The 22 “Pugliest” Christmas Sweaters of 2020!

Posted by Lauren Barker

Without parties and family get-togethers, the holidays may feel different in 2020, but there is one thing that we can always count on to put us in the spirit … dogs in Christmas attire! While some of our furry friends are happy to model their festive garb, others have made it clear they’ll be leaving us a gift under the tree later. See if you can tell who’s making the naughty list this year.

Margot was okay with the sweater, but the lights went a step too far.

”Is this really necessary?”Photo by @margot_the_beagle_

Miss Pickles is a Christmas fashionista.

“No one rocks a penguin sweater like I do.”Photo by @miss.picklesthepug

Don’t be fooled by the frown. Walter’s actually enjoying his winter wear.

“This is my happy face.”Photo by @walter_sourmug

Jago asked “Santa Paws” to bring him all the treats.

“Whatever it takes to get those biscuits.”Photo by @rottweiler.jago

Christmas card photos with the whole family can be “ruff.”

“This. Is. Ridiculous.”Photo by @amber__washington

But they don’t have to be.

“Everyone looks this way and say “treats!”Photo by @knoxandbear

Duncan knows he better be good for goodness sake.

“I wonder if I’m allowed to hike my leg on this tree.”Photo by @liferunsonduncan

Grizzi and Samson will pull out all the stops to get their names on the Nice list.

“Whatever makes the humans happy, Samson, let’s do it.”Photo by @samson_and_grizzi

Christmas is the “pawfect” time to pass down family traditions.

“They do this every year. You’ll get used to it.”Photo by @marleemagoo

Bella’s hoping they don’t put her to work in Santa’s workshop.

“Does this hat make my ears look big?”Photo by @bella.n.oakley

In 2020 it’s okay to get all dressed up with nowhere to go.

“Bark! The herald angels sing …”Photo by @lovealwaysnova

Okay, maybe not everyone feels that way.

“Is Christmas over yet?"Photo by @ladypigopotamusa

Maybe it’s less embarrassing when the humans wear one too.

“This is definitely more my style.”Photo by @ladythelovelycocker

Mannie would like to make a toast to his four-legged, sweater-wearing friends.

“I don’t know if there’ll be snow, but have a cup of cheer.”Photo by @manniemeegschiefofsecurity

For warm-weather pups like Ivey and Olive, Christmas sweaters are more than just a fashion statement.

“Turtlenecks are so practical and warm.”Photo by @iggysisters

Monty is ready to join in all the reindog games.

“Don’t expect me to guide any sleighs with this on.”Photo by @monty.cavapoo

And Ollie is ready to go “Dachshund through the snow.”

“Happy ‘Howlidays.’"Photo by @bygollymisterollie

Your pup can make a statement with his sweater …

“We’re gonna need a bigger sleigh.”Photo by @ziggyandzelda

Even the most obvious of statements.

“Do you have to point out that it’s ugly?”Photo by @harvestimetaylormade

No Christmas sweater is going to take away Bear’s self-confidence.

“Feliz Navidog.”Photo by @bearthebiggraydog

Poe is no “bah-hum-pug!”

“You’re not posting that on Facebook, are you?”Photo by @poe_thepug

Of course, we don’t want canines to steal all the holiday cheer. We love festive felines, too!

“I hope you’re not too attached to the ornaments on that tree.”Photo by @benchleyparkbenchley

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