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Window Shopping

Miromar Outlets

You can walk around window shopping, but in the summer heat it is not a good stop with your dog.

May. 19, 2024

Pretty and dog friendly park

Koreshan State Park

Two shorter trail and a garden between the historical buildings

May. 19, 2024

Dog friendly bar

The Lake House Bar & Grill

Nicely situated by a pond. Regular bar food on the menu. Nothing fancy but great for a quick meal.

May. 19, 2024

Amazing Italian food

DeRomo's Gourmet Market & Restaurant

Great food and very good service. No problem to bring the dog. We were offered water for the dog,.

May. 18, 2024

Trouble finding the address

Rock Springs Run State Reserve

We had trouble finding the address both on Apple and Google maps. Finally found the main entrance and by the primitive camping ground a 1.35 mile trail. Sure there are many more equestrian trails but we could not find any maps

Mar. 02, 2024

Address is to Kate’s landing.

Lower Wekiva River State Preserve

The only water access is for launching canoes. On the other side of the road opposite the park there is a trail head but we could not find any trail maps posted. We did not explore the trails as we wanted a walk near water. They might be nice so the poor rating is for the complete lack of trail maps and all the different places with the same name ( Lower Wekiva River State Preserve)

Mar. 02, 2024

Fun visit during the winter when the manatees gather

Blue Spring State Park

Pet friendly with dogs allowed on all board walks. Not a huge spring but very clear water. Closely connected to the Saint John’s river. During the winter the spring is closed both for swimming and for canoeing, for the manatees benefit.

Mar. 05, 2024

Nice park for an on leash walk

Gemini Springs Dog Park

We did not visit the dog park but it was a lot of dogs across the park. Nice walking trails even if the trail map were not completely clear

Mar. 02, 2024

Nice place for a meal with your dog

The Breezeway Restaurant & Bar

Nice large patio. Swift and friendly service despite that very busy. Plenty of room between the tables so room for your dog. Food was okay but not great. The inland location makes you wonder from where the fish is sourced. With the exception of the fish art it did not really feel like a fish restaurant

Mar. 02, 2024

Nice location

The Vineyard Wine Company

Tables outside on the sidewalk are dog friendly, No cars allowed so nice and quiet. Food good but rather expensive. Service fast but nothing extra. Felt like dogs allowed but not encouraged.

Mar. 01, 2024

Nice dog park with limited shade

Dog Park at Governor Ron DeSantis Park

The entire park is new and it does not seem like many people find their way here yet. Two separate enclosures for large and small dogs. The enclosures are of similar size. Water and poop bags available. In the park itself there are a playground, pickleball courts and a walking path with benches and instructions for exercises. There are no trees at all, when the summer heat hits there will be no shade.

Feb. 19, 2024

Very nice park for on leash walks

Red Bug Slough Preserve

February 2024: open again after being closed for many months. New playground, picknick tables and some trails renovated. Very nice!!
Main part of the park is not very large. There are additional trails. Trails are nice but the map of the trails are not great 😂

Feb. 18, 2024

Excellent service

Boat in the Moat

Dogs are not allowed inside Salomon’s castle or in the “ship”. But just walking through the garden to the restaurant you see a lot. Restaurant had a lot to choose from and service was great. Brought water to our dog. Note that it is cash or check only. There is an ATM available, but assume it is one of those that charge a high fee.

Feb. 11, 2024

Nice large park with many trail options

Highlands Hammock State Park

Poop bags available, but we did not see any trash cans. Dogs allowed also on the boardwalks. We happened to get here on a day when there was an event/festival so it was busy in some areas but not on the trails and there is plenty of parking.

Feb. 10, 2024

No problem bringing the dog

Dimitri's Family Restaurant

Plenty of space between the tables. Not offered water for the dog (and we didn’t ask). Food prices were low and service pretty fast. Agree with other review that food was a bit boring.

