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James Island County Park

A visit to dog-friendly James Island County Park is a great way to spend an afternoon in Charleston, SC, with your pup. This park features a dog beach, four acres of open grassy space, a cleaning station, a fenced play area for small dogs and waste stations. A nominal fee is charged to enter the park. Visit Website

Or call (843) 406-6990 or email customerservice@ccprc.com for more information.


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James Island County Park has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 bones by 52 canine critics on BringFido and 4.5 out of 5 by 263 guests on TripAdvisor.

Visitors praise the expansive dog park at James Island County Park, with its large grassy areas, beaches, and lake access for swimming. They report their dogs had a wonderful time playing and enjoying the water, though some note concerns about alligator sightings in the lake.

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  • Linda
    Sep 4, 2023
    Great Dog Park

    Really large dog park with lake access for dog to run, play, and swim in the water. My 1 year old boxer has the best time of his life. Plenty of other dogs to play with. They also provide an area to wash your dogs off before leaving the dog park area. A must visit.

  • Courtney
    Aug 6, 2023
    Huge and water loving dogs

    Our dogs are labs and they absolutely loved it! Huge space to run in ! A big pond/lake to swim in! They had a blast! There is a $2/person charge on entry and there are supposedly alligators in the lake/pond. Overall would come back here is just too fun to pass up!

  • Emily
    Jul 8, 2023
    Good for swimming

    We brought our dog to visit while we were traveling, and it was a great place for her to get in some off-leash exercise. We also wanted to do some water activities with her but she's new to swimming, so it was wonderful to be able to bring her here and do some rookie swim lessons. I was freaked out a bit by the warning sign re: alligators, but thankfully we didn't see any while we were there. Appreciated the water hose for rinsing off our pup after she had a good time playing around.

  • Ashley
    Mar 21, 2023
    Great experience

    We walked our pup around the park but didn’t go to the actual dog park area because she’s still young and it was mostly much larger dogs there that day. Overall a great place to go walk though!

  • Amy
    Sep 10, 2022
    Great for socially friendly dogs

    fun in a free atmosphere! $2 a person but worth it!

  • Amy
    Jul 17, 2022
    James Island County Park

    Our Pup had a great time. So nice to have a dog “beach” in an off leash area. She learned to swim and tired herself out meeting lots of new friends. Yes we saw a small alligator swim a distance away so we moved over to the other areas. Loved the wash-off hose and gravel area as well as separate entrance and exit zones.

  • Nancy
    Aug 5, 2021
    Amazing Dog Park and Family park

    This is what every park should look like. Very clean and well kept! Dog friendly and the kids will love it too. There’s a dog park, Splash pad, and water park. Camping, play grounds, bike rentals, fishing, etc. It’s amazing! Huge dog park area!!

  • Sara
    Jul 27, 2021
    Great experience

    We were a little skeptical about going after reading that people have seen alligators where the dogs swim. We kept our boy on a leash until we were comfortable and we did not see any on the afternoon of July 24, 2021 while we were there. We spent about an hour in the big dog area, it was a great group of dogs, no issues and all the owners were attentive. My boy had a great time and it was lots of fun to watch him play/swim in the water with the other dogs.

  • Jeanne
    Jul 1, 2021
    Don’t miss this experience

    this is the most amazing place. huge park with 3 beaches so the dogs have great access to the lake. I am there daily now for the last year. I am surprised that someone said their dog got sick there. my dog who has a very sensitive stomach and drinks the water there daily has never gotten sick.

  • Ashley
    May 2, 2021
    Great Time!!

    My 7 month old beagle, hubby, and I went today!! Yes, there was an alligator spotted at the far right of the park - however everyone present seemed to be chill! I truly believe that all the owners have each other’s backs! If your from out of state (like me) it might seem scary, but just keep your eyes peeled! Stay close to your dog and if you feel worried, just call him/her over or just don’t go near the water :-) it appears there are three water areas. we were at the far left :-) we had a blast!!!! very clean! hose to wash off dogs :-) everyone very friendly! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

  • Reagan
    Apr 11, 2021
    Made our dog sick :(

    love the park and that there were so many dogs to play with but we had to take our dog to the vet. come to find out our vet said so many dogs have been getting sick from playing in the water there. I won’t be going back

  • Katy
    Mar 28, 2021

    It is a pretty spot, but I would not have my dog swim in the water. There are alligators swimming in the water near the dogs and was told they are not to be removed.

