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A superb hotel

Hotel Clark Budapest - Adults Only

Obviously you pay a premium for the location and the service, but this is a wonderful hotel to stay with a pet. The location is ideal for both Buda and Pest, just the other side of the bridge, and the hotel is amazingly dog friendly, with well behaved pets welcome everywhere, including for breakfast and dinner. The staff here are all friendly and helpful and they all seem to love animals. If it’s within your budget don’t miss the experience of staying here with your pet.

Sep. 13, 2023

Modern, well equipped

VIA PLAZA Hotel Meppen

The hotel is very dog friendly, with well-behaved dogs welcome in the restaurant for both breakfast and dinner. The hotel is friendly, modern and well equipped, and located just on the edge of the town centre. The sauna facilities on the top floor, free for guests to use (without their dogs!), are amazing!

Aug. 16, 2023

Super hotel

Lapland Hotels Bulevardi

This modern hotel is impressively designed with a Lapland theme, and is very welcoming and pet friendly. Well-behaved dogs can join their owners at breakfast and dinner; the restaurant attached to the hotel is also excellent. Dogs are welcomed with treats, and there are bowls and a towel and free poo bags left in the room. The hotel is one of the more expensive in town but for the facilities and welcome, it’s worth it.

Aug. 03, 2023

A superb hotel

Britannia Hotel

The hotel is a great place to stay, if you can afford the price. Good service, facilities, rooms, with the re-design of this historic hotel adding a lot of technology and design. The staff seem to like dogs, and they are welcome to stay here, subject to the fee. But like almost all Norwegian hotels, while you’re enjoying the superb eating and drinking places that the Britannia offers, your dog will be locked away upstairs in the room. This is pretty much standard across Norway, but in comparison to the rest of Europe it does prevent giving a high rating for dog-friendliness, however attractive the hotel.

Jul. 17, 2023

A decent, business style hotel

Quality Hotel Grand Kristiansund

A well located business-style hotel in the centre of town, on the same site as the original Grand Hotel lost to bombing during WWII. The staff like dogs and were friendly and welcoming, but as usual in Norway the dog couldn’t go anywhere other than the lobby and the room. The dog fee is at least relatively modest.

Jul. 17, 2023

A great hotel in a great spot

Hotel Brosundet

A lovely welcoming hotel with a very good restaurant, ideally situated in central Alesund. The dog was welcome, and you could sit and have a drink in the lobby with the dog, but otherwise it was the usual Norwegian story of locking the dog in the room during mealtimes. The dog fee is at least charged only once per stay.

Jul. 17, 2023

Great location and food

Brakanes Hotel

This is quite a large hotel in a stunning spot at the end of the fjord, with magnificent views. The rooms are OK but nothing special. The hotel is dog friendly in the usual Norwegian sense that they will let you stay with a dog, and leave a dog in your room, but they don't really want to see it anywhere about the hotel.

Jul. 04, 2023

Partly dog friendly

Trump Winery

This is the winery managed by one of the President's sons. Dogs aren't allowed in the tasting room, which is also where orders are placed for outside table service. Wines are drinkable but nothing special. There is a limited range of sandwiches and meat/cheese plates. Service is friendly but somewhat sleepy.

Feb. 04, 2022

Great views, better for the owner than the dog!

Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the bridge and exploring the other side is a great way to spend half a day. I’ve given it a three as the bridge is crowded on any sunny day, so dogs are easily stepped upon, and with the traffic thundering by below it is quite noisy. Sensitive dogs may not enjoy the wooden planked pavement with glimpses of the East River below.

Oct. 06, 2022



Business has closed down, there is now a pasta restaurant on the site.

Oct. 03, 2022

Friendly and dog friendly


They have several branches - we visited the one on the corner of Sansom and S 18th, which has a few tables out in the street which are under cover. They were happy to serve me and the dog out in the street despite very inclement weather and brought water for the dog. The food and wine are very good, if reasonably pricey.

Oct. 02, 2022

Dog friendly

Manicomio Pizza and Food

A good sized deck to the side of the restaurant is dog friendly, although the lower part is sometimes reserved for events. The restaurant is dog friendly - you have to order inside but they let me carry the dog in to the order point so I didn’t have to leave him unattended. There are dog bowls out on the terrace and they offer to bring water. The pizzas and salads are OK, the service is friendly and helpful.