Feb. 10, 2024

Lots of dogs

Tarpon Point Grill & Marina

Dog friendly Tiki bar. Not offered water for the dog. Shaded high top tables and regular tables in the sun. A few chairs by the water. Very busy a sunny Saturday. Food was okay but not great

Jan. 27, 2024

Great park for an on-leash walk

Larry Taylor Kiwanis Park

Very nice that it is not only paved trails. Wish this park was closer to home.

Jan. 27, 2024

Nice small park

Monty Andrews Arboretum at West Blalock Park

The park is not very big, you see the entire park from the parking lot. But, there are nice walking paths winding through the park and some pretty trees. Great for a shorter walk!

Dec. 24, 2023

Nice park for a walk

Lake Parker Park

Paved walking trails in nice surroundings. Dogs not allowed on the playgrounds. No dog park but perfect for an on-leach walk.

Dec. 20, 2023

Poor markings/maps of the trails

Galt Preserve

We checked the map and decided to follow a trail of a specific color. There were however no markings, even at the trail head. We made two attempts but the trails we selected just disappeared into high grass. Otherwise a nice area with a lot of nice smells according to Susa. Restroom was locked.

Nov. 05, 2023

Very dog friendly

TT's Tiki Bar

We could sit anywhere with the dog, it was plenty of space and they brought a bowl of water. Nice place with activities like a beach volleyball net. Food okay. Too many birds under the tiki.

Nov. 05, 2023

Dog friendliest place in the area

Blu' Island Bistro

Very dog friendly. Our pup got water, bacons and lots of attention. A lot of breakfast and lunch options to choose from.

Oct. 28, 2023

Nice dog beach and dog park

Dog Beach at Davis Islands

The view is of industry but the beach itself is really nice. Dog park at the other side of the parking lot

Oct. 22, 2023

Nice dog park

Paw Patch Dog Park at Creekwood Park

Trail around the park for a short on leash walk. Two large fenced areas, a nice dog park

Sep. 24, 2023

Pretty pick-nick place

Jiggs Landing Preserve

Not a place to walk your dog. There is a very short boardwalk but apart from that there is only a boat ramp, a few boats and two pick-nick pavilions ( both booked when we were there). Possible to buy something to drink and sit a while in the small garden.

Sep. 24, 2023

Convenient stop for a swim

Palma Sola Causeway Park

Not a place to spend the day with all the traffic, but a great place to stop for a walk and to let the dog swim. Horses and Jetskiis. Poop bags available. Wish they would allow dogs more places like this

Sep. 10, 2023

Nice park

Lettuce Lake Conservation Park

Large park with both paved and nature trails. With the heat we could not explore all trails, we will be back.

Aug. 20, 2023

Nowhere to walk your dog

Chassahowitzka River Boat Launch

if you just want to launch your kayak dogs are allowed but there is absolutely no space to walk them. Beautiful river views.

Jul. 23, 2023

Very nice trails

Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park

Easy access from US19. Trail maps could be better.

Jul. 23, 2023

Small parking lot far from Service/welcome center and rest rooms

Weeki Wachee Preserve

1 mile walk along wide road intended for cars, horrible on a hot and sunny day. Sure there are nice trails too but nothing we had enough energy for. Strange that no info why road into park is closed and for how long

Jul. 23, 2023

Dogs allow on outdoor patio

Katerina’s Taverna & Grill

No problems to bring the dog. Food was fine and service good. Did not offer water for the dog.

Jul. 23, 2023

Great place by the river

Swampy's Bar & Grille

Busy so service was slow. Food was fine. Atmosphere was great. Very dog friendly with plenty of space for our pup. Water bowls and large jug of water available. Dogs allowed both at picknick tables and on the patio.

Jul. 22, 2023

Nice place for lunch or dinner

Peck's Old Port Cove

Dogs allowed both at the picknick tables and at the covered patio. Good food and service. We were not offered water for our pup

Jul. 22, 2023

Nice small park

Abercrombie Park

Perfect for a shorter walk. Nice board walk through small jungle like forest. Poop bags available. Water would have been nice.

Jul. 15, 2023

Very dog friendly

Miller's Ale House

Plenty of space for our dog and she was brought water with ice, just like she wants it. Service was good but food was not great. We will be back and try more things on the menu.