  • Afton
    Jan 11, 2021
    The coolest dog park

    I cannot praise this park enough. So spacious!! We were EASILY able to socially distance and watch our two pups play. They loved splashing in the water and taking in all the new smells. The place is HUGE and we’ll worth the $2 to get in. All pet owners were alert and had well behaved dogs.

  • Brooks
    Jun 13, 2020
    Great First Trip

    Our puppies first trip to a dog park couldn’t have gone better. Very friendly owners and our 5 month old labradoodle made a lot of new friends!

  • Anna
    Jun 11, 2020
    Huge, But Maybe Too Big?

    My hound had so much fun running back and forth on the beach. This park is enormous, which is super fun for her but honestly a bit stressful for me! My hound girl is very independent and likes to explore, so it was tough to keep up with her in such a big space. I wish there was more fencing on the sides of the park to keep the dogs from going into the wooded areas by the water. When we were there, someone mentioned they had seen an alligator over there earlier that day, and my dog kept going into the woods by the water’s edge where I couldn’t see her. For this reason, I probably won’t bring her back here until she has better recall. For dogs with good recall who don’t wander as much, this is an awesome park. Definitely one of the best in the area.

  • Tiffermutt
    Jan 19, 2020
    Open to Everyone & Travelers

    The dog park is within a park that charges (at time of this post) $2/per person entrance fee. Its well worth it! The whole park in general is well kept & beautiful. The dog park has two sides for small & Lg. A doggie beach for the Lg side with scattered benches, limited shade, mostly sunny. Waste bags, a watering hose for drinking & rinsing. Close to parking lot. Bathrooms but a long hike away. People seemed nice & kept an eye on their pups. I posted few pics below

  • Portia
    Oct 24, 2019
    Amazing Place!

    HUGE fenced in area with two separate beach play areas. $2 to get in, but a park pass is worth the money! Plenty of picnic tables and benches for humans too

  • Katie
    More than a year ago

    Park is divided into large dog park and small dog park which was perfect for our 10 pound mini dachshund. There was only one other dog there and ours had plenty of room to run. We also used the paved walking trail for a walk after. We will be back. Heads up: charge to get into the park and the small dog side doesn’t have water access.

  • Deanna
    More than a year ago

    Today is one heck of a scorcher and Wylie loved this park! Lots of water and shade and fur-babies! It’s a must!

  • Angie
    Jun 9, 2018
    Fun place to stop.

    This is our weekend spot. The trails are paved and threre is 3 different lengths. In the middle is a large building that has indoor bathrooms. The dog park for small dogs is kinda lacking (Aren't all small dog areas?) But our smaller guys go in to the large dog area with our biggers boys and we haven't had an issue yet. Most the dog owners stay close to their pups, and everyone is really friendly. There is three different areas for the dogs to go to the water, but humans are not allowed in it.

    There is also a spot for people to rent kayaks, a water park, and rock climbing but dogs are not allowed to join in these activities.

    We also bought a year pass for all the parks in the area. It allows up to 15 people per car, and one car entry. We travel wi th anywhere fron 4-5 dogs between my hudband and I. If you do not get the pass it's $2 per person.

  • Lisa
    Apr 30, 2018
    best dog park we have EVER been to!!

    Beach, grass, shade and sunshine too! Friendly dogs and owners. I would consider moving to the area just to be near this dog's wonderland!!! My senior doggies had a blast there!

  • Sharon
    Apr 29, 2018
    Bad dogs and bad owners

    Went early to avoid the bad ones, but my dog was attacked multiple times by aggressive dogs, grabbed by the neck, dogs trying to mount him, Owners nowhere to be found. If you have a trained dog that is well socialized, this is not good for them. Never again.

  • R
    Apr 5, 2018
    Dog Haven

    My first time dog park pup was thrilled about this park as much as I. It’s a large space with a lake beach. The dogs were friendly and the owners were too. I went here on a vaca and it was easy to get to from Folly Beach area. Definitely going back....just need to bring a dog bath next time.

  • T
    More than a year ago

    We loved going to the park when our son studied at MUSC and lived in James Island,and even watched solar eclipse there with our dogs and the whole family, it was unforgettable

  • Katherine
    Mar 28, 2018
    Very big

    This park was super nice. However there were a ton of dogs there running loose. 4 of them circled our dog and attacked and not one owner of the other dogs were anywhere to be seen. Also lots of dog poo messes where people are not picking up after their pets. If you have a small dog do not go there.

  • Ann
    More than a year ago
    It. Was. AWESOME!!!