Sep. 26, 2022


Blue Cat Bistro

This business closed in 2020

Sep. 04, 2022

I love taking my dog here

Classic Hotel Meranerhof

This is a friendly family run hotel in a superb location, just across the fast flowing river from Merano town centre. They always give my dog a good welcome, they are happy for him to be left in the room, and if you have breakfast on their covered terrace he can join me at breakfast time, which is great. He is also welcome in the bar.

Oct. 17, 2019

Good pizza but somewhat cramped


They have a fair few streetside tables but they are small and closely packed, so there isn’t much space even for smallish dog to stay out of the way. The thin crust pizzas are good, and they welcome dogs and provide water.

Oct. 15, 2019

Great location

Jemmy's Dog Run at Madison Square Park

Quite a small enclosed dog area on the west side of the square. Entirely gravel surfacing so dusty in dry weather. The area is well used and there is plenty of seating for owners. Given its location a great facility for residents and visitors.

Oct. 14, 2019

Great food


Upscale Italian food, at New York prices. Very happy to welcome my dog to one of their three streetside tables, although he wasn't offered any water. The restaurant serves excellent Italian food and is clearly popular with the local Italian community.

Oct. 14, 2019

Great seafood

Awful Arthur's

A great location in central St Michaels with a large dog friendly patio, under umbrellas for shade or cover. Excellent sea food, the staff looked after the dog with water and a few free treats.

Oct. 13, 2019

Great food and location

Hemingway's Restaurant

The outside deck is a great place for a meal on a sunny day, looking out over the marina in one direction and the bay in the other. The seafood is really good here; dogs are welcome on the deck and provided with water.

Oct. 12, 2019

A great dog park

Island Dog Park

A decent size, lots of shade, a few items of basic agility equipment in the larger dog area, water, bags and bins. This is a really good local dog area.

Oct. 12, 2019

A rare habitat hidden away

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens

Worth a visit, just a few miles from central DC. There’s an aquatic garden and a boardwalk over restored tidal wetlands by the river. Interesting to see, and enough to keep the dog interested, but I wouldn’t expect to spend more than an hour or so there.

Oct. 11, 2019

Good American food

The Pub and the People

Streetside patio with a mix of shaded (umbrellas) and open tables, shielded from the street by a decent hedge. Good American menu, and an excellent range of beers. Giving four bones simply because no water was provided for the dog on a sunny day, but I did have my own.

Oct. 11, 2019

Fine Italian dining at a price


We had a great lunch here; refined Italian cuisine with nouvelle style portions. Only a few blocks from the White House with prices to match. The dog was welcome on their streetside patio, and water was brought for him.

Oct. 10, 2019

Decent size, safe relaxed atmosphere

Shaw Dog Park

This dog park has large and small dog areas; on my visit all the dogs were in the large dog area and mixing happily. Facilities are limited - the only water is a hose (there’s a bowl lying about) and there isn’t any shade. The surface is entirely gravel/dust and was dusty on my visit; in wet weather it must get muddy.

Oct. 09, 2019

Friendly and welcoming

Barrel Oak Winery & Brewery

The dog enjoyed his dog ice cream while we did the tasting; dogs are allowed inside although a lot of the tables are marked 'no dogs'. It is possible to have a snack inside with a dog. The wines are OK, a few are quite good, but they are highly priced and inflated by $5 a bottle which you get back on a gift card for the next visit; a fairly obvious ploy to push up prices for one time visitors.

Oct. 09, 2019

Good food on the sidewalk

La Petite Auberge

The restaurant has five tables for two streetside, but no larger tables, so is dog friendly for singles and couples. The French menu is very good, and the dog got a friendly welcome and water straight away

Oct. 09, 2019

Ok for dogs

My Dog Duke's Diner

They have a small covered streetside patio for dogs, and provide water. The entrance path runs alongside the patio so it’s fairly busy, and they play the music loud out there. So it’s not the best environment for dogs. The food is good from a basic menu; the service can be slow at busy times.

Oct. 05, 2019

A wonderful place to stay with a dog

Craddock Terry Hotel Lynchburg a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

Buster, the hotel dog, has retired after winning a lifetime achievement award from the tourist office, his place taken by Penny Loafer the two-year-old wire terrier. She is already an attraction and there’s a signboard on the front desk to let people know whether she is on duty, resting, or out on a walk.