Jul. 13, 2023

Unfortunately permanently closed

El Greco

Please remove

Jun. 30, 2023

Dog friendly patio

P.F. Chang's

Good food and plenty of room for our pup. Had to wait to be seated despite making a reservation and despite the restaurant being far from busy.

Jun. 30, 2023

Absolutely beautiful garden

MiMi’s Famous Crepes

Dogs allowed to join you. No table service but they do bring your creeps out when they are done. Food was fine but it is the garden that makes this special

Jun. 28, 2023

Beautiful beach

Walton Rocks Dog Beach

Nice beach after passing the power plant. While the beach was very nice the water got deep very quickly so not ideal if bringing kids. This is likely seasonal but the parking lot had extremely aggressive mosquitoes. We read that in a previous review but it was much worse then we could have imagined

Jun. 24, 2023

Nice Beach at busy inlet

Smyrna Dunes Park

Beach was nice but boating in the busy inlet caused a lot of waives. Water got deep very quickly and the tidal currents were strong. Many did not keep their dogs on a leash as intended but worked fine as just of leach while swimming. Fresh water for dogs to drink and to rinse them off. Rather small parking lot. 10$ day fee

Jun. 18, 2023

Permanent foodtruck

Velchoff's Corner

This is a regular restaurant, only the kitchen is in two trucks. Only about 20% of the tables were taken when we arrived but we still had to wait 25 min to be seated as they were short staffed. Nice selection of food and plenty of room for our dog.. Lots of staff but difficulties coordinating things, it took time and we did not all get any course at the same time. But nice venue and live music. No problem to bring the dog but not offered water.

Jun. 16, 2023

Nice beach

Bowman's Beach Park

Rest rooms, picknick tables and showers. A short walk from the parking to the beach. Dogs on leash welcome. Saw many dogs.

May. 14, 2023

Not for dogs

Gasparilla Island State Park

Dogs allowed except for on the beaches. Nothing but parking lots and beaches except for a small area with picnic tables. beautiful beaches but not worth the 9 $ ( 6 $ toll and 3$ park entry) if you are bringing a dog and have to take turns to go see the beach

May. 07, 2023

Dog friendly and propert shades

Burgundy Square Cafe

Enough space between the tables and they brough our dog water before even taking our order which we appreciate

Apr. 30, 2023

Shaded tables at the side walk

Crisp Waffle Company

Very friendly service and while the Belgian waffles are not exactly like in Belgium, they taste great. Water dish outside the store. You have to go in to order but they bring your food/treats out

Apr. 26, 2023

Nice patio and friendly service

Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar

Tables are not too close together so there is plenty of room for the dog. Nice selection of food. Lunch/brunch menu better than evening menu.

Apr. 26, 2023

Dog friendly outdoors

Calusa Brewing

Nice very shaded area outdoors where dogs are allowed. Dogs are not allowed inside and there is no service outside so you need to be at least two persons as someone has to stay outside with the dog. Food trucks with nice food, but have opened later then advertised every time when we have been there.

Apr. 23, 2023

Okay dog park in beautiful park

Gillespie Park

the dog parks enclosures are maybe a little boring but the park is beautiful and gives you a perfect combination of a nice walk and some off leash fun

Apr. 23, 2023

Nice busy farmer’s market

Sarasota Farmers Market

Many sellers but not very much produce. A bit too busy to comfortably bring your dog,

Apr. 16, 2023

Pretty area for a stroll

St. Armands Circle

Pretty little park in the middle of the circle. Nice to walk around all small stores and restaurants. Many restaurants accept dogs outside. Some stores have water outside for the dogs, but no signs that dogs are allowed inside any stores.

Apr. 16, 2023

Nice dog park in beautiful park

Dog Park at Eagle Lake Park

The dog park is nice, three sections, one for small and two for large dogs. We did not see any water/ water bowls. The park is large and beautiful with plenty of paved and un-paved trails to take Fido for long walks.