    Huge park, clean, beaches and fresh water to splash in. Not one dog argument heard during our hour there. Totally recommended!!

  • Maubach
    Mar 5, 2018
    Great place for dogs

    Our dogs loved this place, fresh lake water.

  • Kaitlyn
    Jan 24, 2018
    Dogs had a blast!

    This park was so fun! There is so much room to run, which my hound/pit loved, and my lab/dane loved being in the water! There were many other dogs to play with, and we had lots of owners to talk to! It was a fun experience for all of us, and we are planning to make it a regular stop on weekends! It is $2 a person to get in, but there are also annual passes available, and it's definitely worth it! My dogs have never been as worn out as they were after a couple hours here! I recommend bringing some bath materials... There is a wash-off station in the park where we gave a quick bath. They get dirty playing that hard!

  • Iana
    Dec 13, 2017
    Wonderful Place

    Love this park! I bring my dog into it every week.

  • Alex
    More than a year ago
    Amazing Park!

    I cant express how amazing this park was! First off it was extremely clean, there was rarely any doggy poo anywhere. The running space was huge, im not entirely sure how large the park was but it was split up very nicely for large and small dogs. I have two large dogs and they LOVE to run, i they look like mini horses out there lol. Everyone kept a great eye on their dogs, which is often an issue at most parks. No matter how well behaved your dog is you always need to keep an eye on them. We stayed a few hours till the puppers go worn out. I will definitely visit the park again! Oh and the dogs really loved the water, my oldest LOVES to swim! I'm pretty sure that alone made his day. Until next time! Cheers!

  • Lance
    More than a year ago

    It's a huge dog park, lots of running room and swimming. Most people who go there know to pick up after their dogs and bags are provided so it's mostly clean. Only down side is a lack of shade for people in the summertime. The heat doesn't seem to bother the pups thought, as long as you let them swim.

  • Shea
    More than a year ago
    One happy dog

    I would say that this is one of the nicest dog parks I've been to since adopting my dog. It's $2 per individual,but it's worth it.

  • Taylor
    More than a year ago
    best dog park ever!

    We stopped there while visiting and loved it. It's a huge fenced in area with lots of beach access for the pups. We will definitely be visiting again!!

  • Lauren
    More than a year ago
    love this place!!!

    This dog park is phenomenal! Our dog enjoyed running around with the other dogs an taking a dip into the water ! There was a lot of grass and some sand leading up to the beach. I would recommend this to anyone whose dog loves to swim and romp around with other dogs :)

  • Christine
    More than a year ago
    Doggie Euphoria!

    Perfect place for the four legged family members to socialize, play, and just BE (well behaved) DOGS! From the senior dogs, down to the young pups, an awesome place to co-exist! Enjoyed briefly chatting with other dog owners from all over the U.S.!

  • Debra
    More than a year ago
    Awesome Park

    My husband & I stayed in Charleston on our way down to Fl. This park was the best!! It is huge and plenty of room for our 1yo lab to chase the ball and swim in the lake. Although I did get a little freaked out with the Crocodile Warning signs...although locals had said they have never had an incident. The people were friendly as well as the doggies...there was a rinse off area for after her romp in the beach. The City of Charleston was also extremely dog friendly. Need to plan a longer stay next time.

  • Linda
    More than a year ago

    Our first experience at a dog park with our 10-month-old Goldendoidle. We all had a ball! All the dogs had such fun, and we loved visiting with the owners. We are camping so needed to get our fur bag out for some fun. It was a ton of fun.mwill remember it furever.

  • Tricia
    More than a year ago
    Spacious Dog Park!

    November 2014 - There is lots of space at this dog park! Our pup couldn't resist the water even on a cold November day. She would love it in the summer! As we were staying in a hotel, this was a great place for her to run around and get some exercise. We'd definitely go back!

  • Brandi
    More than a year ago
    best dog park !

    Great place to take your dog on a hot summer day! Dogs can play in the "beach" to cool off !

  • Caleb
    More than a year ago

    This was literally the best dog park we've ever been to. $1 per human is a steal. Huge grass area, several sandy "dog beaches" next to the still lake water. The walking trails were also very nice, though the dogs are only technically allowed off leash within the confines of the dog park itself. The hose area was a nice way to clean off the sand, the amount of grass meant they could run around cleanly while they dried off before we left.

