The 20 “Pugliest” Christmas Sweaters of 2019!

Posted by Lauren Barker

The holidays are here and it’s time to get festive! We asked you to share photos of your “Bah Hum Pug” in her best ugly Christmas sweater, your “reindog” in his antlers, or your dapper Doodle in his fanciest bow tie, and you certainly did. Browsing through these photos was like opening presents on Christmas morning.

Thankfully, Christmas sweaters come in all sizes.

“Glad this comes in xxxs.”Photo by Amanda McKenzie

And all styles.

“Does this elf make my butt look big?”Photo by Rosalie Zwizanski

They’re really quite flattering.

“Be sure to get my good side.”Photo by Donnette Matzke Dorion

Paired with duck boots and a puppuccino, you can be a fashionista.

“One venti puppuccino, please.”Photo by Jenny Doherty

Of course, you can’t let the beauty of the sweater take away from an amazing hairstyle.

“The higher the hair, the closer to God.”Photo by Beth Shoemaker Photography

Once you’re feeling festive, it’s a great opportunity for a “pawfessional” photo.

“Did someone say ‘Cheese?’”Photo by Bonnie Thomas

Or just a family photo in front of the Christmas tree.

“When is this Santa Paws guy coming again?”Photo by Caitlin Keller

Not everyone is enthusiastic about sweater weather, though.

“I miss summer.”Photo by Tiffany

But don’t let the puppy dog eyes fool you.

“Do I really have to wear this, Mom?” Photo by Merritt

Your pup really does appreciate being warm.

“Are we being punished for something? We promise we didn’t pee on the tree!”Photo by Rosalie Zwizanski

And what better way to make a statement?

“But I might have also been nice.”Photo by Kim Gayle

A fashion statement.

“Stay alert! Next they’re going to try to put hats on us.” Photo by @scottiessquared

It’s not too bad when the human wears one as well.

“Can you tell us apart?”Photo by Jennifer Paige Deese

Of course, she can go too far.

“Is this for real, Mom?”Photo by Melissa Ortiz

Sweaters aren’t the only way to get festive.

“I know I look good.”Photo by Kelly Sue Jones

Dressing up as Santa Paws is always fun.

“Did you leave me cookies?”Photo by Jules Ray

Or Mrs. Paws, boots and all.

“Accessories are a must.”Photo by Tiffany Bernhardt

And who can go wrong with reindog antlers?

“Ready to guide the sleigh tonight!”Photo by Julie Foster

But if you’re not in the mood to “pawty,” it’s okay to put on your Christmas PJs and stay in.

“The sooner we go to bed, the sooner Santa Paws comes.”Photo by Mandie West

And let visions of sugar pugs dance in your head.

“No bah hum pug here!”Photo by Shannon Granger

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