Jan. 28, 2023

Very nice dog park

Lakeview Paw Park

Plenty of space and large mature oaks. Susa loves this park and all the squirrels. Shaded with benches and water for the dogs. The small dog area is much smaller and maybe a bit boring.

Feb. 17, 2023

Nice walking path in pretty park

North Water Tower Park

Neighborhood park with a nice walking path around the park and the frisbee golf course. Beautiful mature trees. Dogs needs to be on a leash. There is only one walking path around the park and it is not very long, but it is a nice place for a shorter walk.

Feb. 17, 2023

Lots of trails

Myakka State Forest

In February 2023 this state park is still recovering after Hurricane Ian. Several trails are closed and some that are open are partly very wet. It is very dog friendly, dogs can follow you on all trails. You need to buy a day pass online for a symbolic fee.

Feb. 17, 2023

Nice park for a walk

Ken Thompson Park

Large open areas. Short boardwalk through Mangrove. Beautiful views

Feb. 12, 2023

Few trails on the land based part

Don Pedro Island State Park

Dogs allowed but just a road down to the canoe launch and a couple of short trails ( no loops). No trail map.

Feb. 04, 2023

Nice park for an on leash walk

Payne Park

We saw several dog owners ignoring the leash requirement, and they definitely did not have their dogs under voice control. But the park itself is nice and very close to Sarasota city center

Feb. 05, 2023

Beautiful beach

Honeymoon Island State Park

it was windy when we were there but we did not see any mosquitos. Nice walk to the beach. Plenty of space. Not everyone kept to the leash requirement which was a bit frustrating for our (leashed) girl. Would be nice if you were allowed to have dogs on a longer leash while in the water. Bags for clean- up and dog shower at the parking lot

Jan. 29, 2023

Dogs allowed but hardly any room

Costas Restaurant

Food was fine. Service was not great but they were busy. It was no problem to bring the dog but wewere not offered water for her and there was not room for her to lay down or even sit. Tables placed on a walkway.

Jan. 28, 2023

Nice park with trails

Hammock Park

Several different trails to choose from. Signs that dogs allowed off-leash in n an open area weekdays early morning and late afternoon

Jan. 29, 2023

Nice park for a walk

Craig Park

After a couple of cooler days we were lucky and there were a lot of manatees in the bayou. Quite far to walk around the bayou so we stayed in the park part.

Jan. 28, 2023

Very dog friendly large state park

Myakka River State Park

We got a treat for Susa when entering. Dogs are allowed in all day use areas except the canopy walkway and in buildings. Park was closed for several months after hurricane Ian, all trails for biking, walking and riding are not yet open. Dogs must be kept on a leash and should not go near water, there are a lot of alligators.

Jan. 23, 2023

Dog friendly with great service

Another Broken Egg Cafe

Nice patio that is dog friendly. Just by the parking lot but far enough from larger roads to be quite.

Jan. 21, 2023

Nice small bayfront and dogfriendly park

Bird Key Park

Dogs must be on leash. A good stop after all the places that does not allow dogs out at Longboat keys.

Jan. 16, 2023

Nice neighborhood park for a walk

Potter Park

Paved trail for a nice walk among the palmetto’s

Jan. 16, 2023

Wonderful park for a stroll

Bayfront Park and Marina

Very dog friendly. Nice park with beautiful trees, small sand beaches, a tiki bar and a lot of boats in the marina. Dogs must be leashed.

Jan. 15, 2023


Reef Cakes

Closed. Suggest to remove

Jan. 12, 2023

Dog friendly and accommodating

Caddy's Bradenton

Dog friendly in nice surroundings. Unfortunately the waitress was rude, got our orders wrong, charged us for the starters of another table and, worse of all, did not even apologize.

Jan. 08, 2023

Great food


Dogfriendly outdoor tables. Great food and service. Even have a dog menu!

Jan. 06, 2023

Beautiful beach

Brohard Paw Park

A very nice beach. A lot of dogs. I wish they would open up more beaches for dogs as there is clearly a demand. Nice trail around the pond. The fenced dog park itself is small but nice with water and the possibility to rinse off saltwater

Dec. 29, 2022

Nice small park

Blackburn Point Park

This park has three parts. Short walking trail and picnic table. Plenty of parking including for boat trailers.