  • Jen
    More than a year ago
    awesome park

    We were visiting Charleston on a weekend trip and this was definitely worth the $1 entry fee per person to the park. Large dogpark with a doggy "beach" and other lake point accesses for the dogs to enter the water and swim. A lot of room for the dogs to run and chase balls. A couple picnic tables for humans to sit at and a dog wash station (and water fountains) round it out! Clean and well maintained too.

  • Christina
    More than a year ago

    This dog park is amazing. There was so many dogs, water for them to play in. Very well maintained. It is way worth the $1 to get in.

  • Darren
    More than a year ago
    love it

    All other dog parks take note ... this is how it's done. Perfectly kept, clean, water to swim in, water to clean afterwards, attentive owners, happy dogs.
    Yes there's a lack of decent shade but otherwise my perfect dog park.
    And my dog liked it too.

  • Brenda
    More than a year ago
    Amazing Dog Park!!!

    I've never seen a better dog park! This park is enormous. I am not even sure how big, but I couldn't see where it ended on any side when I entered. It is dog paradise. It has tons of grass and several little beaches for wading, splashing and swimming. While visiting from out of town with my two large dogs I had to find a good spot to get them some exercise since they aren't allowed on the local beaches during the day in the summer. I would have been content to just spend the day in this park if I didn't have my niece wanting to get to the beach. My dogs aren't swimmers but the waters edge has such a gradual slope that they were able to run through the water and splash and have an amazing time playing without being afraid of the water like they usually are if the bank is steep. There are hoses to rinse the sand or dirt off your dog before leaving the park. And there are lots of picnic tables and benches. This park has many other things to do too, including a campground, water park for kids and a climbing wall. If you are traveling to an area with your dogs and kids it would be an amazing place to stay and camp.

  • Matt
    More than a year ago
    Great place for the dogs

    Charleston appears to be a very dog friendly place in general, and this is a great place to bring the pups. There was a very large fenced in enclosure with lots of grass, a dog wash area, and lake access for them to splash around in. The other people and dogs there were very friendly and I think it was a mix of locals and other travelers. The only reason I held back one bone in my review is there isn't any shade in this part of the park for dogs or humans.

  • Jennifer
    More than a year ago
    Best dog park EVER!

    Okay I've been to a lot of dog parks. I actually like to locate dog parks all over NC and plan little road trips that include them just to see what different towns have. This park is the 5 star of all dog parks. The off leash area is the biggest I've ever seen and its grass. My dogs love to run on grass as opposed to dirt, bark, etc. The best part is the swimming area. My dog Belle goes crazy when she sees water of any kind and she was in doggie heaven being able to swim unleashed. I am actually thinking of planning a camping trip here in the future. Best part of our stay in Charleston. Completely worth the $1 daily entrance fee. We went 2 days.

  • Eileen
    More than a year ago
    Great place for all dogs

    We have a very shy small-medium size dog, and this was our first time to a dog park since we do not have any in Sumter. Our little girl had the time of her life! There were dozens of dogs there of all shapes and sizes, and all the dogs were very friendly. Some owners were watching their dogs and other weren't, so you need to keep an eye on your dog in case personalities disagree, but our little girl had a great time. She is very shy around other dogs, and going there is helping her to come out of her shell. The beach area was fantastic. Just keep an eye on your dog(s), of course, and watch out for poop in your path. Some people aren't watching their dogs and don't pick it up.

    More than a year ago


  • Jeff
    More than a year ago
    Great Spot

    This is a great place to take your dogs for some running and swimming fun. As always, you need to keep an eye on them when other dogs are around but there were no serious problems while I was there. I took my two for a long walk around the park using the trails to tire them out before turning them loose in the dog park. Anyway, I'd highly recommend visiting this park if you haven't already.

  • Brittany
    More than a year ago
    Be Careful

    LOVE this dog park! So many dogs and with the water it's PERFECT. However, recently several dogs have been harmed there by other dogs. I thinking there are just SO many dogs there and so much going on. I would still recommend it but just keep a close eye on your pooch.

  • Chris
    More than a year ago
    Great dog park with lake access

    This is a fabulous dog park with beaches for the dogs on the lake. There is also plenty of grassy area for them to run around in. I highly recommend it!

  • Koda
    More than a year ago
    james island dpg park

    I love it when when my "skin-mom" takes me to James Island- the most awesome tail wagging good times. 5 acres for me to race me legs off, a beach to roll in and a pond all for myself. there is even a small park for tiny dogs. its cheap ($1) and I get a cookie going through the gate. for all my k9 pals, howl over here!!!!

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