The hotel has been beautifully converted from an old shoe factory, and the rooms are very well appointed. There’s no sheaf of pet rules and they are very relaxed about dogs; there are a fair few here during our stay. Continental breakfast is delivered to the room, so there’s no need to leave the dog; doggie is also welcome in the lounge area where there is free tea and coffee and also a wine dispensing machine.

The hotel is just set back from the riverside path, and there is also an ‘exercise’ area just across the car park. There are several good restaurants with outside seating a short walk away.

The only minor negative is that there is a railway line next door so some train noise is expected, as well as a restaurant below some of the rooms.

The hotel does carry a price tag to match its upscale offering, and there’s a one-off pet fee of $50 per visit. Breakfast and parking are included.

Oct. 05, 2019

Great food, quiet location

Waterstone Fire Roasted Pizza

This is a great spot, attached to the adjacent dog friendly hotel and on a street with minimal traffic. The patio is large and they welcome dogs. The thin crust pizzas are excellent.

Oct. 04, 2019

A good dinner spot

Twisted Laurel

The outside patio looked a bit barren and sun drenched when we passed at lunchtime, but we called back in the evening and it was shady and had a bit of atmosphere with a DJ presenting a mix of easy listening music. The food and wine here are very good; they welcome dogs and bring water straight away, and there is a dog menu (although we had to ask for it).

Oct. 02, 2019

Pricey but worth it


Very good food and wine, and a dog menu with appetisers, three main courses and dessert for the dog. Plus water.

Oct. 01, 2019

A beautiful spot

Captain Jim's Grill

They have a large dog friendly floating deck, on the edge of the lake next to the marina, so you can sit in the evening and watch the sun go down and the late rental boats return. Then they spoil it by deafening their customers with the local radio station on full volume. Food and drink are ordered through a hatch and are mediocre. But I guess location is everything. Their hours are seasonal, reducing toward the Fall and closing after end September.

Oct. 01, 2019


Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery

A great stop; my dog enjoyed being spoilt and he enjoyed being able to try each of the “pick and mix” treats and telling me which ones he wanted me to buy.

Oct. 01, 2019

Decent dog park

Waynesville Dog Park

Perfectly adequate dog park; not a lot of shade for owners and no grass, just chippings. The riverside stroll immediately outside the entrances to the dog park is just as much fun.

Oct. 01, 2019

Good food

Tony's Pasta Shop & Trattoria

The small downstairs patio welcomes dogs (although not with water), and the food here is good. Mainly pizza and pasta, the pasta is homemade and the salads are also good.

Sep. 30, 2019

Good food, location and service

Cafe 7

There are two outside seating areas, one for a self collect pizza and burger menu, and one for waitress service with a southern themed menu. The latter was excellent and we had a good meal looking out at the view. Recommend the peach cobbler for dessert.

Sep. 29, 2019

A busy takeaway

Mr. T's Pizza & Ice Cream

They do perfectly good pizzas, but the place is busy and most who eat in are inside the shop. I wouldn’t see this as a great place to take a dog for a meal out; collect the pizza and eat it elsewhere.

Sep. 29, 2019

Great food on Main Street

REDwater Kitchen

The food here is above average for a standard American menu; the restaurant is happy to take dogs on its streetside tables, which are situated near a busy road junction. The service was friendly and iced water was brought for the dog straight away. As well as for me - in a very nice thick glass and bottle. However when I got the bill there was an $8 charge for “summer water” which is having a laugh for water from the tap plus ice.

Sep. 27, 2019

Good friendly grill bar

The Oasis Southwest Grill

Standard American menu, easy to find in a small mall next to a fuel station. Friendly service. Dogs welcome on their patio tables; they have umbrellas but you will bake in summer! A good range of beers at reasonable prices.

Sep. 26, 2019

Brilliantly dog friendly in a way you (might) find in England

The Cheshire

My eleventh hotel in the US with a dog, and the first that hasn’t produced a sheaf of pet rules the minute you show up. The dog was welcomed with a bag of treats, they are relaxed about where you can go with the dog, there’s a bowl of water by the poolside bar, and you can have breakfast with your dog either in the relaxed lounge/lobby area or outside on a small (sadly noisy) roadside terrace.