Dec. 29, 2022

Dog friendly patio

Pier 22

Offered water for the dog. lots of food to choose from.. Slow service

Dec. 28, 2022

Very nice dog park in a pretty park

Dog Park at Arlington Park

Separate areas for small and large dogs. Both of nice size with grass and mulch, chairs and water. 0 .5 mile’s paved trail around a dam. Pretty park in residential neighborhood with lots of squirrels. Go to Arlington park and aquatic center [to park].

Nov. 12, 2022

Dog friendly with fast service

Mango Bistro

we got excellent service. Susa got water. the food was fine. lots of drink options

Sep. 24, 2022

Dogs accepted


Food was fine but service was slow and not very friendly. It was Friday evening but it took a very long time before we could even order. No water offered for the dog.

Sep. 17, 2022

Great food and plenty of space on the patio

Old Salty Dog

Service was quick and we were offered water also for the dog

Sep. 17, 2022

Nice covered area on patio

The Crazy Cucumber 352 Eatery and Bar

No problems bringing the dog. Given a note with dog rules. Never happened before. Nothing that was not common sense but did not feel very welcoming. waitress fetch water for our dog when requested. Food was boring. the restaurant was not busy but still we felt rushed, waitress asked if we wanted dessert while we were still eating and then brought the check

Sep. 07, 2022

Nice shaded dog areas

Bay Street Park

Big enough not to be muddy despite the rains, but indeed ground is dirt with some patches of grass. Nice with the large trees and that there is also trails. In the morning when we visited it was a few other dogs but far from crowded

Sep. 10, 2022

Nice park with plenty of trail options

Oscar Scherer State Park

We were informed that the only place wherebdogs are not allowed is the beach. Many trails to choose from so that you can adapt depending on the heat/ humidity. Beautiful surroundings

Sep. 10, 2022

Great indoor adventure

Bass Pro Shops

we love all the Bass Pro shops. we visited a lot of them as rest stops when traveling

Sep. 07, 2022

Nice park for a walk

Eureka Springs Conservation Park

First thing we saw was that service dogs were allowed. But we asked and all dogs were welcome except in the greenhouse. very welcoming and a beautiful environment

Sep. 07, 2022

Amazing park

Silver Springs State Park

Dog friendly. Dogs could go anywhere except on boats and canoes. Cheep entry fee, 2$ per adult. Two types of wild monkeys since there used to be a zoo here. Restaurant currently under reconstruction so just a feed truck with simpler fare Sep 2022

Sep. 07, 2022

Great choice

Salt Life Food Shack

Dog friendly with large fans. Situated a little bit off the road so that the traffic did not disturb. place was quite ( day after Labor Day) and we got excellent service and food. our dog was offered water and our waitress brought her ice.

Sep. 06, 2022

Dog friendly and beautiful

St. Augustine Beaches

Use the gps instead. Easy to find parking on a week day. Access to the beach only on the north end, south from there hotels block access. Beautiful beach which was very far from crowded

Sep. 06, 2022

Well worth the 20 min drive from I 95

Driftwood Beach

Beautiful driftwood. Great place for a walk! 8$ fee to enter Jekyll island ( Sep 2022)

Sep. 05, 2022

Pet friendly with outdoor covered patio


After some heavy rain bursts we were struggling to find somewhere to eat in the area. Food was much better than expected. Service was slow and they were completely out of all red wine.

Sep. 05, 2022

Busy a Sunday morning in September

River Street - Savannah Riverfront Area

Very nice walk by the river. Lots of dogs. But also a lot of people and difficult to walk with a dog and avoid that anyone step on her. We left but would still definitely recommend on a day and time when it is not as crowded.

