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Best Dog Breeds for Warm Climates

Posted by Jessica Roberts

If you’re searching for a four-legged companion, it’s important to consider how your new friend will handle the climate you live in. The right kind of coat and build are crucial factors when determining if a pup is suited for the heat. Just like you wouldn’t wear a thick coat in the winter, the best fur for a hot-weather dog is short and single-coated. When it comes to builds, breeds that are best adapted to the heat typically have a longer snout and big, erect ears that don’t trap heat. While it’s true that many dogs are adaptable to different climates, these breeds are known for being total fans of summer and sunshine.

Just remember that even the pups that are best suited for the heat aren’t impervious to overheating. Be sure to always follow best practices for keeping your dog cool in the summer.


Small in stature, but very cool. Photo by BringFido/Liza

This little fella tops our list of the very best dog breeds for a warm climate. The Chihuahua originated in Mexico's hot desert, so they’re no stranger to warm weather. Their small stature and short coat help them stay comfortable, even in the dog days of summer. The breed’s large, erect ears are more than just adorable. The shape also allows airflow over expanded blood vessels in the thin skin to cool both sides.

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American Water Spaniel

Having the time of his life. Photo by iStock/Lunja

An American Water Spaniel has a special feature that, despite their long fur, makes them perfect for hot, humid climates. This breed has a protective coat that keeps them waterproof and also protects them from harsh weather conditions. These water-loving athletes are muscular and energetic, and always up for a good adventure with their humans.

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Australian Cattle Dog

This dog rocks. Photo by iStock/Tahoetucker.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a livestock guardian breed that is actually related to the Dingo, a wild dog that lives in the Australian outback. These pups are medium-sized and have short coats and lighter coloration to help them stay cool in the heat. Cattle Dogs are highly intelligent and athletic, so they make great competitors in K9 sports like Disc Dog.

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Airedale Terrier

Terriers are up for fun in the sun. Photo by iStock/Alex Potemkin

The Airedale Terrier is the largest of the Terrier breeds, and these pretty pups are known to be hard-working, intelligent canines. Because their single-coat is short and wiry, they tolerate hot climates well and, alongside most other Terrier types, are usually happy to play outside even when the temperature climbs. Just be sure to keep their coat free from matting, which can trap heat against the skin, and your Airedale Terrier will do quite well digging and frolicking at your side all year round.

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Catahoula Leopard Dog

At home by you in the bayou. Photo by iStock/madcorona

The Catahoula Leopard Dog breed originated in the swamps and forests of Louisiana, meaning they are perfectly at home in the heat and humidity. Bred as a hunting and herding dog for the bayous, these canines typically have a smooth, short coat ranging from single colors such as black, red, and yellow, to brindle, or the “leopard” pattern that gives the breed its name. They make wonderful companions for those who like outdoor adventure.

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Ready to run in the sun. Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

These slim sprinters are built for speed and agility, but their playful and gentle nature makes them a fantastic four-legged companion. The Whippet’s slender frame, long snout, and thin, short coat helps to keep them cool and comfortable in the summer sun. They have a large nose and expansive chest cavity, helping to cool the air as they breathe. It’s important to note that their streamlined build doesn’t make them impervious to the effects of heat, so while they certainly prefer the summer sun to a wintery day, even Whippets need plenty of care to stay safe and healthy when the temperatures climb.

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