and the loan shark Tony Gazzo grab a bite to eat in the first film of the franchise.

There is no shortage of pet-friendly activities to enjoy in the City of Brotherly Love, and this two-bedroom home near the city's historic center will give you easy access to it all.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Devils Tower, WY
I suggest we recreate this film starring Richard Dogface. Photo by Rene Agredano

America’s first national monument is also the spot where alien’s touched down in classic sci-fi Spielberg flick, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Bring Fido on a trip to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming to behold the unique volcano-like landform in person. Although dogs are not allowed on any of the hiking trails leading to the tower, you can pull over on the roadside or stop in a parking lot to capture a new headshot of your four-legged movie-star hopeful in front of the formation.

Stay nearby and keep a close watch for extraterrestrials at a campsite at the Devil’s Tower KOA, which provides an excellent view of the monument.

The Wizard of Oz

Liberal, KS
There's no place like Liberal, Kansas. Photo by Dorothy's House and Coronado Museum

If you don't trust tornadoes to take you over the rainbow to the Land of Oz but Fido really wants to meet Ms. Gale and friends, check out Dorothy's House in Liberal, KS. Tour the life-sized house designed to look just like the farmhouse depicted in the movie, real movie memorabilia, and replicas of Dorothy and her travel companions, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow and, yes, Toto too. Your pup is welcome to tour the attraction with you as long as you can carry him.

Just up the road from Dorothy's House is the pet-friendly Days Inn Liberal hotel, where pets are welcomed with treats at check-in.

Ocean's Eleven

Las Vegas, NV
What happens in Vegas... Photo by Jeni

Almost half of the blockbuster heist film "Ocean's Eleven" was shot inside the elegant Bellagio and along the Las Vegas Strip. While your film-loving pooch isn't permitted in the public areas of the hotel (including the casino), he can take the opportunity to get a photo at the Las Vegas sign and in front of the monumental fountains, just like George Clooney. Dogs are only permitted to walk on the strip from the hours of 5 a.m. to noon, so be sure to get your steps and photo opps in early.

The Hollywood Sign

West Hollywood, CA
Just a little pug with big dreams. Photo by Samara Iodice

For the final landmark on our list, we take you and Fido to the enduring movie sensation, the Hollywood sign. The iconic nine letters have sat atop Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills since 1923, and have been featured in countless films, television broadcasts, videogames, laser shows and even the 1984 Olympics. The Sign made its big-screen debut in the 1935 film, Hollywood Boulevard, and has since been featured in movies from Britney Spears' "Crossroads" to the 2013 cult favorite, "Sharknado," plus hundreds more.

To take in the sign, you and your canine starlet can visit Lake Hollywood Park or climb the 3-mile Mount Hollywood Trail in Griffith Park. Be sure to plan a stroll down Hollywood's Walk of Fame while in Tinsletown. Stay right on the Boulevard at the Grafton on Sunset, where you should keep your eyes peeled for celebrity sightings.

Have you and your furry film buff visited any of these famous movie landmarks? Leave a comment or tweet us @BringFido!

Banner photo by Sweetie.