Sep. 04, 2022

Beautiful park

Forsyth Park

Plenty of space to walk our dog and beautiful trees

Sep. 04, 2022

Not that much to see

Wormsloe State Historic Site

Beautiful oaks on the driveway up to the small museum and giftshop. A couple of shorter trails taking you to see a grave and ruins of what used to be a house. One longer trail. The museum does not really have any objects, just signs with text about the owners of this place. The museum was very small. We had expected something more for the 10$ per person(plus tax) paid. But indeed no problem to bring your dog on the trails.

Sep. 04, 2022

Nice place to walk.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Beautiful with the mature oaks. a good place for a walk also on a hot afternoon.

Sep. 04, 2022

Small park by the water

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park

We did not see the nice views of the bridge or, as we had hoped, of Charleston. Easy parking under the bridge, but the traffic is loud. Nice for a short walk but not a destination in itself.

Sep. 03, 2022

Interesting in pretty surroundings

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens

A number of dogs a warm Saturday in September. Nice to walk around the property that is beautiful. we skipped the house tour as we would have had to take turns. the cafe does not have any food and not that much to choose from. all staff except the one in the cafeteria was very nice and friendly to us and our dog.

Sep. 03, 2022

Rather small park

Marion Square

Dogs are allowed and there are some beautiful trees

Sep. 03, 2022

Amazing dog park

Barc Parc South

such a nice dog park! a Saturday day morning there was a lot of dogs there. all dogs were friendly and the owners were attentive. Great to be able to take a walk around the lake and still remain within the fenced area. our dog lives to swim and a lot of dogs were running back and forth into the water

Sep. 03, 2022

Dogs allowed but not a nice experience

RipTydz Oceanfront Grille

no problem to bring the dog. the grumpy hostess was not happy to wait a couple of minutes while my husband climbed the stairs after we asked if it was okay to bring her. we were seated by the door to the outside with people passing by the entire time. our waitress did fine but did not smile once. it is huge restaurant and it was very loud. food was not good, the appetizer was okay but neither the fish nor the shrimp tacos tasted anything.. neither we nor our dog were offered water. there were a lot of other restaurants with outdoor seating, I am sure it is possible to find some place better for both you and your dog.

Sep. 02, 2022

Lots of garbage and not very well maintained

Memorial Park

The park has likely been pretty but when we visited there was a lot of garbage on the ground. People were clearly living in the park. We were passing Colombia and selected this park for a break. That was not a good choice for us, but if you live in the area this park is fine for a short ( it is a small park) walk daytime.

Sep. 02, 2022

Nice dog parks, trails and dog beach

Quiet Waters Park

Beautiful park! 6$ entrance fee well worth it. Even a shower to rinse away the saltwater.

Aug. 31, 2022

Very nice trails

Staten Island Greenbelt Trail

Nice well marked and maintained trails in beautiful forest.

Aug. 30, 2022

Nice food and dog accepted

The Black Cat Tavern

We had expected a better experience after all these positive reviews. We did not get any water or attention for our dog. Granted it was a busy Saturday evening in August. Food was good and our waitress was nice and attentive. Other staff was however not very pleasant. We were placed in a very busy and crowded part of the restaurant..

Aug. 06, 2022

Nice park

Eisenhower Park

We walked through the park and got to the nice dog park. A nice stop on our way through Connecticut

Aug. 05, 2022

Very nice pond

Cheryl Malone Fresh Pond Dog Park

Two smaller enclosures with sand and some trees. No drinking water. But right next to a pond with an amazing little beach. Search for Cheryl Malone Fresh Pond dog park.

Aug. 06, 2022

Nice beach but expensive day pass

Herring Cove

Day pass is 25$. Fine if you are spending a day on the beach but expensive if you are just taking a walk. Beach is nice and there is plenty of parking.

Aug. 06, 2022

Dog friendly Vinyard with nice wine

Truro Vineyards

We did not have a reservation and could not do a tasting but there is a walk-up bar and you can order food from the food truck. Dogs are allowed but not really encouraged, it was a very warm day and when we asked for some water we could buy a bottle

Aug. 06, 2022

Fast food joint

All American Hamburger Drive-In

This is not a restaurant. If you plan to eat in the car any place that offer take out is dog friendly. But this is not good food, it is only cheep. in the summer there is four tables outside ( there are no tables inside) but they are right next to a busy road.