The English theme is done tastefully rather than tackily and Americans can be reassured that you can still have burger for dinner and get you burnt bacon and coffee in a paper cup for breakfast. And the giant Forest Park is just along the road - reached either by a series of crossings on the busy junction, or by walking down the quiet residential streets across from the hotel and then crossing Skinker St a little way down.

I would have loved to have stayed here longer, if only for the relaxation that comes from not feeling that my furry friend is an imposition on the hotel.

Sep. 26, 2019

Exceeded my expectations


Saloon has a raised patio area outside in the pedestrianised street, nice and shady in hot weather. Both the food and the wine were good, the service was friendly, and the price reasonable. Recommended for anyone fancying a Mexican food night.

Sep. 24, 2019

A very decent hotel

Graduate Iowa City

Centrally located, this hotel is comfortable, characterful and very nicely fitted out. And very good value. They take dogs, for no fee, but their pet policy is one of the more restrictive ones (basically only allowed in the room, and then not on his own) and there was no sign of the enthusiastic welcome or any extras mentioned in earlier reviews.

Sep. 24, 2019

A seriously good restaurant (with prices to match)

Parker's Bistro

This would be out of place in London or New York. A welcome change from the usual choice between burger, chicken sandwich or fish fry. The streetside patio has a good number of tables and welcomes dogs; water was brought straight away. The meal was outstanding, if expensive.

Sep. 23, 2019

Dog friendly bar and restaurant

Nickleby's Roundbar & Kitchen

You need to take the dog round the back to the rear patio, but they are very welcoming and brought water. A standard American menu, food and service OK.

Sep. 23, 2019

Great location

Radisson Hotel La Crosse

The hotel is situated across the road from the riverside park, which offers great walks for the dog, as well as a grassy space for morning and evening visits. My room faced inwards to the swimming pool, which was a little gloomy, and the floors are hard surface which might be an issue for some dogs, although does mean they are more likely to be clean.

Sep. 22, 2019

Good central location and decent hotel

Holiday Inn Sioux Falls-City Centre an IHG Hotel

Although not an attractive building it is well situated both for downtown, and close to the riverside walk which leads to Falls Park, and makes an excellent evening stroll with a dog. The hotel is clean and rooms are well designed. They are strict on no unattended dogs, so breakfast does require room service.

Sep. 22, 2019

A clean good value hotel

Howard Johnson by Wyndham Downtown Rapid City

This hotel is well situated, easy to reach by car without going through downtown, which is then a 15 minute walk or 5 minute drive away. As a budget chain it does have people coming and going at all hours, and the interconnecting doors between rooms mean that sound insulation is poor. The breakfast is only OK and a real scrum if you choose to eat at a busy time. I’d recommend this as a stopover, but would want somewhere more comfortable as a base for a holiday in the area.

Sep. 22, 2019

A great place to stay with a dog

Spearfish Canyon Lodge

We spent four nights here and it was marvellous. The hotel has a wonderful setting and there are so many hikes, short and long, within a stone’s throw of the hotel. There were a fair few dogs staying there, and not only are they welcome in the rooms, but they can join their owners in the large open plan lounge/bar area downstairs, which also serves a limited range of food. How many places are there in the US where you can spend an evening eating and drinking inside with your dog?

Sep. 22, 2019

Tons to do with your dog

Custer State Park

Get hold of the free BHT trails booklet - there are tons of walks to do with your dog, from short and easy through to strenuous half day hikes. And my dog enjoyed the Wildlife Drive as well, spotting the bison through the car window.

Sep. 22, 2019

Lots of trails here

Sunday Gulch Trail

Sylvan Lake is the kicking off point for a range of dog-friendly hikes. There’s the easy round-the-Lake trail that is mostly flat with only a bit of clambering over rocks required. Or the seven-mile round trip climbing up to Black Elk Peak, the highest point east of the Rockies (allow four hours).

Sep. 22, 2019

Great dog area

Dog Park at Braeburn Park

I’d give this a five. It’s a big area, there is seating and shade, a fast moving stream, lots of grass, dog bins and scoops, and friendly owners. Yes, it isn’t fully fenced but that’s only a problem if your dog is determined to escape from you.