May. 30, 2022

Excellent service this time


Another visit to Pierre’s and we were offered to bring our dog into the restaurant which was much appreciated this cold and windy day. Good service and food! A little pricey but so nice to be able to bring our well behaved girl inside.

Apr. 24, 2022

Super dog friendly

Destination Unknown Beer Company

Dogs allowed also inside and upstairs. Foodtruck with great food outside. A lot of dogs!!

Apr. 10, 2022

Off season a good stop for a walk

Southaven County Park

trails are poorly marked but it is a big park. lots and lots of picnic tables around the parking lot. in the summer the parking fee is 15$, which is too much for what you get.

Apr. 02, 2022

Address given here incorrect

Robert Cushman Murphy County Park

We drove to this address and took a short walk through wet forest of low trees just next to the airport. We did not try to find the actual park.

Apr. 02, 2022

Of season a nice place for a walk

Squiretown Park

Beautiful views off the bluff. A lot of camping sites so likely not as peaceful in the summer

Apr. 02, 2022

Nice park

Bailey Arboretum

Beautiful trees. Nice paths. the longest is only 0,9 miles, but still a nice stop if you are I n the area.

Feb. 06, 2022

Nice fenced in beach

Playland Beach

No signs saying dogs needed to be leashed and none were. plenty of space to play. there was no double gate as mentioned in previous vommens

Jan. 16, 2022

Picknick areas by parking boring

Silver Sands State Park

we read that dogs were not allowed on beach and boardwalks but thought it would be possible to walk by the water

Jan. 15, 2022

Nice walk around the pond

Mill Pond Park & Preserve

You can hear the traffic the entire way around the pond so it is not really a nature walk. But the path only gets close to the road for a short distance and the path is easy to follow. Not so narrow that you cannot walk side by side.

Dec. 12, 2021

Nice sandy beach

Montauk Beach

Our pup loved running the in the sand. In November no problems with parking

Nov. 14, 2021

Very good food even if cold to sit outside in Nov

Tres Palms

Very good food even if cold to sit outside in Nov

Nov. 14, 2021

Plenty of room on the patio

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Quick service and good food.

Oct. 10, 2021

Nicke walk

Makamah Nature Preserve

Signs showing the way should have been more frequent but nice walk in the woods. Meet people that did not have their dogs on a leash.

Oct. 02, 2021

Dog friendly but limited space

The Ritz Cafe

Perfectly dog friendly but their four outdoor tables are on the busy side walk. Food was okay, not great.

Oct. 02, 2021

Nice park with friendly people

Gardiner County Park

Lots of mud/algae on the beach in September. But so nice with a park that feels like it is intended for dog walks. just moved here and shocked by all the no pets and no dogs signs everywhere else!

Sep. 18, 2021

Not for all dogs

Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway

Perfectly dog friendly but our dog hated it. It is loud with the train whistle and we got smoke and particles in out eyes. It will be beautiful in a couple of weeks with the foliage changing colors but beginning of September we saw the river and one very small waterfall (we went the at 11 am)

Sep. 11, 2021

Nice, well kept, dog park

Marietta Community Dog Park

Visiting the dog park while driving across the country. Apple Maps gave us incorrect directions. The park hosting the dog park was in poor shape but the dog park itself was in great shape. while we were there in the middle of the day a Tuesday we meet two local dogs so it seems to be in frequent use.

Sep. 07, 2021

Nice park in good shape

Carnegie Dog Park

Quite a number of dogs in the big dog enclosure when we arrived. The dogs gathered at the gate with their humans sitting further away talking. We continued to the small dog enclosure and asked if the man with one dog in there if he would mind that we came in.

Sep. 07, 2021

Nice small park ny the water

Point State Park

A lot of people walking their dogs. Not very big or any specific dog features but a large field with green grass and some short walking paths.

Sep. 07, 2021

Nice dog friendly patio

Piada Italian Street Food

A good option for lunch when traveling with your pup. you need to go in and order and wait for your food, but prepared fairly quickly and friendly staff.