Sep. 22, 2019

Good attraction; not hugely interesting for dogs

Reptile Gardens

They certainly welcome dogs, although there are rules about keeping distance from the reptiles and you can only see the shows from a distance. The snakes and smaller reptiles are all in glass cages, and without any smell or much movement, my dog didn’t seem that interested. He liked watching the prairie dogs, was afraid of the alligators, and mildly interested in the tortoises. If you want to go anyway, it is great that your dog can tag along too, but I didn’t think the dog got that much out of it.

Sep. 22, 2019

See the animals real close from your car

Bear Country USA

My dog and I enjoyed this tour. He enjoyed spotting the animals from the back seat; he growled at the Elk, wanted to chase the sheep and was fascinated by the wolf. The animals are well used to cars passing through and come up very close. The bears do look unhappy, pacing up and down, which is sad to see.

Sep. 22, 2019

Great spot, OK food and service

Ruby House Restaurant

Ruby’s is central in Keystone along its 1880 boardwalk. On my visit they were happy to take dogs on the outside tables, but the place is busy and service is slow. No water for the dog. Food is typical midrange American.

Sep. 20, 2019

Very dog friendly


The restaurant likes dogs and has a bulldog as its mascot, for reasons explained on the back of the menu. Middle of the road American food, a large open patio with umbrellas for shade or cover, and enough space that having several dogs out there isn’t a problem. Friendly service.

Sep. 20, 2019

Good location and food


Very central in Kingston, and friendly to dogs if you can get one of the covered patio tables outside.

Sep. 20, 2019

Not as good as it might have been

Dough Trader Pizza Company

The service was super friendly, the location was good and there are a mix of covered and open patio tables that welcome dogs. But the dog didn’t get any water even on a hot day, the hygiene left a bit to be desired (hairs in the salad, dirty cracked mugs) and the pizza was over cooked. The food was tasty and I can see how another time it would merit a very good review.

Sep. 19, 2019

Great dog park

Dog Park at Family Park

Just ten minutes out of town. Small and large dog enclosures with logs and tunnels and some other stuff for dogs to sniff around. Only a small shaded seating area for owners.

Sep. 15, 2019

Expensive but worth it

312 Chicago

This is a very good restaurant, more expensive than the average as it’s attached to the hotel next door. At the weekends they are very dog friendly with a separate dog menu; on weekdays they welcome dogs to their sidewalk patio but there is no special treatment or even water on offer. Nevertheless this restaurant is recommended.

Sep. 13, 2019

As good as everyone else says

Bentwood Tavern

As above

Sep. 12, 2019

Food is OK but not particularly welcoming

Harry Caray's Tavern Navy Pier

They were happy to take my dog, but it wasn’t the best environment for him. The patio is busy, the music they pump out is very loud, and they didn’t bring him any water let alone a treat. And it’s set back from the shoreline such that there isn’t that much of a view. Standard American food and service that was fine but nothing special.

Sep. 12, 2019

NOT a review (don’t publish)

Adam's Rib BBQ

This restaurants address is wrong - it’s in Snyder, not Buffalo

Also note that the write up for the Irish Pub in Buffalo says it’s in Brooklyn

Sep. 10, 2019


Gene McCarthy's

A little away from the centre of town but well worth a visit. Plenty of outside seating, great food, friendly service and welcoming to dogs.

Sep. 09, 2019

Good food; indifferent service

Monks on the Commons

This restaurant is a little more pricey than nearby eateries as it's attached to the Marriott Hotel, but the food and wine list are good. Dogs are welcome on the covered patio and he got a bowl of water straight away. But the servers neglect the patio in favour of the main restaurant inside, and if someone wants to watch sport on the outside TV it gets put on at full volume and the patio is no longer a pleasant place to have a meal.

Sep. 09, 2019

Great location, everything else OK

Village Marina Bar & Grill

I am going to give this a four, as the view from the deck was great, the food and service OK, and they were happy to take my dog but didn’t think to bring any water.

Sep. 07, 2019

Good food and dog friendly

Red's Place

Happy to take a dog on the outside patio. Gave him a bowl of water.

Sep. 05, 2019

Good food and dog friendly

Maggie's Krooked Cafe & Juice Bar

On the Main Street, with a few tables on a covered street side deck. They were happy to take a dog and supplied a bowl of water.

Sep. 02, 2019

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Miska in the lobby
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