Sep. 06, 2021

Wonderful park for a walk

Smale Riverfront Park

Lots of green spaces and nice walkways. Several P garages on the other side of a small road, plenty of spaces when no games ongoing.

Sep. 06, 2021

A beautiful park

Hocking Hills State Park

Likely as an adaption to COVID the trail is one way. Clearly marked where to go with the option of extending your walk. A lot of beautiful scenery along the trail. A lot of people and dogs on Labor day, suspect that it is busy all weekends.

Sep. 06, 2021

Nice small area with grass

Love's Travel Stop

GPS did not get it right but this small rest area for dogs is very close to I40. The enclosure is in the front just as you drive in to the gas station ( not in the back as the description says). There is a lot of traffic noise so this is a stop while on the road,

Sep. 05, 2021

Nice park

Centennial Park

nice park for a walk with your pup Quite busy on a Sunday afternoon despite a little rain so can imagine that crowded when sunny.

Sep. 05, 2021

Great spot to have lunch with your dog

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

I wanted to give this place five bones but the food was completely tasteless ( we had different kinds of gyros). Apart from that the staff was friendly and helpful and the patio was spacious with comfortable chairs.

Sep. 05, 2021

Small shady dogpark

Dog Park at Burns Park

Perfectly fine dog park in forest setting. No grass. Read in other reviews that large so we were disappointed. Just passing through so maybe in this area this is considered large, both at the west and east coast though the dog parks are usually considerably larger. Great stop during a road trip though, especially with the daily cleaned bathrooms just outside the gates.

Sep. 04, 2021

Very dog friendly staff

TerraCotta Wine Bistro

Good food! the dog friendly tables are on a very narrow porch. The waiter had to climb over our dog to serve the tables further in on the porch.

Sep. 04, 2021

Friendly and fast

Bricktown Brewery

Large outdoor patio. Friendly and fast service and good food. Brought water for our pup. As we were there for lunch we did not try their beer. Highly recommend!

Sep. 04, 2021

Great lunch spot with the dog

Smokey Joe's

Happy to find this place with an outdoor patio and even happier looking it up at BringFido and seeing all the great reviews. Service was great and food was good. Despite being on Route 66 we did not see any cars cruising, just a couple of motorcycles

Sep. 03, 2021

Nice place with good food

Ponderosa Brewing Company

outside patio is dog friendly. the waitress brought water for our dog. food was good though we did not try the beer as we were there for lunch.

Sep. 02, 2021

Good food and many dog friendly tables outdoors,

Burgers & Brew

You need to go in and order. They bring you your food but it is served in to go boxes. Often you need to wait in line for a while and if it is busy it can take time to get your food. We have been there several times and never been offered water for our pup,, I guess partly because there is no table service. Burgers are great though!

Sep. 02, 2021

Great pizza

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza

enclosed patio but perfectly fine to bring the dog. You have to go in and order and wait for your food to be prepared so you cannot go there alone with your pup.

Sep. 01, 2021

Nice lake with trails and picnic tables

Lake Tabeaud Loop

Directions are incorrect. Road closed and sign that no lake access. Just continue a few more minutes and turn right into picnic area. Small parking area. Nice easy trails and our dog got to swim in the lake.

May. 15, 2021

Good food and Service

Rob's Place

No problem to place us at a table on the patio where our dog was not disturbed ( and was out of the way). Excellent service.

Oct. 28, 2020

Former landfill

Albany Bulb

Nice with all the dogs but it is clear that this is a former landfill and there are construction materials, rubber and what is worse, old batteries and glass. The are a few objects that are more like art, likely our expectations were too high. There are hiking trails but we did not see a map and we ended up on a difficult path.

Oct. 17, 2020

Very Accomodating

Cafe M

Despite that it was very busy we got excellent service. They brought water also to our dog and the food was great.

Oct. 17, 2020

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Susa at the entrance
Susa watching squirrels
Susa swimming
Blackburn Point Park
Susa at Pierre’s
Unknown destination brewery
At Rob’s Place
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